Thursday, May 9, 2013


CNN anchors pretend they're having a "satellite interview" even though they're in the same parking lot.

"Sorry, we're experiencing a delay in the broadcast while we both wait for this bus to go by."
Yes, those are all the same cars. Apparently they thought we wouldn't notice because Nancy is on the right side of the screen, when in reality she is to Asleigh Banfield's left. See The Atlantic Wire'sexcellent breakdown of the shots to see exactly what happened. Tricky, CNN, very tricky. We understand, though. When a major crime story like the Cleveland Kidnapping breaks, you have to send in Nancy Grace. However, since Nancy Grace is a poorly-medicated vengeance demon who's always just a bad morning away from ending up on her own show, you also send in a real anchor with whom she can "correspond." Unfortunately, it's hard to get shooting permits in Cleveland on short notice, you actually send neither of them to Cleveland and have them talk to each other across a Phoenix parking lot. Do us a favor, CNN, just put them next to each other and have them talk into each other's faces instead of relaying their words through satellites to come back down 30 feet away like we're idiots.


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    1. What's the fun of having satelites or medias if you can't play with them? What's the fun of having a nation of human animals, if you can't play with them?

      What's a Jew to do when pulling the wings off flies loses it's appeal?

      Wow...Timbo... get a load of the CAPCHA i got for this one... iesbyRe Lord - I is by RA Lord.

    2. captcha--All the more evidence the super computer who runs the world has developed a sense of humor....

    3. It is one of the AI programs I do agree based on what I know fraud detection algorithms. An algorithm can be created to try and nudge one into greater levels of paranoia. For sake of sanity and maintaining clear mind it good to remember what Geno pointed out previously they are sporting with us who they deem as their chattle and slaves.

    4. I think it's rather fun... cuz you know sometimes words have two meanings.

      2nd ooperd... okay, that one's got me stumped.

    5. you put your foot in it on Abby...oops...your the oops girl now.... branded by the captcha

  2. I'd rather get my news from "SUX O COCK NEWS" anchored by the energetic Artist Taxi Driver three times a day from his cab in London.

    Shakespeare wrote "The world is a stage.", and St. Germaine will confirm that, if John can get him on your radioblog with T-man. GUARANTEED to go viral!!


  3. His latest (8:14min) should be of interest to John. Talking about, "Is Britain corrupt?".Just posted, and I bet he is gonna talk in that crazy voice when his voice goes high pitch!! I LOVE THAT!! His solar plexus energy center is wide effin OPEN whenever you hear that pitch in his voice! GREAT WARRIOR FOR TRUTH, man.....


    1. Jolly old England wrote the book on 'corrupt', the head of that country is so rotten it's about to fall off, eh mum? Pip pip, tally ho!

  4. **sick special** BBC Sucks O Cocks News

    Direct link: (9:24min) from last evening.


  5. GREAT sniffer here actually, Wanda!

    Yet, your warrior-mode lingo to John is un-called for, Sister.

    We are beyond negotiating point on this here, Sister. Chill.

    Next item. John answers some points brought forth, non-dodgey style, for once(well....trying for affect). How many now?


  6. Thank you Daryl... the trick is in the wording. It is spellcraft. One could say i am a semantic. Not to be confused with a semetic, which i am not... not that there's anything wrong with that. You are what you are... it is what you do that matters.

    As to the the words exchanged between John and i, i do get passionate about not getting the straight answers... ten years is plenty of time to get down to business... unless you are already in business. And... that would be between John and me, wouldn't it? I think he should be man enough to hold his own in an argument with a woman, wouldn't you? After all, he is savior of the dinar for everyone, isn't he?

    As to non dodgy answers... you might think you got some... but look how long it took for the caveats to come in afterwards... just in case. CYA... wink, wink... ;)

    Peace... and I like you Daryl... and even if i didn't, i wouldn't want to see you or anyone else harmed by being led by the nose... and that includes Jews.

    I like this quote from this article:

    It’s got nothing to do with truth, that’s for sure. In fact, it’s almost impossible to think of any area where people with a successful career are very little more than paid liars. That’s what they get paid so much for: their ability to deceive and manipulate people.

  7. Interesting road you took it to.....


    1. The road less traveled. Thank you for noticing.


      Good morning Get Real... Great day in the morning... and what a difference a day makes.

      For anyone who has the Auto Inspection scam running in their State, you know what dejection the CHECK ENGINE light can cause when you are holding your car together with duct tape... i am one such driver. You can pay a garage a lot of money to maybe fix it, maybe not... you can buy a specific tool to reset the light (reportedly not expensive, but that term is relative these days)... and that may or may not work... you can fix it yourself according to what you paid a garage for simple diagnostics and still have the light stay on (they said they couldn't guarantee THAT was the problem)... and finally, out of sheer desperation and exasperation you find insight. Here's mine...

