Sunday, May 5, 2013

Youtube Programs

This struck me as a great talking point....

Youtube suggested these based on my tastes.... which begs a million questions....

I love watching Beatle stuff so that's easy.... but some of the other stuff is a weird sort of sociological guess by a computer....

Stuff I'll look for if I really want to find it...thank you....

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  1. Gospel Of Judas?

    You been researching the Nag Hamadi library texts? For starters in those Jesus is portrayed very differently than in the Bible. For starters, Judas was His best friend, and Judas was proud of killing Romans, nick-named by Jesus "Knife".
    Second noteable difference is that the God of Jesus had a name. Sophia, and thus is implied to be female.
    Third, Jesus knowledge about the archons came from Her.


    1. You know whose Gonna Git you now for this?
      But, interesting research isn't it? So different from the mythology inspired post Constantine isn't it? As Pilot allegedly inquired, "What is truth?". Careful Darylluke, closed minds only preferred by some. Life is your journey, live it.

    2. I watched Love me do and Beatles in Australia.... as for Judas... Et Tu Brute? Don't blame me.... Youtube wants me to repeat it whatever it is....

    3. John,

      Exactly is what my mind closed about/on?


      PS: Is John your given first name at birth? If not, what is?

    4. I didn't mean YOUR mind being closed.

    5. "open mind, and junk comes in'.
      Daryl, its totally Mans writings. Do you have a year date that goes with it?

  2. Guess everybody went to bed early to get some sleep before the shit-storm to come in the morning....


  3. This is the last post, so I'll put it here. I know John is gonna have a fit, but hey, it IS information. I didn't want it to get lost in the appropriate thread, which is old and won't get read. Geno, if I'm wrong to post here, please let me know.Links for his posts won't work. Gotta be a signed in member to read(FREE)

    TerryK couldn't keep quiet:

    TERRYK CHAT 5/5/2013 8:55PM EST
    « on: May 05, 2013, 09:25:14 PM »


    [Grandmaster] Did you say hello to "O" ??


    1. Darylluke.
      Why have a fit? I'm on side with all of you when it happens. I know how many it will help if they release what's due. But to open such a market, you need at least the host country, Iraq, able to joint participate. The last day you can do that is Wednesday, as Arab holidays are Thursday and Fridays, and with the time zone differences, the Middle East will have closed their day on Wednesday before you are even awake. Bankers won't move their ass on Mondays so a realistic day is Tuesday. But, which week? Monday is an EU Mayday WW11 holiday so this week is doubtful with set up time needed. No Forex Depts are on call for this week yet. The Reno Dinar team took the week end off, no one is closer than them. Good luck this week, but ????
      Remember, vast numbers of Dinars in airport hangers need to be counted, counterfeit checked as Iran mass printed bogus notes, and recorded. A huge task to get even the first tiers done. I only comment when you are getting false info because it's your lives and it's cruel destroying hopes with false dawns.
      But, in the crazy merry go round of Dinars anything is possible. Logic says a Tuesday, but which week?

    2. Just an insert for Abby Please.

      No Vouchers have been exchanged for the Reno team.

      There is just no conceivable way, that the Admiral and others will be second to any action or the Pentagon support will be gone. Special interests Yes, but no action, Vouchers or anything.

      It will take up to 2 weeks to counterfeit check, count and record all they have. Reno Airport cages are piled high with them. There is, as yet, no known Conspiracy Plan to harm anyone. That said, when it comes to fair play, with that lot in DC, who knows? The real issue is simply Solvency. China is now involved in deep discussions and I can say no more. Hard bargaining is in play. That is as much help as I can be. Watch the Banks and who joins the Boards soon, OK? Insolvent Banks and Treasuries can't pay so the real action is now the cost of the Bail Out behind the scenes. Can I be more Diplomatic?

      Truly, I AM trying to help as far as possible without harming very important negotiations which can help you all.

      Wanda also made an important point many missed.

      There will be No Mass GS. Selective Private deals only! A GS is impossible. It's all been long since spent and wasted propping up Fiat and Ponzi systems and Cabal waste. As well as enriching Elites. But- it's ALL gone with corruption and greed!

