Friday, May 24, 2013

The Last Pea On The Plate...


  1. The class/caste system. "Takin' in by a simple hoax, the joke is to keep you broke, while the rich dig a deeper mote."
    Yep, as JFK so eloquently stated just before having his brains scattered across the interior of that beautiful Continental convertible:

    "The very word, secrecy, is repugnant".

    Pretty much sums up an era that has been 'cocooned' by it.


    I’m curious, of all the names they could’ve given the new banking software, they chose, Babylon II? Can anyone, but you know who, shed some intel on that? This article, if nothing else, is a different look at all of this and one I really had not considered as much.

    1. I thought the new banking software name was actually scary. In the bible Babylon was where pagan religion was headquartered. When babylon fell there (near bagdad) that pagan religion was brought over to rome, and 're-established' with the added name of 'jesus' on to IT, and told the people it was 'christianity'. (what a lie)

      And as we can see today, idiots still take the pagan vatican for being 'the church'. In fact, the vatican is anti-christ, regardless of what they try to say or portray. (satan always tells a little truth mixed in with a bunch of crap).
      Just the other day the lying deceiving pope stated that 'everybody goes to heaven, even athiests'. This wicked statement is proof of satanic deception, misleading people to think they are ok then, and they are 'safe'.

      But fact is, many people want nothing to do with heaven. They would be very out of place and uncomfortable around God. They prefer the wild life with no holds barred.

      So yeah, Graham, I too would love to know just who gave it this name.

  2. Iraq... cradel of civilization...phoenix rising from the ashes... look at the design of the dinar... it's all there... Babylon rises again...

    1. Okay, I'll buy that, if it's not 'hope floating' currency dreams.
      I will say, this has been the longest 'any time now' call I've heard so far.

    2. I think almost every piece of info is basically correct... software... bad guys...arrests...

      remember bad guys is the opposite of those who have the power to arrest not necessarily what a divine jury might conclude...

    3. Geno - babylon could well be rising again. There will be a dictatorial one world religion under a one world dictator, and that religion will be under the umbrella of the vatican, which as I previously noted, is a religion (catholicism) which was birthed in and from, Babylon.

  3. This is a God-event, and He is keeping His promises to His people.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, there you have it. It is a God event, and god is a man. I hope, and PREY, when this also does not happen... yet again, this God fellow will finally be held accountable. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Hmm... none of those pesky outside links allowed? No NEGATIVITY???!!!! No personal information... don't give the name, and worse, the address of the particular liar bringing you this wonderful news from GOD, because that would be rude... a rude awakening... don't be rude.

    Each and every post is the same as each and every post. Promise, but don't guarantee... Guarantee, but toss in a bunch of reasons the promise won't happen.

    1. it is going to happen because Kuwaitt and Iraq share the current holdings of oil and gold that many are invested in and while Kuwaitt is a 3 dollar valued currency Iraq is a worthless currency... though there are factions who would love to prevent this... there are many who know it has to happen and have pushed it to happen through much turmoil... remember, eventually this too will result in another popped bubble a decade or less down the road and new control mechanisms are awaiting that moment but have a little faith in the fact that we will have a brief financial reprieve...

    2. What is written in those world that give you facts? I see Basel III is simply a change of guard... to take you off your guard. It's the same boss as the old boss, only uglier and more deeply entrenched. It is Globalism... it is $3 per pound tomatoes you could get from your neighbor for 25 cents each... 10 for a dollar at harvest time. It's a scam.

      I am all ears... not really, i have two normal sized ears, but i would love to be enlightened..... enlighten me.

    3. Geno - I again agree with you; this will be a short lived reprieve....and also happens to line up with scripture ..''the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous'.
      And then the worst ever is yet to come after that.
      People who think things will get back to being good again and the world will go on and on endlessly are in for a rude awakening.
      Its sort of one of those things where people will think AHHH, Now we are back on track again.....and then it will be wham.

      Like the woman in Oklahoma who said after the last huge tornado tore up her whole house, and she just 4 months ago got her new house in perfect it is totally flattened again.

  4. And if they can go to Iraq and bomb the feck out of innocent men, women and children on a thin lie... and use that lie to steal from everyone's investment accounts across the USA... what loyalty do you suppose they are honoring?

    It's a billionaire's club. Not an investor's club. Money is meaningless. They are shoving us in the direction of believing they can no longer hold back the free energy thing... they are making us think we won something. Right. Keep telling yourself that.

    What they are doing is setting it up so we believe we forced them to give up control of oil. Meanwhile back at the ranch, they are well on their way to controlling water... agenda 21, namely, is the name of that monster.

  5. My facts are based on more than that link...

    This is the culmination of everything...why British magistrate wears that's Egyptian Pharoah head dress... It's why the hidden knowledge is all about the Gog and magog Babylonian mystery religions and why we went into Iraq... you should know all this... The RV and world currencies is part of the plan...look at the design on the dinar...

  6. see new post on this subject...

  7. Okay... i will look at it. Anything in particular i should be looking for?

    But no, i have studied the ancient religions and i get a whole different take on it.

    1. how is that any different from what I just stated...?

      I said this is part of the plan.... the American Fiat fractional reserve becomes a world currency that supposedly is backed by metals when really it's just backed by the same people who back currencies with their murdering ways...

      Our million people who bought dinar will have a slight advantage to be able to buy some sort of set up for when things crash even harder...

      And a few parties and vacations...

      This leads to cashless and microchip and all the other control freak stuff....

    2. Well, we'd better pool the money and rent billboards then.


    Just passing thru..... ;-)

    'N a T'

    1. Bum I duplicated again - blame it on the fog on my specs.

      'N a T'

      have a good weekend!