      Completely disconnect the battery cables... both. Honk the horn for whatever time it takes to completely take all the charge remaining in your system... mine actually didn't beep at all. (You won't drain your battery because it is unconnected) Reconnect the cables and start the car... it worked for me and the light was off. You may have to re-program your radio's automatic stops and re-set your clock... and it's all good. I see no reason why this fix would not work on all vehicles... mine is a 2001 Korean job.

      Hit them where it hurts... and save money too. I think information like this is getting out now because there is much, much less money in the system... they've taken it too far and now even the crooks have to lower their standards... they got to help us out some just to stay in business.

  8. @ Geno,

    I don't have my volume up... So, not only the same vehicles going by, but it also comes across as overly animated in appearance.

    You can't make this stuff up!

    Good morning ~ Wanda... darylluke...

    Get Real

    1. well...they can make it up and they do....

      This could be fake to fake....

      You know....

      And I should have thought of that because they fake one thing to fake the other thing to come back and say see it was internet fakery all along.... but the wild fire has been lit and winds are whipping it up...

  9. Humanity.

    Please, allow me to make a respectful and accurate series of points.

    1. All the Human species, with NO Exceptions, are singularly products of evolution. No divine intervention, and no species made in any parties likeness. Simply developed cellular carbon structures within set environments and gravitational constraints. We are but- Thinking Animals, predatory carnivores at that!

    2. Yes, we developed Religious aspirations, some seeking a reason or purpose for life. Others manipulated by ruthless, conspiring and devious, manipulative charlatans. Almost all religions are based on bogus non events and Male domination. As such, they fail us all.Truth is so much more.

    3. Judaic beliefs of an especially profound and superior exclusiveness are contrived, divisive and contrary to our species needs as a herd society seeking to develop. Almost all religious history is Mythology and no more. Fundamental fairy tales and lies. Simple stories to indoctrinate and bind the peasants under the Fiefdom of the Churches.

    4.So called, Blue Blood families again are contrived propaganda. The Teutonic and Norman Knight eras propagated most of it. Norman Barons were actually ravaging Nordic Vikings who settled in what is now Normandy ( Meaning Norse men) in France, developing it by intermarriage as a Trading region.
    Equally they as Vikings plundered, ravaged and raped their way across Europe, decimating the Peasant communities.
    The So Called - Barons, were little more than tyrannical and murderous Feudal War Lords. Cutthroat Bandits.

    The combined cross marriages of Euro Trash of one kind or another, was all based on Military allegiances for power, wealth and safety.
    The English and French Knights were titles granted to various communal War Lords for allegiance and tithes to the then ruling monarchs. Akin to elevating Pirate Captain Hook to a perceived Nobility for wealth seized and shared with the Crown. However bloody its capture. As with the Crusaders Holy Land wars. Few for Noble efforts or deeds. These were times for psychotics,deviants and rapacious primeval men to subjugate their fellow beings aided by duplicitous and perverse Religious sycophants. God help their victims who accrued their wrath. The families of most are built on genocide and suppression. No different to the Popes.

    We live in a world of false truths. Man is only as good as the standards we set ourselves to aspire to. Our past is bleak. Our world, divided by False Gods and mass ignorance. However, as an emerging species, hope is real

    New Dawns are evident, as aspirations for standards and a better world are becoming prevalent as literacy and communication improves. As we become a reasoning species, barriers can be removed and new truths prevail.

    Seeking Truth is the real frontier.

    Who are we, what is our purpose, is there a Creative Entity, God? Do we totally expire, or is the Soul incarnate? Is there evidence of Dimensional alternative realities? Who, or what is God? We seek the eternal quandary, are we alone? Is there hope to our suffering?
    Man needs- something. Or total despair is all there is.

    Is there more? Yes.
    Is there TRULY a greater power behind the madness? YES!
    Can man develop to become more? Yes, we will and we have to. Because, in time, our planet as we know it. will expire. What then? Will the bleak rock let all have been for nothing? In the mean time, we are here, today. What can we do to contribute better elements in the unfolding journey of man?

    There is Global harmony between our nations, camaraderie between the key entities seeking the GS and RV resolutions, and mutual synergy to ensure the funds, once released, are utilized for better purpose than the Cabal War Lords and malignant Elites ever allowed.

    Our own cross perception of our responsibilities to humanity are the hope for all. That Beacon of Light- Hope, is alive. From that- Enlightenment and the slow emergence of better beings.

    1. John... You are an end justifies the means guy... That philosophy is a loop that will play out exactly the same...

    2. "It is up to you to decide whether or not you're ready to be free, really free. This pertains to your relationship as well as your activities in the world. You are limitless, if you choose that! Your freedom comes from letting go. Freedom means empowerment to be, do, go, feel, whatever your heart tells you. Only you have kept yourself from having this freedom out of some misunderstanding of what your responsibilities really are. Your responsibilities are to your Self. Serve that truly, fully, and you serve All."

