Thursday, May 2, 2013

Founder Logic

Webmaster note: Things associated with Alex Jones now give me pause. I think what we are seeing is our intelligence agencies are trying to teach us the distinctions of our American philosophies by creating stories and characters. This way, no real people get dragged in. So on one hand, learning analytical thinking is a good thing and the distinctions our founders tried hard to emphasize, but on the other hand I see people whose stories other truthers have alleged are inventions of CIA/Mossad.... as they always do to FRAME the debate. Watch it and try and file it in the boxes labeled, awareness not reaction.


  1. Updates
    As of Thursday, there is no conclusion to either the GS or Dinars. The GS needs the cross linkage to the EU Banks. The Dinars need the GS to trigger funds release first.

    In the Middle East, Thursday and Friday are THEIR week ends. So how can you launch a Dinar when their Banks are closed? Next Monday is an EU Mayday Bank Holiday. Chaos.
    I suggest you may need to start thinking any deal is now unlikely before c14th May. I hope not, but give them any chance of delay and it's taken. I read the need and desperation for a Dinar redemption.Only for this reason, knowing its importance to many of your lives,do I suggest such a possible delay, simply to help you not to over expect too early for a false dawn and new disappointment. Next week on Wednesday is possible, but unlikely. Somehow, please, try to find and buy the time. It will pass quickly.
    I read the projections of Oakie, feeding from a guy who robbed the store????
    Is Oakie a Cocie? He's on something with crack in it.
    I read Daryllukes poignant message of despair.Listen, with care- Life is key. Pressures by Paper Tigers are just not real.
    Paper can't hurt you, bullets do. Don't give THEM the satisfaction. If you owe them, let them worry. Tell them NO, you can't pay what you don't have. Walk, see the countryside. Life is real. You are real. Your life is real. Paper Tigers are just Ambulance Chasing Klingons. Paper can't hurt you. Only the perception of their false reality is stressing you. It doesn't have to be yours. Just tell them I don't have a problem. I'm broke. You do, so find another job not preying on folk. I'm broke,your getting nothing, so take a hike. You have nothing left to lose, so how about losing worry?
    This far down, think- the only way soon is up. Life is all waves. You will recover. Chances come. Life is real- Paper is not. Leave them with the problem. There are times to just switch off stress and false Paper Tiger Gods.
    You come in with nothing, you leave with nothing, enjoy your time here. Your life matters.Paper really doesn't. Live each day as is. You die if you worry. You die if you don't. So why worry?

    1. Love this. Great advice. The paper owe us you owe us....

      as my father would reply....

      "as long as I owe will never be broke...."

    2. I just happended to be reading this article earlier today by Roger Mason. It seemed fitting to share in relation to John's advice from today.

      "What We Fear"

      Sometimes one of my non-patients do not respond as well as they should to a sincere program of diet and lifestyle. Even with a good diet, proven supplements, hormone balance, exercise, avoiding drugs, dropping bad habits, and fasting, they just don't make the progress they should. They are doing dramatically better, but just not getting cured like they should. Every single time this has been due to STRESS of some kind. Every time. Sometimes they are in denial about the stress. Often the situation that causes the stress just can't be changed. Stress can and will kill you faster than any other factor. Chronic stress is deadly. What are the causes of worry, what do we fear, why are we stressful in the most affluent country on earth? As Churchill said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Let's take a look at ten basic and common fears:

      REJECTION- we aren't accepted for who and what we are. We yearn to be part of some kind of group, and do not want to be alone. We want acceptance.

      ABANDONMENT- we fear being abandoned by our friends and family, especially as we age, and lose our strength, mentality, mobility, and independence.

      FAILURE- Americans generally have a very materialistic definition of success. Failure not only as to possessions, but status such as degrees, titles and job positions.

      SUCCESS- It is ironic that we fear not being successful, and then fear losing whatever success we do achieve in our lives. Wouldn't it be more productive to define success as happiness? Nothing fails like success, especially as we commonly define it.

      BETRAYAL- we live in society where one third of wives and two thirds of husbands commit adultery. We need relationships based on trust and faith. Trust and faith are everything.

      LONELINESS- The divorce rate now exceeds 50%. That doesn't mean the ones that stay together are happy at all. Thoreau said, "most people lead lives of quiet desperation." Most marriages are simply unhappy ones.

      ILLNESS- America is the most affluence nation on earth, as well as the sickliest. Poor people in third world countries are often healthier than us, especially in rural Asia. We live a long time, but generally have a very poor quality of life. Good health is real wealth.

      AGING- youth is worshiped, and growing old is terrifying. We are about the only ones in the world who routinely put their loved ones into nursing homes, rather than care for them in our own homes. We are upset just by seeing elderly people losing their strength and independence. The fear of getting old is a very strong and basic one.

      LOSS- Even when we achieve possessions or relationship, we fear losing what we have. You can't enjoy what you have if you fear losing it. Security must come from inside.

      DEATH- this is the Big Fear, the biggest and worst fear of all. The fear of the final end. The very idea of personal immortality is ridiculous on its face. We do have impersonal immortality...the drop returns to the ocean. We actually see death as "the enemy" be conquered. How silly! Most religions play on this, and promise you will go to some Celestial Disneyland forever, and ever to be with your friends and family in some endless cosmic celebration. There is no life without death. Buddhism, Hinduism, and original Christianity tell us we are beyond birth and death, that we are never really born as separate from the universe, so we can never die. Even in reincarnation you come back as a very different personality.

      To be happy we have to live a life free of such fears. Meditation is one way to do this.

    3. When a Doctor is confounded about such a thing are they considering the fact that the vaccine had all sorts of mischievous ingredients that would no doubt cause mystery ailments and on going symptoms?

      Usually not...

    4. Perfect way of putting real life into perspective.

    5. xplorer10,
      love the "what we fear" post...

