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I Quit

okay folks, I hope I woke up a few people who will carry the baton of truth research as it applies to outing the millions of lies through history. This blog is going away and may reform in a book one day, but there are reasons I shall pack this up and put it in storage... Anyone that gives a damn love to hear from you before I do...

Referees are handy, they turn channels when remotes get misplaced, they arbitrate arguments and he loves the foot locker at the mall thus allowing me to not have to go with you shopping... Solutions are all about an open mind.... can't say I care for waking up by whistle but life is give and take... Can you see what other scents mennen speed stick has since he uses so much of it?

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Space...

Always...way ahead of the curve. See the themes in my work 1983?

Actors Faking Real Again...


Actors in make up again... Robin Williams... 

  • Geno Kalmes
    The good the bad the talented, well most that is
  • Geno Kalmes now what does this mean? well.... the real lou reed in my opinion may be dead.... not sure.... this guy says all these actors sign agreements with studios that create fictional characters that the studios own and they use sophisticated make up to play everything fro actors to musicians to shooters or shooting victims to politicians.... they collect money through donations, charities... they make a dead legend like a jim morrison and the person goes on to play some other icon.... Now regarding lou reed, I don't believe barry williams played him all along just possibly of recent... they do look like they may be related.... but the first question everyone says is oh fucking sure.... why????? well it allows a small syndicate to control all social engineering, politics, propaganda... and trillion dollar industries.... and now it seems like since stuff is being uncovered they are trying to create ludicrous unveilings to make everyone roll their eyes... including fake mass shootings and other crazy shit.... if you look at ed chiarinis work.... 2/3rds of the time I say bullshit but 30% of the time I say it is real....
  • Geno Kalmes where ed nails it often is the wife shows themselves to be the same person.... that is the biggest tell...look at Chiarinis stuff.... and yes you will get pissed at how stupid a lot of it is... that is called plausible deniability in psyop psychology.... fake followers, real followers, fake investigation, real investigation.... end result...confusion...plausible deniability.... what are they up to? covering decades of tracks and fraud as the internet exposes.... is this one real? pretty weird how much they look alike and as ed says they can shoot something years before or even use a civil war camera to do a fake civil war picture... and on and on.... every twist and turn they can think to fool people out of money and power and placing faith in fake heroes.... an interview can be scripted on a teleprompter....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cowboys and Englishmen...

I worked for some people who are way up in the middle of all this and I left their ranks simply because the lies and agendas were prevalent enough to say, why hang around crap... Now mind you I believe 100% who these guys are and they are major players in this... One told me many times all the money had to go through him in London... and this I believe is why it is not happening... 

They want a huge release of trillions of dollars they say was stolen by people in the US... so... what we have is a system where London is the financial center... and then we have history repeating itself... for one it isn't so much governments as it is warring syndicates who may or may not have taken hold of their government or assorted corporations... who are vying for a much better seat in the pecking order... 

I would classify this more as a trick than terrorism...

our main syndicate here... now realizes that a global economy isn't exactly what they want... they want seat numero uno... therefore... they may have to return to the ideology of Andrew Jackson where we make America stand as a single sovereign nation with their own banking system and ignore London.... but obviously that is easier said than done... to do this they need allies and especially a new computer system, digital currency and to be ready to back the new american digital currency not so much with commodities but with a willingness to bomb.... to back countries down... sounds like more of the same right? 

well in a way it is, but what is different is who runs the number one seat in the world... this is why I believe what we are seeing is every mercenary (dinar holders included) in the world are the allies to this new enriching digital jubilee... while stuffy ol' England is trying to stuff it all back in the bottle... and why bit by bit we are just going ahead with the IQD or IQN currency RV happening despite those still saying... we will RV everyones currencies but give us the trillions you stole and sit in the number two seat... 

But Our psycho mafia versus their psycho mafia is saying no... we are taking control... thus the stalemate... 

remember this began with Hussein threatening to trade oil in euros and the oil cartels here are saying nah we like petrol dollar... 

and like a guy dragging 10 defensive linemen into the endzone the RV and a new digital system favoring america is trying to force this on 4th and 1 and the London Team is trying to stop it.... 

