Thursday, May 30, 2013

Junk Rock (Plastical Music)


  1. words cannot describe the brilliance of this triumph of will and art....

  2. Some of the purest embodiment of the human spirit. This is the kind of stuff that reminds me not to forget the path I'm on and also understand what 'inheriting the earth' means. By no means is it meek.

  3. Yes but certain powerful billionaires see themselves as the head office of human kinds value and claims that they will do "good" and trade trillions so the welfare bunnies will never dare eat a free hot dog again on his billionaire buddies dime who acquired their billions by relegating people to live on garbage dumps and sticking their members in children's orifices who are sold into sex slavery....

  4. Wow, I'm impressed with the fortitude on display.

    This is an indictment on failed policy of "leaders" who allow native resources to be commandeered by globalists resulting in social, economic inequality. Sadly, it's systemic, unbiased and knows no boundaries.

    These children provide excellent examples of human resourcefulness and demonstrate the resilience of people when their circumstances would portend outcomes entirely different from what would be expected.

    Not to worry though; 41 is in town and will surely address the issue. Right?

  5. Sadly these eugenics psychopaths believe intelligence has to be brought out through breeding. Videos like this prove the lie in their intent, their intent is to cull the masses to make them into a more controllable mass.

    1. right...kill these kids because some egomaniac in England thinks he has the perfect plan...

  6. what is missing is the genius builder of the instruments...