      -- Alma Daniel

      by Soren Dreier

      “Listen Brother: This is the Matrix, we talked about that….
      I know you are scared and you are new to all this, I have been here before:
      - They will try to break you.
      - They will try to give you fear
      - They will try to tell you that you are not unique.
      - They will limit your powers.

      As your Brother I tell you this:
      We are not humans seeking spirituality. We are spiritual beings seeking humanity. As your Brother I promise you this: When you’re down and weary I´ll remind you of that. I´ll cover your back, because I love you. Are we cool on that? Ok, I´ll call for a drink then, let´s have some fun…..”!

    3. Bravo Geno. I've never been more proud of you than at his moment... maybe it's gas...;)

      Wowee... this CAPTCHA was: Directors urvairt

      Directors is pretty much straight on. U R U (the V is roman numeral for five...a five man, with five fingers and five toes... upright is correct... and also V interchangeable with the letter U in roman script... V is U), then air and T... T is the cross... your beliefs.. your theology.

      So, spellcrafted, we arrive at: Directors... U are U... mind and spirit. - CAPTCHA THAT !!!!

    4. When my son was running with some very bad undesirables... for many years... I attempted an "end justifies the means" plan to take what he seemed to value and redirect it to a slightly better situation... and it blew up big in our faces... I said then I would not do that again but....

      The world system is end justifies the means... every road requires some degree of facilitating the ideology to survive....

      The so called hard working tax paying citizen does more to perpetuate war than anyone else.... they fund war... then they take this attitude that no one else has a say since they are the one's flipping the bill...thus reinforcing the control grid and its spread....

      We could come up with a million examples and please do...

      That is why graham is attempting to make a stand...

      and others here...

      The spy versus spy methodology... cops and agents lure people into illegal behavior and then gladly accept more funding justified by their pied piperism...


      and here is the BIG BUTT...

      How does a world society stop the behavior cold turkey and prevent it?

      It is the individual who has to evolve to not participating....

      But seriously, as your life falls apart and are of little help to even your own family and friends is going down a martyr for a cause going to change anything?


      Maybe... maybe in the future...

      But the loop is the sell out....

      I can't guarantee I won't sell out but thus far my behaviors have been pretty petty crimes in the big picture... and in my opinion they aren't the same as elites who really can change things but really just want to keep everything they have and cement rule.... to act as Gods and decide everyone elses future... and people are right to holler about it as an ethical choice....

      But then... it is also a choice to protest with the respect that doesn't chase a conduit to power away...

    5. Excellent Point Geno, Wanda also illustrated a successful alternate path with this in her battery disconnect example.

      IMO part of breaking out of the loops are extracting as many fragments of my life back into the real realms. I can do this in some ways the controllers are not trying to direct me. OPPT as I see it is an attempt to herd me to 'the saviour' when in fact it submits me to entering documents that enter my spirit and mind to the court of evidence because i have defined it into the court as statements of fact.

      I prefer the path of growing all my fruits and vegetables, eating seasonally, bartering in crop shares for eggs and goats milk. Adopting GETS and LETS wherever possible. Moving tools used to manual tools - clothes drying rack/line, manual hand crank drills and foot cranked router. Think I need to move by a river soon to get my hydro band saw going ;)

    6. I have to add my personal definition of selling out is knowingly doing something one knows to be questionable ethics within one's own beliefs in order to get something in return... and so many do that but rationalize and justify to clean that pig up...

      This will be the 4th time I stated this but if I do sell out the last thing I will do as a truther is say, "I sold out" If I can't give details as to what I will try one last honorable thing by not continuing to preach since my license to preach will be cosmically and personally revoked...

      And then you will see my movies come out that does what other sell out film makers do... turn moral dilemmas into entertainment and hope others do better with it...

      Oh and by the way, I will never sell out by hurting a child or attending a ritual... that's 100% fact...

      My sell out will be opportunity in exchange for shutting up....and that sort of offer isn't generally what the devil wants... being a loud mouth sews division.... he likes that....he can live with that...he wants way more than that...

      There is more to this essay and it has to do with taking another human being's life... and the most common place for this to happen is the military..... where it is taught and encouraged and medals are given for it.... and ultimately we need to evolve behind that sort of justification of an end justifying a means...

    7. and ultimately we need to evolve "BEYOND" that sort of justification of an end justifying a means...

