Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Allow It To Play Us...

  • Yet again we see the Huffingtonpost Greenberg family members along with the Harmon actors creating BS stories for you to consume. The person they claim on trial is Riley Harmon and is part of the KAPLAN family (as in Benjamin Kaplan the Nuremberg trial lawyer HOAX) Her mother you might know from the Today show Jill Rappaport AKA Liz Kaplan Harmon. All part of the Rockefeller/ Greenberg BS history makers that fill your heads with BS.
    Jodi Arias' Lawyers Wanted To Withdraw From Case But Judge Denied Them
    Attorneys for Jodi Arias asked to step down from the case after their client was convicted of first-degree murder, but a judge denied the request. Arias returns to court Thursday for the final phase of her trial as the same jury that convicted her last week now weighs whether the former waitress should be sentenced to life in prison or death. Her attorneys must convince jurors she shouldn't be executed. But just Tue...
  • His name is Robbie Brickel. He is the Greenberg family member that you will recall was at the Occupy Wall Street Fake event ranting about the federal reserve. His uncle is Maurice Greenberg the former CEO of AIG. He is a fraud and a fake, so is this story and the story that introduced this character to the public. His father Rick Brickel you may recall was the actor they used a photo of in the Newtown school shooting HOAX as the owner of the car found at the school. ALL BS, and ALL GREENBERG ACTORS INVOLVED.
    Caleb McGillvary, AKA Kai The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, Is Suspect In New Jersey Murder
    He became an Internet celebrity after using a hatchet to stop a homicidal man who claimed he was Jesus from killing innocent people, but now it appears the tables have turned on Caleb McGillvary. McGillvary, better known as Kai the Hatched Wielding Hitchhiker, is wanted in the homicide of Joseph Galfy, a lawyer who was found dead in his New Jersey home May 13. WABC reported the cause of death as blunt force trauma. ...


  1. What we need is to be willing to go deeper than you want to to stop all of this... that means the bits that are meant to throw you off and show you the door need to be seen as that and to go deeper...

    You need to know something is happening here what it is isn't exactly clear....

    But you....

    You the individual....

    have some time to help this investigation....

    dig and stay on the dig whether you feel foolish ot not.... one bone fragment is enough....

    this goes along with the OPPT stuff...

    Take responsibility for your own being by doing the work necessary to do what they do to you....

    their little secret oaths will die like late autumn leaves on the tree...

  2. how does one investigate... click on his name... look at the links... google and or other search engines... don't look for someone to tell you.... ask yourself... hmmmm....

    now that you are being told actors are playing other people.... think.... does that hair and nose and wrinkle and skin really look real?

    What about law?

    Since when would a real crime begin with a bunch of guys in sheriff costumes giving a press conference and giving all the evidence away to the public before an investigation and trial....

    it would not happen....

    This only happens in fantasy land....TV land....

    Cable is subscription which allows them to tell stretchers for ratings...

    The families who run this run everything...

    people who are compromised are the ones who would need to investigate...

    That leaves you


    your kids need you to do it....

    no choice...

    1. Have we forgotten Obama is fake... 911 was fake... what else was fake...Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston.... Virginia Tech....


      and many others...

    2. this was realized to be a cash cow with OJ.... and who is running all this? Lawyers... who has fooled us for centuries? Lawyers...

      Who would find loopholes to get away with fraud by maybe saying it is a wink wink hoax?

      this is Gypsy deception.... charities set up....

      just because con men are well organized and quite good at what they do....

      doesn't make you stupid for believing it....

      If any part is fraud, it is fraud...

      why did filmmakers make wag the dog?

      Broadcast news....

      Robert Redford "Quiz Show"

      because they are trying to tell you in a vague manner....

  3. EXPOSED: Angelina Jolie part of a clever corporate scheme to protect billions in BRCA gene patents, influence Supreme Court decision (opinion)

    1. not surprised... thought maybe she was going to start smuggling kaola bears in her womb or something...

    2. She could smuggle the koalas in her now empty bra cups.

    3. What? No wise crack Geno? You don't believe she would really cut off her money makers, do you? That kind of pap is only put out there to lead the goyem... off a cliff.

