Friday, May 3, 2013

Yuri Reality

Geno analysis:

Now, for those who actually watch the entire Yuri seminar….

My take on it….

First of all, I present it as know thy enemy… Yuri is presenting it that way too….

But his conclusions are basically belief in God as intangible as it is…. is faith in something non material where as truth… 2 plus 2 is 4…. is likely not to have one die….for that truth….

I believe that God as a concept/religion…. as long as the religion is all about the golden rule, of honesty and nonviolence… is a concept worthy of being worshipped….

Yuri offers nothing about the inverse… religions that worship self, lying, fear, death and domination….

Without acknowledgment of this piece on the chessboard his seminar is like a rowboat without oars….

However, his seminar tells you how the powers that subvert are thinking and doing…. that awareness is key to survival and striving toward a system to check and balance human rights with and against that which would subvert it….

He makes many excellent points to that end….

This is all about not ending up with a system where the tail wags the dog and shoves a minorities ideology down the throat of the majority…..this causes upheaval…

However, on a more insidious level…. this is our dominators saying…. look…. if you just do what we say it won’t get ugly…..

the problem is….

without full knowledge of the game…. who your enemy is….

you will eventually face the ugly….

The ugly is built on a foundation of clay….lies….

Yuri is leaving a significant piece of the puzzle out…. and there is a reason for that…. his goal is to have people understand their role is to simply submit….

to surrender….

Where I defy Yuri is to say thank you for helping me to understand the enemy but I still maintain that your ideas of closed society and authoritarianism is not preferable nor do I believe we have to allow tolerance to become such a mess….

But he is right in that it is a mess because the very people creating the mess by elevating the tail to rule the dog are the one’s asking the dog to not chase the tail but give in to the tail as ruler….

I believe with total awareness of all of this….

we can stop forcing our wants desires and rights down peoples throats in favor of what is in actuality fair and equitable….and that doesn’t mean we are all equal as he explains… we aren’t all equal…. that is the beauty of the ideology that wants to reward excellence…. not saying we have that but the ideology is nice…

as it stands bargaining tables are rarely about everyone leaving happy with a plan that works…. It’s about collectives plotting and planning to steal the best deal for their collective…..

This is where the entire planet is in a disgusting senseless loop of repeating history…

he says no one will die for 2 plus 2 is 4 but I say we will die to not live in a world where they convince us 2 plus 2 is 5…. cognitive dissonance leads to anger and violence….

I also see God like he does as a good idea as long as the ideology is that we as individuals don’t serve our base desires but a higher quest for decency…. something beyond ourselves whether proven or not…..

That is why his lack of acknowledging evil is a flaw in his presentation….

I think he does more to explain what is going on than almost anyone I have ever seen…. that doesn’t mean I agree we can’t do way better than his conclusion….

I do believe given his formula that yes this is what happens in the loop….

but the loop can be broken….

but it has to be done by the individual and it can’t be achieved as long as people think like him, or Romney or Obama or Clinton or spies or syndicates or con operations trying to make the plane roll all nickles in their direction….

The answer is in something like the man who is creating the algae farms…. or hemp as a product we can all grow freely….

by spreading a crop that gives us food, energy, medicines, textiles and jobs…. we spread opportunity and lessen the need for wolves to pray….

abundance allows for less strife and less conflict….

Yuri’s thinking is diseased but very helpful in understanding what we face….

Watch Yuri….

and even at the end…. it seems no matter what all roads lead to a one world government…


  1. In Russia chalk is rationed to privileged class... Stupid peasants use it in broth....

  2. Just saw the DOW broke 15,000

    Thanks to the Japanese central bank recent digitization? Trilateral FED,ECB,Japanese action has finally cracked that code.

    Anyone wonder how much the fed added to their computers to push up equities?

    Is this where the returning USD's that are being returned to sender are landing now?

    1. I think that's a reasonable assumption given BB's (Zions) unpublicized QE in perpetuity philosophy. He emptied his chamber a long time ago and has no ammo remaining in his belt. A clueless nincompoop who was heard to refrain throughout his trial; "I was only following orders".