    8. "IMO part of breaking out of the loops are extracting as many fragments of my life back into the real realms. I can do this in some ways the controllers are not trying to direct me. OPPT as I see it is an attempt to herd me to 'the saviour' when in fact it submits me to entering documents that enter my spirit and mind to the court of evidence because i have defined it into the court as statements of fact." timbo
      Timbo, the One People is as far away from wanting to play "the savior" as one could be. It's about taking responsibility for your own being. They simply created some tools to help people extricate themselves from the illegal tentacles of the current sham in place.
      They don't and won't hold anyone's hand, that's what got us into this mess, the government tit, and the electronic tit in the living room.

      They foreclosed on the corporations of the world. Now it's up to the people to tell these actors that the show is over. We don't take orders from corporations or their employees. It will, and should always be up to a vigilant sovereign population to act as their own. We now have responsibilities to fill for ourselves, not hidden hands in high places, no more saviors, just doers.

  10. the anchor on the left looks like it could be Elaine from Seinfeld...

  11. This just in...see previous post....

    Obama kicks a door and the DPS demands an apology.... but first this word from Droolinol...

  12. And for anyone who is still trying to wrap their head around this willful deception. Some more evidence. They are in almost all probability in only one of these states and Ohio is definitely not one of them.

    1. Went there. That led me to here. Very nice looking and well designed. No, I'm not talking about the Nazi. ;)

      Want it, but don't need it...?

  13. think more than blood -- psychology is passed down.... the persecution complex... We need to get them before they get us... the best defense is a clandestine offense... deception...

  14. Because cable is subscriber based the rules to news are not the same.... It's like a magazine.... not held to the same journalist ethics...

    It would be nice to have someone really dig into this idea.... the fraud... the legal issues...

    1. According to Mike Rivera the Supremes have ruled. Cable news is not obligated to present the facts and can not be held criminally or financially liable for misrepresentation.

      He cited a ruling of the court that escapes me now.

  15. Paine in the pipeline?

    Twelve year old confronts Stazi:

    1. Pretty awesome kid... wants things right in his world... who could blame him?

      Similar situation, here is a student schooling his teacher to do her job and actually teach something... it is a righteous rant and i am right proud... you'll want to see this one...

      Okay Tim, you started something... catch the Capcha on this one: rednemp James - hmmmmm.

    2. what a hoot.. yea, i saw that and shared below; gotta luv the fact that he's conscience...

    3. BTW, it's good to see that there's some youth that still tune in, turn on, and are ready to drop out... especially when they sense a ruse.

    4. I smell more social engineering stunt work here... media...

    5. That is always a possiblity...

      cap: orshipes Lord

      no b.s., what's the deal with CAPCHA inundating me with the LORD????!!!!!!

    6. Captcha has deemed you a "heathen"... ;)

  16. Bernanke speech today 5/10 in Chicago built on foundation of lies.
    "That said, it is reasonable to ask whether systemic risks can in fact be reliably identified in advance; after all, neither the Federal Reserve nor economists in general predicted the past crisis."

    What he meant is "the Federal Reserve not Jewish Ivy League mortar boarded economists in general predicted the past crisis."

    Fact All the following predicted and warned about the 2009 Collapse the short list:

    1. Gerald Celente, an Italian
    2. Jim Sinclair
    3. Peter Schiff, German/Ashkenazi mutt.
    4. late Sir John Templeton
    5. Bob Wiedemer, an Ashkenazi who called out the crimes of his collective at least two years in advance of the 2009, educated at University of Wisconsin-Madison
    6. and scores of Austrian School and/or Libertarian Economists.

  17. we made it to NESARA REPUBLIC RESTORED....

    I think Geno....going to get a lot of hits today....

    1. If you're near the servers, you have a free heat source G...warm the Mange if you can stand the stench....;)

    2. Canauzzie,

      I referenced several time's at TERRYK's website John as a UK insider involved in the process near the top. Put links up I think 3 times there
      to Geno's site here. Those posts got 500+ hits within 4 hours. So, somebody was spreading those reference posts.

      There are rumors flying that prosperity packages are imminent for release, with many people getting calls about verifying their St. Germaine Trust application information to proceed with delivery. TerryK even posted that he was supposed to get his delivered today or tomorrow. Will we see this to be shown to be all BS, or real? Hope it's real. Past performance is it is all BS. We wait to see, as john would say, right? ALL we can do! Meanwhile, John throw us a few morsels now & then to chew on, so we don't go insane meanwhile. And, that I am extremely grateful to the man for doing that. The more information, the better, John!!


    3. Another week of no action. Expect nothing now until Tuesday or Wednesday.Bankers do not work on Fridays or Mondays, just attend. If not by Wednesday, write another week off. Sad irony. Close but no prize yet.

      Too many, expect too much. They can't even do one right yet, they are incapable of multi tasking on multi fronts. It will start with the PP deals first. Every day, another excuse. Endemic rot permeates through. Clockwork soldiers and Vatican Accounts. The Holiday season is coming up fast now. After Mid June nothing will happen until October. It's now or a cold bath for months. Confusion reigns. Good men try. Reality indicates, anything will be phased. You have about 4 weeks left, then it's a long haul.
      All that Prosperity scam is moonshine for Up Front Illegal Fee Hustlers.