      We are focused only on selective Private Deals like Argo and the BB redemptions, plus 6 more. Those funds, correctly used in Trading Platforms, will generate a few Ts, which can be used to fund Education, selective Infrastructure projects,Energy projects, Health Care, and Community Development funding for housing needs and funding emerging businesses or good existing ones, starved of development capital.

      That is our role, to max out the profits and route them, with others, for good use. Using profits for a better, more enlightened Society, not the Elites. Waging War on Want, not humanity.

      Non of us are on"Ego Trips" and just seek to remain discrete, low profile and support public development. All we can do, is plan a step at a time. It will take a few decades to put right Centuries of abuse. A Global village is a start.
      Dissent and all, it's a start. The voice of all people.

    3. "to be used to fund education....and a more enlightened Society'.

      Sorry, not one bit interested. What you mean is 'to initiate your Singularity Sci-fi manufacture people...and people are NOT gonna go for it.
      So just GS money to promote YOUR Agenda. So skip the 'we are going to help you' stuff.

      And did you know that america has several million houses sitting empty and some decaying, because banks foreclosed on them?

  4. Walter Burien made a new post today:


  5. Inserted myself as the last Dinarian Intel Guru tonight. Launch into stardom on the day after, of prominent events unfolding. Nuke with thousands dead in Syrian attacked by IsraHell. I'm joking about the stardom, though. I did post some breaking PP intel at GET.

    Geno, read your mail, if cat lets you.


    1. The attack in Syria was on an arms consignment convoy en route being transported. Advanced weapons and long range rockets the Israelis did not want used against them. No nuke evidence and over hyped. c20 dead not hundreds.

  6. Great job on the Videos Geno. A VERY interesting selection. Well worth watching many. Thank you.

    1. I didn't do it... Youtube did.... they "suggest" viewing... I thought it made for an interesting discussion that "they" think I need to watch these.... assuming this is algorithms....

      Pretty happy they aren't all 16 year old girl slumber parties...

      dodged a bullet on that one...

    2. No Geno,
      YOU posted it and THAT will help many gain a greater insight. A truly good action.

    3. I now have a new irrational fear to add to my suitcase of phobias.... I clicked on the "Ellen" video and now Youtube will deluge me with Ellen videos spiked with Lesbian type Oxygen Channel... Oh God stop saying the words you idiot!

    4. There used to be an option in utube account settings to pause search history to disable the video search logging, and also pause viewing history, but it looks like these privacy invaders closed that loophole during their recent site redesign.

    5. self determination gets so in the way of propaganda...

      seriously though.... This Plato lecture is cool....with morning coffee...

    6. Now I am going to start casually dropping lines like this to smart chicks at bars near the university....

      "I was taking in a Yale university lecture on Plato and was surprised to find he believed there should be erotic rewards for those who excel in bravery..."

  7. An especially good rant like no other man can do, Artist Taxi Driver, my newest hero status man of action:


  8. Gotta run. Watching my latest addiction online free re: "Supernatural" Season 4 first ones.....LOTSA truth here in this whole series, folks.


  9. Here is something for "Neo" (dream on. u ain't him pilgrim):

    Right within the 2min mark.

    As I posted earlier, this series has a lotta truth.

    Remember, lies from cradle to grave....


    PS: feels kinda good to have the truth out here.THIS is a great place.LOVE your cat, Geno. Got 5 here. 2 birds. Mice to feed the primary hunter cat. he loves me. Your ally cat love you Geno? fer kix....dude....would be an interesting thread....

  10. Cat's don't love they tolerate due to the fact you have the can opener....

  11. Homeless cats like mangey cat, knows how to get fed... rubs against legs, suddenly claws or bites leg.... drop sandwich.... mangey cat has lunch...

  12. I heard about this last week. Caleb Skinner is the software architect behind a Facebook/like page with no info harvest junk like the real one has. What do you think?
    As much for my benefit as anyone else's, I'll try to explain in easy terms what this I / UV exchange is about from what I have been about to glean from the information about Project XIII (13)

    First, some background:

    Ever since money came into existence, it has been used as a tool to represent the true value of the Human Being.

    The true value [intrinsic value] of Human Beings can't be equated to a number, or to any amount of cash.
    Money has been inserted between the Creator and The Created, and has been used to manufacture a system whereby Human Beings have become slaves to money, and the Money Masters.

