Saturday, May 25, 2013

The River Has To Flow....

Just experimenting with slightly different mixes and file formats...


  1. MAY

    24 Ascension day: Rituals to mock the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven.

    Why are the "elites" celebrating on the 24th of May their own special RV party? Because it is a Satanic holiday... every full moon coincides with a satanic holiday and I have always suspected the RV would coincide with one....

    I am believing Tuesday but then these people will eff us if they can... perhaps they will give us our jubilee and this allows them to do what they love to do... steal it back...

    and laugh...

  2. I hate to hand off a baton of disinfo but then what if it is true and someone warns someone in a nick of time?


    The bridges falling could be a significant clue...

    Something HUGE is going down! Just had two 5.7 earthquakes just north of Sacramento near Lassen Volcanic National Park. Don't normally post this kind of thing. Just giving you a heads up. All I can say is someone was
    given the word that California is about to get a big one. Moving their family out right now. They are in San Jose. Not someone who would joke around unless they knew something. I really don't want to freak anyone out
    but this is legit info. I'm sorry, just knew when this guy said something that he was worried. He was given the word to move VIPs, then told to get out of Cali. Like NOW! Key dignitaries from San Fran consulates have been flown out. Suspected plate fractures off Oregon, Cali coast. A double header. That's all I know.

    May 24, 2013
    Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:08 AM 0 comments

    1. I'd trust this guy more than MacHaffie unless you know different -

      He posts updates everyday.

      'N a T'

    2. Nothing is shaking in the People’s Republic of California, and animals are not behaving abnormally to forewarn.

  3. All week long people world wide experienced problems with the internet...

    Obviously many people are not commenting here anymore... some left because the truth hurts... and those who are regular people will eventually figure out i was right to exorcise the site of a demonic presence... I don't wake up with dread anymore...

    I will take a hand full of smart honest people over trolls, boot lickers and the demon inhabited attempting to hijack my talent...

    Some who left I am confused about, because I put them to the likelihood of being solid truthers and not...well...maybe agents of the system....

    And a special shout out to Wanda who brings solid information...

    1. It has been my observation that she is addicted to men with power. So the natural question that comes to me is why not Geno? I thought pens are mightier than swords?!?!  :)

    2. What I meant by "she" was PVG.

    3. When people know people in real life, face to face, we forgive many more things than when we experience each other in print.... words become the sum of a person and that is far from the full picture...

      Take for example the guy I know I talked about yesterday... I have forgiven huge transgressions in a physical reality with him but chances are if I experienced him online I probably would have deleted him into a cyber dumpster wayyyyy sooner than a 20 year stint of turning cheek after cheek after cheek...

      Some of the people that got pissed and left sent me big chunks of money and that makes me feel bad, but I don't consider myself a cyber pal to online acquaintances I consider myself some sort of media journalist who can be ruined by being wishy washy... if I kissed up to money everyone would still be here and you guys probably wouldn't be... I agreed with you all more than I did anyone else so I had to try and support that.... every time I didn't support that it was leaving true courage dangling in the wind...

      John was completely different privately with me, even when angry he remained diplomatic... but publicly things were different and the insults were to many people and to what most of us see as a true understanding of what we see as empathy and justice..

      And again, in print as opposed to real life we need to be consistent and we often use a 6th sense that makes us react more assertively... Certain people felt insincere and not quite right in an intuitive sense of trust, and even more to the opposite as to wonder who they really work for... The freaking web is one big psyop and the reality is pretty crazy... Imagine corresponding with Pentagon type agents for years and imagining the file one is handing them...

      Psychological profile and evidence that can and will be used against you because somehow they get to judge fellow humanity and decide their fate while the rest of us get no such power...

      It may be some sort of compulsion with me but I so want to straighten every misunderstanding out, out lies, mend burning bridges but that can only happen when ego can be set aside and most people cannot do that... Seems everyone wants to pull a Pee Wee Herman and say, "I meant to do that..." When really we take tumbles off our bikes and look pretty silly and then the cover up obscures all the good things we do because ego wants our public face to be perfect...

