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Gordon Duff Asks Was Syria Nuked?

Was Syria 'nuked'?
File photo shows damage caused by an Israeli airstrike near Damascus on May 5, 2013.
File photo shows damage caused by an Israeli airstrike near Damascus on May 5, 2013.

Striking evidence of the use of American EPW (Earth Penetrating Weapons) nuclear weapons in Syria has come to light. Experts say the proof is irrefutable.

Dramatic video footage from Syria has revealed startling evidence that counters Israel’s claims of “surgical strikes” on weapons headed to Lebanon.

What were said to be air strikes is now proven to have actually been artillery, something easily discernible to even an untrained observer.

What happens next is shocking. While artillery shells rain down on Syrian army positions, mobile Israeli artillery in direct support and even accompanying rebel forces inside Syria, a huge explosion occurs.

After analysis, it had become clear, Syria had come under attack by Israel using, not just nuclear weapons, but an American nuclear bunker buster bomb, one of several supplied to Israel to use against Iran, one of the last acts of the Bush/Cheney administration.

Submitted for analysis, the footage was compared with tests of the 37,000-pound MOB (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), designed by Boeing to be used against Iran’s underground facilities. There was no similarity whatsoever noted between the Syrian “event” and a conventional “bunker buster” including the GBU 57, the largest conventional weapon every to be used.

More Proof
Colonel James Hanke, former Defense Attaché and Liaison between the Pentagon and Netanyahu’s government , reviewed the footage.
He indicated that the GBU 57 is considered too high a risk for use because of its danger to the earth’s crust.

The Syrian/African fault line spreads into Israel. Were it to be subjected to this kind of explosive power, the threat of an earthquake doing significant damage in Israel is a reality. The nuclear bunker busters have far less penetrating power and, I am not saying that this was a nuclear device, not until more evidence is in, but the ‘event profile’ shows striking similarities.

The other problem with the GBU 57 is delivery. Only two aircraft are capable of delivering this weapon, the B-52 and B-2 Stealth Bomber. Israel does not have these aircraft.

Collapse of UD Air Force Command Structure, Again
Thus, if a MOP where used, it could have only been delivered by the United States Air Force, an organization reeling from recent disasters within its own ranks after a second lapse in nuclear weapons security in a five-year period was discovered at Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota.

Seventeen officers have been removed, a “house cleaning” of unprecedented scale. Back in 2008, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates ordered a restructuring of America’s nuclear security command after a 2007 incident at Minot.

A B-52 was loaded with thermonuclear weapons and flown off the base, violating 84 separate authorization protocols. The plane was later recovered over 1500 miles away under circumstances that have never been adequately explained. What is also not clear is whether the entire nuclear payload was recovered, complete and intact.

Nuclear Use in Iraq Proven
The most important consideration is whether any command organization, be it Israeli, American or any other, would be willing to use nuclear weapons. There is little question that their use has been advocated by both political and military leaders.

The prohibition has been the ability to conceal their use. Events in Iraq have proven such concealment to have worked effectively and when conclusive proof of nuclear weapons use was offered to the media and world scientific community, it was quickly “contained.”

On December 31, 2010, Dr. James Fetzer interviewed Dr. Chris Busby, a bio-medical studies professor at the University of Ulster, engaged in research on the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) in relation to birth defects in Iraqi children.
What Dr. Busby found was startling:

The interesting thing about the uranium was that we were able to measure the isotopic ratio because we were interested to see whether it was, you know, natural uranium or was it DU, which is what we thought it would be. But in fact it turned out to be slightly enriched uranium [with U-235], so, that is to say, it was manmade enriched uranium.
Now enriched uranium is a material that should only be found in a nuclear power station or inside an atomic bomb. So to find it in the hair of the parents of these children with congenital malformations was really astonishing.
So we then went to look to see how this could be, and to cut a long story short, we concluded from various patents from the US patent office that we received from physicists, that it was quite entirely likely that there was a new secret weapon being used, an anti-personnel weapon of some sort which contained enriched uranium or else generated enriched uranium.
…the alternative - which is sort of science fictional and which is entirely possible - I have to say, which is that they have developed a sort of neutron device which uses enriched uranium as part of its components to generate neutrons. And the way it does this is to dissolve tritium in uranium powder…

What Dr. Busby is describing is an Enhanced Radiation Weapon (ERW) or Neutron Bomb. Other variations in America’s secret nuclear arsenal included Minimal Residual Radiation (MRR) weapons.