    4. That's an out right pap smear!

    5. LOL !!!!! T.U... t.u. lots !!

  4. Here’s the question …

    Extra credt? Were you and Pal working with Hopesprings as disinfo agents? What relationship, if any did you have with hopesprings?

    ANSWER #1:

    Hopesprings, Pal and I met in Espionage 101 at the community college but don’t tell anyone or else we will flunk. I needed her to pass my notes to Pal…she was in between us and when she raised her arm to narc us out to the teacher– her heavenly body jiggled.

    Pal and I knew then we were a great team. We brought Hopesprings on board because she was hotter than Mercury’s Uranus and her boobs jiggled when she administered the Lord. She gave us religion and we listened and absorbed it all with the respect true gentleman extend to a true lady– if she‘s hot.

    When we graduated Spook Academy our first mission was to protect President Kennedy…


    We decided to take some time off to rethink our careers and took a sabbatical up on the top of a mountain in a lodge called an Aerie. We talked esoteric religious beliefs and were known to confuse the Fullofitstas…The Fullofitstas was the name given to the locals by a legendary man who lived in an opium den and watched Apocolypse Now and Samurai with Tom Cruise over and over on DVD. ..

    Mayor Fulford of Fulford Arizona, who personally took it upon himself to make sure the opium was pure and never cut with a cheap baby laxative. Mayor Fulford threw himself lung, body and soul on that grenade at the local opium den, Huka’s Your Daddy.

    Every one met in town to write on a big wall and we frequently argued. The Fullofitstas, it seems wanted to be lied to– and despite our extensive training in Deception 101 at the community college we kept blurting out the truth.

    One guy in town we shall call Lew– truth tested the wall and found the Fullofitstas to be the most truthful people in the country of Balonia.

    Pal who was moonlighting as an erotic thriller detective novels writer– frequently put chapters featuring his character Dick Raincoat on the wall. Dick Raincoat was steamy stuff and the local women could be seen walking back and forth hundreds of times reading from the corner of their eye while pretending to sell orgonite hats to ward off the evil Queen who was said to turn into a fire breathing dragon and eat children and their pet hamsters.

    One night, Hope was heard screaming, “Oh, God … Oh, God” Clearly she was having a religious experience with Pal and I who had bible study threesomes when we weren’t spying on the people in Balonia — those who needed spying on. The hot ones…

    1. Hopespring’s has a way with the word. The second coming is even better than the first.

      We were actually just outside of Balonia, our rented Aerie was in the Tibetan region of West Virginia near Martinsburg where there was a desolate farm below. The owner of the farm would come out at all times of the day, shaking his fists at the sky … crying out “My Country, My Country, I’ll do anything for My Very Own Country”.

      The farmer named Bigbritches Hutson, had rigged up a still that made 100 proof Virginny Liver numbing corn mash whiskey that cured cancer, diabetes and all forms of intelligent life for miles around. Some people drank it, others used it to strip paint off tractors and one guy used it to operate his space ship he built in the barn. Good lightyear mileage and one heck of a buzz.

      BigBritches Hutson’s still was cobbled from plumbing fixtures, copper, old comcast cable boxes and not only made corn mash moonshine but could get the internet and 100 channels including the 24 hour Naked Ranting channel.

      BigBritches Hutson’s Moonshine was called “Alias times 10” by the locals because after drinking it — imaginary friends came out of the woodwork to sing Hutson’s praises.

      Folks in the farm town were mostly quiet lurkers, keeping to themselves but their high school cow pie throwing team filled the stand every Friday night. It was there where huts got the idea that cow pie throwing should go digital. He is negotiating Cow Pie Wars with Nintendo as we speak.

      BigBritches farm was just a mile from Langley and to hide his Internet Still and fool this bulti billion dollar espionage center…

      … he got curtains for his window…

      (pronounced wind…er….)

      Pal, Hopesprings and I liked to tease old BigBritches and we rigged up one of his cow’s with a communications device convincing ol’ Bigbritches he had the smartest talking cow in the county.

      COW: Psst. Hey BigBritches…
      BIG: Who’s that? Who’s there?
      COW: It’s me…your cow…
      BIG: Dang.