      Great update... thanks for hanging in there with us...

      It grieves me greatly that you keep mentioning the vaccines... my grand-kids are at the age to get them and have gotten them. I can't bear to think what they are introducing into their little bodies. I have tried to speak with my son about this but he doesn't want to address it.... so what does one do?

      Get Real

    6. It's pretty hard to overcome that vaccine hurdle (Get Real)as you well know. They'll probably think....Grandma and another of her conspiracy tales. Grandma knows best though...someday they will listen.

  2. john
    Thanks for the words of encouragement and reality check. Most of us have been on this RV roller coaster for several years now, so patience and discernment has certainly been required. I've personally put the "worry" aside myself, however, frustration remains as many of us would sincerely like to do some good deeds in this world, and money really does make the world go round.

    We patiently wait with 'realistic' expectations, and in the mean time carry on as best as we can in our given circumstances.

    1. I hope to give you real info asap. but- Reality.
      No one is served by conjecture or Funny Farm Gurus getting too close to Whackie Bakkie.
      We live in this jungle and we ARE the BSD's so no one knows better.
      We know how much it means to ALL of you. False hopes help no one. No one will know before us. Good guys, mentally capable, sit in Reno focused on every move and closure. We focus on other key links I can't reveal also. It will ONLY be when they are ready. O is only the Farash there. ( Arabic for Tea Boy!)
      We are pressing the Organ Grinders. So many comments I read help me understand your collective needs. Yet we waste hundreds of B's on wars splashing a few Wookies who cant get out of the 12th century? Money best used helping all of you.

    2. john

      I could provide you with dozens of such stories of hardship John, most of which would be from honest, hard working people who's dreams have been ruined through a corrupt system. Carry on the good fight, as most of us are in no position to do very least at this stage of the game.

    3. The whole world has gone this way.
      Geno says he can't figure out why I spend time listening and helping. Can you?
      He asks, whats in it for me?
      How about nothing. And everything?

    4. Part of our problem is agreeing on what is good and bad.... You have shown a desire to confiscate guns here.... That does not fly here at all...other than to hysterical brainwashed soccer moms and hippy yuppy idiots...

      We KNOW from brilliant nutritionalists and herbalists and organic farmers that our problems are from chemicals in our food, water, air and it is purposeful.... One does not need needs a clean organic nutritious world of food... DNA repairs itself given that....

      Your world is one of secrets and espionage... I and many of us see that as the problem not the solution.

      You show loyalty to elite structures such as Royals we all are highly suspicious of.

      You ignore many facts we give you and choose to repeat your mantras that many of us simply do not buy.

      I could go on but that is the point... Why here? Why us? Why do you repeat so many things we have a solid stance against?

      nyone can claim to care.... Bush does, Clinton does, Obama does... Stalin did...

      One of the leading problems I keep showing is THEATER.... so much of what we were led to believe are scripted MONSTERS and most of it came from Either London or Frankfurt....

      You know that to be fact but you cannot speak on that can you....?

      What do we agree about? What can you tell us?

      What intel do you have that isn't someone's research on the net but your own reconnaisance?

      Tell us what you know about secret blood rituals and pedophile parties... That castle in Belgium and the "thousand points of light."

      It is so difficult to negotiate all these questions and remain respectful.... to choose kind of better over kind of worse...

    5. That is not supposed to read as angry at all or disrespectful.... It is with respect I try to return to the unresolved issues between all of us....

      I know you are a family man who loaths the evil bastards who would hurt a child.... why can't we start there.... Drop all them in the middle of the ocean?

  3. Brother Nathanael presents some good points on Jones' possible hidden agenda ?


    p.s. 'Gen'o did you read that email I sent you at gmail?


    A very important podcast. Very relevant to what the the Jews are doing today with Judeo/Christianity. It occurred to me a short while back that what we see in the Middle East is the Jews killing off themselves, as all the populations there are, pretty much, ancient inbred families. This show reveals how on the money my insights are.

    One commenter there disagrees, saying:
    To say that Christianity, and even more impossibly Islam was a Jewish operation is hopelessly off the mark.

    But that is the type commentary borne out of ignorance because what we know of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is they are all Abrahamic religions, Judaism being the original.

    1. No Wanda. Abraham WAS the original. Two sons, 2 faiths. So Abraham,the true founder, is neither Muslim, nor Jew. So, is he Infidel, or Goyim? Is one son right, the either wrong, or both wrong?
      The problem of discrimination started right there. One father bred conflict. So, what did he teach them to divide as such?

    2. That is what i said... all three religions are Abrahamic... Islam and Christianity are offshoots, therefore, the same as, Judism.

      I don't debate religion... religion is mass delusion and mind control... religion is people breathing life into deities that are nothing more than allegory... and going forth and doing harm in the name of. I am free from that.

      Speaking of jews:

      The gun control legislation is 100% jewish:

    3. Yeah watch for Alex Jones to lead the gun owners into a slaughter and then secretly be air lifted out...

    4. ..."what did he teach them to divide as such?"

      To covet; to envy? To compete for his affections? Men have killed for less and still do.

    5. "The gun control legislation is 100% jewish"

      As it is the last defense against total tyranny, the majority of owners will not acquiesce.

  5. If you can look beyond the notion that this may be just another scheme by another scammer hoping to exploit those who live in fear of surviving the coming train wreak, it does offer what appears to be an inexpensive way to weather the potential food shortages that are around the corner. Remember, it will be dad and mom, listening to their crying, starving children who will be the first to take to the riotous streets, likely never to be heard from again. There's a reason those camps have been built and why DHS is stockpiling ammo. Let's not give them an excuse to employ them. Food security is one way to ensure that we make it thru to the other side of this debacle and see liberty reign again in America.

    No mention as to whether this will work in a van Geno but I'm sure Ms Mange would approve, nonetheless, when she sees what's on the menu. Yummmy.