Evidence of use of “special weapons” has been found at the scenes of more than one terror attack, Oklahoma City, the World Trade Center (9/11), Bali and several others.

The first hard evidence published by qualified scientists involved Fallujah. However, use of nuclear weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan, is said to be relatively common.

Israel’s Bomb Inventory Scandal
One of the greatest “non-secrets” of recent years involves the placement of Israel’s weapons inventory. In 1986, Israeli nuclear weapons technician, Modechai Vanunu, was kidnapped from Italy and taken to Israel where he has been held for over 25 years. His crime; reporting on Israeli’s secret nuclear program at Dimona.

Cables released by Wikileaks revealed that the United States had, in 2006, allowed Libya to build a new chemical weapons facility. What has not been “Wiki-leaked” is that, when the facility was discovered after the fall of the Gaddafi government, it was found to have been run by the Israeli government.

Since those initial reports, nothing more has been mentioned. It is very likely that this illegal facility, inside Libya, is still in Israeli hands.

In June 2010, the USS Grapple, an American naval vessel with an “unspecified” foreign crew, docked at the port of Poti, in Georgia. Ten Israeli torpedo boats, similar to those that attacked the USS Liberty, escorted it.

The ship’s cargo was bombs, including runway and area denial weapons along with the enhanced version of the BLU 113 “Super Penetrator,” a conventional bunker buster weapon weighting 4700 pounds.

Azerbaijani Ploy
These munitions were then transferred to weapons bunkers at a former Soviet airfield inside Azerbaijan where Israel had managed to sequester a number of attack aircraft.

These planes had flown on to Azerbaijan after taking part in joint operations between the Turkish and Israeli air forces.

After their presence was discovered, we have been told the Israeli planes returned home but there is no evidence that the munitions had been repatriated to either Israel or to the United States, their place of origin.

We know and can prove that advanced nuclear weapons have been used in the United States. We have evidence of their use elsewhere in recent years.

We also know that methodologies to conceal their use and manage press leaks have been very effective and have created a combat environment where the “nuclear option” is always “on the table.”

We also have film and photographs from Syria showing something we have no other explanation for. Would Israel use such weapons? Do they have the means? Do they have a motive? Have they had the opportunity?
Do they have sufficient control of press organizations to encourage this kind of blatant recklessness?

I think we all know the answer.



  1. Sorry, I'm not buying the nuke issue. I'm thinking they're trying to percolate that story up from the sidelines and see where it goes, use it if it gains any decent traction.

    1. I agree Graham. I say no... not nuked, but it might have been carpet bombed... it looks the same.

      View this:

      Video is annoying for the first twenty seconds... then gets interesting.

    2. I will not be firm on it but make sure you note Gordon Duff and Jim Stone are saying yes.... Register them in the disinfo agent category also then....

      I will wait to see the slow addition of horror stories...

      Just because they faked explosions doesn't mean explosions didn't happen....hard to get film that melts.... same sort of reason we may have faked moon shots....

      Declaring yes or no is just as dangerous as it is on any other piece of the con puzzle...

  2. Wanda, good vid and I've read about this before as well. The entire nuke program being a psyop, and think about how far they could take that 'secret weapon'. How many movies have they made, starring the nuke threat.

    Who knows, it may have worked so well they came up with the idea of terror. I sometimes even wonder about chemtrails being some type of the same program. I know they're spraying something up there, but what? How often the same amount and substance? Fuel additives to mimic chemtrails?
    I keep going in circles because I can't answer the question, why these guys would spray the same air they and their families breathe. I don't buy the fact that they're just crazy/insane, like a fox maybe, but not stupid.

    1. also if its true the nukes are fake it goes along with the bigger premise almost everything is faked...