      COW: This is what we …I mean… I… want you to do…you ready…write this down…don’t worry about spelling just get close…
      BIG: Okay…

      COW: We want you to go on the internet still and tell all the Fullofitstas in Balonia that you are taking over the United States of America…
      BIG: Yeah…Go on…

      COW: That the used car dealer down at Tiny Tim Turner’s Transams and Model T’s will be President and is going to make everyone his queen.
      BIG: Sounds too good to be true…
      COW: Oh it is…

      BIG: Will they be ending the Federal Reserve in this new republic?
      COW: Of course…and re-instating slavery… everyone gets 5 negroes…
      BIG: 5? Can I have three hot females one big momma one that makes pancakes and one big male one who can do my chores?
      COW: Yep. Now run and tell the good Fullofitstas of Balonia!

      BIG: Okay…

      End answer to question number 1…
      Begin the answer for question number 2.

  5. I'll plead no contest to the charges asserted below and within but with the aim to re-assess what it is that I need to do to self-actualize in order to realize real change and become a really free man. It starts with me, but we can all be better examples.

    "It’s like living in a fantasy world, and each new idea creates a new twist to the plot that never has any actual ending, because the social media stops people from actually BEHEADING the queen or the Pope or the presidents and instead keeps us in a dream state of socially interconnected nonsense! Welcome to your self-created and perpetuated Matrix – Facebook, Infowars, Youtube, and now SKYPE – the fantasy world of social media ideas that never create action.

    I mean, I would think that your collective asses would be getting tired from sitting around all day writing fiction, memes, and virtually endless novels and court filings about what you would do to save the world if only you had the nerve to detach your asses from your chairs? Social media is the great in-activator, and is really just a birds eye view and historical wikipedia of our transition into total tyranny and slavery. That is why social media was invented and so well funded by governments and corporations – not to connect the people to the world but to disconnect the people of our country by making them interconnected in their minds. This is the Matrix, its just instead called SKYPE. Meanwhile our wealth, productivity, land, property, and illusions of freedom and sovereignty are being sucked out of us like a bunch of parroting batteries that do nothing to conserve our own power but to swquack on websites and forums without actually doing anything.

    This realization, it seems, is the true state of “waking up”."

    1. Okay... this is just my opinion and i read that piece on Reality Blogger and i wholly disagree. While there is validity to the matrix created unreality and engineering found on the internet... i point out to you the reality that you can discern truth from the bullsh@t and the patently false and all points in between on-line... but off-line is where you abandon all hope of finding truth.

      Having the internet has allowed us to arrive at what is most likely truth and more than likely what is not truth by viewing, in relative ease and rapidly, all sides of an issue... left/right/up/down and center and in varying degrees... we cycle through it and most often, past it. Try that in the real world where the matrix is in full swing !!!!!

      That is why is is frustrating to come across those, who i will leave nameless out of not positively knowing... who fail to evolve and change their motives and mindsets with the influx of new information. Can it really be willful ignorance, as we are lead to believe? So and so has an in with the governments and an ear to the revalue... but still believes the 9-11 narrative and that elites are elite ???!!!!! Doubting is good... suspecting you are being scammed, yet again, is good... in fact, i should think, by now, the first thing you should do is suspect someone has a stake in the game when they cling to what is patently false in areas of religion for instance... sure that is strong juju (jewjew), especially the Jesus myth, but still... and those who suffer endlessly, while hinging their entire future on some dinar revaluation after all this time and all the times they've been lifted up to be dropped back down. Citing this "Joe" or that "John" as an expert and the only credentials the "experts" have is they are backed up by some liars who say they are experts. Can that be real? How about common sense as an expert for a change? It's much more proactive than blind eyed belief any day... and all the frauds can do, you notice, is belittle you for not believing them because they don't have facts.

      That is what holds us back... not the internet. Something tells me it is not holding us back as planned. And what action is Clint talking about... no shots need to be fired, no heads need to be cut off. They would love nothing better than people hitting the streets with pitchforks and torches... that's what he's pushing.

      What needs to happen, for us, is what is happening and that is greater awareness, ever faster and faster... and that is what is scaring all feck out them. Reality blogger... is blogging what he wishes were reality. It ends when we collectively say it does... and we are getting there.