    Survival Food: Emergency Message to Patriots

    Or option #2: or perhaps Gults Gulch in Argentina or Chile. You get the idea.

  6. reminder

    Keep up with Jim Stone's coverage of the unraveling Boston saga.... He does great work.... and he wants citizen investigators to help.

  7. The TRUE Juxtaposition of ALL of Americas current problems are as follows:

    1. America sold out all its Fiscal Sovereign Rights with the Jekyll island accord. The Jewish Money lenders took control as Pawnbrokers of the Constitution.
    2. The creation of the US Federal Reserve allowed an organization with no assets, no collateral,and no Congressional Oversight or Control,to simply take on unchecked debt at will, with no accountability, or supervised Risk Assessment of Debt implications.
    3. Jewish Zionist highjacking of all key Fed and Treasury positions created a Cabal of Foreign interests which adverse Israelis now master control.Naive,inept Texan Shysters assumed Political control,and became further enmeshed in corruption beyond their gray cell limits. They plundered what was left by Contract racketeering.
    4. America now owes such vast indebtedness, it has no credible borrowing call rights worldwide. Worse, Creditors want redemption of what is owed. Money long since spent on reckless warmongering and hegemony, to serve only Military Industrial Cabal or Petro Mogul interests. The Constitution was abandoned. The county raped. Texans and Zionists have systematically dismantled America. Only an impotent,Debt ridden shell remains.
    5. You are no long facing won't pay, but now it's can't pay. With all its developing consequences.
    6. So, as a failed economy, with a rapidly imploding Fiscal system, what next? Failure to pay the GS has huge implications for the world.
    Failure to re stabilize Iraq will collapse the Petro dollar. Catch 22. Can't pay, can't play.
    7. You are right on the edge of insolvency. As a Corporation,the Receivers would have been in long ago. We have a Delinquent Nation no one wants to face reality on. Any country calling the debt now will collapse the whole pack of cards.
    So- Pay Dinars - with what?
    Pay GS, - with what?
    What will be the price the new Liquid Economies will demand to bail this bloated beached whale now? Belly up, cap in hand, bare assed asking for credit- again! But- You didn't pay us before you will hear. Like- for 30 Years!!!
    How do you think this all profiles right now? And still you want to keep the world at war? With American cities collapsing. Banks crashing. Families destitute.

    The site tells the reality as is. A mixed plethora of real issues, real Americans suffering. Abby, mid 70s has to take an 8 week contract job just to live. Middle America is empty. Wall Street has destituted America chasing Bonus related Ponzi paper. The Zionist Bankers fast buck. Great cities are running on empty. Food Stamps keep 30% of America alive.But funded by Fiat money!
    Yet somewhere on this site we need to keep up hope. It starts with truth. By recognizing the sheer scale of mess.
    All of this, is what the Constitution was conceived to stop.

    Europe is following behind. This is a global panacea of systematic collapse unfolding. Hairy white knuckle rides. We now face Horse Trading a nation. Yours! The EU will not be far behind. So,Dinars paid with what and when? Delinquent Banks with no money. Martial Law in the wings.
    Yet Yokels spout eulogies of done deals, while chaos rules behind. How do we see sense in a madhouse of Cabal racketeering consequences? Nothing is easy.

    1. Okay so I can agree on all that...


      Why weren't there more alarms in the way of... I don't know.... maybe a solid documentary from an English economist 30 years ago to spell it all out....

      Why does it seem like collapse was always the goal?

      And the collapse is being post poned by our syndicates who are worried they may lose in a chaotic civil war.... thus the vilification of Patriots and guns....

      Specifics as to whom.... not just Texas... not just Bush....

      What about the Hank greenbergs and thier strange long history and AIG where the supposed plane went in and buried computer evidence....

      and why why why why....

      Is their no clear cut cavalry from the world in touch with us Patriots to just go and arrest everyone and let real interrogations play out over world wide airwaves?

      Why footsy with devils...always?

    2. Why will be the Epitaph of collapse.
      Because we ALL let Mediocre Men rule in Politics.
      The Parties almost over. Then, we reap the whirlwind of retribution. But so do the innocents.

    3. Oh gee, I'm soooo scared. LOL.

      No, really, maybe we will get lucky and China will take us over in repayment. Today that looks like it would be a big improvement.

    4. If only you knew the depth of that conjecture Abby.
      Watch this space.

    5. I DO know. And they are in position to do that just about whenever they decide to, due to our 'debt'.

    6. Your close. A lot is in the cooking pot right now. Can't say more. But- they just lost control of the store, OK?

    7. all this fear and suffering.... austerity measures THROUGHOUT the world....and for what.....numbers on a screen....what has humanity come too.....for a fictitious number on a screen cause so much suffering....if we did not have elites and power brokers lining their own pockets and posturing for control....all we would need is for someone to hit the reset button and reboot.....start over....but no....we continue to try to balance books that cannot be balanced....I say we go icelandic on the whole shit and caboodle....

      who's with me.....

    8. Exactly, it is bullshit numbers derived from raping countries and resources assigned to old white men and Jews.... Fuck them... free the money....

    9. Canauzzie, I'm with ya. These idiot leaders we have acting like they are really hard at work trying to solve this schitt is just about as laughable as anything I've seen.
      There is NO real money. Just PUNCH the damned keys, wipe it all out and start all over....with mandatory honesty and cut the bullschitt and game playing with the people.

      This is just about as stupid as trying to clean up a house that has termites chewing away at the foundation. Now just how hard is that to see.

  8. I say... just look at the bloodlines (the inbred blood lines). There is the story... there is how it all connects. Doesn't matter if they are so-called English or Khazarian... or as it turns out Muslim or Arab... go back far enough in history, they all connect. Take it all the way back to Greece.