Let's say the RV occurs and everyone is rich over night... any sane person knows a price will be paid soon after... likely one of various forms of collapse and turbulence and power broker mafias wacking each other even moreso to try and get control again... 

inflation, bank accounts vanishing... stuff blowing up... But most of us involved in this know that the old London way is everyone being broke and subservient to the queen... and or vatican... while over here we sort of have a Zionist mafia in charge who wants to move both the military AND Banking center over here... 

the so called spiritual centers no one really cares that much about... Rome can keep it...

And the Zionist mafia is really much better at cake and circus for the peasants than old Europe is... we get a Jon Stewart making us laugh about manufactured events as if they are reality and Europe has almost nothing even remotely as entertaining and mesmerizing as our sitcoms, and football... 

And for all the whining about gold backed it is Bill Still who wisely points out, it is not what backs it... it is who controls the quantity... economies are simple math equivalent to any soccer moms household budget.... unfortunately psychos who like to steal are in charge of the purse.... so.... if the rv shoves this ball into the endzone it will definitely play out as be careful what you wish for... but then the game has long become every man for himself (or family) so the reprieve from the governor however brief will allow some to stock up and dig in....

I understand the march toward the one world order and a cashless society but some mafias realize that puts them out of business... black market needs cash...

So you see... the choice is freedom to live in chaos with all its horrors of drug addiction, crime and symptoms... or a fascist order that will feel like a small prison cell that thinks providing a toilet and sheets is generosity...... 

The End

Ever watch the end of a movie first and say to yourself...huh.. that was kind of cool... I might have to watch the beginning now.... And while you are discovering the other 200 videos I have produced and the other two hundred essays I have written, seriously consider donating to me because I have a huge problem that needs money... I mean huge... I call it everyfuckingthing.... 

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Da Baum

This is good but IMO his other film The Money Masters is much better...

The following is from a blogger screen named BLBLitarian at TNTdinar forum, and I agree with most of it but I would argue a few points that I have made here before... I make some points no one else ever makes because people constantly get caught up in this or that... two choices -- when there is in actuality dozens of other possibilities when it comes to creating a working economy but this is as good a starting point as any... well... second to the money masters by the same film maker but here you go.... since this blogger went to a lot of trouble to make many good points I hope people will read, watch and do further due diligence on the important subject...

In a nut shell, here is the evil done by the families that own the Central banks, including the Federal Reserve Banks.  Everyone knows that the Federal Reserve Bank has been printing fiat money that is not backed by gold or silver, as required if the U.S. Treasury printed the money. 

 "The Congress has specified that Federal Reserve Banks must hold collateral equal in value to the Federal Reserve Notes that the Federal Reserve Bank puts into circulation. This collateral is chiefly held in the form of U.S. Treasury debt, federal agency, and government-sponsored enterprise securities." (Wikipedia)  

 The Federal Reserve is the one who buys all the Treasury bills and Treasury bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury, and they purchase the Treasury bills and the Treasury bonds with brand new printed Federal Reserve Notes, not those already in circulation.   

The Treasury Bonds are the security or collateral for the money just printed, but this collateral for the money is immediately sold to third parties and countries.  Thus, it cost them nothing, and the collateral disappears, but the Federal Government guarantees the Federal Reserve Notes.  With what? 

Immediately, the U.S. government spends the money they just received as a “loan” from the Federal Reserve Bank for operating expenses, and for back interest owed on other past issued Treasury Bonds. 

The Federal Reserve Bank sells the Treasury bills and Treasury Bonds to ITS customers (not the Federal Government’s customers), some of which are licensed to re-sell to rank and file investor/consumers, while others are institutional buyers.  

The Federal Reserve Bank also sells the Treasury bills and Treasury bonds to foreign "governments" who use them to boost their own currencies.  

The Federal Reserve has a right to "charge" whatever they want for the Treasury bills and Treasury bonds, and it gives a "discount" to those countries who "favor" and "promote" the U.S. Federal Reserve Dollar, which is again, merely fiat money.

   Wait a minute, you mean the cowardice is an act... Afghanistan is all about the poppies?   Hillary is a witch, 911 was Israel not Islam and Reality TV is scripted?  Reality itself is scripted??? 