    What the OPPT filings [back in 2012] achieved, was to expose the slavery system, and to effectively neutralize it.

    Now...... later on in this Month of May 2013, the so-called I / UV Exchange will be launched, under the title of Project XIII.

    Details of the content, and the way the system will work, have yet to be released; suffice is to say, however, that this system is THE game-changer.

    So, what I am suggesting below, is nothing more than a best guess.

    Each person on the planet will now have the opportunity to connect with an online system that offers them the following:

    1. A personal value resource worth 10 Billion of any existing currency they choose to use.
    2. A personal iPage that consists of:
    * An alternative to Facebook, but without any monitoring or data-harvesting
    * A facility to create our own webpage [I think]
    * An equivalent to eBay, or any other similar trading platform
    * An equivalent to Amazon, or any other similar market stall
    * An equivalent to Skype
    * An online banking facility, which contains the 10 Billion

    This iPage will replace all the existing online mechanisms for communications / interactions, or for purchasing.
    Moreover, the iPage will be un-hackable; it will be entirely free of any government or alphabet-agency oversight; it will have an ability to be entirely personalised to your own specifications; it will contain individual access codes that are uniquely yours, so that nobody else can use your page, not even the software writers.
    I know this sounds too good to be true..... more like something out of a feelgood science fiction movie, but this is what I have gleaned from listening to recent blog shows, and from reading associated literature.

    In addition to, and in parallel with this release, several other major events will be happening:

    1. Disclosure of ET [already ongoing with the Citizens Disclosure hearings in DC].
    2. Release of erstwhile suppressed technology....... such as replicators, and zero-point energy devices.
    3. The introduction of gravity-free car transportation........ followed closely by....
    4. The implementation of stargates for local and long-distance [instantaneous] travel.

    Needless to say, the existing banking system, along with all associated structures and mechanisms, will collapse as soon as this iPage is released.

    Governments will become irrelevant, and politicians will disappear back into their holes.

    Additionally, chaos will inevitably ensue for a short period, once people have access to these unfathomable amounts of money, as nobody will bother turning up for work..... or for anything, for that matter. This is why it's important that all the suppressed technology is released in tandem with the iPage.

    (Personally, I don't feel there will be any chaos. I believe it will be a peaceful transition) ~BK

    1. Graham that sounds really exciting.... please keep me abreast of all of it.... I will participate.

    2. Graham,

      FYI, when OPPT financial information surfaced, I asked a lot of questions from people associated with the World Bank. They took a great deal of time to explain how the "Trust," presented very elaborate, false and misleading information. Key numbers and other data had been edited out of a real audit of accounts. I trust the person I was talking to as I have had a long standing relationship with him. Passing this along for your consideration. Cheers!

    3. Neo, thanks,
      Everyone and his uncle has been trying to shoot the OPPT down since the info surfaced.
      The problem with all of them is they've failed to prove anything's wrong with what they've done. We'll see how it all plays out and thanks for the heads up.


  13. Last night Sunday I attempted to lighten it up a bit with the last few posts.... We had some heavy discourse Sunday morning... I am going to sit on these lighter posts a couple days unless something huge happens...

    For those who engage John I want to offer some perspective...

    We all have family that has varying political opinions... our parents or grandparents or brother in laws can easily get mad at one another while talking politics or religion or world issues over a Thanksgiving dinner... and yet we mostly just put the relative we disagree with in a perspective that says.... well... That's just Dad or Grandpa or Uncle Lou....

    John is older and had intense military service and his family is one connected to almost mythological and or legendary importance to historical battles between Church and other heavy handed middle ages type evolution to what we are now....granted we as a people are mutated by lies but John is learning from us and trying very hard to hear our complaints like a person in charge of human resources at a company whose job it is to field employee concerns...

    Of course we all want a different set of circumstances but we need to deal with the circumstances that are... John is entitled to be him and deserves credit for trying to be open minded and hear what we the plebes have to say...

    I honestly think he has been changed by 3 years of blogging... races and classes and countries and religions are quite separated by purposeful sociological control mechanisms... but the internet allows us to communicate.... often we squander that opportunity by getting angry, petulant, self righteous, locked in preconceived ideas... and burn down the bridge...

