Sunday, October 16, 2016

Validation for Gene Kalmes

Every once in a while I am allowed a glimpse of the change my stances have actually affected in this world, when I know I am being censored... Because the true power brokers want to discourage me... so they make me think I am totally ineffectual... However... somehow, someway... I sometimes get to see the reality that is Geno Kalmes in this world...

I searched my own blog that was no longer public.... I use it to archive my work and stuff I believe to be very important...

Today I searched for something to reiterate a very important point.. and I saw this...
Search result for: 1066 babylonian talmudic england

Lucky11 November 15, 2014 at 11:30amit just occurred to me... the main symptom of the coward's disease... Pretending they have no clue... confusion... indecision...Because that allows this vast mass population of cowards to hide in plain sight and ignore the responsibility of identifying the problem and doing something about it...Just go on scratching heads and shrugging shoulders as if eve
Owned By England
Geno K.
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Do you see it?
15 thousand plus likes....
This is solid confirmation that somehow, I have reached many people even when 99.9% of the time stats convinces me that no one is listening or agreeing...