No way....The Wizard of Oz would never let that happen or the free press... What? Oh yeah sure... yeah right, sure... uh huh... America is a corporation owned by the British crown... Sir Francis Bacon was really Shakespeare and he wrote the King James Bible... World War II was scripted... The Twister was a weather war weapon by something called HAARP... sure...Where do you get this shit? King of the forest...try King of Conspiracy theory... wake the fuck up? Excuse me? I'm not the one dreaming.... I'm not the one... who... who.. uh...

Why does your breath smell like Toto?

How much “foreign policy” is controlled by the banking families who owns the purse strings?

The Federal Reserve Bank dispenses the U.S. Federal Reserve Dollar through their own Federal Reserve banks.   They use fractional reserve banking to acquire more assets and monetary wealth in exchange for their worthless fiat money.  The deposits into the Federal Reserve Banks are not guaranteed by the Federal Reserve banking families that own the assets of the Federal Reserve Banks, through their entities, but by the FDIC, which really has not asset, so in the event of default of a bank, the U.S. Government pays the depositors their losses.  

The Federal Reserve Banks  grant a loan, say, to a building contractor with this fiat worthless money, by putting the money into a NEW bank account, which increases the deposits of the bank, which allows the Federal Reserve Bank to lend the same money again and again.  

This NEW bank account also allows the Federal Reserve Bank to borrow more money from the Federal Reserve Board to increase the cash in the bank.  The Federal Reserve bank also loans money to large businesses and regularly receive 1% per day for the use of the money. 

 Finally, the Federal Reserve Bank gives real estate loans to regular consumers, in recent  history using no "proof of income" and "no credit worthiness" requirements, and have the consumer agree to an adjustable mortgage rate, which the Federal Reserve bank loan officers know the consumers cannot afford the higher payments when the mortgage rate increases.  

The loan officers know the loan is destined for default, and foreclosure is going to occur.   Now these types of loans are collateralized, and if there is a default, the collateral becomes the "property" of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Real property and business property are "hard assets" or "wealth assets".  

The Federal Reserve Banks cannot take their fiat money and go out and buy "hard assets" directly but they can give a "default destined" loan and foreclose on the lien and acquire the land or houses by foreclosure or UCC-1 lien enforcement.  

In the end, the banking families acquire the land, houses, and business assets in America and other countries through foreclosure in consideration of the use of worthless paper. 

Essentially, the Federal Reserve has been given a monopoly by the Federal Government to acquire the assets through default loan foreclosures against average citizens. The Federal Reserve Banks acquire business assets the same way.  What did it cost the banking families to do this---- merely the cost of printing non-asset-backed paper called Federal Reserve Notes, which is a promise to pay with worthless paper.   

In the event, the worthless paper  is called upon, then the Federal Government says it will pay the bill, which in turn the bill or debt of the United States citizens, legal residents, and our children born into debt.

The U.S. Government is liable for both the U.S. Dollar and the U.S. Treasury bonds or debt instruments.  The U.S. government is 17 Trillion Dollars in Debt to Treasury Bonds, and the Bond holders cannot demand that they be paid with gold if the US Dollar becomes inflated and valueless.  

Again, after acquiring the U.S. Treasury Bonds, the Federal Reserve immediately sells these Treasury Bonds to banks, brokerage firms,  and even other Countries, such as China, so the U.S. has to "honor" and pay the Bond debt, or lose stature.  

You can see the scenario here.  The Federal Reserve Bank has to "buy" a debt instrument called "U.S. Treasury debt" as "collateral" to back up the Federal Reserve Notes.   Thus the only asset backing up the U.S. Dollar is the promise to pay by the U.S. Government, which lets the Federal Reserve Board, and the banking families off the hook to take their own assets and make the U.S. dollar worth anything.   
This is why the IMF has stepped in and demanded that currencies be asset-backed.   The United States has a problem with the IMF edict.  Why?  The reason is that the restriction in the U.S. Constitution mandates that the United States Treasury can only back its newly-issued currency with silver or gold, not oil, land, federal buildings, precious stones, GDP, or any other asset, as can the Iraqi Dinar, the Vietnamese Dong, and the currencies of other countries.  

To avoid this, the currency is going to be continued to be printed by the Federal Reserve Bank instead of the U.S. Treasury.  Since the U.S. Treasury is NOT printing the money, but continuing that right given to the Federal Reserve Bank, then the Federal Reserve Bank does not have the Constitutional restriction of only backing the U.S. Dollar with gold or silver.  