      Dinarians just dig in and hope. Good Americans try daily in Reno and through multi states. They are the real, unsung heroes who will deserve the credit for the releases. Too many whining basket cases just need Bitch Slapping as pointless noise on the system. Windfalls are all balls. How many will have the brains to make good use of it this time? Fools and money soon parted? This is a KIND reminder. Lose it again and you DESERVE time out. Its Last Chance Saloon for most. Get a life! The next 2 weeks seem key to on or off between now or October. A lot of damn good guys have put their whole lives on the line for this. THEY, truly deserve a break.
      We work 18 hour days plus. 7 days a week. Wingers do what? If it pays out, For YOUR CHRISTS Sake-THINK IT OUT THIS TIME! Don't lose it again!
      THE HARDEST PART OF MONEY IS NOT MAKING IT- It's KEEPING IT! That is knowledge worth keeping. Good luck - all of you for next week and may your Gods go with you.

    4. John,

      That is putting it mildly, to deserve a time out if the money is lost foolishly!!

      "Sucker born every day, and two to take him!!" WC Fields, or was it PT Barnum....?

      I'm ring-fencing, just like you said!! I need IQD @ ~$3.00, VND @ ~30 cents. I can live on the dividends from that, even buy some land. Gonna buy an old John Deere harvester I can service myself. Same with cars. 1967-1970. Goats for the milk/cheese, chickens, and the occassional black angus farm raised for our freezer!! Apple, pear, and peach trees.
      If I'm lucky I'll be able to find a parcel that has some 50+ yr old hardwood.
      Creek would be a bonus, too.

      Did you get that thing(can't recall what you termed it) that confirms things? It was some kind of validation of funds or something to do with that....

      So, it is next Tuesday-Thursday? (Next two weeks)

      Thanks for updating, though not what I hoped for....


    5. John you can chastise me or anyone all you want but those of us who bought dinar did it because it leaked to the public...all of you in Reno and trying to get global settlements will make millions and billions for yourselves....

      Do not....

      I repeat....

      Do not make me lick your boots when that has nothing to do with this....

      There are a few around here that will but a few of us will not...

    6. Who asked you to lick anyones boots? Time to join the real world? You on Whackie Bakkie?
      I'll be crying with you if its ONLY mullions.
      Geno, you see, and understand only 10% of what is in play and real. Eulogizing crap is still crap. People need to live by reality. Hopefully many will get it next time.

    7. @ John,
      Thanks for the update... I hear the frustration and hope that we will see an end to this prior to the holidays that you speak of... To have to wait through another summer will be painful at best. And I know there are many that need this more than others. For me I feel as if I am living in a parallel universe.

      @ geno - I am sure you will say this is "licking his boots" but I don't see his ramblings as anything other than someone who is deeply entrenched in the process and needing an outlet. So, in essence, I don’t take it personally. In my job, I do this 2 or 3 times a day with fellow co-workers... those who understand what I am going through - allowing me to bitch and complain about the idiocy of my VP… someone that I have to continually kowtow to on a daily basis. It is hard to play the game, it takes much out of a person to have to back off from a position that they know is the right thing to do in order to placate [for the moment] those who are in control of the process. I know… I live it daily.

      Get Real.

    8. this rant clearly targets people here while crediting those who stand to make millions and billions of dollars...

      "They are the real, unsung heroes who will deserve the credit for the releases. Too many whining basket cases just need Bitch Slapping as pointless noise on the system. Windfalls are all balls. How many will have the brains to make good use of it this time? Fools and money soon parted? This is a KIND reminder. Lose it again and you DESERVE time out. Its Last Chance Saloon for most. Get a life! The next 2 weeks seem key to on or off between now or October. A lot of damn good guys have put their whole lives on the line for this. THEY, truly deserve a break.
      We work 18 hour days plus. 7 days a week. Wingers do what? If it pays out, For YOUR CHRISTS Sake-THINK IT OUT THIS TIME! Don't lose it again!"

      Arrogant, and pompous and credting people who would be doing this whether any of us ever heard about the dinar or not....

      and demanding we lick boots in worshipful appreciation....

      I will thank people when they tell the truth...

      thus far the truth is a big fat con game of self serving status quo business as usual...

      uh, don't believe me...Is Bush, Obama, Clinton, Pelsosi, Kissinger, you name them serving time or will they ever....

      fuck no....

      we shall file this one under B once again for

      Don't bullshit a bullshitter...

  18. What would be effect of one or more BRIC or other G20 nations raising their central bank interest rates?

    What is the probability of this occurring? In next few weeks or months.