      Jim Rogers and Ron Paul on Ben and monetary control by the state:

      Nigel Farage on wholesale violent revolution in Europe:

    2. As of mid day today in the UK Mid Term County Elections, The United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, have smashed the old parties and grabbed 25% of the votes from nowhere.
      They want an End to Immigration. Illegals ALL thrown out. A withdrawal from the EU, our withdrawal from the Human Rights League, our withdrawal from more Wars, and a massive crack down on Government spending.
      If that goes to State Elections in 2 years, it will collapse the old 2 party system. It will force Britain out of the EU. It will boot out 3 million immigrants and send home all the EU contract workers and Welfare cases. They want no more Free Health Care for EU spongers coming here. No State Houses for immigrants. A huge Right Wing swing. Both major parties have lost big votes. The people are saying No More! Its called DEMOCRACY and the people just spoke! No More!
      If Britain leaves the EU it will crash. If Britain does not leave the EU Immigrations costs and crime will kill us. The people are speaking. Mass Political panic.

    3. Interesting... but....



      People get their way.... Britain rounds up immigrants and drops them where?

      Their individual countries?

      The ocean?

      A flaming bottomless pit of hell?

      New Cannibal Lunchable factory a division of Oscar Meyer?

    4. Do you want them by Fedex?

    5. You are paying the charges? Okay, I will start prepping Kansas...

    6. How about Paraguay....the Bushites have plenty of vacant land down yonder.

    7. hear Barbara is down home hospitable to riff raff...

  3. For the last time (I hope) people voting in the usa does NOT mean schitt. Our votes are hacked and manipulated through our voting machines.
    End of story !

    Now take note of this: In Iraq last week, the votes were closely monitored and counted right where they voted and in front of the voters/people...which is how its supposed to be done here, but IS NOT. Instead here they are rushed away to some secret location and so-called 'counted' behind closed doors IF at all.
    Then they just throw their preplanned numbers up to the News Stations, and walahh in an hour or so we have Newly SElected.
    What a JOKE it is.
    If americans were really smart, they would REFUSE to partake of such a FARCE.

    1. Maybe what we form is something called


      Men Of Birthright

      Men who gather as they used to with a mob like intimidation factor around every election or significant vote....

      Men who dangle nooses and wave bats....

      Who insist on counting ballots right there and who insist on all sides being presented... who insist on Constiutional principles...


      Start a Mob Chapter in your municipality...

      By the fed up for the fed up....

      No Trees and lamp posts wasted...

      Mob to go over the CAFR line by line and insist the hidden monies find their way to the reduce property taxes, help the schools and food programs...

      to lower taxes...


    2. Results of voting, at least in this country, is a fait accompli. Any participation in this overtly corrupt system is an endorsement of the matrix and inures the chains of our enslavement.

      LEADERS? LEADERS? Thanks Larken...

      "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal"
      --Emma Goldman

    3. Sounds very encouraging John. Lets hope others get the message. Time for change. Cheers!

  4. Who is David P. Crayford whisleblower? And what possible place on this jigsaw puzzle does he fill? Control ops/framer of debate extraordinaire?

    Bueller? Bueller...?

  5. From

    How to deal with Tyranny


    Non violence will get you killed

    I am sick of the pacifist line - the one which claims there is a peaceful solution to every conflict. When dealing with mass murderers, that is a logical fantasy somewhere out there with the Unicorns and My Little Pony. One such idealist posted such a logical fantasy to the forum, and you would be surprised where it went:
    Anonymous 33 posted:

    "I have a vision of the big boys with riot control halloween costumes coming to a park where the little league baseball teams ignore them altogether.

    In the current version of reality I am sure loud noises and loudspeakers would cause disruption to the masses.

    But how can we increase the amount of people who don't fear things. The scene in the movie that starts with the first letter in victory comes to mind.

    After Bos, we know whats coming. What is the effective solution to martial law being declared?

    Seriously, Why is there no thread concerning the counter of marital law ? Peaceful solutions to what we know is coming would seem to be the most important issue this site could tackle.

    Idea #1.. Posters with what if Marital law was declared but nobody cared..... (with pictures of the big boys being ignored by parents enjoying kids in athletic competition) My vision anyway...

    Idea #2.. ( be the hero)"

    --admin comment -

    There is no peaceful solution when dealing with tyranny. If you are seeking a peaceful solution when dealing with brute force, you are asking to get your ass kicked like a sheep down the slaughter shoot. If a bear is going to eat you, you don't sit down and negotiate with the bear, you KILL IT, and that is where we are at now, 911, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, Boston, Aurora, Sandy Hook, WTC bombing #1, all make it obvious - brute force response is what we need, NOT a peaceful solution.