    The federal bankers (hmmmm... what are their bloodlines?) will be waiting in the wings with a new global monetary/enslavement system... the one world religion is already set up with Judeo Christianity and Muslims are already Jews. There you have it. New world order... one religion... one banking system... one government... and guess who is in charge of it all?

    1. True christianity has no part in any new world order which will also have a one world religion...under the umbrella of the vatican.

      Also, Muslim is the nationality; Islam is a religion which was solely invented by the vatican/rome. All of it is made up and is therefore a totally false religion.
      There is also no such thing as judeo-christian. That is an oxymoron. I don't know who started using that word.

    2. I would drop the "oxy" and just use moron....

  9. Today Lord is the "National Day of Prayer," here in the US. No matter what the "motives," for prayer, some good and some not so good, there is a foundation that can not be denied. Religion is deeply seeded into the formation of this nation. In some cases, religion is not based on an authentic relationship with you. In other instances, fraternal orders enable dysfunctional approaches to various "belief," structures just to feed into control structures. We all "look," better wearing our religious veil. All the while we parade before you in our masquerade.

    We do not wish to delve into realms of "judgment," as much as reformation. It becomes impossible to change, when we don't see the need. Bitterness and anger are not the fuel for revolution. We ask you today for our national consciousness to awaken. You have done so several times in the past, we ask you to do it again. Start with us Lord! What ever veil of self deception we may have in our hearts, reveal thru the truth of who you are. Its not about "them," its about us.

    Our "religious addictions," are some of our worst habits in American history. They are foundational to our approaches since the first "conquests," of the continent. "Convert or be shot," was the message to the Native American Cultures who were treated more like an "infestation," of savages than a people group to be respected. Some historical sources believe that Hitler's final solution was modeled after American foreign policy toward Native America. An honest examination of historic facts would support that claim. We have always found ways to justify our actions under the veil of religious belief.

    I for one will not hide behind the religious facade of those who want to "name and claim," a Christian motif. It would appear to me that honesty is the best policy in speaking to you about the future of this nation. When we "dress up a pig," its hard to ignore the fact that all we have is a squealing mess. I truly am concerned over the many "blinders," that we may be wearing as a nation of people. The movie "Matrix," is a haunting look at what we may have become.

    Father our society has become addicted to the constant dribble thru the media as our primary and often only source of forming our perceptions. The media is controlled by ratings. Ratings determine advertising rates and advertising rates funds operations. Thru the ratings wars, the media knows what its market share wants to hear and see which becomes the spin that determines what is and is not reported. People then "find," which flavor of vanilla ice cream is most palatable to them. Money in the media allows us to persuade quiet lives of desperation. At the same time, we have so watered down the work of the Holy Spirit we don't believe that you are capable of meaningful dialogue. We for the most part have been trained to "stay off your channel." Its too dangerous to hear the truth.

    The American dream of "freedom of choose," is but an illusion. We really don't have "choices," other than the choice between those who are vetted thru the system. On the national level its all but impossible for a clean choice as everyone has to partake from the Superpacks influences. The supreme court rulings has opened a Pandora's box that has tipped us over the edge. No one can now track the sources of the billions that are laundries thru the political machinery. We are given just enough information to prepare the illusion of choice. The machinery of politics is out of control

  10. The central banks have been and unless checked will continue to be the primary monetary control mechanism. The central banks are controlling more of humanities history than any "constitution," or "declaration," ever has. The control of the money supply has brought mankind to the brink of "anarchy." It is a historic fact that those with global influence have blood on their hands that makes Hitler and Stalin look like Sunday school teachers. Something has to change in the banking sector if humanity is to survive.

    Monetary policy is meant to keep Americans enslaves to debt driven systems. The FIAT fantasy supports the duplicity of fractional banking. The federal reserve continues to bilk trillions out of the pockets of an enslaved population. The slave masters work hand in hand with the educational program and the media to assure we stay "dumbed down," in submission to their programs.

    Our education systems take children from preschool age and disassociate them from the family unit. Families are little more than a breeding programs that feeds the system. children are programmed thru selective knowledge and mindless memorization. By the time they exit the system at 21 they are as brain washed as any psy op ever could provide. History only records the "agenda of convenience," while reality is glossed over with national propaganda. As any native American what he or she feels about "Columbus Day." Our entire education system is now validated by "test scores." Children are taught how to take tests, not how to become creative thinkers.

    Health care systems are geared toward feeding the wealthy. It perpetuates slavery to "pharmaceutical," approaches to most every "alignment." The "coding," approaches to diagnosing a patient prevents need treatment. We are kept in a state of "wanton neglect," to continue our addictions that feeds the system. The massive industry of health care keeps us enslaved to treat symptoms and never offer healthy lifestyles that prevent illness in the first place. This health care system works hand in hand with a "poisoned," food supply full of GMO's and toxins that are killing us. The FDA and other "federal programs," enable these toxic approaches that feed into the madness of the health care industry.

  11. In all honesty, the most frightening problem in all, is the condition of your house, merciful God. The religious veil enables the deceptions for all of the above. The spectator sport of industrialized religion keeps everyone in a childish state of suspended animation. Our comfortable pews feed the most segregated hour in human history. The "roman inspired," habits we mindlessly continue to follow each Sunday had little to do with worship of you, but rather a "habit," the Roman culture already had. Rome controlled its global reach into hundreds of cultures thru the "power of religion." When Rome "Christianized," itself, it simply swapped one group of religious habits for another. Most people never make a conscience decision of what they are doing. They simply fall into what ever pattern is convenient to them. Few ever question for example why "church," is on Sunday and ends with the Sun at its zenith at noon.

    We have exported our "Toxic Charity," all over the world. We have enabled generational "entitlement," to supplant real solutions thru sustainable approaches. Our addiction to "feel good," approaches to helping the poor are bitter to our mouths. Its much easier to "feed the poor," than teach a man to care for himself. The "industry," of missions wastes hundreds of millions of dollars with no lasting change. We spend more money "traveling," to missions fields than could be spent hiring local workers to "build their own," churches, schools and hospitals. Meanwhile humanity continues to spiral out of control.