    2. It only makes sense when you think it through. Why would IsREAL(?) actually pay for something when a lie will do just as well... LIKE THEY DONE WITH THE MOON PROGRAM.

      Right... they're crazy like foxes. Don't F with them, they're crazy enough to blow up the world... Bring it on BITCHES. That goes for all our traitor politicians too. Let's get it on already... and watch all the johns fall. The johns, they be the pimps.

      POKER FACE... that's all they got. You won't get anything real out of IsREAL(?).

      OMG... look at the CAPcha for this one:

      that Testoney

      Just when the topic turns to those who worship the old testicle.

    3. The violence they provoke is quite real.... One only need see their son beaten to a pulp (death) twice to know our kids are believing that kill or be killed the streets are a jungle shit.... brought to you by who Wanda?

    4. I never said the violence was not real. What i am saying is why do we cower every time the word nuke get's dropped? Does that make sense?

      I am sick of the threats, don't threaten... drop the fuckers if you got them... goodbye to me and you. This is no way to continue to live.

      A coward dies a thousand times.

    5. threat? Somehow you read my words wrong...

    6. I wasn't referring to you Ease Leg Ken Um... you read my words wrong.

      I was talking about IsREAL(?) talking sh&t. The threat crap is getting old...

    7. There are some with the word keg and ale in it...

    8. Pubic enema, number 2... and semen. You have the perfect anagram conspiracy name.

      Cap: ngsCSp Reformatory

  3. My brother is an engineer engaged in decommissioning a nuclear power station. Sorry, I don't buy into that "nukes don't exist" screenplay. How do you explain the collapse of the WTC towers and the Japan Trench nuke which caused the tsunami? Fuel-air mixtures couldn't have caused them. Are you claiming 911 and the Fukushima disaster are all make-believe from start to finish? I accept much of what we see on the MSM newsfeeds is contrived with actors, but you haven't managed to convince me nukes don't exist. Sorry.

    1. I am not saying nukes are fake either... But when every other thing is a lie I am open minded to more (slight of) heavy handed fraud...

      obviously nuclear power exists...

    2. someone wrote on a recaps comment our controllers discovered the idea of giving us "hope" controls better than "fear".... stuff like dinar and instant riches keeping all of us quiet....

      and in the aftermath of that cold bath.... when we really get angry... they then laugh at us for being angry about a scam....

      It seems pretty damn likely more than possible...

    3. No offense Valdi but you are a nameless, faceless entity. That, sadly, means anything you say doesn't get any cred because no one knows you from atom.

      That's the way it rolls.

      Capsha: crimson lsorbs

    4. No offense, but guess what, Wanda? Nobody truly knows anybody else here and even ´Tman´ flirting with you, begets no credibility. Frankly I would not even care if 5 billion people here knew someone of this blog by real name and looks. It would still not mean that individual is credible. Obama is not credible either regardless of how many people know him, so frankly these variables are not necessarily causally related. All that begets credibility here is the quality of the material that one brings. All this is largely subjective. What is quality to some, might be not be considered so by others.

      The US government actually had to rewrite the dictionaries after 9/11, that is how pathetic the situation got. ´Ground zero´ means the point where a nuclear explosion took place. Nagasaki and Hiroshima are thus ground zeros. There is no other definition for ´ground zero´ besides the one mentioned above before 9/11. It is and remains the one and only true definition. The only reason why they had to rewrite the dictionaries is that people might become suspicious as to what actually happened. You want to know why? The reason is simple: Chicago and New York have nuclear demolition plans for all skyscrapers. This implies that there are actually nuclear devices under these buildings in case they need to be demolished. This is common knowledge in Russia as Russia and the United States of America share all information on their nuclear devices as a result of a treaty they signed. These nuclear demolition devices are what took out World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7. Watch the moments before the towers collapse....about 10 seconds before they actually collapse steady cameras filming NEAR the towers are shaking indicator of a massive shock wave (way beyond the faked Richter scale readings of 2.3 and 2.1 which can be empirically). That shockwave needs time to travel through the buildings. A nuclear shockwave is the only thing that can utterly pulverize buildings up to microscopic levels. Now maybe you will say that it is not possible for everything else to remain intact whilst only the buildings get destroyed....That is easy to answer. Air molecules are already loose as they all exist in gas form and thus cannot be broken down to microscopic levels by the nuclear shockwave. If you have another explanation for heaps of microscopically sized steel all over oranges of a fruit stand and covering practically everything else in the streets I would love to hear it. Fact remains that not even termite is able to break down steel to microscopic levels. Once again, only a nuclear shock wave can do that and jet fuel frankly cannot even melt steel. Three months later the workers at ´ground zero´ still were pulling red hot metal out of there. Nothing else can explain that situation. Nukes do exist whether you want to believe it or not.