    Why does no one seem to care about the first WTC bombing just because the place did not fall? OUR OWN FBI and CIA DID THAT, COME ON NOW, WAKE UP! You don't respond to an attempt to destroy a city by talking nice and handing them a pop tart!

    anonymous101 posted:

    Wow yup I can see how you will let your family get slaughtered or beat to inch of life etc just to try and peacefully resist...

    There is no such thing as peacefully resisting a tyrant! Even Ghandi preached to use force to protect your family when the need arises, yet you come here talking of ignoring storm troopers ready to bash in everyone head to make a point, not only are you willingly putting your family in harms way, you are aggravating the situation, since these storm troopers will only get angry when you ignore their orders.

    Protest and peaceful opposition does not work, they reason TPTB want people to think it is a viable option, is simply to give them cattle for the slaughter, up until recently they pretended to hear protestors and pretended to take action etc, these day you see them bashing the heads of protestors and not giving two craps.


    1. kb7dqh posted:

      Try Russia after 1917... Here a quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

      And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security Operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure a head of time that you'd be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur-- what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

      My further comment:

      It is now obvious that they do not care if we are onto the whole false flag issue, and that they do not care if we write our senators, protest, or do whatever else they say we should to work within this system which is rigged like a pirate ship. Absent FORCING the issue, and FORCING them to behave under direct threat this country is going one place - into the history books and by all but a few accounts it could already be there.


      Have an emergency plan in place where you pay attention to who is at the door, and if it is not someone you know, don't answer. If they then kick it in, just start shooting. Keep the gun UP ON THE WALL by your bed with the bolt open, safety on, and fully loaded at night so if the door gets kicked in you have it there for an easy grab - you won't make it to the gun safe or have time to load it, and having the bolt open and safety on will prevent a small child from operating it. They will come between 2AM and 5AM, with peak activity at 3AM, this is standard military procedure because those hours are when people are least able to cope with a home invasion. Make sure ALL non shooters are instructed to NOT go to the door and to stay in their rooms or in bed to keep them out of the line of fire.

      The best guns will be a 12 gauge slug (for high impact) or a metal jacketed .270 (for great penetration of body armor) or if you must stoop so low, a standard 30.06. Trust me, I played with that and I know what works, a .270 will penetrate like nothing else short of a .50 cal but a 30.06 is nothing to cry over either and a 12 gauge slug has so much punch it will really put a damper on play time. Forget the advice to use buck shot and bird shot, the thugs will have body armor against which you do not want bb's and if you think ANY handgun is useful for anything other than an ambush when the body armor is off, you are either fooled by an idiot or saboteur or kidding yourself. A light loaded 30/30 will blow away the strongest handgun many times over and that is widely regarded as a child's deer rifle.

      I know there are many other suitable calibers, but when dealing with body armor the key is a heavy round, a small cross section and a lot of powder in a long barrel, and MOST OF ALL - Don't cower in fear like a Russian while the world goes to hell around you.

    2. For me, "Gulag Archipelago" and Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment", read many moons ago, were very difficult reads. The depth of deprivation in both accounts, one fiction but most likely first hand observations by the author who descends into his own personal kind of hell, lifts the veil exposing man's inhumanity to man.

  6. Put on your jeans, it's casual Friday...

    "Listen man, I just need some short-term liquidity, say $2.5 trillion. I'll pay you back next week."

    Always look for the union label or I'll bust your balls; capice?

  7. While I commend the efforts to spread the truth about recent events, I question the claim made here that RT is mainstream media.

    Boston False Flag Goes Mainstream?

  8. An example in recognizing fallacies; in this case, an appeal to authority:

  9. Hi Geno, I believe you might like the following in the form of an article:

    Russian intelligence operative Dimitri Khalezov is discussing what happened on 9/11 and why up to certain extents. The focus is not so much on who in this analysis, but nevertheless it makes its points far better than any other research. This is one of those extremely rare instances of five star research. Those who do not like the research itself might still appreciate the material as a way for learning to speak English with a Russian accent:

    It truly is so much better than any other 9/11 research out there. All in all this material takes 4 hours and twenty minutes to watch (with the additional material around even longer), but it is worth it if you truly want to know the specifics and it is different than most expect. This is probably the most suppressed 9/11 material out there. He has other material where he goes more into the who behind 9/11. This is not that, but individuals must first truly understand what really happened. The key is in the words ´ground zero´ itself. All pre 9/11 dictionaries are unanimous in this definition and Dimitri Khalezov will prove exactly why this is.

    1. send whatever articles you write and I'll post them....