    But respect begets respect and please pass the potatoes grand pa....

    1. "But respect begets respect and please pass the potatoes grand pa...."
      Here, here...

    2. Geno,
      Nice job and makes sense to me... we all come from different places and different prospectives.

      Get Real

    3. Few weeks ago when John and I went at it I woke up one morning and got angry and dropped a couple bombs....

      These were figurative bombs...

      Metaphorical bombs...


      In the real world we have watched REAL LITERAL BOMBS dropped on cties and those who call in these bombs subscribe to a philosophy of "shatter it to build it back better to their liking" A Fabian philosophy...

      Their emblem is a tortoise with a sword...

      In other words take all the time necessary to mold society to their liking...

      War, explosions, death, lies, deception were collateral damage to the end result...desire... totalitarianism... a totality that may look like a heavy handed authoritarian grid or one that may hide that behind feel good concepts... tanks behind potted plants...

      It is good cop and bad cop... bad cop makes us welcome the tanks hidden behind ferns rather than just the tanks... friends and ferns...

      So as a thinking person i resent the con... the snickering all the way to the bank... to the one world goal...

      Having said that want to return to the idea of the gut punch I gave John....

      He had to have gotten up and felt the wind leave his body.... I hit him hard with a word...

      The word is not a bomb.... it did not blow limbs off an innocent child... but I believe it made such an impact that we damn near didn't recover from the hit....

      I hit hard out of anger and later wished I hadn't hit so hard...

      But the elite should feel that sort of wind leave their body... they need to feel cold shivers of reality as they realize many of their games are just plain found out...

      The truly guilty of murder and mayhem had no problem destroying billions of lives for over a century and deserve their true comeuppance....

      Those who sat back and waited are complicit in my mind but that may be where a sort of amnesty is extended in exchange for testimony....

      Reading the Lesbian mafia stuff yesterday made me think... well.... someone used sex to lure men who allowed their dicks to lead them off a cliff... and though premeditated it may be a justifiable counter attack by women....

      Funny how power has a bad habit of manifesting in really horrible premeditated conspiracies to gain, maintain and control even more power...

      If John and people using him as a conduit to power to voice anger and hopes becomes something that makes a tangible difference to this messed up world, then we all need to feel the gut punches that makes us reconsider our own arrogance.... because none of us has a total omnipotent view and understanding of everything... and the elite, especially missed out on a lot...

      They show themselves to be quite confounded by us monkeys... people who give me 30 dollars of their welfare check...

    4. can you imagine that kind of generosity? well of course you can, most of you gave me something when almost no one can afford to and I am deeply grateful. But to continue my point....

      It is stunning how so much weight and gravity is given to words.... when not nearly as much clamor is given to blowing people into bits and pieces.... I am not to be trusted with a position of importance because I am considered a loose cannon.... Tman warned John against me.... I don't fall in line,,, I blow whistles and make loud bomb like statements...

      And yet I continually zero in on what is right and what is wrong and push people who do not want to face the facts to face them.... and of course in doing so I also find I have to trust others may be just as zeroed in on a different part of the big picture of equal import that I may be missing... be humbled enough to step back and re-examine it.... Be able to apologize if necessary or stick to my guns but soften the second and third volleys until we are reaching a detente...

      And those of you who also have bite to their bark, you too need to be both.... To bark and bite when necessary and consider the fact that you might need to submit to something more extraordinary.... For those who believe in a God that works in mysterious ways isn't it logical that we need to let go and let God and stop always pushing when we should pull or simply step aside to allow the weight of the moment to stumble on by...

      Those of us who are human and want to err on the side of decency and fairness know our enemy has a psychotic ruthless tendency to see that as a weakness... but their vindictive cunning nature has many blind spots and weaknesses also... In fact their lives may win materialism but truly lose out on what we have...spirituality... knowing when our children love us and not fear us we have accomplished greatness and goodness....

      So every once in a while words go boom... but they are just words... words need to be seen as the pressure valve-- not the catalyst of violence...

    5. Geno - I am the sort that lets a person know exactly where I stand, and to then turn around and pretend to forget it only makes that person THINK I didn't really mean it, that I've cooled off and maybe beginning to see it THEIR WAY.
      So no, I will stand my ground. And I happen to be able to see the game that is going on in you stated 'they are willing to take all the time in the world to try to bring you around'....and I am absolutely NOT gonna see it Johns way.