      You want a real education? Listen to the most suppressed 9/11 material out there by Dimitri Khalezov. ALL other material out there is amateur work in comparison to what this Russian nuclear expert has provided:

      Nothing beats this as far as 9/11 goes. Nothing. And as a bonus it will explain exactly how nukes behave above ground and how they behave below ground. It takes four hours and twenty minutes to watch, but it is well worth it.

      I am not an American, but I do remember it well when I stood on the Twin Towers when I was young. The United States then still had the reputation to be the greatest nation on Earth. The place where anything is possible and dreams do come true. Hopefully the United States of America and other countries of the world are able to reacquire such status and even more....rise beyond that former glory.

    5. Frankly, i would puke if TMan flirted with me... and, oh, you are wrong... people do know each other through years of blogging, talking on the phone, skype, emails... if they have web sites or blogs, if they even have a face book page... some sort of history.

      You started out with that blather... after that all i read was bla bla bla bla, bla bla bla... bla.

    6. Furthermore... you can get to know a tarot card as a personality and apply that personality to its given circumstances (the other cards in play)... a tarot card has more character than Valdi... who links no pictures, no facebook, no commentary links, no opinions whatsoever and he only signed up to his Blogger account last month... April 2013. Oh, kind of like you. So your commentary is hardly surprising.

      Valdi, in that sense, is empty words in cyberspace... and for that matter, so are you.

    7. I have to step in here.... I know Valdi a bit more due to the fact he donated to me on PayPal though he can ill afford to.... and I know Mr. Saturn because he and I have had long skype talks for a couple years and both these things apply to Wanda and I.... what matters to me here is we stay civil and level headed no matter who we are....

    8. Okay... Valdi may be a nice guy, and notice i did say "no offense" and i meant no offense. Perhaps, what i should have done was point out that a nuclear power plant and a nuclear bomb are two separate concepts. You just cant whip up a batch of nuclear bombs, put them on a shelf and pull one and drop it anytime someone p*sses you off.

      Saturn Alias, Saturn A Liah, on the other hand, comes out bloviating and thinking i give two craps about getting educated by him or any of his experts. In fact, anytime someone cites anyone as an expert, you should know you are being eased into some disinformation... i am the expert. Other people may offer insights... but we always find out these so called experts are wholly owned.

    9. Mr. S is a 20 something kid in the Netherlands who reads too much and doesn't spend nearly enough time exploring skirts... lol...

    10. Seriously dude... chase some skirt. It will do you good.

      And stop referring to other people as experts. The true definition of EXPERT is Outside of Pertaing To. No longer perkolating. And that is how they do. One set of words for us... another for the self proclaimed elite... the bloo bloods... who give birth to bloo babies because of... enough said.

    11. Pertaining... not pertaing... you probably knew that.

    12. ohhhh...okay I get it now ;)

      just us now Wanda we chased everyone away...


      what are you wearing?

    13. Hi Wanda, I confessed to being new to blogging and have yet to find my feet, much of my time being taken up with looking after a disabled mother. Not meant to grab any sympathy, just some tolerance. Having a Facebook account does not represent a bone fide credential: I closed mine three years ago because it was a huge timesuck and I had greater priorities. Having said that, I enjoy your posts and have learned much from you. My comment wasn't a criticism of you personally or of your deductive skills, but my belief based on my own experience. One thing I have learned from reading these exchanges is not to be afraid of speaking ones mind, not to be oversensitive and not to shy away from striking, take that!! lol.