Thus, the NEW Federal Reserve Notes can be back by ANY natural resources owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, and in turn, the U.S. Treasury can agree to "guarantee" the currency by ANY ASSET, such as Bureau of Land Management real property for example, gold mines, silver mines, oil reserves, gas reserves, other mineral reserves, or all the buildings constructed throughout the nation which are Federal buildings, even the White House, Capitol Building and other Federal buildings theoretically. 

As a dinarian, you can have your eyes focused on the assets that the banks are after if you want wealth, instead of riches and money.  The banks are primarily after the "natural resources, land, houses, commercial buildings, businesses, government-owned buildings, monopolies, in the United States and in other countries.  

If you use corporations to purchase these hard assets here in the United States or in other countries, and you operate through the concept of "possessionary" rights instead of "ownership" rights, then you will set up a family dynasty that will pass this wealth assets generationally.

There is a rather long, complete list of things each dinarian must do to create a family dynasty, and you have to focus on moving currency into hard assets, or wealth assets, (land, houses, commercial property, natural resources, small businesses, domesticated animals, vegetables and grain growing farms, fruit growing trees, fisheries, energy generation, etc) with some assets into "riches" such as annuities, Guaranteed Investment Contracts, and other Insurance issued policies or contracts for ongoing, monthly cash flow.

Now, the banking families have been given the "right" by the United States government to print, control, and handle the economy of this nation.  Either the banking families have history on their side or the politicians just feel powerless or scared to change the financial system in the United States (or in other countries). 

 In our Constitution, there is the expost facto clause (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 9, clause 3) which says the Federal or State Government  cannot past a current law to take away "rights" that were granted "rights" by a prior law.  

The banking family has been given the "right" to run a Federal Reserve system.  "The Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C., Ch 3) is an Act of Congress that created and set up the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States of America, and granted it the legal authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (now commonly known as the U.S. Dollar) and Federal Reserve Bank Notes as legal tender. 

The Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson." (Wikipedia)

If the United States tries to totally abolish the rights of the Federal Reserve Bank, this would be challenged in the Supreme Court.  The lawsuit would last a decade, and in the meantime, there would be banking business as usual.  

The U.S. Government could lose the lawsuit. Instead,  what the U.S. Treasury is going to do is demand that the Federal Reserve Bank continue to be allowed to issue and print the money, continue to maintain the Federal Reserve banks, but the Federal Reserve Notes will have to, and can be,  backed by assets, as written above, not just restricted to gold or silver.  

However, the Federal Reserve banking families already have large amounts of gold stored, taken from the days of  delivery of the gold from Indonesia pursuant to the Green Hilton Agreement, which was signed by President John F. Kennedy and the then Indonesian President, which you can read about below.  

 The following "youtube" reveals that the film “The Wizard of Oz” was taken from a book and was really about the "World Bankers' " control of money regarding the Central Banks of Countries, particularly the U.S.  

This revelation really explains the reason why the global economy is in such a mess today.  IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH!   You are not just one of the little people, a little Munchkin.  The Wizard of Oz series of "children's" books, with its hidden message exposing the GLOBAL BANKERS' CONTROL OF ALL ECONOMIES, was written in 1900 by L. Frank Baum.  

The popular movie, Wizard of OZ, was filmed in 1939, staring Judy Garland.  The Scarecrow represents farmers, the Tin Man industry, and he has an oil can representing the Oil Companies, and the Lion represents a particular politician who ran for President, but lost, who went after the bankers in political speeches.  When the Wizard of Oz book was written, the wicked witch of the east and west were Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan.  

The yellow brick road represented gold.   The Wizard behind the curtain in the Emerald City (representing the green U.S. Dollar where the "good life" was and where things were made new) made himself out to be the Great Wizard of Oz, but was really just a man like every one else but manipulated, lied, and lived a pretentious life.  This is a two-hour film, which is the most revealing I have ever seen. 

 Dorothy's shoes were made of "silver" in the book, but the film changed them to rubies.   Silver and gold are what the Constitution requires to back U.S. currency printed by the U.S. Treasury Department, but the bankers are not government and they can print money with no limitations.  

Every time a President such as Jackson, Lincoln, or others tried to get the U.S. Treasury to print money instead of the Bankers, the Bankers would  print "Counterfeit" money which were circulated, which inflated the money and made the U.S. Dollar worthless, and then they would use that excuse to demand "Gold" as payment of debt by the U.S. government instead of the U.S. Dollar .  