      I keep wanting to make amends but can amends ever be made when both sides have to cop to the unresolved issues?

      I know I didn't have a secret agenda but suspect many of the people I am on the outs with did... Why should I then feel guilty...

      I guess because I want to fix things so badly...

      And part of being me is to stand up against bullies or lies even when I know pretty much all I have is my chest and chin sticking out either asking to be punched or respected...

    4. "I guess because I want to fix things so badly... "
      It seems the only thing we can fix is ourselves and how we react to or respond to others.

      Off topic, I got virus from clicking on the link Hugh posted which sounded like “zen garden”, so one of my laptops is inoperable.

      It never ceases to amaze me how many landmines are embedded in well-meaning intentions that most of us are unaware of.

    5. Zen Gardener... who alternately posts things that are honest and make sense... then he laces with arsenic in other posts, which, as it turns out, is exactly how they do it... so you have to be constantly on your game.

      That said, however, i clicked on that link too... i had no troubles. Listen... i posted a short while back that it is the Virus Ware and that other crappin' thing that it has been so long since i've had it i can't remember what it's called... you get from the likes of McAfee and Norton that is the back door to giving you the viruses... honest to God... if there were one... LOL. Honest to what i think must be a divine creator, whatever or whomever that may be... how' that? They give your all sorts of warnings and scares and even trojans to justify their existence... how typical. If helpful to you, i can round it up and re-post. I probably should post that on my web site.

      So, again, it sounds like it may be co-incidence. Hugh seems like a well reasoned, rational person to me... admittedly, i have only become aware of his positions on things rather recently.

    6. I agree with many of what Hugh posts, and he is very well read.
      I do not have either Norton or MacAfee virus software on the pc that’s run by Windows 7. The last time I got virus, the only thing I was able to do was to pay the malware removal to remove the virus, the only way to get rid of the darn thing, and disputed the charge on my credit card for the predatory business practice which worked.
      I am currently using the older pc laptop with vista, and it still works. I may just keep using this pc until I get another pc and forget the virus infested hard drive so I don’t have to spend hours fixing the darn thing.

    7. Hmmmmm... you use nothing and you got a virus? That's odd and i've not seen it happen to anyone i know.

      I use a freeware program called Spy Bot Search and Destroy that isolates and removes anything you get infected with and in all the time i've been running it i have come up with no threats at all, except for this last that's because i chose to go on a site that Google threw up a warning on. I thought that was just Google lying due to the nature of what i was looking for... they weren't lying that time. But, it didn't do anything to my computer except make it run hot, so i thought it was time to clean out some files and that's when i found out something happened. Looked like key logging and stuff like that, but it's gone now. I only run that about every month or so, and i use a free CC cleaner that gets rid of old registry entries...
      i guess. I don't really know what i'm doing, but i know what works.

      Here's another thing... if you have ever activated that crap on your pc or laptop, you have to not only take it out of your programs but you have to go to their site to get instructions for complete removal, because it has tentacles, don't you know... try a search for that and you will see what i am saying.

      Anyways, my sister got her first computer a year ago and i told her to never activate that stuff and her boyfriend asked the cable guy if that was okay when he came to bring in the cable for the net and that guy said it was not necessary. She had no problems for about six months and then called me to say she had a trojan. I was like "impossible because you can't get one if you don't have the virus ware, and she was like... "uhm... one of her brainiac friends insisted she absolutely had to have that installed, she didn't want to but her boyfriend insisted." And she had it for exactly one week then BLAM-O.

      My son, because he uses pirate bay to download games gets targeted and somehow they are able to load a bunch of scripts into his computer... but as soon as he sees it happening he shuts down his computer and pulls the battery out. He tried just shutting it down a couple times and that didn't stop it... pulling the battery out ends it every time. I have never encountered that, but i don't game.

      I think that's great you got the money back on your credit card. They were charging something like $89 per year the last time i used them and that was like six years ago.

