Thursday, May 30, 2013

Elect to question what sounds good...

Whenever I see Kerry Cassidy and hear Arizona is involved in something I wonder are we seeing actors saying all the right things to the internet awakened... who are either awake or swimming with a hook in our mouths we aren't quite aware of yet.... But this candidate for Governor in Nevada gives us some good information and says all the right things but ask yourself what do you expect as the scale in which to weigh justice? Guys who continue to use end justifies the means and insist they are a better choice than the worst of the worst who may conveniently be choreographed and scripted evildoers to have us run into the awaiting arms of people we see in Arizona who are obvious power brokers who get away with whatever they want?

And here we hear the word NAZI bandied about with no true understanding or explanation what a NAZI really is or that World War II is a top to bottom scripted fraud that allowed the elite to put troops in almost every country in the world, along with their banks and to burn the records that contradict this body snatching of historical facts....


  1. As truth seekers, are there lessons to be learned from this admonishment of Alex Jones by Films for Action who has observed that Alex has devolved into a caricature of himself?

    "Stuff like this has become conspiracy porn for a growing audience, which we find quite troubling, as focusing on these types of dead ends keep people distracted from doing anything that could effectively end the systems of power these websites claim to decry."

    1. I listened faithfully for about 8 years and in 2006 he went to a big meeting with Hollywood elite and upon his return, he gradually became different....

      The thing that amazed me was he could articulate a situation perfectly when I was alone in the room and then when anyone entered the room he started screaming like a nut job from hell... still trying to figure out how that was

    2. I know what you're saying. I experience the same phenomena with podcasts. They are highly revelant and then i play the same guy, on purpose, when i have someone in the house, and all that comes through is the whack stuff. Oy-vey !!


  2. This guy seems representative of the new and improved, hybrid politician. In the past few campaigns as Americans have begun to awaken, politicians have narrowed their rhetoric to more and more specific areas of sentiment and concerns.

    Which in turn, gets those awakened people to feel their political representatives are also beginning to finally awaken. No, and Obama was the most recent embodiment of this newest tactic. It's just pacification rhetoric and they seem to be refining it here. First of all, in a new and improved world, governors and most all politicians will probably go the way of the elevator operator.

    States would only need openly transparent operational administrations for daily budget issues, common law practices etc.
    Governors remind me of those huge 'dummy heads' in parades, bobbing along as annoying reminders of their 'importance' and inflated uselessness.

    Sorry, but from now on, these guys have an extreme uphill battle to ever prove their worth/need in any public office.

  3. I have a nagging question that there's a remote possibility an honest banker (I know, oxymoron) but like an authentic replica, I'm looking for who/how/what these bankers trade our money with that insures a 100% return so that they can make money and return our money?

    Is this what 'John' if that's his real handle, facilitates while pretending to care about us? with his ownership of a high yield trading program....

    I'm fairly sure he might be over at the white hat's site now as he's lost his cheerleaders here at the OK Corral. I just don't feel like burning up the old scroll wheel today. I'm sure he stops by here every now and then to glimpse the side of truth, maybe take a sip and a gander at some constructive postulating.

    But I digress, back to crooked banking/stealing and rigged trading platforms.

    1. Yea, I would like for him to stop by and do a little slumming but I don't expect miracles.

      He's insulated himself in a cocoon of "yes sirs" where a metamorphosis of any kind that might challenge the "new, old world order" status quo of things is most unwelcome and thus, highly unlikely.

      Among these, is one who will not tolerate dissenting opinion, especially if it dares to awaken them from their dream of vicarious opulence.

    2. I kept all the people who have a way with words...

    3. must be a gift God gives to non fibbers...

    4. and remember most lying is to ourselves...

  4. For funzies... is NASA perpetuating a fraud? A: does a the pope sh*t in the woods? Sure we went to mars, sure we did. Now a word from our leader: the pope says aliens more advanced than us tell us about Jewsus...

  5. Where's Klondike? Where's Abby? Where's Waldo? Where's truth and accountability? Where's my keys?

    1. There's no where there... ;)

    2. Klondike is busy slaving away.
      You are not a loser. You did not suck up. That's all.

    3. the thing is, I rode that pny as far as I could... You will never see me go into the beasts mouth for a look see again.... that part of the journey is done... now I need to carve out my principles and articulate why they don't mesh with what I have experienced from them and in general... and it does go back to individualism versus collectivism.... individuals have to declare war and be their own media...

  6. People who gave me money and were really nice to me and John and have a major disorder... YOU GUYS HAVE TO IDENTIFY RIGHT AND WRONG... being nice is terrific but being nice to all the wrong ideas is to carry the water of the devil....

    I hate having had to be NOT NICE but damnit people... you will get the flames of hell if you can't see nice does not get it done when the job needs the strength and conviction of flat out assertive in your face truth...

    sometimes nice appeases a situation but nice is what you give your kids because you love them, nice isn't what you hand to strangers everywhere without understanding nice has repercussions...

    An example... say I encounter a man ourside the bar and have a long walk home.... If I am nice I may end up with annoying dangerous company for my long walk home.... if I am curt and dismissive I get to walk home free and unaccosted.... and that is what drives me nuts about these nicey nice people on the internet..... don't hand people that side of you...stick to the subject matter...use your brain... have an opinion.... nice isn't an opinion, it is just cowardly....

    is there a difference between nice and being a dick .... of course.... and all need to be countered with the proper routing....