 Bankers put people, businesses, and governments in debt to them, the bankers, to control people, businesses, and government.  The creditors control the debtors. Debt makes the banker creditor a MASTER over you, and you become the Banker's SLAVE.  Proverbs 22:7 says, "The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender."

Remember, we have always had wars prior to 1913, and it was only then that the Sixteenth Amendment was passed on February 3, 1913 to allow "INCOME TAX" to be levied directly against the people in the U.S.   

During the Christmas Congressional break on December 23, 1913, with just a few Congressmen present, the Federal Reserve Act was passed taking away the right of the U.S. Treasury Department from printing any more money, and giving that right to the Federal Reserve.   

The U.S. Government now could only get money through taxes and through selling U.S. Treasury Bonds to the Federal Reserve.   Eventually, the income taxes collected are insufficient to pay even today the interest owed on the U.S. Treasury Bonds, so all the INCOME TAX COLLECTED BY THE IRS REALLY GOES TO THE BANKERS, NOT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. 

Abraham Lincoln paid for the Civil War not by debt but by simply the U.S. Treasury Dept. printing "Green Backs." Think of how much money the U.S. has borrowed from the Federal Reserve in exchange for Treasury Bonds to pay for the Iraq War and Afghanistan wars?   

The only reason we have a "Housing Crash" is because the "World Bankers" pulled 40% of the money out of circulation, so there is no money for the banks to loan out to home owners.   The bank bailouts of 2008 and 2009 were another SCAM by the BANKERS to get free money.  Yet, they did not loosen the strings to lend to save the housing markets for the little Munchkins.  

Now the real property foreclosures are owned by the Banks and the real property cost them NOTHING.  The Banks used fractional reserved banking to lend money  for people to buy the real property, so they were creating money out of thin air.  Now the banks own TITLE to the real property by the manipulation they have done.  This is why President Obama has started a team of investigators and why some bankers have already been arrested.  Let's stop the bankers from taking away America's wealth from its people.  

The youtube below gives a history lesson of the world bankers and how they manipulate and ruin the wealth of the little Munchkins.  In the Wizard of Oz, the little Munchkins knew the road to "Emerald City" for the Green Backs.  The Munchkins told Dorothy, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."

China is buying as much gold as it can because they know the crash of the U.S. dollar is coming very soon, all now arranged by the Bankers.

So here it is:  The secret message within the story line of the Wizard of Oz: .  

Now, after you look at the above, you should then do the research behind the Green Hilton Agreement AND PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110. 

In 1962-1963 President John F. Kennedy was good friends with the then President of Indonesia, Soekarno.  Kennedy and Soekarno signed the Green Hilton Agreement which caused Indonesia, the largest source of gold in the world, to deposit in today's value three trillion dollars worth of gold in the U.S. in 1968 on the death of President Soekarno. 

President Kennedy had plans to use the gold to back the U.S. dollar printed and issued by the U.S. Treasury Department, as his plan was to take away the power from the Bankers, the Federal Reserve, which prints money without the backing of gold or silver.  The Constitution says that all currency printed and issued by the U.S. Government must be backed by gold or silver, both are precisious metals.  

Gold and silver backed currency is where there is a limited commodity made by God that automatically stops the  printing of more money and thus would put restrictions on the spending by the federal government.  The Federal Reserve Bankers did not want to be limited in their use of power and control with the money of the strongest and most productive nation of the world. 

In the Summer of 1963, President Kennedy wrote Executive Order 11110, which gave the right to the U.S. Treasury Department to start printing money backed by gold.  See    

In November 1963, the Green Hilton Agreement was signed.   Eleven days after the Green Hilton Agreement was signed, President Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas.Upon the assassination of President Kennedy, the Executive Orders which led to the Green Hilton Treaty, were immediately revoked and rescinded by the Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, immediately he was sworn into office as President even before Airforce One landed in Washington D.C. That was his very first act as the new President of the United States of America.

To support that revocation and rescinding, the dis-information part of the US Government / CIA / Pentagon, placed into circulation at least 3 additional versions of the Green Hilton Agreement, all very different from each other, causing confusion as to which was the actual original one and allowing a situation whereby the original Treaty could be denied using the plausible deniability factor.  This was done by President Johnson by the urging of the Federal Reserve Bankers.