    8. I agree with you about the embedded tentacles which is Microsoft because the laptop with Windows 7 came with the preloaded Microsoft Security software which I believe attracted what was on that site. I saw something on the monitor like a falling star, and I turned off the pc right away but did not think about pulling out the battery. “Duh”. This is another lesson I had to learn, and next time, pulling out the battery will be the first thing I will do. I HATE Microsoft, so I am thinking about switching to Apple. But what if Microsoft buys out Apple? It will be the same thing all over again. I hope people are paying attention to these very obvious things that a enslaving us and eating away our precious time and resources.

    9. “I hope people are paying attention to these very obvious things that aRE enslaving us and eating away our precious time and resources.”

      The reason why I reached the above conclusion is because either I pay for the malware remover or buy a new pc, Microsoft will make money. When I disputed the credit card charge, it did not say Microsoft, but I know it had to have originated from Microsoft.

    10. So the solution must be removing the Microsoft security suite from the control panel. I am going to see if it works.

    11. anonymous setting is causing me to get a ton of spam throughout the blog... I am going to have to change it...

      You can choose some sort of ID otherwise...

      it doesn'y matter whether you are anonymous or not if anyone wants to trace IP they can...

    12. Another hmmmmm.... i wasn't aware that the MicroSoft security suite can be removed... and what that means. I always assumed it was safe because Microsoft doesn't give you a choice... you see... you choose to allow McAfee and/or Norton and the like to come in and give you your disease. Like leaving the window open for dracula. It ain't dracula's fault, it's yours. I still have my Microsoft security installed, but i deactivated the updates and that's another scam... update my posterior... i don't update anything i don't have to anymore... it just gives you clunkier and harder to use programs and loads up your usable space.

    13. In reality, i have to get Geno's back on this... John, to me, is still anonymous... i mean really... who is going to know who you are if you call yourself American Cheese or Joe Blow? Anyone who would harm you already knows who you are and where you are...

      Hope you don't get offended by my saying that, because i do really appreciate your content.

    14. Well what my pc is infected with is w32/blaster.worm, and I run Windows full scan, but it did not detect the parasite. Yes, you are correct Wanda. Windows Defender is actually an offender that did not allow me to access the full scan until I uninstalled the windows update done on 05/13/13. I have found the instruction on how to remove the parasite, so I will give it a try.

    15. Awesome Klondike, but the suggestion to remove Windows Defender came from Anonymous... our nice Anonymous. I just shut down the upgrades, but now that you mention it, i shut it down because, as you pointed out, every time it upgraded i had to do a system restore because it jacked everything up.

      You might try the freeware Spy Bot Search and Destroy... it is a known and trusted site... also, not like the Nortons, et al... it doesn't notify you or give you phony warnings... you run it when you feel like it.

    16. Thank you for your suggestions Wanda, and I will try them out.
      I have been posting as anonymous out of laziness because I did not know how to create an ID to post comments, but I am glad Geno went ahead to tighten the security for his blog.

    17. Klondike bars are awesome!

  4. Awwwww... Geno, that means very much to me to hear you say that. Thank you. It is nice to know i am appreciated in spite of my... how is it you describe me... well, akin to a bull in a china shop comes close...

    :)............ wanda

    1. yes you definitely can be a pain in the butt but you are smart and consistent when it comes to ethics...

  5. The river does have to flow.

    1. Today I took a different recording of the same song and had some fun with it... more river like in it's flow and uploading it to soundcloud as we speak... ran out of room on my other soundcloud so created a new account...

      This tech stuff is so fun...

      We seriously need to stop the bullshitters...


    3. That is a nice rendition. The original was nice too... it went well with the video.

      The tech stuff is over my head... i hate having to deal with it... it doesn't spark me. For as intelligent as i am, i still can't figure out how to put a friggin' blog on my web site.

      Did i tell you i recently bought an awesome set of bongos on Ebay? Incredible deal... LP Performer Series... i plan to do some Maynard G. Krebbs style poetry readings... once i learn the tricks of the pros... i'm stoked about that.