    14. Okay that was good but let's take it again from the top.... be meaner...add a touch more hopelessness where we can practically feel how close you are to snapping and do we have sound... and....



      Welcome to the emotional bloggercoaster....

    15. And now you are real to me. And i agree with the Facebook thing. I killed my old one... now i have a new one for the re-invented me. The old one was me trying to figure out what was going on in the world... the new one is me trying to save the world.

      I don't have it all figured out, but i have pretty much come to the conclusion that it is all lies and those lies are killing real people. You deserve sympathy... and you don't come off as someone seeking it.

      I have reached a point that i think we all need to arrive at. My desire to see the world finally shed of this nightmare is stronger than any concerns for my personal safety. Imagine a majority of the world standing up and staring the ugly in the eye and saying "One way or the other, it ends now."

      The constant denigration we get from self absorbed narcissists, like John or T-Man, should tell you the last thing they want to deal with is self possessed, confident humans.

    16. Thanks guys. After reading the latest from Jim Stone I am worried, really worried....and at the moment sites such as this are the only thing keeping us together. I don't want to believe what Jim says is true but my gut instinct and the desperation in Jim's message have convinced me....

    17. ¨Mr. S is a 20 something kid in the Netherlands who reads too much and doesn't spend nearly enough time exploring skirts... lol...¨

      For a considerable time I wanted to setup technological companies of all kinds such as next generation energy, next generation transportation, increasing agricultural crop yields, element manipulation, cures for a broad variety of diseases such as cancer. I quickly realized that it had no chance of success without proper protection. Syndicates would destroy all such endeavours as it otherwise would hurt their profit margins. Huge amounts of capital were thus needed. The only way to properly acquire such capital was to attempt to generate them myself, so I sought out the potentially best of the best investments. Naked shorted stocks were incredibly risky, but could also offer far greater returns than anything else. I observed one naked shorted stock achieve a rise of 50,000% once as a result of a forced naked short covering. Most of these naked short investments were destroyed by Wall Street. No matter how good the company, the opponents utilized everything from corrupt journalists, SEC employees, judges, police officers, sabotage of all kinds and even murder contracts in some cases to ensure they would come out on top time after time. I did manage to acquire the flagship of all naked shorted companies in 2004: CMKX. It had assets far superior to any other naked shorted company, whilst also having the largest naked short position in history. It was a sting operation from the start. Funds were collected from the perpetrators and should have been paid in 2006. Instead CMKX was attached to the World Global Settlements when it should not have been and is now part of the ´perpetually imminent for release WGS´.

      I also involved myself in some occult sciences. With occult I refer to ´not generally known´. I have seen tangible proof of some of these works, but have not completely ventured there myself yet as I was focused more on the business mentioned in the previous paragraph, worthwhile as this is in itself.

      Geno, you are unfortunately most likely right. It would have been much easier to be part of one ´world´ instead of being in between three. Even if I do become millionaire, billionaire as a result I cannot say that it was truly worth it. It has cost much. Likely far too much. Amongst other things lots and lots of precious time and whilst time in a way could be reversed such a pursuit costs significant time too. Another risk on top of all the others. I chose a direction and whilst it all could work out extremely well, I realize that there is a chance for the exact opposite. In hindsight I wish I would not have started with any of this, but that is easy to say. Once certain things are known one cannot take any steps backward, but only forward.

    18. all in the loving tutelage of one who knows how fast the 20s vanishes and all those perfect skirts wondering what it is all about become rather jaded....

    19. I wish I was as half on the ball at 20 something as Master S' clearly is now. The guy is one smart and aware dude, and the current generation would be well served if there were many more like him.

      Unfortunately, there are many more video game zombies with lousy work ethics instilled in them, predominantly representing his generation of today.

    20. He is very driven...and will likely be one of the rulers one day... just hope he doesn't regret not stopping to enjoy the skirt in his prime...