      Did anyone else notice how gleeful he was about all the video's put up in this particular blog? You wanna know why? Because its got TONS of his Singularity junk which he thinks is great for helping to SELL us on that horrific idea.
      NO, I only noticed the listings, and NO I refuse to listen to any of them.
      And don't call me narrow minded, I'm being wise and I cannot be snared or moved. I already have my set standards and know what not to bite into.
      Walk into a barnyard and step in it, ya start stinking like manure.

      No compromising here.

    6. I don't think I have called you narrow minded ever have I? Keep being you...

      My role in all this is much trickier... I will ride a wave until I decide it's getting way too big for me ...

      As it stands I think I can do way more good for the world by attempting to influence those I don't agree with than to set the place on fire...

      You should take a moment and imagine sitting in a concentration camp and wonder how many times putting out the message that you will go to war with anyone who challenged your perceptions was really the wisest thing to do...

      Because they are watching and deciding who they will bring to which camp and it's very easy to defiantly declare bravado from the comfort of your home but in a camp one might want to rewind and rethink where a certain diplomacy or smarter chess move may have kept you and yours from the worst of the worst...

      The deal with the devil is only when you sign the dotted line... no one is asking you to sign anything right now... How do you think agents get close to their target? They do it by careful nuance...

      I told you to buy a hundred dollars of dinar so you would have a fighting chance... I try to articulate the situation very carefully to everyone...

    7. Geno - My post about 'dont call me narrow minded' was not directed at you, or anyone particular person at all. Its just something I get called sometimes, in general, cause I'm an 'ole fuddy duddy'.

      And my statement about 'not compromising' was directed /about 'not falling into this Singularity stuff'.

      As for my 'being watched' I guess some people like being bored to death, LOL. Me? A little ole cookie baker, who nobody believes, who think I'm full of schitt most of the time? Whose friends and acquaintences from thruout life have all deceased by now?
      Who is a joiner of Nothing and holds hands with nobody? LOL. Yeah, I'm a real threat, arent I.

      So I will waltz over to the bank and stash enough in there to pay my insurance, and visit the post office.
      I will watch and make sure 'they' arent following me on this suspicious venture. (If they are, I will pull into the Waffle House parking lot, LOL)

    8. When at the waffle house do as the waffelonians do...

  14. Great perspective Geno. Otherwise what the use?

  15. Hey Geno, AbelDanger didn't tell us anything new...everyone knows behind every big man there's an even bigger woman! lol

    You have great taste in music. I saw The Beatles live at Northwich Memorial Town Hall in 1963. Not fussed about my age because I wouldn't have missed the 60's for anything (or the 70's and 80's - best decades ever!).

    1. that's gear and fab.... you must have that locked in your mind. I used to be such a Beatlemaniac I wished I was older to see it more closely.... I remember when I was 4 and my sisters crowding around the TV and my parents and grand parents scoffing...during the Ed Sullivan show... I remember taking note that sisters loved them and older folks didn't... first analytical thing I remember... :)

  16. I constantly attempt to post this sort of comment to dinar no avail....

    the word isn't "walla" it is "voila" it is a French exclamation...

    I would think dinar recaps might care about perpetuating constant ignorance... when I write to correct spelling or grammar, it is never printed....

    Why? Is it really rude to have contempt for the constant illiteracy that is blathered across these pages...

    Education is a good thing.... The red squiggly line under a word says it is spelled incorrectly... left click the mouse to get the proper spelling or take a second and google the word...

    Jeesh... Seriously, the most uneducated people in the country are about to be rich... One should start caring about doing way better.

    1. Geno - I thought the same thing....most cant even speak properly, how they gonna handle money.
      I think many of them are going to be broke in very short order, sad to say.
      I glance through but don't post there.