    2. Truth... according to Black's Law dictionary... hmmmmm... doesn't seem to be covered.

    3. truth is the bookshelf it sits on...

    4. To flush out the truth in any situation one must examine things from the beginning; to wit:

      Cujusque rei potissima pars principium est.
      The principal part of everything is the beginning.

      The article you read Wanda was a precursor to “Waking Up is Hard to Do”, also by Clint Richardson. That article may help to clarify some things he was trying to convey in his most recent piece.

      The point he was trying to make in the article, I believe, is that in order to remove ourselves completely from this matrix, it is first necessary to realize that we are using a matrix created tool and to be fully aware of the many collectives, tribes, movements, gurus and other body politic, etc. that engage this tool in order to steer their flock into prison cells of their own making while they are busy pushing popular memes based on hearsay or fallacious in nature. The people within these groups may think they have achieved some sort of clarity about things because so and so said it and then it gets repeated so then it must be true! Clarity can be a bitch because it can often deceive us into thinking that we are doing some really great things, when in fact, if we’re not wise to it, we’re only locked within our egoist selves or marching in lock step with our particular group, tribe, etc.

      He went on to say for further clarification that "if one can escape the barriers of this patriot entertainment empire, the waking up process leads one beyond this false-truth movement and into a stage of self-awareness. At this point a “person” realizes that he has been conned into acting as an artificial person, and begins to recognize that he is nothing more than an educated sheep still under the control of other men and their corporations – a house slave if you will. The realization of self (that a man is not a person) generally brings one back towards the path of true knowledge, escaping the clutches of prophets for profit who control the information in the Infowar and within the Prison Planet. This is the point where the gate of the gatekeepers is visible, and the realization that knowledge is the key to opening that gate becomes paramount.”

    5. cont.

      It is this beginning to self-realization where one assumes all responsibility for themselves if they are ever to be considered truly free of this matrix. As Clint has said and I agree, you do not have to assert yourself as a natural man. This is your natural state of being- a human being. It requires no effort on your part. You can never stop being natural. The fact is that you must indeed assert yourself to be an artificial person. You must agree to be one and sign contracts stating such, for an artificial person is created by your “signature”. You must accept the rights given to you that are opposed to your natural rights. And you must act as an artificial person to be one. It is in your capacity to either exercise or not exercise your artificial person. It is your choice, even if it seems there is no choice. It is all based on consent – a voluntary state of contract (agreement) under the capacity of your choice. You have never lost your power; you have only agreed unilaterally to relinquish it.

      There is much to learn prior to a divorce from this matrix completely. Until then, I will have to rely solely on the one thing I have some control over; and that is my participation in their game and my consent to their demands that I play along.

      Btw, I don’t discount the power of the internet in educating people as to what is going on around them. A few days ago, I linked to an excellent article at the dailybell who have always maintained that the weight of the internet and what they refer to as the “Internet Reformation” tips the scales in our efforts to awaken the masses and perhaps slow down, if not stop, the cabal’s goals of full spectrum dominance. The beauty of the ‘net’, that was perhaps unforeseen by its creators, is that it is by its very nature de-centralizing and therein lies its power. It is and always will be a bottom up, grass roots phenomenon with no top down control. Checkmate!

    6. Well... i believe the devil is in the details... every bad idea we are saddled with has been sold to us as love and sunshine.

      Like the Clean Air act is a license to pollute for globalists, tell me how the Internet Reformation Act will be any different? Can it be? Skepticism... it is healthy.

    17 MAY Thursday, May 16, 2013

    [subtle] the Lawyer for cmkx interests just issued an update...there are connections with the dinar etc...

    2. I know, understand, and empathize with your angst, frustration and anger engendered by the outrageous delays which have occurred. However, it is a fact that we are a relatively small part of the pay-out scheme.

    The overall WGS and GCR, with particular focus on the GCR have been the primary cause of these delays; not because of incompetence or similar reasons, but because of the vicious tornados generated by the ?cabal? which I have previously referred to as ?headwinds.?

    We have truly confronted and battled the vilest, most contemptible, well financed forces for evil on the planet [more I cannot say at the moment].

    Although we have won, securing the peace has proved to be a herculean task. We are now at that point, at least based upon all the evidence and advice from good people across this country, and around the world.

