Saturday, May 11, 2013

Eustace Mullins Strikes Again....

This is a real man, a real hero a real American.... the antithesis of a poser.


  1. Isn't that Lorne Green from Bonanza?

    (Only joking, Geno).

    1. would not be also crossed my mind this hero could be a marionette also.... For now.... I think he is what he is...

    2. Ironically the name GREEN is hugely apart of the acting con's part of the inside joke...


    We THE People
    And as Interim
    President, 12 May 2013
    Initiate the orders of
    We THE People
    THE People who are the Civilian Authority with superior lawfull position over
    the U.S. Corporation and U.S. Military acting under the Original Jurisdiction
    of the United States Constitution 1789, Bill of Rights 1791 with the original
    13th Amendment=”which removes persons who has an entitlement from
    holding public office” as the United States of America, Republican
    form of Government, standing as the true form of Government is proud to announce the
    following effective IMMEDIATELY.:
    As Interim President=Commander in Chief of the
    Republic it is the duty of this de jure office to ensure the orders issued to
    the United States Military , Secretary of the Treasury, Provost Marshall and its Public Servants are carried out within the proper time
    as required by We THE People of The United States of America.
    This announcement is for We THE People of the
    United States of America and our Friends World Wide and
    To Chief of Staff of Joint Chiefs, Field Generals, Admirals,
    Office of General Council for Pentagon, Secretary of the Navy, Trustees of the
    Constitution and Office of the Inspector General, Provost Marshal,
    Flag Officers and Secretary of the People’s Treasury;
    This announcement and order is to the Secretary of the Peoples Treasury Mr. Jack Lew, the Flag
    Officers assigned to The Secretary of the
    Treasury Mr. Jack Lew and the Provost Marshall,
    You are hereby ordered
    to use any force including EXTREME PREJUDICE
    Anyone see this yet?? Nesara site so who knows...

    1. We THE People of The United States of America.

      Ha HA... the fraud of it all... NESARA is busted by this, me thinks:


      My “Basic Course in Law and Government,” the legal education course I devised to teach the written law and government, explains how George Washington took over government and caused the English common law to be replaced by government created written law....

  3. Gill,
    Thanks for posting that!! It sounds rally good to me, and I support it.

    ALL military take Oath to protect & defend the CONSTITUTION.

    As all of us are WE THE PEOPLE, they are empowered by that single OATH to go after and arrest ALL who have violated that OATH. Those are the enablers of the BANKSTERS who have robbed WE THE PEOPLE for the last hundred years.

    Thomas Jefferson & Andrew Jackson warned us all the bankers were the greatest threat to FREEDOM & PROSPERITY.


  4. Geno,

    Eustice Mullins is a poser?


    Why is that FEDERAL RESERVE May 13th, 2013 memo about foreign currency "margin" change rules important or even relevant to the RV of IQD & VND? I'm suspecting this just may be a way to tax us immediately at higher rate than 35% capital gains tax.

    Were you telling us that you will be taking a vacation until OCTOBER if they don't allow the GS/RV release this month?

    It was released last week of the suicide rates going up here in the US. Didn't those reports tell you just how bad it is getting right now? Any sense of urgency to get this done no matter what this month, John?

    I am reluctant to post what I feel, John. It hurt me to read Geno's making fun of my expressions of pain. I attributed this to his also being under SEVERE DURESS, which I lay the blame squarely upon the Cabal. I don't think he was attacking me, just saying it hurt. People have false perceptions about me being able to dish it out and to take it. Yet, I am very worn down in many ways you, John would never understand. I know you have compassion, so you try to understand. I hope you can dig deeper, and find a way to make this happen some way, this month. To me, October means never.



    1. antithesis? Means opposite Daryl...

    2. sorry... if I kid you I love you... anyway... jokes and insults are not the same thing but there is plenty of both for everyone around here...

      I haven't deleted much thus far.... even tough language... real is okay...over the top...annoying...

      who is the most over the top? well... might be a close race around here for that too...