      On a lighter note, before winter we saw this one stray cat out here really in bad shape, so unhealthy looking and sad as can be, I mean really sad, and moved so slow. Very scared.
      Well, I buy large bags of cat food, put out a bowl of clean water every day, and this cat has been eating here all winter. Now looking real good, practically lives on our patio, and so healthy now, totally different.
      Then we started putting out organic milk and he just loves it. But then he cant stay awake and naps out here for hours, LOL.
      Altogether, we have fed as many as 6; they all know where the 'neighborhood diner' is. Each one has a different personality, and its fun to watch them.
      (Im trying to keep them from eating crap out of the dumpsters)

    2. cats and welfare bunnies ;)

  17. They posted it this time;)
    I agree, the constant amount of spelling errors never ceases to amaze me, along with the usage of incorrect words entirely. I think part of the problem is that many chat windows do not have spell-checkers in them, and Recaps does not.

    1. An English teacher could instruct an entire course unraveling Okie's horrific writing.... words that aren't words... sentences that try so hard to be poetic that they pile up like a car wreck of capital letters rear ending one another for

      And he is only in the top 5 of the English assassins in the dinar world...

  18. I didn't know Okie does not charge. I thought he did because last year I tried to join and was not able to. Do not recall details. Thanks to whomever straightened that out for me earlier. Forgot to acknowledge that.


    I don't know what you meant by the "bite the bullet" comment you made to me.
    Went right over my addled head.

    Thanks for continually suggesting to people to spend a hundred and get some dinar for a fighting chance.

    So, it is a 0% chance for this week, and 20% chance for next week re: RV/GS per John?

    SEEMS people who signed up for Prosperity Packages from St. Germaine Trust of Europe and Omega Trust are getting calls to verify address and personal name information. She is a very sincere lady out of WA. I had 2 calls here yesterday which I missed. Old rotary dial, no caller-id nor voice mail. Rand 5 times both times and just as I picked it up, the line was dead. Weird. Then. late last night a friend emailed me that he had a conversation with the lady from the trusts who answered several questions after he confirmed stuff. Told him somebody would call back for address delivery confirmation today. He has not written back if the call came in today.

    BTW, to spell-check: LEFT click and drag across the red-marked word to high-light it. THE, right click and in a second or two the correct word spelling will pop up with several possibilities for the word.Then just click the correct spelled word.


  19. daryllukeMay 5, 2013 at 5:42 PM


    For some reason my blood-line is not track-able prior to mid-1800's. My grand father always said that his great-grandfather came here from Norway, but we were not able to find any proof of that when my cousin did the family tree search in Lithuania. My dad when he was in his 50's had a red mustache. Mine has maybe 40% colored red. I'm the youngest of 4. Oldest was my deceased brother then two sisters in between, then me. The two eldest have/had brown eyes & dark thick brown hair. Me and the younger sister had blond hair when we were young, almost white during summer spent outdoors. And, we both have hazel eyes. So, there is the scandinavian bloodline.

    Father never spoke of any infidelity, but it always was brought up jokingly that <"The mailman was may have been the father of two of us!"> I found one single reference to WHITE DRUIDS being found living in the woods of Lithuania after WW2 by the Russian invaders.
    I suspect my grandmother on my mother's side was one of these. She was a "practitioner" of sorts I recall, though devoutly Catholic. She would always insist when we were growing up and would be leaving by car to drive to our yearly 14-day vacation to Arkansas. She told my father to bring us all in the station wagon to her home, and she would look at us all inside as she stood before the car. with her hands folded as in silent prayer. Then, she would raise both her arms outstretched to the sky and face up, as her lips moved in whispered prayer. It was all taken as matter of course and seemed very natural to everyone. But, it was always so awesome for me to see that. She said it was to keep us all protected for a safe journey there and back home.

    In my mid-teen I stumbled upon Templar thinks in books and was extremely strongly drawn to them for many years. But, when the internet came, and I would read more & more about them I got turned off to my long-attraction to them because of the many negative things stated about them. Fwiw....


    1. darylluke,

      There were 2 divisions.
      One, the Teutonic Knights, who were principally Nordic/Germanic French lineage, the others the Knights Hospitalliers, who were mainly of Mediterranean stock. The Hospitalliers were responsible for most of the Crusader genocide in the Holy Lands.

      The Teutonics provided key security, safe protection for the Pilgrims and excavated the Temple Mount and catacombs. As well as undertaking deep and clinical examination of the Jesus myth. They developed the Documentary Credit systems, forerunner of the Napoleonic codes of banking today.They amassed the vast Land and Gold holdings operating under a Tithe and Tax dispensation from the Vatican.