    You can not truly imagine yet the effect that all of this will have on you, your family, your city, your state and country, and indeed upon the world. It will be life changing for all.
    Read More Link on Right
    3. To put it another way, the World Global Settlements, including the US Dollar Refunding Project, the Global Currency Reset and all the associated/reliant programs are real.

    They are the instruments of great change - part of a world wide re-distribution of wealth which includes some 20 countries revaluation [up and down] of their currency; and every country will have asset-backed currency.

    Yes, this does include Iraq and Vietnam which are the cheapest of the lot. The protocols governing implementation of these various programs have changed quite substantially as a result of the cabal?s interference as evidenced by the wholesale departure of many leaders and executives, and the arrest of more that 1,000 bankers for abetting financial fraud.

    The estimates of those who will be prosecuted after the completion of this, is in excess of 10,000. As I have said in the past, most of those I have denominated as ?miscreants? have, during these delays, been duly relieved of the money they stole [which has now been recovered by the US], and many others have been indicted.

    The concern has always been that since fiat currency systems always end up in the same place, the only correct way to compensate these shareholders, required ensuring that they received their payment in asset backed currency and could have access to a fair and transparent banking system.

    There are other reasons related to the big picture, which may also play a part in these continuing delays. While as it has turned out, any delay seems patently unfair, the simple fact is that we will not receive our payouts until the financial imbalance in the world has been corrected.

    4. Although CMKX payments were not originally connected with the WGS, it has always been the case that they were dependent on its occurrence. That is because Bob Maheu, who was one of the White Knights, worked so assiduously to ?level the playing field? for more than 20 years.

    5. The bottom line is that you will be paid a great deal more than any have the right to expect [based on the amount of their investment]. In addition, you will receive a payment for the unconscionable length of payment delay. I cannot guarantee when this will happen; what I can tell you is that it will be very soon.

    What does that mean? ? It means that the Global Currency Reset into the new international, fully transparent, all digital, 1024 bit encrypted banking system will happen as soon as it is possible.

    Your first payment will be delivered at approximately the same time.

    A. Clifton Hodges (csbn 046803) hodges and associates

  7. 5. The bottom line is that you will be paid a great deal more than any have the right to expect [based on the amount of their investment]. In addition, you will receive a payment for the unconscionable length of payment delay. I cannot guarantee when this will happen; what I can tell you is that it will be very soon.

    1. @ Geno
      What is CMKX? It has been mentioned in other posts here but before them I had never heard of it.
      And, do you believe what Hodges is saying?, Your personal opinion.

    2. and a link would be nice... and a shrubbery... or you shall force me to say "Neek".....

    3. Um... he is a lawyer handling CMKX and other stuff attached to the hats and John and the whole effort.... I think this release was likely collaborated on by several...just a guess.... to say hang in there...

      CMKX like many other companies got screwed by Wallstreet pirates and want their money back...

      there are many many companies that were destroyed by the flash crash... that was made to happen by some entities...

      I like the lines we "more than the right to expect" and "payment for unconscionable payment delay" hope that wasn't just to cmkx shareholders but dinar holders too...


  8. Oh... the un-official pro-boards. That's different...

    Where are the official boards?
    Which proto-calls and which leaders and executives have departed wholesale and/or been arrested? One would think this would be evident... where may we see it? If monies have been recovered, how's about a bank statement? Something, anything... tangible. Definition of asset-backed currency... who's assets, what assets?

    1. Thanks Geno for your reply. The reason I asked about CMKX is because I did not know anything about it. The reason I asked about Mr. Hodges is that I have heard his name mentioned in Ben's Blog and it was in reference to being the attorney for a Mr. Cottrell (I believe his Michael, but not sure), who Ben Fulford accused in one report of being an accomplice in a murder. Subsequently Mr. Hodges demanded a public retraction of such accusation because, according to him, his client is innocent.
      That's all. I hope he is truthful on what he states in this letter, it sounds like it is something that would have a positive effect for us all.

  9. Barack Odrama reprises the role made famous by his amazing look-a-like tricky dick and with just a little imagination we could mistake him as kin.

    1. Under the skin, they all look alike.

  10. Gowanda is a town in NY... really, look it up.