    3. You have now mentioned in passing 3-4 times, either a 33 cent IQ, a 10 cent IQD and a $1.00 IQD.....who is giving you these numbers, Adam Montana?

      Shabibi himself stated his country could support a high value currency, and I believe Christine Legarde approved an RV rate of $3.86 last year in a memo posted either at UN or IMF website.

      Mangy cat steal your lunch by biting you in the leg, again? ;-) Love you, brother!! Got any stats for us?


    4. I'd say Abby & Wanda are tied for first at over-the-top. He disses one, and ignores the other....

      Geno, I am having problems even coping today.This "maybe October" bombshell that he dropped here has me all effed up in the head again.
      I WILL NOT MAKE IT. Reluctant to express more....

      Loved your work from DAY 1, Geno. Cannot say that about anybody else.

      Please do stay in touch privately if you shut down this site.


    5. @darylluke,

      Focus - one day at a time... focus on something outside of this.

      I am not walking in your shoes and I don't know what it is that you are dealing with... however, I see signs that are disturbing and you need to understand that you are a valued individual.

      Begin a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and getting out in the sun or into nature for at least 30 minutes each day. Exercise is also extremely important as it releases endorphins, relieves stress, and promotes emotional well-being.

      If you can, go to your local MD or health department and seek out someone who can help through this period.

      Remember... the RV will eventually happen. Iraq can't be a part of the WTO without a viable, international currency. When Christine LaGarde stated that Iraq would have one of the wealthiest nations in the world with minerals to back it, does it make sense they would continue to use the USD?

      When you read about what went into the making of the Iraqi dinar, the time and efforts made by a former military [now] banker to design the currency with all of the hidden water marks and metallic threads to protect it from the counterfeiters, yet focused on the Iraqi culture and the wonderful colors of the currency and the money spent on this alone. The placing of three languages on it for the different tribes of the Iraqi region, does it make sense they would continue to use the USD?

      Understand that no one that we speak to or hear from on a daily basis is in control of this - not Geno, not John - none of the Gurus in dinar land... it is out of the control of most. I have connections that are different than John's and they SHOULD know... but even they are perplexed...

      So NOT MAKING IT is not a viable option in my book... so if you are feeling bad, go to the above paragraph where it says to get out and exercise and release some natural endorphins... take one day at a time... and you will get through this with the rest of us....

      Get Real.

    6. I say that doctors are one people Daryl should stay the hell away from. They will only get him on some dangerous anti-depressants. That is not the way to deal with things IMO.
      Antidepressants are only a mask for reality.
      Amazing what B-100 Complex and some Calcium-Magnesium with D3 can do for you.
      Also not filling our minds with this schitt 24/7.
      Take a break totally away from THIS and go take a brisk walk, or even a ball game...just to get completely away from this nonsensical reality.

      And like Get Real said, the rv HAS to happen; there is no way around it. But Geno is wrong to even suggest some measely 30 cent.....when in FACT the Vouchers the big pants already got, are for $3.42 !!!!
      And as Geno said, IF we get ripped off, HE is gonna really begin 'shooting some so called bullets'.

      Remember too, many of Christine's speeches; there needs to be a balance among the poor, etc. She is working on it vigorously it seems, and so is Jack.
      They really have exposed themselves and it would be an embarassment for them to fail.

    7. Somebody's Investment broker told someone.... 30 cents... I have heard and seen 30 cents.... as I have seen 11 something...

      There is a ton of this fiat paper out there... and if everyone has hundreds of millions of dollars.... You will have a wheel barrel full of cash to buy bread...

      30 cents times say 100 thousand will get you thirty thousand dollars that will keep the numbers basically in the current line of balance, as inflationary as it already is...

      Therefore if you bought some more and say had one hundred thousand over night, you need to ask yourself when has a 300 dollar investment ever given the average schmoe 100 thousand dollars over night...

      Never in your life or history....

      We are already on thin ice as far as a collapse goes and the dinar may have always been the planned straw to break the back....