    However.........all is not lost. With one voice, we "kick our habits," by declaring change has come. New approaches, new wine skins and new models are being funded. Last nights encounter points to supernatural help in breaking our "addictive," cycles. A great awakening is upon us. You are going to bless humanity and your not checking name tags. The cries of the poor in Spirit have not been lost on you. You have a heart for humanity, this nation and your House that will not be stopped. Open up the doors for the program changes that are on the table. Thru the authority of Isaiah 22:22 we open a door that no man shall shut. Reboot everything from healthcare to education. You are preparing new ways of thinking within your Church thru the eyes toward us becoming "spotless" in our approaches to outreach. Free us from the failed policies in the past. When we confess our sins you are quick to respond. Therefore, hear out confession. We are thru making all the excuses. Hear us today on our National Day of Prayer. Help us to discover what true freedom looks like. Its time for freedom from our socially acceptable forms of programmed "addictions." Let this prayer petition become our "emancipation proclamation." Amen and Amen

  12. That's about the size of it Neo.

    Government and religion are but two arms of the same monster. And the proles keep putting their faith in both. Faith is a PROFESSION. The frauds parade around "as if" they are god fearing and the charade goes on.

  13. I profess, the good lord helps those who help themselves. Why would any external savior do anything for you that you are unwilling to do for yourself? Faith, hope and charity... if put your faith in something that can't exist in reality, there is no evidence for and is based on myth, you better hope the charity doesn't run out.

    All the religions were stolen and crafted on Greek mythology... and those all revolve around the sun... Ra. That is why in the old testacle, you have AbRAham and SaRAh. Those videos Geno posted the other day on the 33 degree and magnum opus page detail that quite clearly... there is no mistake.

    1. 'the good lord helps those who help themselves'
      First of all that is something that some man said, his own words. God never said that at all.
      Also if a person helps themselves, then why would we need 'the good lords' help?

      I think the entire blog here is about what our leaders have done to stop us from helping ourselves, and how they have now cornered us.
      So now we have millions who have lost their jobs, and there are none to get. We have hundreds of people trying to get the one same job. And we know all those homeless living under the tunnels in Las Vegas arent there because they 'can help themselves'.

      Wicked people have interjected themselves into all these religions; they didn't steal them, they invented them.
      Just sayin'

    2. Divine Salvation. Humans will never experience either collective or individual salvation by any divine or supernatural agency.

      You need to first try to free yourself from the chains of religion... it keeps people superstitious and ignorant. It is because of the farce of religion that people are unable to help themselves today. And believe me, once you take the blinders off, you'll begin to realize see religion controls it all.

      I mean, Jesus Christ, if there ever was a time for a savior to show up, it was yesterday.

    3. Im probably the most free person in here. And lets try to stick with not trying to tell other people what they ought to do, ok?
      Reading websites wont make one an expert, so say its your opinion....which all are free to ignore if they choose to.
      We really have enough dictators over us which we are all finding fault with; so lets not become dictatorial here.

    4. "Reading websites wont make one an expert"

      neither does reading ONE book.....

      not pickin a fight Abby....just keeping it real....

    5. Canauzzie - Its not just in the reading of anything, but in the Understanding of what one staying grounded and not easily becoming a disciple of just whoever sounds good or looks good etc etc. Lots involved before we should just latch on and gotta have confirmations, backup and proof.

  14. Neo - Personally Ive been wise enough not to go sit in somebody's church and let them brainwash me with any of their addictions. I have no addictions, and no veils. And no I'm afraid you will be very disappointed if you think 'Father' is going to bless this world. Why would he?
    You shouldnt make a pretty story there and give people false hopes that are not going to materialize.
    And for a 'praying person' you forgot to end it with 'in the name of Jesus' .

    I used to have a little saying ...'If ya ain't a gonna put anything into it, ya aint a gonna get anything out of it'.

    (In real life I actually have very good english grammar)

  15. Neo

    Isiah was actually the first of the Humanitarian Creative Thinking Prophets. Interesting you found him.
    I read your comments,all. The awakening factor is the key.

    But, it has started and will build. There is now a Global awakening of like minds. Apolitical and Spiritually inspired, not dogma bound by false Doctrinaire spin. Many are activating and have been awaiting their time. The " Empowered ones" know!Their roles and needs to serve humanity.As Jesus attacked the money lenders, so they will address the Political forces and Bankers. The new control of the GS is no coincidence. The infrastructure is unique and owned only by truly independent parties empowered for this role over many centuries. As the fabled Walls of Jericho allegedly crashed( Not true in reality) so will the Banksters power. Zionists will not encroach upon what is to come. China has settled its major banking power in London, as will BRICS. What will emerge will be the Sword of Damocles for Zionism. London will arise to meet its future, and the secrets of the Tempers Temple will be unveiled ending Secular deceits. A new age will awaken. Values will be restored.

    Interesting comments.
    Remember, 7 of the 10 Moses Commandments were directly plagiarized from the Egyptian philosophies of life,and the Mysticism sold as a pup to the Jews by Moses, seeking the path to the Jin.The Jews were only EVER Laboring Stonemason tribes, serving Egypt as stone craftsmen prior to their exodus. Even the Egyptians had enough of them. They had no Secular God at such time.This was all evolving.

    Supreme Justice Roberts is now working with the IMF and China to ENFORCE the release of the first stage of the GS. No more yet can be revealed. Only enough to say, Trust in what is unfolding, and all will become clear. Cabal hegemony will end. Zionism will be curtailed, and the new dawn will be for Global unity of all. Once you see the moves play out, hope will be restored.