By revoking those Executive Orders and deliberately not recognizing the Green Hilton Treaty the US Government, Treasury, and Federal Reserve, were able to withdraw the Gold Backed currency (1 and 2 Dollar Notes) that had already been placed into circulation as U.S. Treasury Notes [in competition with Federal Reserve Notes] and prevented the 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar U.S. Treasury Notes from ever being placed into circulation.

Chatty Cathies

  1. Here you go... made to order...what's it for?


    October 18, 2013 - 9:26 am

    And, on a related note… It’s possible that only a herd of cows would put up with the following Israeli travel restrictions: ”The recent surge in the number of Jews migrating back to Europe or the United States has caused serious concerns among Israeli rabbis & officials. AN ASSOCIATION OF Israeli rabbis HAS BANNED IMMIGRATION FROM ISRAEL, WITH RABBIS SAYING JEWS CAN only LEAVE ISRAEL TEMPORARILY for business purposes. Many Israelis have been migrating in recent months to Germany and the US… Recent data show that some 50% of Israelis are living below the poverty line.”



    October 18, 2013 - 4:59 pm

    “Kike” is derived from the Greek word for circle, kyklos or something like that. Sound quite accurate and rather polite, to me.



    October 19, 2013 - 3:44 am

    If epithets are the arguments of malice, what good comes of them, besides the venting of hatred?


    Tyron Parsons

    October 19, 2013 - 12:34 pm


    The definition of a word is found its voice inflection. Do you think European/whites get their panties in a bunch when someone calls us rednecks or crackers or white bread or whitey or white trash?

    The only thing you hear us hating is the hypocritical enforcement of double standards that Jewish controlled societal norms dictate against us.

    Societal definitions by way of “Jewish” Marxist Frankfort School Brainwashing are the ones who programmed everyone with the modern idea of certain words automatically defined as “hated”, regardless of intent.

    In short, according to “God’s Chosen’s” controlled society it is ok to say “let’s kill all the white people” and everything else under the sun against us. It is ok to them for anyone to use what would be deemed racial epithets of malice and hatred against anyone else, against whites/Christians. But God forbid whitey and Christians utter a peep even remotely considered derogatory in nature against any other ethnic/religious group-ESPECIALLY the ‘Jews’.

    Pardon my frankness but I refuse to play that hypocrites game.



    October 20, 2013 - 9:34 am

    Venting hatred is good.


    g k

    October 19, 2013 - 7:17 pm

    I am pretty sure it is slang that originated in Germany to distinguish the Khazar Jew from the semite Jew… and as Eustace Mullins pointed out, the Khazar Zionist Jews ran the camps to off the true semite Jews and all those who knew the Nazis were the AshkeNAZIs…

    also note that 150,000 Jews were soldiers and brass in Hitlers army according to a book that won the William Colby award for military journalism…

    The Khazars were the Frankfurt bankers, (by circuitous route to america and back) the bankers funded Hitler and Churchill… They wanted Israel as the prize…especially Jerusalem… Being that Khazars are in reality Luciferian… Jerusalem is to mock Christ and seat the Anti-Christ…

    Old Hollywood actors and writers used the term Kike to throw barbs at the Eastern European Jew who ran the studios… So it is more of a clue than it is a slur…


    Tyron Parsons

    October 19, 2013 - 8:51 pm

    g k

    There are no “Semite Jews”. They are Ashkenazi from Japeth (Not Shem) and the Sephardic from Esau/Edom maternal mixed survivors of the Roman slaughter around 135AD.

