Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy is as Happy Does....


  1. lol... I crack myself up...and no I'm not really gay but man I am a funny fucker at the end of part 2 here...

    Only a real man can make Gay funny....sorry Abby....

  2. The inconvenient truth that had to be deleted by men who share the same Queen. Hugh must have caught them in their BS, and canuzzie deleted Hugh’s comment. All evil does not originate in the US although they make it look as though it does. This is why we need to dig deep.

    john27 May 2013 05:43
    Now why is this picture with the boy friend not doing the rounds?
    How can America have a man whose finger is the nuclear button but his drug ridden mind is up some mans Ass?
    O- Bummer? You could not write this farce.
    Are 310M Americans truly becoming brain dead?

    Hugh27 May 2013 09:21
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    canauzzie27 May 2013 10:46

    you never comment unless you wish to cast stones....we are talking about big boulders and you wish to throw pebbles .....for no constructive dialogue.....just trying to insight an argument...the first part of your comment was reasonable....but toward the end I could see where you were heading...there has never been a disagreement that problems exist globally....but you want to use petty attacks against one country in hope of getting a response and thus create an argument....but what about you...but, but what about you...but, but, but what about not going to fly here....everyone here knows what you are up to....I will no longer read your comments....they will just be deleted....

    1. if I was interested in their lame 2 dimensional conversations I would attend their blog... I am delighted they took it to their sterile angry controlled environment and now we rejoin real thought...

    2. I knew it was totally beneath you, so I took it upon myself to shed the light into the darkness.
      Don’t even bother because they cannot handle the truth.

    3. truth and agenda don't mix...

    4. nothing is beneath me, this is an excellent angle from down here...

    5. I thought the message was loud and clear when Hugh’s post was deleted because we know what Hugh’s comments are like, and it had to be deleted. I thought there was something to be said about that, and it does not reflect on Hugh or you.

    6. Hugh is always diplomatic and kind... Sort of nutty if you ask me...

    7. It's okay, Hugh sent the exchange to me earlier... I would rather the two sites ignore the hell out of each other and they accept I am superior in every way... and rise above their pettiness to continue to send me money on paypal...:)

    8. There you go. Now you are talking. :)
      You gotta eat and your van needs gas. :) :)

    9. and just think what a class act they would prove to be if I awaken to say... a grand in my paypal

    10. That will keep you going for a long while, maybe until the elusive RV comes through. Just keep doing your thing and continue to shine. That's what we are supposed to do while we have physical life so that we can go to better and higher places when we go bye bye.

    11. a long while if I weren't needing to pay my title loan...

    12. I don't think I want to know about that. Go RV! Now! Don't be pissing your good customers now. Okay?

    13. sorry didn't mean to piss you off but truth falls out of my mouth the way drool falls out of a saint bernard...

    14. or do I have that backwards...?

    15. seriously I am kidding... I am happy for them... I never imagined the net had room for another

  3. No, I am not your good customer. I meant the good customers who donate big chunks of money to you. Until the RV, I am in the same boat as you, barely getting by, choosing which bills to pay on each payday from my slave job.

    1. too late besides the number you sent me is the same number and I am humbled by everyone who did so... and those who donate their wisdom...

    2. seriously need to change the subject before they audit my 1993 van and my pawn shop accounts...

    3. This is your own show on your own stage. Keep putting out the goods that will help educating the people to rebuild this nation.
      I was thinking you will also do great with educational materials for the young who needs the truth to counterbalance the garbage they are forcefed from the educational system.

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    1. in the interest of open accounting this is the paypal record dating back 2 years to 2011 and roughly adds up to 2000 dollars in timely generous donations by strangers worldwide...

      Plus an added 500 from a snail mail donation....

      I want people to know this isn't a slick gypsy operation... nothing to sneeze at though and stunning to be helped out at all...again thank you....

    2. and a money gram for 100.

    3. It is great that there are people out there who endorse your work. Let's hope that the RV happens sooner rather than later so that money worries will be a thing of the past until they implement the digital money across the glove. Bit if enough of us become aware, the digital money thing may not have to happen at all.

    4. life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans...john lennon


      I used to be so impatient about my career when I was young I hounded producers and agents until they ran screaming from their phones....

      Somewhere along the line I became incredibly patient as if a 6th sense told me I am already doing what I was asked to do.... keep busy in the mean time mixing truth and entertainment and to simply bide my time until... until what?

      Who knows..... I sure hope this ain't the end of the story.... I have 12 screenplays on paper written and rewritten and I would like to be the boss.... have people work for me....

  5. "Hugh is always diplomatic and kind..."

    Diplomacy is the art of saying "nice doggie" until you can find a rock. -Will Rogers

  6. "Happy is as Happy Does..."

    I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time. -Charles Schulz