    21. Here, enjoy while you can young man (S'). The years do pass so quickly by...........

  4. Gordon Duff is an anagram for For God Fund...


    1. ... i am laughing so hard it hurts. I think that has to set some sort of record for something.

      Cap: eparaPr heart

    2. easel keg me is the says drunk artist who knows what he likes...

    3. I like 'A Legumes Knee' but how about 'Eagles Nuke Em' for synchronicity?

      Cap: kfluftut chemical

    4. yes pretty good also and yeah eagles nuke em...enough already....


      Philadelphia eagles next season...

    5. I also liked the one about knee glue... the way I feel when I walk these days...

  6. What we have had quite enough of....

    A World Run by Monsters, Pimps and Prostitutes

    Jews make up less than 0.25% of the world’s population. They can hold as many key positions in whatever area of society they want; they cannot control us without a sufficient number of us collaborating with them. Those pimps and prostitutes within our ranks are an even bigger problem than those parasitic monsters themselves.

    more here:

    Capcha: memonst she

    1. the rest of the article is the best part....

  7. May 11,2013

    It is time for me to pick sides

    A note to those who are censoring this web site so heavily to (limited) effect.
    A note to those who are censoring the mail completely, to keep me out of touch with others so I cannot get any more whistleblowers and decent news tips through the mail, or get in contact with peope without gettin censored through the mail,

    A note to those who have blacklisted this web site and prevented it from getting ads,


    I am switching sides, because of THIS:

    "What happens next is shocking. While artillery shells rain down on Syrian army positions, mobile Israeli artillery in direct support and even accompanying rebel forces inside Syria, a huge explosion occurs.

    After analysis, it had become clear, Syria had come under attack by Israel using, not just nuclear weapons, but an American nuclear bunker buster bomb, one of several supplied to Israel to use against Iran, one of the last acts of the Bush/Cheney administration.

    Submitted for analysis, the footage was compared with tests of the 37,000-pound MOB (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), designed by Boeing to be used against Iran’s underground facilities. There was no similarity whatsoever noted between the Syrian “event” and a conventional “bunker buster” including the GBU 57, the largest conventional weapon ever to be used." End quote.

    And I will tell you HOW I am switching sides. I am going to compromise your ability to steal data from nations. I am going to give up all the NSA secrets. If you think it´s cute to mass murder tens of thousands and report it as 55, you deserve absolutely NO NATIONAL SECURITY. This is NOT an empty threat. I will prove it:


    America had a program called the ultrawideband program which smuggled all of a nation´s data out of the target country stored on giant magnetic tapes disguised as film rolls for movie theaters. This breach of intelligence severely hampered the intelligence effort against Iran and led to the arrest of many people Iran reported as spies, AND THEY REALLY WERE SPIES. The information was delivered to the Iranian embassy in Ottawa Canada K2P 2K2. If anyone remembers the past media campaigns where foreign nations were ridiculed for not allowing hollywood movies into their countries, the only reason for this ridicule is because the movies provided the venue by which the magnetic tapes could be smuggled out. These tapes weighed approximately 50 pounds each, and were disguised to look like 2 inch movie film rolls, by packing them with a length of film strip wrapped around the outside of the reel, so it looked just like a movie roll.

    There was an exchange program in place to "keep the movies fresh", so old film reels were returned to America, along with the disguised rolls, where they were then loaded onto GIANT magnetic tape recorders and played back. The bandwidth was up to 3 mhz per channel, up to 256 channels, which allowed one tape to store every signal of significance originating within a nation for the length of time the tape ran.








      If you take this web site down to keep me censored, there are many many other ways I can just tell it all,

      go to hell,

      yours truly,

      Jim stone


      Just do it Jim...

    3. Ya''s high time to 'fish or cut bait'. You picked the fight.

  8. Yeah, I'm leaning toward all fake. These guys believe in centralizing all operations, central banks, center for disease control, central intelligence agency, central casting, whoops, did I print that?

    If it's all made up it's all easier to control, their entire legal system is it's own language, a script from which the actors learn and never deviate. It's a secret language meant for entrapment and extraction.