    I am very pleased with the attitudes of the people who do post here because they know how to have a cutting edge, stay true to themselves, offer thought to the situation, show no signs of agenda and do not sacrifice their pride on some bullshit perceived alter of acceptance...

    1. and they understand how to be nice while maintaining their command of the weapon that is them and how it has to be pointed at that that deserves destruction...

    2. Have you ever observed a bird of prey in action, Geno? A kite, a hawk, a kestrel, a falcon, an eagle...? They hover silently in the sky, carefully surveilling the terrain before picking the right moment to strike. I suspect there are many who are awakening who are in that position; learning all they can, familiarising themselves with what's unfolding, adapting to the challenges, watching out for hidden dangers. We are here. Beware the quiet ones, as the saying goes......

      Being 'nice' is often equated with being weak, yet psychopaths can appear nice while stabbing their victims in the back. Genuine empathy and compassion are to my mind not signs of weakness but of strength. The psychopaths know this, lacking it in themselves. Our defence is not to allow them to exploit ours.

    3. of course empathy is key but ignoring evidence of blatant wrong to self serve or simply because one has been brainwashed by TV sitcom families is beyond annoying and closer to contempt....

    4. Great point Valdi... eloquently stated.

    5. Boy this is a hot topic for me, lol. I've seen soooo many of those nicey nice people who then turn and backstab almost everybody. And if they do it to others, they will do it to you too.
      My own sister sat at my well-spread table with choice of two desserts, no less.....JUST TO check and see if I was aware of all her backstabbing she had been doing for years, among other family members.
      And I can just imagine the conversation on her way back home.
      Then after her death, some of her backstabbing has gotten told on her.

      Then I also know how some pretender xtians will do one of two things: Either they have whispered behind the backs of their 'brethren'....OR, they have kept their lip zipped to the point where they refused to warn any of their brethren who were being done wrong, using the excuse that 'we shouldnt say anything bad about anybody'.....and let many many others go ahead and get hurt or harmed.

      Fact is, the entire bible is filled with exposing evil doing or evil doERS; Jesus never covered up for anyone's evil doing. He even tells us to 'expel the wicked from among us'.

      As for Dr. Phil, I've heard his show a few times, and I've seen him have this idea that 'we should accept and love everybody'. That is WRONG, totally wrong.
      Just ask ourselves, is this ignoring of a persons wrong or evildoing, holding that person ACCOUNTABLE for their actions? Nope. It is aiding and abetting them in their harmful actions, and thus allowing others to get hurt who are in their path tomorrow and next week.
      So Dr. Phil has 'religion' but he doesnt have true christianity.

      I have a family member who is all bubbly and just loves everybody. So then should I think her love for me is worth anything more than a paper bag with holes in it?
      Love and respect has to be earned; not freely lavished on anything that breaths in and out. It also must be EARNED. Love corrects, it does not sweep their schitt under the rug and just say 'oh lets do lunch sometime'.

      How do any of these people think a bad apple will someday become good.....if their evil/wrong doing is always condoned???

      P.S. I had an anodyne treatment yesterday on my sick painful neck/whiplash.....and I gotta say I'm much better today. Will probably have a couple more of them. (Then I have to make my 'appointments' to get to use this computer, ya know, lol.)

    6. Truth hurts, but somebody has to have the spine to tell them the ugly truth. I have done that all of my life, so not many people like me. I tell the truth and say “go ahead and hate me all you want.”
      The sociopaths engineered the political correctness for the masses to tolerate their insanity, and the majority of the suck ups are very well-trained just to keep their shares of the pies going while screwing everybody else in the process.
      When the RV happens, I am going to be a recluse more than ever to keep away the insanities from my life.

  7. Glad ur better go love someone;)

    1. The ooey gooey churchy people have turned the love word into something very cheap. I doubt most of them even know anything about it, the genuine.
      I've even told God I hope He erases that word from all vocabulary in the Kingdom to come. THATS how much I think it has been sooooo misused and abused.

      Its a word that I see people use to try to 'snow people' and to take the place of real love by Actions.

      So, lets just move on, lol.

      Geno....anyone.....ya know whats going on with the rv? I mean, for real? I can't seem to find anything said by CL or JL lately, regarding it. ?

    2. well adding up everyones predictions and dividing by Pi and subtracting greed... Tuesday looks good...

    3. Hi all.....Klondike I totally agree with your take on things; same here. To tell them 'go ahead and hate me all you want to' really floors them; leaves them speechless,, you don't mind being hated??

      Thats how these lovey dovey people are; they cannot stand being hated by anyone and just gotta have their heaping portions of 'love' from everybody to give themselves their (false) sense of self worth, Lol.
      This is why they go around telling everybody and their dog, that they 'love them'......

      Well, I say piss on them; who cares to have a skunk love us, huh? LOL. Actually, I'd feel like something was just not right if 'everybody loved me'.
      Yeah, 'recluse' is a word that is prevalent at this house too.

      I took a trip a few years back, thru mountains, and stopped off around one of the bends at this old, very plain country restaurant. I said I wanna stop here and have breakfast. Tables had the old oil cloth on them, wood floors, and one of the best breakfasts I've ever had.
      Waitress told us of one of our old famous singers who retired up there, on top. We went on up there. What a quaint hideaway; he used to sit on the benches on the 'main drag' and got away from it ALL up there. From hollywood and tv glittering lights, to quiet and glum.

      Might be a consideration, except that in snowy, icy times, you would have to just stay stuck. But the few people up there are all very cordial. Tho I would not wanna drive up or down that winding mountain after dark either.
      Maybe I will just continue to shop around, lol.