    When I lash out at arrogant Biblical ignorance and dogma, it's because it has no place in what is to come. The Vatican murdered millions and mind enslaved nations. We need to free minds. Mohammed never wished for Islamic Radicals. Jesus wanted only an inclusive society for all. We have made so little progress since Abraham. When minds are free, freedom will follow. Mankind has a destiny.What is being unleashed is not corruptible. There are higher forces than Zionism building.

    1. John, I appreciate your taking the time to read such a long post. I know how busy you are. Hesitated to bring it into the blog this morning but, it is after all our national day of prayer. Responses were predictable from some of the folks on the blog. I totally agree the awakening is the key. Not just some new song, but a real shift in perspective. Appreciate all that the GS team has endured over the years. Applaud your tenacity. Praying for you daily. Cheers!

    2. John,
      earlier you asked, "what did he (Abraham) teach them (his sons) to divide as such?"

      I responded: "To covet; to envy? To compete for his affections? Men have killed for less and still do."

      Since Sarah was barren, she asked Abraham to take Hagar, her handmaid, to conceive a child and and when she saw that she had conceived, her mistress became despised in her eyes.(Genesis 16:4). The relationship between Sarah and Hagar quickly deteriorated and Hagar fled. But a divine message was given to Hagar, telling her to return. It also reassured her that her son would have many descendants—but descendants with traits that would be evident throughout their history: "I will so increase your descendants that they will be too numerous to count ... You are now with child and you will have a son. You shall name him Ishmael ['God hears'], for the LORD has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers"

      This description of Hagar's descendants is significant because many of today's Arabs are Ishmaelites—descendants of this same Ishmael, whose father was Abraham. Muhammad, the founder and prophet of Islam, was descended from Kedar, one of the 12 sons of Ishmael (Ismail in Arabic). Today 22 nations in the Middle East and North Africa are Arabic nations, most of whose people are adherents of Islam. An additional 35 countries are members of the Islamic Conference, most of them with Islamic governments, but whose people are of different descent.

      Fourteen years after the birth of Ishmael, Abraham had another son, this time by his wife Sarah. He told them to name their son Isaac (meaning "laughter" for the incredulous reaction they had when told they would have a son at their advanced age as well as the joy that he would later bring to his parents.

      So it seems, if we are to believe the biblical account, that Ishmael was a bastard son. So, what are we to conclude from this? Was it that Ishmael's status, as less than pure, used by Abraham to divide the family and foster hostilities?

      Or am I way off track?

    3. You are correctly perceiving the conflicting families competing.

    4. Abraham is the first satanist, imo. He started the blood-ritual rite (circumcision) to commemorate his actual willingness to slay his own son for/to his god. What kind of god asks for the death of one's son? An insane monster.


    5. thanks news i have heard in a while for sure....

    6. For the Record: The Vatican is not one bit biblical and has no relationship to christianity at all.
      The Vatican makes its own BULL. Self made Papal Bull straight from the devil.
      Why not spend time exposing all their filthy banking system which helps crooked world leaders HIDE their money, especially the Cabal, of which the Vatican is a part OF.

  16. Countless millions of people had to die to bring in these AbRAhamic religions... and it's history has been anti-life ever since.

    Hundreds of years ago books were hard to come by and few could read. Today we have a different reality... there is no excuse to remain child-like in one's beliefs.

    You can trace these religions right on back to their roots and see the human hand in all of them. There is no male creator God, that was just some evil people re-inventing the wheel... there is nothing new under the sun. Ask yourself who benefits?

    1. On the Male element- agreed. But- the Consciousness is real!

    2. Yes... consciousness is real. And consciousness exists somewhere outside of us. So, there is a divine somewhere. Some things can't be known.

      Also... considering that all of the parables of Jesus can be related to natural law... no exceptions. It would seem that Jesus is the Goddess... or Jesus is the No Thing... Jesus represents nature herself.

      Jesus is a metaphor for the true creator... the feminine divine... the Goddess... the Know Thing. There can be no male creator god of everything... there would have to be a womb first for the male penis to enter. When you consider the universe is, essentially, a giant womb... a male creator god makes no sense.

      Think about this...
      The cup that bleeds, the cup of blood, jesus blood... that is woman. That is how they sneak the secret of the sacred feminine into religion. It is the old "not technically-a-lie" lie.

      The symbol for man is a spear.
      Man fills woman, man fulfills woman... he in return takes in her essence... she fulfills him. They complete each other. A symbol for woman is a chalice... the cup that bleeds. Mankind = man and woman. Woman = wo(mb)man = the womb of mankind.

      Hysteron proteron... the former put as latter. And this is only a small part of why religion is evil... it doesn't allow you freedom of thought, it keeps you ignorant and superstitious... it keeps you from knowing.

      Look at all the NOs of the bible:

      NO to looking at the stars... we might find out the story of Jesus is Astrotheology...

      NO to magic... we might find out it is being used on us...

      NO to reading of signs and tarot... we may discover the divine within...

    3. We are close.
      Only the Religions made the God factor male. I just needed to qualify if you understood or accepted the consciousness factor. That is the key to all. The Bible thumping Cretins are just noise on the system of ignorance. Lame ducks with propaganda sheets and constrained intellects. Baby Commissars to confuse and regiment the Plebs lined up as clockwork Muppets!
      As for knowing, when the time comes,your expanded consciousness will know no bounds. Experience is all.To teach is pointless,to know is the step. All is changed forever and empowered thought unfolds. It needs- just that. Then all makes sense.

  17. All of the commandments were pilfered from the Admonitions of Ma'at... and there were 42 of them... and they were Greek.

    Saying the London banks are any different than US bankers is like saying freemasonry and the Vatican isn't Judaic.