    The actors in all facets of the control matrix, in the news for instance are given a rigid script/story, issued from a central control hub, where it's electronically distributed to all actors/reporters for broadcast.

    From Black's Law dictionary:

    What is ACTOR?

    In Roman law. One who acted for another; one who attended to another’s business; a manager or agent. A slave who attended to, transacted, or superintended his master’s business or affairs, received and paid out moneys, and kept accounts. Burrill. A plaintiff or complainant. In a civil or private action the plaintiff was often called by the Romans “pctitor;” in a public action (causa publico) he was called “accusator.”

    The defendant was called “reus,” both in private and public causes; this term, however, according to Cicero, {De Orat. ii. 43,) might signify either party, as indeed we might conclude from the word itself. In a private action, the defendant was often called “adversarius,” but either party might be called so. Also, the term is used of a party who, for the time being, sustains the burden of proof, or bus the initiative in the suit. In old European law.

    A proctor, advocate, or pleader; one who acted for another in legal matters; one who represented a party and managed his cause. An attorney, bailiff, or steward; one who managed or acted for another. The Scotch “doer” is the literal translation.

    As slaves, through our strawman fiction, it would seem we're all actors by force and deceit. The courtroom: Inside the actor's studio.

    1. Yeah, yeah... i came across that info some time back. The nerve. Like you... i don't believe a word of anything that is even remotely connected to the control matrix... and i'm way past giving a flying feck...

      Hey... are you Gill Finn?

    2. Hey... are you Gill Finn? Yes, sorry, Wanda, I thought you, or assumed you knew from the pic, no big deal.
      Yeah, I'm kinda like dog crap, I'm all over the place.
      Anyway, I'm now just living my life, not angry, just doing anything to put some dents in their sputtering colossus.

      Their game's over. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but I believe when it falls, there will be an audible thud. If only because they never planned on failing. Wild fire egos never remember where the fire extinguisher is.

      Happy Mother's Day, dolly.

  9. You stupid mother fuckers.....

    It is as simple as nukes in Syria....every thing is fake ....yet the intelligence agency's always have multiple plans with fake and real yet real is staring you right in the Jim Stone or duff telling lies? Maybe....

    The Jews were shelling Syrian positions in the hills and then boom....fucking gone like 20000 men boom gone....and maybe no functioning gubernment left in Syria.....

    Two fucking cunt shills that I have to read on this site give me a fucking break....

    Yeah its like the cunts that ruined the agency I worked for through affirmative action and the "bunny's" as John calls them promoted for no reason I could think of....

    Money talks and bullshit walks as it were....harsh there truth somewhere contained? Maybe......

    My only dog in this fight is a peaceful that I think that I earned through decades of hard work and sacrifice and you mother fuckers are concerned about a piece of paper that has dinars on it or what ever...its just all fucking bullshit.....

    In my most humble opinion.....


    1. we are concerned about some black digits in our red account that allows us not to live in a parking lot....

  10. Hey Mr. Heywood...

    send your OPPT docs to the locals and don't pay your fines and we shall see you in jail.....

    Yes...its you poor oppressed folks just yearning to be free......

    Yes it is a bullshit society but one must deal in realities or sit in jail....your choice.....I made mine.....


    1. So, surrender a copy of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE. They want the ALL CAPS entity, that ain't you.

      In a world of b.s. - this, at least, sounds legit:

      Capcha: was upubsit

    2. KMB, don't worry about me, I'll be just fine. You have no idea about that which you comment on, none.
      You're having trouble even spelling my name, so I don't even know if I can let you carry hose to the fire at this point.

  11. Dearest Geno,

    If you made a valid investment in said currency I hope and prey for what John says to be true and that you will be compensated.....

    I certainly have no answers in this time of trouble....yet if a person purchased Dinars who would expect a return or a person who had his wages taken from him by force to fund the social security system should not each expect a return?

    A return as promised as it were?

    And what is money dear Geno?

    It is a means of exchange or as of now a blip on a computer screen somewhere in the world ....

    I have four cats in my care....what if I put a meal for just one cat in a bowl for all four to fight over? Yet there is a forty pound bag of cat food in my garage?