      And the so called tiers would know this and hope to get theirs (as likely promised) before everyone else... that is how capitalism works...

      Obviously there are sectors that do not want the dinar well spread and apparently sectors that do....

      Now if it was George Jr. that signed this opportunity to the general public that certainly raises questions....

      But getting back to the 30 cents... I have read it in at least 5 places over time and the numbers cannot likely uphold millions of dollars to millions of people given the current world accounting...

      They would need to move some decimal points around and you can bet metals will soar before we are exchanged out... and other likely advantages to not us....

      So I am wrong? No I am likely right and it brings the fantasy closer to reality.... the worst reality is getting nada...

      And hell yeah I want 3 dollars plus but we don't decide where the decimal points we?

    8. Geno - Then knock out those already-vouchers to the same price, however, there are other factors here.
      For one, the disparity between Kuwait and Iraq.
      Even John quoted $3.42.
      So, no, I'm not budging on any 30 cent deal, lol.
      That is no money when you have high prices as we have today, and it sure wouldnt go far, in reality.

      How looooow can ya go, lol.

    9. I have been told several times now behind the scenes that the general public might get nothing, would you want 30 cents then?

      And whatever it is YOU want isn't what props up the economy.... If BRICS is doing a currency war with Texas oilmen... a large number could tank everything...

      The entire globe has to be on the same page and all the numbers have to line up and the elite has to agree to do that....

      I am trying to convey reality not what people who seem to have no concept of what fiat actually is.... it could be worth a lot but EVERYONE has to agree to that...

      Likely this brings in the digital no cash society that then brings in the mark of the beast microchip...

      welcome to reality....

  5. Here's an article about a family of geniuses. Seems to be some experiment in the "real" world about all the stuff all countries are in a secret race doing research on per John. Dna activation I am all for. NO SUCH THING as junk-dna! And, no John, that was not part of evolution process you have expressed....This is where we are today by design, deliberate long range strategy for dumbing down the Goyim to an ever lower baseline.


  6. Who is over the top is a matter of perspective... and everyone has a different perspective.

    Very telling that John is most bothered by two females... he must be a particularly twisted hunk of lumber.

    1. Im wondering just what Daryl calls 'over the top' when in fact I have always just told it like it is, no bullschitt, and have not trashed people for their circumstances, nor called anyone trashy names or lied about anyone.
      Over the top is what John does. See that Daryl? Talks out of both sides of his mouth and has done more to push YOU over the edge, taking his talk for being 'gospel' and written in stone by the finger of 'God'.

      Over the top is trying to shove his 'reconstructionist religion' on us, with his 'there aint no God' stuff.
      And if you dont 'open wide and LET him, then he will get shitty with ya'. THATS not only over the top, but its downright tyrannical.

    2. Abby,

      We have no idea what kind of stresses & pressures John is under. I attribute his rants as being caused by these. I feel you both over-react to one another. Being "tyrannical" may a stretch, but I see your point. You are not going to change, and neither is he.

      Yet, I hope we can affect him in a positive way from his interactions with us here. Maybe you, maybe Wanda, too can agree to disagree. All of us are representatives, don't you know? We all who write here are unique, of course, but each one of us represent like archetypes, if you will, of segments of the population of peons. THIS is why I express my pain from heart here. It is nobody's effin business how I personally feel or my trial & tribulations. I may come across as a cry-baby to some. If you knew me personally, then you would know I despise whiners. Besides, it is actually cleansing for me to, and to know people here really do care.

      I meant no disrespect nor was I trying to paint you into some image with this term "over the top", which can have negative connotations to it. It is what makes us human, after all, the depth of passion for our beliefs. And, I also do believe I may have answered Geno's question of why is John here, and what does he gain from us. I could be close to at least one reason, anyway. Maybe he'll comment. I'll say it again, though. This is a unique opportunity for all of us here to be talking with a man in his position. I, for one, want to make the best of it. I can only hope folks may want to try to, also.