    1. Bankers are vehicles serving key Clients needs.
      The Power, is the source money in play. Do you realize even 5B Base Capital, pre Leveraging, can save or crash a bank if correctly used in Bond trading? London Banks are NOT Zionist controlled. A huge game plan is in the wings. Just wait and see. Yes, London Banks ARE very different to US Banks. Canary Wharf is a power source way beyond any US capability.

    2. Any links to information about that stuff... it is news to me. I would have to study before passing judgement on it.

    3. John's "Canary Wharf" reference google turned this up for us:


  18. That " Stuff" is the Fuel which has empowered Zionism and Vatican corruption. Their Engine Room of power. Imagine, if it's taken away by a Focus Group with true humanitarian ethos. No formal religious links. They have to pay to play. Source that power in a new direction and???? Ultimately its ALL changed by money.

    1. No... i'm looking for links on the banking firms. I think i have heard about there being one or two banks out there that was still independently owned, if not, completely independent of the Fed.

    2. Wait and see what's coming. Our cards have to stay close yet. Money is the food chain. Control that? Think it through. I think YOU will see the pattern then.

    3. Money is in the food chain... control that? Yes, they do control that. Look at Africa - that's nice and controlled... same here with farm subsidies and gmos... same everywhere. They've been doing that since forever.

      I do think it through. I hold out no hope for some pie in the sky re-value, much less global settlement. I asked for a link, i got mumbo jumbo... thanks, but i don't speak cryptic.

    4. the Bank of Canada is our central is government and therefore owned by the people...however in the early 70's Trudeau our PM was convinced by the IMF and the FED to borrow from private banks our shortfalls on budgets rather than borrowing from our own central bank...give our dollar stability in the world economy they said....bullocks....we have borrowed a measly 40B since then......and paid over 360B in interest.... now the private banks create 70% of our money through debt....instead of our government spending it into creation....from 1930 to 1970 we had slow steady growth with the early 70's it changed....government debt skyrocketed straight up....showing on a graph a cliff i would love to push every Canadian politician off of.......

  19. May 2, 2013 at 3:26 PM
    John Posted above: "Your close. A lot is in the cooking pot right now. Can't say more. But- they just lost control of the store, OK?"

    Are you speaking to what I am thinking you are? It is thrown randomly in the middle of an Abby posting.... Just saying...

    Get Real

    1. don't listen to Dinar Guru told me aliens from inside our hollow moon would be at my place Saturday morning to cash out my Dinars.....they are going to give me trade... universal dollars that i can convert to any local currency at an exchange located in several space stations throughout the galaxy...i told them to bring an extra spaceship that i will buy so i can travel...and explore the universe...anyone who wishes to come with me please send a $1000.00 to my pay pal account and I will email you a pick up spot of my choosing .....
      please don't listen to John ....he doesn't know what he is talking about....

    2. dammit....they didn't show....maybe John is right....

  20. Get Real,

    The supreme reference today here was extremely encouraging, if I understood it correctly, also. I couldn't quite grasp the meaning of your reference John made, though. Won't press the man with more questions. John also hinted at arrests today, also, which I do believe is the first time reference/hint. If that is what';s about to happen, it is monumental, and a game-changer. It's the only way it can happen. Without arrests, it all gets stolen all over again. Which is why the GS releases has not happened to date imo.That's how my pea-brain is wrapped around this whole debacle, anyways, fwiw...


    1. The first reference means the Political costs of getting the Capital loans needed to breach the US capital hemorrhaging. The scale of country Lenders demands as the bullets the US will now have to eat to survive. The next phase is about money. Concessions needed for Bail Outs and partial power transfers. Without money, the whole Fed Banking Con Game folds.Fiat and Ponzi systems have limits, as the Treasury now finds.
      Those expecting miraculous multi $Ts to materialize are in for a sad disappointment. This is a Banking life raft time and the solvent country lenders terms to get a seat. You will soon start to see Banking changes, just watch as it materializes. From one Pawn-master to another. Vast GS will NOT happen. It's all been spent.Only partial accommodations are possible where it suits US Political needs.Pie in the sky expectations will disappoint.This will be a long haul game of transitory pit stops and changes of key players. Ultimately, it's ALL about the money and who controls it, for what Beneficial interests, akin to the Oasis Caravan stops in the Deserts, the cost to drink in the journeys of life. Money and power. The very fact the US Fed/Treasury IS losing phased control is monumental in itself. Lenders terms will be impositions of Seats on the Boards. It will become significant.No one wants US collapse, but the Self Serving Cabal control is now being forced to compromise for rescue aid. Our new century will be determined by new game plans. No longer the Singular remit of the Old Gard who lost the Pot and Plot. Those with their Pot seek to change the Plot. Terms will be the game changers. Cards are still being dealt. The currency will be the new subliminal control of nations with the inherent danger that brings. US Hegemony is ending. What will emerge is still to be determined. But- It will NOT be solely Zionist or Vatican empowered any more so battles go on for accommodation terms. In the middle of all this, the Soul of Man needs to somehow prevail. Two battles, one monetary, the other a new and challenging Global consciousness for dogma free inclusion. Battles of mind and morality against the money men. Only the Players are changing the Money Lenders in the Temples of Mamon. But what is new this century,is the emerging consciousness as truth is challenged and naked Emperors exposed.

    2. okay, so there is a lack of money and yet some people are sitting on hundreds of trillions.... find it and share it....

      Look under the Queen's Corsett and Rothschild's mattress....

      and secondly....please for the love of God explore what is known as a "paragraph"....

    3. Forget the 'dogma free' stuff. You cannot try to dictate what people think or believe. You cannot hope to create robotic people or force them to think 'your way'. This smells of control and dictatorship.
      Just do your job and forget the mind control.

  21. The insanity just got turned up another "notch" in this secret hidden war going on between the shadow gubermint & good patriotic Americans. 15 Americans assassinated. When will this insanity end?