      Special " Christian knowledge" held by the Templers enabled them to become Tax Exempt from the Vatican, - bought silence! The Templers were Crown Protectors of England, ruled by French Barons under successive French Kings from William the Conqueror upwards.The Normans, were principally Scandinavian Viking stock, with Germanic lineage.
      A plot was hatched between the then Vatican Pope and King Philippe of France,to mass arrest the Templers seizing all possessions, the principal target being the gold.The Treacherous Hospitalliers,forerunners of todays Knights of Malta,colluded with the Pope and aided the mass attacks on innocent families.

      Vatican Inquisition cruelty knew no mercy or restraints. Entire families were cruelly mass tortured, wives and children in front of the Knights, all to extract details of the Gold holdings. Vatican Genocide. Forewarned, the advance Knights Guard fled, some to Scotland,others to Basle, across the safety of the Rhine, later to become Switzerland, some to Nova Scotia , Canada, and some down the Coast to Portugal.
      Advance Guard units had pre settled in England under Richard the Lion heart's reign, and established an allegiance with the English Monarchs. A deal, for Gold and warrior Knight protection of the Monarchy was negotiated with the Knights given safe residency protection.
      Faced with such adverse Vatican numbers, the Knights cloaked to become invisible within Society but retained tight bloodlines of trust. No different than Judaic families.Key links were re established with the families in Basle, later when it became Switzerland,note the reverse Knights Cross in the Swiss Flag, and the Knights Cross in the English not British flag. Switzerland and London went on to become the forerunners of Global Banking,noted by the Knights Portcullis and Keys of Swiss banking Logos, the Knights Quarters in London,Knights bridge in London and the British Banking system.
      Many great truths hide in plain sight. Bloodlines?

  20. Geno,

    I had to read it four times. Your grammar was not quite correct & what threw me.....You were being sarcastic about why no more bullet eating posts.Then stated there are many people who would come into my home to kill me & make it look like suicide.

    I get depressed & despondent with feelings of never ending hopelessness. I posted about how bad that got last year. That was a real experience. It is indicative of the times in the population here. It has NOT been my frame of mind or emotion to do anything like that, ever since that single incident until now.Discussed it with wife afterwards.I have to be honest with her, and came clean with it.She keeps me ground in so many ways, and inspired. I wanted to see if there was any public resonance with what I went through. It is an extremely selfish act at best, and I would never do that to my wife and sons, step-daughters, grandchildren. So, that is clear.

    I am extremely unimportant Geno. Even more so now that I left Furfords cess-pool blog. I offered to moderate. People need uplifting, and encouragement and real moral support. I tried to provide that there in my own way and sharing some very relevant current information there regularly, just to get ignore because of all the libelous continual comments directed at me or about me. Going to level of painting me public as somebody who is irrational and should be ignored.THAT last was promoted heavily by some others there beside Caleb & Aircow. WISH you would have flown to AZ to beat the shit out of that guy!! He certainly deserved at least that.

    I changed my profile yesterday, it still is not showing. DON'T know why not. My email is there for personal contact, my web page link, and picture of the smartest cat I ever met in my life!! You got it all wrong about cats, though, Geno....surely do. You seem to be a "dog guy", if you ever get permanent dwelling.


    1. sorry, you seemed to be indicating another bad moment and the eating a bullet thing stuck in my mind as a bad thing to say.... If anyone killed you they could easily say, he publicly stated he was considering swallowing a bullet. Just a warning.

      All this talk of eating bullets is making me hungry for peanuts.

  21. Wrong reply. How about the one you wanted to write but didn't? ~Steven.

    1. ? I have said the same thing twice now and it was all I meant.... don't say stuff like that on the internet because they will use it against you.... a friendly warning... that is all...

    2. Okay. That's clear enough for an imprisoned slave in a slave colony corporation. I'm a nobody, though, and nobody is looking to off me.

      Thank you, though, Geno, for your concern. I do appreciate it.


  22. Hello friends. Hope your having a great day! Cheers!

    1. thank you....hope you are as well...

  23. People who always say 'Cheers!" must drink a lot or go to a lot of parties.

  24. It's an English expression.....reading too much into it, I think, Abby.