      Everyone that showed me support and positive suggestions. THANK YOU for your heartfelt thoughts & words!! NO DOCTORS since 1993, when I got my last "flu" shot. Got the WORST flu of my life from that shot the following week. It reeked havoc to my immune system. Had to lay for two hours on a gurney in the doctors hall after the shot because of severe vertigo. Getting sleep, I do that. I cannot do any of the rest? With WHAT?! ....because it all costs money.

      My 20 yr old son has astigmatism, and needed new glasses every 6 months because his eyes have been deteriorating since he was 13. One year we had to get three new prescriptions. He has not had a new pair in 19 months now. Over $450 we just do not have.

      We(3 people here) have no more than $90 per week for food. I only eat once a day for last 4 months.So, there were be more for them.The last 3 weeks we have spent even less weekly because she cannot work more than 12 hrs/wk because of the failed transmission. Her daughter picks her up twice a week, and drives her to the homes for 3 hrs each.I had a lot of food for emergency, but that is now about 90% gone. How does one eat healthy? The only supplements I take is magnesium, boron and calcium and D3.

      I got everybody here on drinking lotsa different teas I buy in bulk. Those are almost all run out now, with no money in sight to make the next 3-month purchase online for our teas, which have so many health benefits. THAT is $80. Wanted to make and sell colloidal silver, but the silver water maker disappeared somehow. I was selling 16 ounce bottles of 10-14ppm bottles for $20 each.Takes me two days to make a gallon with distilled water.To replace the unit $130 plus shipping.

      Don't know how many years it's been since I bought myself a pair of shoes. Hand wash clothes in sink & tub.I cook big pots of different home made soups. ZERO junk food like chips or candy. Last carry out food was last summer at White Castle, 4 hamburgers each, we split 3 ways the single order of fries, and water w/ice...Can't even afford Salvation Army Surplus store for clothes in I don't know how long now.

      We've done the best we can with what we had. It just keeps getting worse with no end in sight.....


    3. Daryl - Trust me, I know exactly where you are coming from; I know the day-to-day thing. We also are waiting and waiting to get new perscription glasses, which are ultra expensive as you've said. And I'm really beginning to suspect we are getting ripped regarding the rv; we've never gotten any real explanation of what is holding it up.
      As for Wanda and me, we have no disagreements between us; she is permitted to think what she thinks, and allows me the same. We are not in any strife about anything that I know of.
      As for John, personal stress is NO excuse for lambasting anyone with unwarranted derogatories.
      I have not expressed any of my own situation, nor do I intend to. Nor are any of my posts a result of any personal situation. I am well able to keep the two very separate.
      My suggestions to you were things to do, if and when you are able to. And when you are able to, a great money saving place to buy from is Vitacost dot com.
      Excellent to deal with.

  7. And perceptions change... with knowledge.

    So, John is annoyed by me... so fucking what !!!!

    Daryl: NEWSFLASH... John annoys me.

    When i confront John i ask direct questions and i am speaking directly to John. Generally speaking, when a person is loath to give straight answers, there are generally no straight answers to be had.

    Typically, responses have to be pried from him, any ones you get are evasive and dodgy. When he's out of bullshit, he becomes boorish and pulls tricks out of the Archy Bunker Playbook. He does not addres Wanda or Abby specifically, as if they are individual, thinking beings, he projects debasement that all women are the same and they are all worthless... instead of the half that completes man.

    Capcha: Mahonin donegoi

  8. Geno - Do you remember back when I said 'they are trying to find a way to have it for themselves, and leave us out'?
    And you refuted that. And I've had that suspicion all along.
    BUT sooner or later the cat will get out of the bag.
    Also, remember, there is only about 1% of the pop that even has dinar. And 'they' already plan to steal that, so what's the problem.
    You can track their brainy sinnister ideas back to when TMan stopped talking, stopped with report 48.....and the fact that all he and John ever said was 'there will be a reval'....notice they didnt say it would include peons?
    Even tho the Reval happened back on April 1, in actuality, yet the noticable stall is just what I've said.

  9. monetary reform....

    he doesn't hold back.....very interesting...