    Wednesday, May 1, 2013
    "They Are Hunting Down and Killing Our Men!"-SEAL Admission 04/30/2013
    Following my hour and a half television broadcast recording session Tuesday afternoon (04/30/13), I checked my phone messages. My SEAL contact had called me. I quickly returned the call. His voice sounded broken and filled with unspeakable sadness.

    "The US military is now hunting down our men....already today at least 15 of our men have been identified and killed...."

    1. Pam Scuffert spent some time with PVG.... maybe she can comment on this.

    2. That story is an unsubstantiated load of crap. Ooooh, we can tell you this horrible story, but we can't name names is the same thing as just telling a story.

      They wouldn't fake a thing like that, would they? You bet... it's what passes for news anymore. The chick's middle name is RAe. LUcifer is a RA.

      Watch those videos Geno posted... start figuring this stuff out.

    3. I guess this is a load of crap then, too?

      This is cabal-cronnies thieving to create more mayhem, imo & fwiw....


    4. Reminds me of one of (war criminal) 'herr' Heinzy Kissinger's quotes:

      "Military men are dumb, stupid animals used a pawns for foreign policy." -Henry Kissinger

    5. I just checked with Google and this quote has only two references. Interesting. Is Google censored? What do you think?

    6. yes much of what was our truther content is disappearing and people saying, that's a myth!!!!

    7. The flipside Wanda is what if it is's easy to believe key people are being taken out but....

      If smart-- with heart attacks and such.... not bullets...

    8. If you remove the "quotes" you get more results on ......'Goober'....err, I mean 'Google'. Regardless it has become a montrosity of privacy invasion and thought control.

      I use startpage myself, but not sure if google has compromised this service yet:

  22. is a load of crap that....aaahhhh....forget it.

    1. yes backing off an argument can be an excelent choice... Wanda may be right...It is unsubstantiated BUT... we know all media is lying so what can be substantiated...

      And passing along fake stories is part of the disinformation food chain...

      We are all caught up in that act of discernment...

      One thing to do is always act from reason and calm and not emotion....

      That sort of comes with time and volume... I think even intelligence officers had no idea how huge the disinformation jungle is and was....

    2. Many CIA officers and the like were seen in High School by their grades...

      Then there were people like me who had smarts but rejected the whole confinement... I never reacted well to the schedule or the authority of do this NOW...

      I began to flourish when education became my choice... when I pursued screenwriting... Grammar and Historical research became the natural order to a finished product...

      How is it school manages to miss such obvious teaching methods....


      This semester class, you are to pick a time in history and write a fictional story based on the time... get the clothes and tools and words appropriate to the time....

      The format will require knowledge of structure and spelling and Grammar is important.

      We are concerned with two main elements... Visual and Dialogue since the script is that of the audio visual medium...

      Each week you need to turn in 4 pages... that is about a page per night...

      We will have 2 weeks at the end of the semester to make changes...


      You see how this teaches every single thing a child should be getting? Creativity, imagination, discipline to format and structure and schedule... independence of thought and planning.... history...

      I hated

    3. The potential devastating impact this would have on all of us, if it's true, warrants further investigation even if initially it's not naming names or producing corroborating evidence that satisfies the sceptics among us. Discernment is in order yes, but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. The seriousness of the subject precludes us from dismissing out of hand until we can conclusively say it's BS.

      Often times we will take a second look only because someone, who's work we respect, says something is rotten in Denmark. Jim Stone has earned that respect.

      "Is Pamela Rae's warning of any real significance?

      I spent hours yesterday looking into Pamela Rae, and discovered that she is even more shilled than I am. That means she has a message the elite do not want getting out. I also discovered that though she did do another gloom and doom scenario last spring, she does not have a habit of doing such things despite what the shills say, which makes the shillage all the more suspicious. The prediction game is a double edged sword - If you give a warning, and it serves to cause the aggressors to back off and then nothing happens, you look like a kook. Shills will then hop on you and exploit it, to make you less effective at sounding the alarm in the future.

      There is only one problem with Pamela's story, and it is that one of the claimed dead Generals in the mix, the man in charge of the teams that are going around defusing the nukes - is identified with only an alias given. I see that as a potential problem with the story, but then again, if I was a General going around trying to stop a covert nuclear attack in America, I would know that giving my name out would be fatal, and the fact that no dead General showed up in the news on the 29th is of no consequence because if he really was killed for trying to stop such an attack, our rigged media would NEVER report it, and there is another documented dead General (via plane crash on April 20th) possibly associated with this story anyway."

  23. Rabbit hole express; going down.

    The ties that bind the upper crust to the matrix?

    Mistress of the Revels 'man-in-the-middle' attacks

    McConnell has located the Cold Squad's JABS servers, the Karla-Jason (K-J?) parolee database and the Jamie ‘Plain Sight’ Gorelick IMDb snuff-film archive in Sam Cam Family Offices of D2 Banking, Canada Square, CANARY WHARF, London at the HQ of the big money-laundering bank, HSBC.

    1. Saturnalia gave me Field McConnels info about a year ago...well...actually it came from being given his sister's info...

      Apparently, he and his siter don't get along....

      She runs something called Executive Management on the Gold Coast of Chicago which is a sort of woman mafia with the likes of Hillary and Jarrett and high powered...often Lesbian.... Take no prisoner types working for an estrogen rich mafia of global gitter done types and this rabbit hole leads to some really crazy whack stuff....

      but I won't elaborate on that...let your fingers do the walking around Field McConnel...

    2. For those not in the know, GOLD COAST refers to wher the rich jews and wannabes live north of Chi-town on Lake Michigan, primarily Skokie, the hell-pit home to evil people who got rich supporting evil.


  24. Made up personas... made up stories... on line fiction... all of it fake... trolling for shekels.

    You are being defrauded... you part with your money, your time, your emotions, your energy, your belief in yourself... and you become the frauds. Wonder why nothing changes... because nothing has changed.