  10. Geno - I thought you said PVG was coming back; havent seen her yet. She had some good input and we need her for some more balance in here. Tell her to get her rear end back here -- 'that I said so' LOL.

    1. I think she will but she seems like she is dealing with some sort of health issue....

  11. Tonight I rolled out of a restaurant parking lot and the shock went boom....called in my last triple AAA....lucky I wasn't doing 70....

    Good timing and bad timing.... towed it back to mangey cat.... mangey cat just shook her head and went off to spray shit.... bitch...

    and thanks for the donations folks, it will help for sure...

  12. oh you all will love this

    The FBI called the studio tonight to hire us to do "role playing" Interrogations....

    My buddy asked me to act and I said "No way..."

    I am not going to have my scripted confession go live and be hunted down and shot....

    I may be stupid but not that stupid....

  13. I know I buy crappy beaters but I really believe my sabbateurs are doing this shit to my vehicles... it is endless and constant...

    1. Geno, as you are well aware, the White Hat's and most everything connected to the GS is being monitored. Unfortunately money represents power and power is shifting. URL's and blog servers are not that difficult to track. It is safe to assume this site is being watched as well. Be careful my friend. Discretion is often the better part of valor. Even though some people may act like it, this is no nursery school that is unfolding around us.

    2. Yeah, who knows... it's certainly above my pay grade....

    3. Neo I am sorry to see you deleted your account....

      Obviously Abby must have gotten to you....

      Now Abby.... can we not attack

      and yes I am sure people try to insult you too and pretend they didn't and yes you are sharp enough to see that but can't we keep all this about the really bad guys?

    4. Geno, I pay little attention to Abby. She is entertaining and quite predictable. It was the articles discussing "arming," oursleves that are most disturbing to me. Thats the kind of information that the three letter agencies are looking for and will monitor. Don't want to appear on anyone's "list," as following that line of thinking. This is not a secure network.

    5. from Jim Stone?


      We need to not be afraid to exercise all our founders intended from speech to arms...

      I don't own a gun but I want the right to and a well armed populace makes everyone think twice...

    6. Geno its not as much being afraid of anything, just wanting to be wise.

    7. The real weapon to shape history is not armed violence, its monetary policy. Control the money supply and the folks with the guns will follow suite. The root to real change is wealth and who is controlling it. Mammon his its tentacles in everything from religion to health care. The GS team have the precise tool, at precisely the right time at the price moment in history to start a monetary revolution.

    8. no offense but that is intensely naive.... Have you looked at the Spiritual white boy accounts? Quadrillions hidden everywhere...

      4.7 trillion won't do crap other than fund John's ideas to put the money to positive use but who is blocking it and will continue to block it even if it ends up in his trade? The usual suspects who are faking our reality....ruthless killers taking out anyone who defies them by night...

      own the media
      the soldiers
      the mercs
      the banks

      The GS will simply enable some good things... and John stated not to the tune of T's but B's...

    9. I respect your views, but I have a diffrent vantage point. There have already been tremdious changs in the banking industry with more in the works. Looking forward to watching this as it unfolds. Cheers!

    10. By the way, Geno, there are several versions of the White Spiritual Boy account information floating around. Some are simply fakes. You have to know and recognize which one is the real thing.

    11. I was shown it by the white hats...

  14. @john,

    What are your thoughts on Dr. James Martin and his philosophy/approach to the future?

    Dr. James Martin — A crunch is coming
    Published on Mar 4, 2013

    Dr. James Martin — Futurist Entrepreneur, British visionary entrepreneur, science-sponsor, author. Largest individual benefactor to the University of Oxford in its 900-year history

    Martin was a pioneer in the automation of software development, and was ranked 4th in Computer World's 25th Anniversary Edition's most influential people in computer technology. He was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the U.S. Department of Defense. He is an Honorary Life Fellow of the British Royal Institution, a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, an Honorary Fellow of Keble College, Oxford, and a Senior Fellow of the James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation Studies at Monterey, California. Martin has honorary doctorates from all six continents.

    In this video Dr. James Martin discusses the major changes needed to avoid an environmental crunch and invites participants to the second international Global Future 2045 congress (June 2013)

    "Humanity is drifting into time when there is great insecurity, because the population is growing too large, consumption is growing too large, we're talking about the footprint, meaning the resources that humanity consumes. And about 20 years ago, we got to a stage when we were consuming 100% of the sustainable resources on the planet, and in 20 years from now that will go up to 200%, and that of course is impossible to sustain, and so in many ways you can look at humanity and say there's a crunch coming.