    Your statement about “Jewish” bankers funding and controlling both sides of WW2 is true.The “Jews” or Nazis didn’t throw the “Semite Jews” into the camps to off them. They put them in the camps so they were in one place to transfer them to Palistine after the war- which they did.


    g k

    October 19, 2013 - 9:18 pm

    Semite meaning tribe of shem…

    Eustace Mullins and Benjamin Freedman among many tell the story quite well… 92% are the false Jew leaving 8% who are in fact true semite blood Jews… and despite those who want to say no one died in the camps… all those piled up bodies were real people and many of them were the real Jew as opposed to the false Jew who knew too much… if you snatch a body you have to kill off the original…also… when Ike ordered the starvation of the German soldiers you can bet those pictures of naked starved Germans were used to propaganda ends… the main point is this was a Zionist/Luciferian goal of the temple mount, stone of scone and the one world order… and it will continue to be achieved as long as people believe the Hollywood version of World War II…. I am sure some got moved to Israel but not all…and mostly those that were the false line…The Zionist…


    Tyron Parsons

    October 20, 2013 - 6:04 am

    g k

    There is no such thing as the “tribe of Shem”. Shem was Malkisedek and his offspring created Egypt and through Abraham, Ishamel- the Arab, Muslims. Through Abraham, Isaac, Esau the Sepharic Maternal line (now) mixed Cannanite “Jews”.These people have no paternal lineage to Shem and are thus not considered of Shem because the bible follows racial lines paternally. The other “92%” you quote are from the Ashkenaz from Japeth (not Shem).

    Then there are the Semites from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Whites/Europeans/Christians). These people have the dominion and fruitfulness mandates passed down from Adam.

    The Jews are of Esau (Edom, Edomites) from Idumea, and therefore are not of racial Israel or Judah;

    1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, vol. 5, page 41.

    “JEWS BEGAN TO CALL THEMSELVES HEBREWS AND ISRAELITES IN 1860″. ~ Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23

    “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

    Eustace Mullins and Benjamin Freedman never claimed the Sephardic were real Judaites (and they did not live in Europe during WW2). On the contrary, they pointed out they were ALL imposters.


    g k

    October 20, 2013 - 11:00 am

    SHEM — Elam Asshur Arphaxad Lud Aram Shelah — | Uz Hul Gether Meshech | Eber | —- Peleg Joktan –| Reu — | Sheleph | Jerah | Uzal | Obal | Sheba | Havilah | — Serug | | | Almondad Hazarmaveth Hadoram Diklah Abimael Ophir Jobab | — Nahor | Terah | — Abram Nahor Haran |– | Lot — | Moab Benammi | — | —- Ishmael Isaac Zimran Jokshan Medan Midian Ishbak Shuah — | — Sheba Dedan Ephah | Henoch | Eldaah | –| Epher Abidah | | –|– | Asshurim Letushim Leummim | — Nebioth Kedar | Mibsam Mishma Dumah | Hadad Tema | Naphish Kedemah — Adbeel Massa Jetur

    This is what I mean and though you are obviously well educated in this, and I am told I should not over simplify a complex subject, I think simplifying this is something that needs to be done if we are ever to get passed the psychology that is used against non-jews… so I simplify it to the label of anti-semite… shem…semite blood or not… and as you can see in this lineage SHEM is at the top… I also think the notion you state that none were in Europe in the time is not logical… 6000 years is a long time for interbreeding bloodlines to have not in part made their way to and homes everywhere… and if anything this discussion of lineage should show everyone how ridiculous the idea of race really is… can we say mutts?


    Tyron Parsons

    October 20, 2013 - 11:45 am

    g k

    All these terms are given their defintion by God in the original language, translated authentically to the old Greek (Both NT and Septuigent). So, to be accurate and true, one must be in accord with the author-
    As to mixing 6000 yrs ago, the lineages are listed for people to see up to Christ. We can still show lineages by historical markers left that are agreement with scriptural testamony.Christ Sepaated true Israel and true Judah (physical) by way of belief in him and his way. Those who were totally separated from the imposters had both the physical and spiritual definitions of Israel/Judaites from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Sephardic “Jews” are named after Mount Sephard in Edom, their old nation before they infiltrated the southern nation of Judah during the Maccabees.

    I do understand your need to simplify but let me explain kindly that if you ue those words with their defintions, this only promotes the fake “jews’/Israeli” false narrative that confuses so many and drives them from the faith.

    The “Sephardics” were not in Germany or Europe. The Ashkenaz were and this is why the Nazi movement was in typical occultic fashion given the clue, in front of your face, in the term “Nazi”, as in Ashkenazi. See, they were telling all of us all along who was behind this mass deception. Hitler id the first transfer of “jews” to Palistine in 38. After their round up and designed destruction of Christian Germany, the “Jews” were in one place to begin mass transfers.