  19. A dream revered lays it out...!

  20. "Do not be distracted by those who are trying to suck us into their divisive collectives. We are the American nationals of the American race and we are of all pigments of skin. All we have to do to be a united unstoppable force is to agree to enforce our individual rights as individuals. We cannot be infiltrated and we cannot be dissuaded as we assert ourselves as the absolute sovereigns of this nation."

    Zion in the US Implementing Old Strategies – No Sale

  21. @Wanda your awareness and understanding of spell craft is far more developed than mine within English. I have been wondering why do you chose to write i instead of I?

    I feel certain this has been thought out.

    1. Yeah... it was, but so long ago now, i can't even remember when i started it. It was something i read that the capital I hadn't always been used in the personal and it resonated with me and i changed from that moment on. I did revert to the I, you might have noticed, when i wrote the 112 genetic diseases article... seemed like the thing to do.

      I feel like it isn't all about the I and what is good for the I... it can only ever work the way it was designed with care and concern for all the little i's. Even potatoes have i's. Aye, aye, yi, yi... yi YI !!!!!!!!!! = i's upside down.

      You'll get better, you are already excellent at it. We all are. We just forgot about it because we were taught pig latin. It's all the same though... from our lips to God's ears... that's the first thing to real eyes.

      My sun and i studied latin together and we hang together a lot and it is all spell craft all the time... well, that and divining the depths of the mysterium.

      cap: from tancyF

  22. Jeff Bliss decided to give their teacher a lesson at the Duncanville High School.

    EPIC. Kid’s got his head on straight.
    I give props to the guy, keeping his cool and not getting over his hat in anger. Allegedly the teacher is Julie Phung, a World History/ Asian American Studies teacher.

    There is now an ongoing petition to fire and sustain the teaching right of that teacher.
    Sign it at Spread the word, save our school and educational system!

    Here’s what he says in the video, in case you can’t hear him well.
    Student: Going off on kids because they don’t freakin get this crap?
    Teacher keeps saying “bye” and “get out”
    Student: If you would just get up and teach ‘em instead of handing them a freakin packet, yo! There’s kids in here who don’t learn like that…
    They need to learn face to face. You’re just getting mad because I’m pointing out the obvious.
    Teacher: “No it’s cuz you’re wasting my time”
    Student: No I’m not wasting your time; I’m telling you what you need to do.
    You want kids to come into your class? You want them to get excited for this?
    You gotta come in here and make them excited. You want a kid to change and start doing better?
    You gotta touch his freakin heart. Can’t expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell ‘em.
    Teacher: “Bye”
    Student: You gotta take this job serious. This is the future of this nation. And when you come in here like you did last time and make a statement about ‘oh this is my paycheck’, indeed it is…but this is my country’s future and my education. But there’s a limit, when I’m not bitching, but simply making an observation. And now I will leave.
    You’re welcome! And if you would like, I’ll teach you a little more so you can actually learn how to teach a freaking class,
    (teacher keeps saying “bye” and “just go”)
    because since I got here, I’ve done nothing but read packets; so don’t try to take credibility for teaching me jack.
    Teacher: “Close the door”

  23. That wasn't me citing a plan that was me pointing out the problem in their psychology... need to be clearer...

    The Jewish question is one of individualism over collectivism.... when your collective demands compliance to a small wheel house of permissable freedoms that ironically maximizes larger degrees of control and monopoly, the individual has to say, I am benefitting through deception of others and I choose not to be apart of that... Brother Nathanial would be an example of that...

    and I have to say, we as people make snap judgments on what we see....Brother Nathanial looks to be quite the odd character with the outfit and the huge cross....

    First off, so many reject religion...secondly they reject costume and that physical first impression isn't the psychology we get with a news anchor is it?

    We get suit and perfect hair and no religious symbols right?

    Guys like Peter Jennings was a groomed purveyor of what was a carefully tailored social engineering calming of the mass herd..... his soothing voice....

    Another example is notice how all the celebrity 911 truthers are the whacky stars.... the Sheens and Rosie O'Donnels etc.

    We need to be aware of the con artistry psyche warfare to keep from falling for it...

    No one wants to be a participant in what is deemed "hate" by the borg that controls and punishes... but anger is justifiable and we need to stand firm on the distinctions....especially if you find yourself on a jury one day defending me...

  24. We call Nancy 'Nancy DISgrace' because she is a disgrace. I wonder just HOW she got herself from the court rooms as a very ordinary lawyer, TO her own shows and being a big-mouth.

    It is a joke when she advertizes herself as 'I love what I do because I am able to change things and help people'.
    Yeah, she has helped to drive several people to suicide by her bringing out trash about them, and pushing them to the brink on national TV. Thats how she has 'helped'.