    I think we know that in many ways we're on the wrong path today, with the civilization that we have, and so major changes have got to be made, and we're going to have fabulous technology for creating those changes." says Dr. James Martin

    For more information about the GF2045 congress, please visit

    1. Sorry forgot to add the youtube.... been a long week...

      Get Real

  15. The shapers/molders of society at the turn of the century knew that it was vitally important to their agenda and foreign policies to control as much as possible, everything the public read about as it pertained to news and politics. Politics shaped the news and vice-versa, they worked hand and 'eye' to fabricate and steer popular opinion by making it popular.

    Nephew of Sigmund Freud, known as the Western Goebells, the master-mind of modern American Propaganda, Edward Bernays was 104 when he died in 1995. In his century behind the scenes, Edward Bernays worked with many corporations and the government to advertise and propagandize the American public into different group-think patterns. Among others he was top advisor to William Paley, the founder of CBS. He wrote in his 1928 book "Propaganda":
    "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country.

    1. Graham,

      Wow - I am very impressed. I was about to type that is was a nice overview of what is wrong without being to long...

      That has been one of the biggest problems I have found in trying to educate someone, most of the information is tied up in a YouTube that is 1 to 2 hours in length... you lose your audience.

      Get Real

    2. Hey getreal, yes, the more telegraphed (long) the punch/message is, the less impact it has. IMHO.
      At least that's the way I like to consume my info.
      When I was a kid and inevitably brought home my terrible report cards, I wanted my parents to cut to the chase, get to the punishment part, what do I have to deal with to move on?

      Thanks for watching and commenting, guess I'll go back to banging my head against the wall.

    3. Funny, I was just thinking, one day we might run into an entire race of humans that speak nothing but 'captcha' holy shit! My head will explode! They'll want to know if we can speak THEIR language to prove WE are human.

    4. I almost posted the Bernays stuff a couple times... I will get around to it soon.... It is quite pertinent to my constant rant...

  16. Like this?

  17. The way i see it is thus: they separated and compartmentalized us to get us here. Everyone was contributing to what they believed was a bright future. Now we are at a place where we can see we were being used to bring about our enslavement. We will take it down in like manner... it was, in essence built by us in ignorance, it will be taken down in consciousness.

    When we reach the tipping point, soon, we will begin to see real results. It, like religion, is written in the stars. The controllers can do feck all about it... and they know it.

    1. I hope you are right...

    2. I agree, I hope Wanda is correct on the removal of this reality that I find myself in...

      I read your words of separation and compartmentalization - and I find that this is where I am now. I have never been more separated and compartmentalized as I am today [with the exception of those I have met in cyber world who have awakened]... I truly struggle with how to relate to people that I live in a community with on a day in / day out basis. I no longer can abide main stream media and have a different approach to watching movies -looking for the real meaning.

      Get Real

    3. yeah...real world is different than the like minded faceless pen pals...

  18. John is preparing some posts...

  19. Geno,
    Thanks for the heads up...

    BTW: did you guys happen to look at the YouTube posted by Xplorer10 concerning the Russian Initiative "2045".... I am blown away by much of this... I actually have to question do I want to be here in 2045... in the wrong hands much evil could come of it... and while my hope is to abolish the cabals of this world... I can take from the speech I just posted that evil has always existed... to believe it will not be here is naive IMO.

    2045 - A New Era for Humanity - The "2045" Initiative was founded by Dmitry Itskov in February 2011 in partnership with leading Russian scientists.

    Get Real

    1. I watched this when it was posted... everything is a blur... much of this becomes redundant like an air conditioner hum...

      I guess it all comes down to one thing....

      whether or not we can each have our own sexy robot...

    2. Hmmm... our own sexy robot? Yes, maybe that might be more "enticing", and as long as they "don't" look like this strang-er: *yikes*

  20. (I really dont wanna talk bout Boston, but as I was trying to find the weather channel, I came past this cnn news statement for a second....''and they found bomb residue in the bombers bathtub'.....LOL)
    Oh, REALLY? Now talk about insulting our intelligence, this takes the cake.

    As for the article, I say I am NOT gonna worry about it. Plans are not facts, are we going to spend more decades with these scare tactics? Look backwards; they've bombarded us with all this 'terrorism' for how long now, and how much of our time have we wasted on it, letting it usurp our lives.
    P.S. the terrorists reside in d.c.