Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Reading...

If you listen to this entire video you will see it is a Memorial Day Tribute to our soldiers past and present...


  1. Off topic.

    I smell a foulplay on Poofness's passing.
    I remember his botched interview with “Brian” @ American Kabuki who was behind OPPT. As I recall Poof called out the falseness with OPPT. Now OPPT is no more.
    What's up with that? Something stinks.

    Poofness (James Holmes) Obituary
    James Holmes

    James Holmes, 60, Asheville, died 05-23-2013. 

    Arrangements: Asheville Area Alternative is in search of any family members. If you have any information, please call (828)-258-8274.
    Published in the Asheville Citizen-Times on May 25, 2013

    1. I agree... he wants to have a new identity with his new found wealth... Me hopes...

  2. Why would Ashville be looking for relatives?
    Also, it was just last Sunday a week ago that Poof stated 'this will be my last post'.

    1. This reminds me of the bullshit "murder" of HUTS....

      the Fulford scandle...

    2. I also caught a comment by “unique1” @ dinarrecap site when they reposted Poof's “last” missive on 05/19/13. Unique1 said “Poof” is very busy, so he was asked to relax and take it easy. It was signed “D” at the end of the comment, and the only person who goes by “D” is the Canadian woman who runs “Removing the Shackles” site.
      I have a feeling Poof is alive and in hiding somewhere. He had to be replaced by “Susan” because he was getting very frustrated by having to be so vague with his weekly messages. This is just my opinion.

  3. "Now OPPT is no more.
    What's up with that? Something stinks."
    Depends on how you mean OPPT is no more. The trust was set up to file the UCC code within the current system, asking it to explain whether or not it was/is a corporation/slavery system, masquerading as government. They were given 14 days to rebut the question/claim. They never did so. The foreclosure on their control system/all corporations and their sub strata has been official since the end of 2012.

    The trust (OPPT) was dissolved soon after as it was no longer needed. What remains is us, the one people of this planet, sovereign individuals, free as the day we/you were born. The problem which remains is notifying the former slave system that it is in fact, over and foreclosed upon.

    The head has not and will not, notify the body that it is no longer a viable entity. That's what the courtesy notices have been doing and are for, along with foreclosure notices.