    And even now, don't we find it very strange that HLN has not had one single person on there who ever said anything good about the defense of Jodi Arias? And how they have all ignored the kinkyness of Travis? And the fact that he was also a liar by putting on a front publicly, while being a filthy kinky minded person behind closed doors....and on Audio tape?

    I know the girl is very very messed up, but its obvious the jury did not even listen to the Defense closing arguments, at least. (I do find it strange how one can slash somebody 29 times and then sit in front of a camera and act so innocent. THAT is a messed up person.)

    I think she was just plain born with some mental defect that there is no cure for. Bad seed. But Nancy DISGrace helps by going for the jugular, when in fact there is always 'reasonable doubt' when there are no witnesses.

    What is scarey here, and my point, is how SEEMINGLY nice people ALL show such glee that this woman will prolly get the death penalty. THAT is whats scarey.

    This woman, AND her dead boyfriend, claiming 'religious Mormonism' is a joke. All they have done is join some organization and then TRY to adhere to what that organization has 'trained them' to think. But when it came to REAL LIFE living, it was only skin deep; never sunk in. Just two filthy imoral ordinary people no different than the rest of the world, by and large.

    I'm just a little surprised that the Canadian, Ashley, would join in the mainstream. I also think the same thing about the early morning dark haired one with the tight sweater boobs, would fall in with them. She is a 'pastors daughter'. Looks like none of her childhood upbringing sunk into her head either. (Of course, I know 99% of these pastors are just playing the God-game anyhow.)

    1. Abby, most if not all these televised murder trials are of fake murders with actors.... I cannot begin to explain the why....some sort of psychological warfare to keep us scared and accepting the police state but if you find just one person in the entire event is an actor then the entire event is staged and you need to pay attention to the people out here who are exposing the same actors and families working in all these events....

      I wish I had someone better than Chiarini because his avalanche of work is way too much to decipher, especially when some seems purposely ridiculous...

      but sometimes you have to use the disinfo to get the part that is true and work from there....

      Cable does not have truth on it.... It is a diabolical social engineering psychological warfare front and believing any of these stories is to play into their hands....


      spend a fair amount of time here.... you will get mad at some that are quite ludicrous and yet you will find some that look to be factual and whenever an event has fraud attached you can bet it is all fraud...

      Those who expose may be part of the same matrix...


      Look at this page Abby....

    4. Geno - Who would be willing to sit in jail for nearly 5 years like that, then spend 2 million dollars for some fake Trial like that, and what 12 jurors would take 4 months of their own lives to sit there...if that trial was, for....what??
      Not to mention be willing to become 'the most hated woman in america'for the rest of their life?
      I simply see no reason for it, even among the insane who are in 'positions of authority'.

    5. what jail what jury? the sound stage you mean?

    6. Geno, come on, this is not all fake. Give proof please. And I didnt see anything on that site you posted, about casey anthony.
      Its a real stretch on the one article there, to say that tom landry is/was pope paul 2...and chelsea is holloway.
      Now, I've heard it all. And which is the fake; I say the site is a stretch and photo shopped.
      Where's the real proof of this stuff.

    7. I have always clearly stated much of it is quite ludicrous but if you don't want to find 1 in 10 that proves fraud then just forget it, because that is all it takes....

      They are scripting the events....did 911 teach you nothing?

    8. Geno - I was talking more about these Trials. I watched a good bit of the Arias Trial to see what I could detect, and to see how the Court System works today. It is real. The boyfriend is cut up and very dead. The boisterous blood thirsty crowd outside may be hired actors, but not the trial.
      I also heard the prosecutor say 'even if she decided to lash out at him with a knife even a SECOND before she did it, it is pre meditated'.
      NO, that is NOT premeditated ! What bullschitt is that ! Also easy to see which way the Judge's always lean for the prosecution. Man, these people love to kill the defendant -- to put her to death for killing somebody.
      Another thing I noticed about our judicial system, is that from the start they called it Murder. Killing is not murder; two different things, which they NEVER distinguished at all. Yeah, you learn a lot by watching a case once in awhile.
      Beware our so called judicial system, folks.

      Now 911 etc are a different story, I agree.

  25. He's been president for five years and there are still no answers. Who the heck is this guy...?

    Does he really exist?!

  26. Slight of hand and twist of fate, on a bed of nails she makes me wait.

    1. Try flagellation, at least your in control.

    2. and when you fake it it is called a false flagellation....

    3. I never fake it, check out the rusty nails.

    4. Don't pierce with a rusty one.

    5. At least get your Td... wait, maybe not, the lockjaw might be better than the content of the vaccine...

      Who knows any more.

      Get Real

  27. I flagellated all over the place when John said October!!!!!! Oiiii Veiiii!!

    When is somebody gonna start cracking heads to make the GS/RV flow already?


