Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sailing Away From Tyranny....


  1. This is a great example of how easy it is to enjoy freedom. The legwork has been done, all we need to do is use the tools of 'notice' to wake the system to its new rules.
    First things first, understand why you need the freedom/foundation and then the roof/trade/money will make sense. The cart won't pull itself without the...,well, hopefully you know the rest of that story.

    This is not difficult to understand, go to and check it out for YOURSELF. Don't except someone else's opinion, no one will check something out for you and give their honest opinion of it unless they know you personally. Do you know me, my agenda? No. Fuck me, and I don't mean to be angry at myself so early in the morning, I'm just using 'me' as an example.

    Being free and understanding why, and the need for you to be so, must resonate with you on some level because you were born that way and it was taken from you. Take it back the easy way and we can get this friggin roof up already.

  2. Thanks Graham, note I put the link under the video...

    For some people like myself.... I sure would love someone to hold my hand through the paper work?

    Is there someone doing all that for people? Is this guy?

    I am on brain over load these days...

    1. Hey, no problem, lots of people are anxious to help others out on this as it just speeds the awakening.
      There is a CN (courtesy notice) diagram here:

      There are also facebook pages full of activity: start there and work your way around through the links. If anyone's dealing with credit card, auto loans, student loans, all loans including home foreclosure, you need to get the ball rolling. All these loans ALL of them including credit debt is fraudulent and illegal. Jam their system now and kill its roots, all of it is up to us, we have to let the creature know it's dead.

    2. Also, no one will do anything for anyone, they'll help you and offer assistance but doing things FOR you was already done to you/us straight up the a** by our former loving governments.

      We need to assume responsibility for our own value, it's yours, take it back and keep it.

    3. Everyone wants change but fears who is behind it...well...of course...we are always played... but this seems like a damn good way to start swinging back and see what happens... some sort of energy has to beget another form of energy...

      And people look at it and say...ah-ha...I see...another path to one world Luciferian type end game...


      Maybe but I think we need to realize this is a pretty small planet (and large) and that certain rules should elevate everyone equally... no not socialism but an equal playing field and the right to control one's own life...

      So yes I see problems and it would be nice to make sure we can return all countries to sovereign and stop importing and exporting anything that can be done at home....

      One major reason is we keep giving each other our worst insects and parasites that don't belong....

      That is yet more testimony of how those who ran the 20th century suck beyond all contempt... and to allow them to try and weasel total control...

      I say let's do it and see what happens...

    4. gotcha... well...even instruction on how to learn... watch this...step 1 2 3 4....

      and is that what the tribal Bible will be?

      almost like a template of fill in the blank?

      remember I based some suspiscion on the fact Keenan's video wouldn't come up?

      I was putting him in the category of censored and possibly in the right by that...

      But now I think the word OPPT was likely censored... whether pro or con it's a generic blacklisting...

    5. Truthfully, I can't quite figure out what Keenan's up to. I know he's working within the UCC and fighting them on their own ground, but why he's not seeing this for what it is, puzzles me.

      It surprised me when he came out against the One People and what the trust had accomplished. Drake, as far as being a relayer of information, is also bad mouthing the One People. They're still referring to it as the OPPT, but the trust was dissolved after it'd served it's purpose.

      The 'tribal bible' was something I've heard about once before, a few months ago. I think it has to do with an accounting of a particular Australian province that has had sovereignty issues and Jagamara (I've just heard of him) is apparently helping with that cause.
      If I hear more about it I'll post.

      As far as I can see, I can't see or say that Neil Keenan is a bad person up to no good. To be honest, I can never figure out what he's talking about in his video clips. My problem is friction between factions. When we're all seemingly fighting for the freedom of all mankind (the entire planet) how and why do some of these people feel the need to bash the approach of another group without offering more than a hateful trashing of what they're attempting?


  3. Great comments under that video... i'll say that.

    Did anyone else catch this: Jagamara, the way he pronounces it, right in the beginning... sounds just like Che Guivera... i hear it... and it makes me wonder... it makes me Wanda.

    From our lips to god's ear... all is symbols... cymbals.

  4. Arm yourself with FACTS not fantasy. Find answers to the questions OPPT-in, TOP, I-UV fudge. Go down the CN route only if you are prepared to risk going to jail. Take no one's word for it, not even mine!