Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graham Hayward Presents...

 Graham HaywardMay 29, 2013 at 5:02 AM
  1. This film has not been produced as disinformation, or made to make someone currently on prescription medication feel insulted or helpless. Quite the contrary, it's here for the purpose of awareness, perhaps it might make you question my motivation in making it, but also examine the motivating force behind the pharmaceutical companies who market and sell these drugs to you.

    The world is changing fast for the benefit of all inhabitants and the exclusion of all negative influences. Manmade synthetic drugs were never meant to be forced upon an unsuspecting public by companies completely unconcerned with their wellbeing.


  1. nice work G.... yes of course the science of brain voodoo is not only huge business but they might as well be selling shock collars to everyone... get too close to calling the emperor out...zap.... nope.... you are crazy and we are experts on your brain and you aren't.... we know what is best for you... take these pills or sit in this room until further notice...

    1. Thanks a lot for posting this up here Geno. I didn’t expect that.

      You know, and I know you do, when you put something like this together, you envision at least one person reacting to it in some type of positive way. Whether they’re currently on these types of drugs or know someone who is and they’re suspecting the drugs or the doctors may not be helping, they begin to understand that something is wrong.

      There is so much more wrong with this world but sometimes we just have to start somewhere and begin, literally, one foot in front of the other and walk away to clear your head.

      We’re born into this world being bombarded with bad information, and most of the time it’s coming from a combination of TV and our parents, in pretty much that order.
      We’re being ‘sold’ to. We’re being told something about us just isn’t right, mentally, physically, spiritually, or any other way that unseen hand can find its way into our collective minds.

      If you take a step back and try to catch a breath, you can begin to comprehend the preposterous idea that a single ‘pill’, or a new pair of shoes, a car, house, another house, more money etc..., will ever cure the human appetite for, love, serenity, and creativity and then you realize there are no substitutes for what we’re born with and nothing else will do but the real thing.

      You begin to see the parallel consumer stream ‘construct’ that has been rigged to run alongside us as a false consciousness/need.
      The conflict arrises as our clear, creative minds, want to be free to build whatever world we can imagine for ourselves. There are no limits, limits are imposed upon us from birth, sometimes by our parents who became part of that chain of limitation/scarcity according to that imposition by their parents and so on.

      At the cellular level, each cell being its own complete entity, independent, yet cohesive and supportive of the ’whole’, the human body strives to maintain balance. The earth, coincidently, is a symphony of the same chrysalis, or preparatory, transitional state. We are never stationary or complete, we’re always improving, adjusting, reevaluating, from the inside out. Constant renewal at the cellular level is the order of the human spirit, body, earth, one entity, one being for the support of all.

      This isn’t meant to be a blurb or treatise on the subject of ‘new age’ thinking or being. This is as far removed from new age as one can get, at best it’s old age, which would pre-date stone age.
      This just ‘is’, it isn’t rocket science and I’m no scientist by any stretch, it’s taken me a while to see how uncomplicated it (all that is) really is. We’re quite simply part of something so amazing, all encompassing, loving and powerful, that all one can do is simply allow it to run through you unimpeded by any ‘hopeless foreign substance’ or attempts at mimicking what you are born with.

      The earth and all she is and has been and ever will be, will never tolerate augmentation or imitations, to her own body/planet, or yours.

      I guess she’s just waiting on us. There’s nothing holding me back because there’s nothing left to take and that’s the only purpose of the antiquated, failing system that’s falling away. It’s all based on scarcity, limitation, sickness, false reality and all varieties of the former. Anyway, we’ve paid for this ‘ride’ many times over, so know it’s time to relax and enjoy it. Powerful things come to those who've taken a beating..., uh, I mean 'wait', and they are coming.

      Thanks again, Geno

  2. “As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.” –Voltaire

    Those that put any stock in western medicine in any area other than emergency care are playing Russian roulette with their lives.

    The good news is that this disease creation industry and management system known as western medicine is being exposed as more is written about it and videos like yours are being produced.

    Good job Graham. I look forward to more from you on other issues that concern us all.

    1. Hey Hugh,
      Thank you. I envision all of this faux reality falling away as huge chunks in an ice float. It's way past that time, the bad guys are on their backs and we haven't even imagined throwing the first punch yet. Not that that's what we're about, but it just popped into my head.

    2. You're welcome Graham.

      As a consequence of your video, I was inspired to look for other indications that the curtain is being pulled back on this racket. My research led me to this article which confirms my earlier statement that this expose is well under way.

      I love the smell of victory, even if it has to come incrementally.

    3. Hugh, I found the page but it was not available. Removed?

    4. I just got access using the same link above. Try again?

  3. Ed Chiarini shared a link.
    about an hour ago
    heheheh Take a look at this find.....
    We have the Reporter who looks to be the actor that plays Brother Nathanael Kapner, the Russian Orthodox Church monk

    Within the story you have...
    The judge who is the SNL cast member (or MadTV can't remember) that always plays Sammie Davis JR.

    The DR is the actor from the TV show "Lost".
    Video Landing Page - Fox 2 News Headlines
    Detroit News and Headlines on | WJBK Fox 2 News Official Web Site
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    Geno note: looks quite possible...

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  4. Hayward - I'm happy to report that I take NO meds at all, and you all know my age, as John so enjoyed mocking me for it, lol.
    I can also say that just about all doctors are very quick to offer you a pill for everything, such as 'high cholesterol' without even taking a blood test, but just asking you what your cholesterol level is. See what I mean?

    But I merely respond, I don't think thats high at all, Lol.
    When they ask me why I don't want to take a pill for it, I tell them 'because YOU KNOW those pills just cause other problems, then you want to give me a pill for that, too'.
    They just get this funny look on their face then.

    Pharma companys are pushing doctors to push all the pills they can, as you probably already know.

    P.S. Where the hell is the rv? I've got a one week deadline on something very pressing (no its not rent or payments on some purchase). I cannot stand these 'faith people who think God is in charge of it' ...or the ones who get all giddy over some pretty words some person says. I think they must be on pills, to be so willing to run their lives on mere words or 'hope'.
    But now I realize why I can't stand so many people, most people....they are probably on pills, lol.

    1. Abby you have really grown on me and I don't take pills either...

    2. Hey, Abby, funny you mentioned the docs pushing pills. They really, for the most part think they're doing the right thing. They're educated through med school on which pills will service a particular symptom. Cures are not on the curriculum.

      Most of them mean well and as Hugh mentioned, if I fall off a ladder and break my arm, I'm heading straight to the ER to get it set. But for everything else, I know what's best for me.

    3. Same here. If I have some real injury, off to the doc I will go. I'm not one of those against all doctoring, but with discretion, and good sense.
      In fact I'm going in the next couple days for a genuine pain in the neck. This time its going to be painless anodyne therapy. I'll let y'all know how that goes. Research it, as I've never heard any doc recommend they can instead offer you PILLS for pain. But I found anodyne on my own.