    Tyron Parsons

    October 20, 2013 - 11:54 am

    Not all “Jews” escaped the camps. Some had connections and went to the US to further the Zionist goal while the main bulk were not allowed to leave those camps until they agreed to go to Palistine. Hitler allowed the Zionists to program the “Jews” in the work camps. The only flag outside the Swastika one could legally fly was the “Jews” star of David and they did so, in the Zionist reeducation camps.

    The Sephardic ‘jews” left Spain and went many places, mostly to south and central America while others went to the holy land. Ashkenazi Jews practically had no presence inside of Western Europe but they did have small pockets due to their criminal networking.They were continually purged, time and time again and over and over, they would return. Mixing with these people was about the last thing any European/white would ever do back then.The Ashkenazi ‘Jews” first major presense inside Europe came after WW1 when Germany was kind enough to take in their refugess from Czarist Russia where they lost their 1st revolutionary bid.

    If any of these so called Jews today have any Shem in them, it would come by way of mixing with Europeans mostly over the last 100 years or so.But this, repeat, this does not mean the “Jews” are from Shem because the term is an invention as is their claim to true Israel-Judah.

    g k

    October 20, 2013 - 1:09 pm

    You seem to have missed my point, I know all about the Khazar and false Jew adaptation of Judaism in 740AD by the occultic pagan phallic worshippers who immigrated into Eastern Europe, Benjamin Freedman assigns the number 92% to that false Jew… so that leaves 8% of true lineage somewhere in the world and Mullins stated the Zionist Jews were put into the camps and held the real Jews who have had the conflict of wandering people or having a homeland… Frankly I think we agree about 98% here and perhaps you are using specific terms and I more general but we agree here… and I tend to reject a lot of the Biblical teachings because the King James Bible was likely rewritten by Sir Francis Bacon who many believe was Shakespeare which is tied to a 1000 year conspiracy of Luciferians who want to bring about a one world order… The two main power lineages fighting for the number one seat seem to be Jews whether of false line or real and some sort of Luciferian/satanic mutt who isn’t of any certain blood type but bonded in melting pot of a darker blood and sex ritual… And the two sides seem to fight perpetually for the number one position…

    g k

    October 20, 2013 - 1:18 pm

    Recently I have been researching things that may change all of the surface level realities because a hidden hand of subterranean control may actually be the ultimate hidden knowledge but it seems too insane to be specific at this point… but I think the main points that need to be made is the slick psychologies that bully us into subservience to the Jews by calling us haters for questioning a hierarchy that twists logic inside out which leads to the anger that is deceptively termed hate…

    Frankfurt is key to all this since the redshield counting houses funded much of the brainwashing we are now trying to sort out through the burning of books, rewriting of books and the well funded men and women who are asked to script the illusions we live… which may include the red herring I may be chasing by beginning to wonder about some of these cave etchings suggesting a subterranean race… it may be another lie meant to mislead but at this point, given the endless symbolism of serpentry… I am beginning to wonder…. why so many gargoyle statues on old architecture?

    October 20, 2013 - 8:56 am

    “Kuklos” is a Greek word that the KKK was named for. “Circle” is correct.

    g k

    October 20, 2013 - 11:31 am

    I would also like to add to the discussion about words being hate speech that there is a huge difference between extreme anger and hate… we are all entitled to be angry and extremely angry when the entire world favors certain peoples while always vilifying others… It is open season on Muslims and largely because they have been blamed for horrific atrocities they didn’t do… in fact… were framed… when does extreme frustration leading to anger cross the line to hate? When a person plots and pulls of genocide with premeditation? Hate is almost as useless a concept as hope… and it’s real purpose is to vilify thought and speech so the usual suspects in black robes sitting on judicial benches can imprison anyone who criticizes them… soon it will be illegal to say “filthy rich” even though any thinking person should know that those who have billions and trillions of dollars have it because they undoubtedly broke some ethics and laws along the way, such as money laundering, weapons sales, collusion etc.

    And then we have the psychology the Jews have masterfully inflicted the world with, that they are irrationally persecuted for no good reason and yet somehow hold all the power positions while denying that they don’t… if that doesn’t lead to extreme frustration and anger, your brain went dead long ago…

    g k

    October 20, 2013 - 11:33 am

    oops double negative, denying that they “do”… must be the Jew in me…lol… my Khazar ancestry anyway…