Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TV "S"

I remember whenever this thing screeched I felt uneasy and even scared as a kid. Is it possible something evil was conjured into it?


  1. Wow... no sh*t? It does nothing for me... or to me.

    Dave Chapelle does a comedy skit that involves a turkey being beheaded that uses a real sound effect, i can tell because it puts my birds into distress. And the eagle that screeches at the beginning (and used to be at the end too) of the Colbert Report is genuine because no matter how low the sound, my birds flip out.

    1. you play bird snuff films to your birds?

  2. That was interesting. I remember the tone but not so much the logo. I can't recall it freaking me out or affecting me at all though and part of the reason may have been my lack of attention to the end credits, I usually don't even give them a chance to roll unless I'm checking them for some reason.

    Wanda, that's funny about your birds.

  3. I was just playing this and my dog's started barking.
    I just turned it off and they quit.

    I may try listening to this again later but am passing on it for now.