    Would this be wrong? To do such a thing? Yet there is all this wealth in this world and is it not so that it is controlled by the few?

    Yet there is plenty for all and that production of food or what ever in the world can supply the needs of all?

    My favorite TV show of late is the Trailer Park Boys.....

    A real North American reality TV show....

    That show has brilliant comedy in it and reality for a lot of us....

    I have been busted out and broken out and living a simple lifestyle for a long time now and it is not all that bad a life with little money....

    I would say that a peaceful rural simple existence is a proper choice in these times.....however that is to each his own...

    Will the system crash as the fear mongers hope for? I think that a crash will come in the bullshit economy but the real economy will keep going...and that bullshit economy is not about so called entitlements but the bankers and the bullshit wars and all of that assorted bullshit....

    And that is stuff well well above my pay grade count on that....


  12. Putin made the statement that ANY more attacks by Israel on Syria will not go unanswered.

    So, bullshoot or not. (I saw the vid and that looked like a nuke) This response by President Putin is very real, indeed.

    Here's one man's perspective on Syria(after 20min mark), Cyprus bank (0-20min), Putin/Russia on the world stage as the super-power, etc....Rense has been interviewing him since 1997. Enjoy!


  13. Trailer Park Boys... sent me back to school with that one... no t.v. for over five years now.

    Capcha: November ilsocure

  14. "My favorite TV show of late is the Trailer Park Boys.....

    A real North American reality TV show....

    That show has brilliant comedy in it and reality for a lot of us...."
    He's talking about reality? Holy shit, what is this country coming to? LOL.

  15. They filmed that show near my neck o' the woods.

    Here's some of the witty ....err, I mean shitty fav' quotes. I only watched the show a time or two myself.

    "You know what you get when two shit-tectonic plates collide? Shitquakes, Julian. Shitquakes."

    "We're in the eye of a shiticane here Julian, and Ricky's a low shit system!"

    "The shit pool's gettin full Randy, time to strain the shit before it overflows. I will not have a Pompeiian shit catastrophe on my hands"

    "Shit typhoon is a coming. We'd better haul in the jib before it gets covered in shit"

    "Do you know what a shit barometer is Bubbles? It measures the shit pressure in the air. Eventually your head will implode from all the shit pressure. The winds of shit are coming."

    "Do you feel that Randy, the way the shit clings to the air. Shit Blizzard."

    1. So, it's potty humor.

      I reckon we always needs mo' of dat sh*t.

      And now i thank my lucky stars i sh*t-canned my televive... next we gots to sh*t can tele-vive.

      Cap: SWatche has

  16. Wan-duh....

    You will never get it.....


  17. Mr. hookworm,

    If you believe in OPPT you need to really rethink....and I am just being kind....

    You are a shill or an idiot....I care not which....and I am pretty sick of the internet and the bullshit therein...

    I had a conversation with my young nephew about 9/11 and the various conspiracy theories and his response that they were nutjobs....and my response as a man of the system was that there are many many unanswered questions such as how did those buildings fall down I mean to dust....

    He said to me that anyone that believes that is a nutjob and my response to him was a look....and communicated by that look was I will beat your mother fucking ass if you repeat that.....but my kind response was "move along nothing to see here"

    He of course is a brilliant born again Christian.....

    Check out the Fetzer article...

    read the comments on this news paper online section and Jim's thoughtful answers...and the shills....

    Gun sales are through the roof ya think that a lot of Americans are getting it??

    And many might not know a lot but they understand that they got effed big time and they are pissed....those Jews better look out cause there time is coming...


  18. Dearest Wanda,

    You are of course a much do you make per hour?

    That show is about folks so poor that they are totally out of the system yet survive anyway....

    And why that I made that statement that it was a brilliant comedy....

    The Trailer Park Boys was staged just like 9/11 or Sandy Hook or Boston....and its very outrageousness is like the three stooges of the thirties....

    My only point about dearest Geno's site is that there are not more shills trying to shut it down....

    Could be they do not care...could be they are out of power.....many questions but few real answers....time to crack open another beer....


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