    1. We are spending a lot of Real Time and Real Money daily with huge Real Global comms trying to get it done. Our own real investments in structuring alone run to vast tens of millions. We are as frustrated, but hard negotiating. I credit only the guys who deserve it in Reno, Ohio etc, and give the accolades to them. Behind sit chains of Wannabees whinging the world owes them? What? Be grateful if it works, and I ONLY nominate the the guys who merit praise for trying. The real world is based on paying for what we need. There is no market yet for bartering BS.
      Damned right we invested big money, our own money, positioning ourselves for maxing out when ready. We see it as a hard earned gamble. Others a right? What planet are they on? Truly, I hope for all, but can they ring fence it this time? After taxes, will any be rich? Without the smart money in, there will be no money for any. Good guys are trying hard, and far better recipients than the Cabal or Zionists. Talking Socialism is cheap.Try funding it? Money makes the world go around. No money, no honey. The camp followers are doing what to help make it happen?

    2. right then say that....

      we invested our own time and strife for business gain....

      Resenting the millions of people who heard about a currency investment is a waste of your energy not ours....

      excuse us for maybe trying to get a break the elite has always been privy to...

    3. John - You say 'you only give credit to those in Reno and Cleveland Ohio ' who DESERVE it because they invested their OWN hard earned money.

      Hell, John, THOSE people happened to be in a (given) position to be in Reno to DO something; same for Ohio guy.
      For you to say THEIR own invested money should be rewarded, while the underlings money invested should NOT be rewarded, is just plain messed up thinking.

      Its easy to see that you STILL have not one single idea what its like to be a human being hindered round the world BY those in given positions 'who are soooo deserving' , as being 'undeserving'.

      Man oh man, I've just heard it all......AGAIN.

      And once again you are HINTING that only those 'high echelon deserving' are gonna get paid, so get ready to NOT get paid.

      Such jargon, when you tap dance like that.
      Whats new. You sound more like some one who wants to 'play Daddy, who will hand out some meager allowance depending upon behavior and at your own whim'.

    4. "excuse us for maybe trying to get a break the elite has always been privy to..."

      Well summed up Geno. Who the hell says that only the hot-shot mega traders and wall street hustlers are any more "entitled" to wealth than us average "Joe's". One thing is for sure is we the "peons" with morality and compassion would do a helluva more good in the world than most of the current squanderers of wealth.

  28. Anchors are actors, the "news" chosen to hypnotize the viewers and maintain the trance. Find any recorded newscast from the 60's, 70's, or even the early 80's, and the differences in format, depth, and yes, truth, are startling. Little by little, the slippery slopes became the paths descending to where we are now. Reality is only perception, and the deception perception is the only reality we are now served.
    It is unfathomable that the standards of journalism that were taught to me in high school are not even considered a memory, or a work of fiction, they have CEASED TO EXSIST!

    The "art" of anchoring the news;

  29. Http://

  30. No Abby, I don't think he stated that. It is your perspective that may have seemed to be what he meant/implied. Us "underlings" as you refer to us PEONS, will get paid the same as everybody else.

    I believe John was just being sincere in his humility, which is a very rare character trait for the ultra-wealthy.

    Remember, in the 1900's to be a millionaire really meant something.
    That was when gold was $20/ounce. Today's millionaire's are mostly rich arrogant punks, but they really have no reason for such self-pride and aloofness, because they are a dime a dozen. But, today's billionaires? Not many of those, like yester-years millionaires. So, to be in dialog with a man of many dozens of generations of wealth bloodline is a unique opportunity, and I for one am grateful to the man and respect his depth of character. Though many have differences with him for various reasons. He come here trying to understand us, is what I am getting. THAT is a unique opportunity for any of them. NONE seem to have stepped up to the bar to even try with us at this point, except this man.

    I am just talking from the heart here. IF I was boot-licking, I'd have much more choice words to select. Here I just let it flow as I feel it, and hope the message gets through I was trying to convey. What can I gain by boot-licking anyway? Am I gonna befriend him to get to meet with me then I steal his $2000 shoes?

    Who gave a shit about Haiti when it hit? I know regular Americans were heart-broken by that HAARP-induced "tragedy". The billionaires of the world did not raise a finger that I am aware of. And, that monster Bush, Sr, Clinton did a commercial to text $10 donations to the poor in Haiti only to steal EVERY NICKEL of those contributions nationally. And, all Americans made themselves feel a bit better for helping another soul in strife. Unfortunately not knowing they just got conned , again by monsters preying on & around strife. To this day no real help ever arrived on Haiti's shores. ALL the help got stolen.


    1. Thank you for your developed consciousness Darylluke.A few do get it. I do get tired listening to tiresome, unrealistic Socialist Rights crap on Welfare.
      Hell, why not just sit back and take our profits? Its tempting.
      Instead, we are networking, talking LISTENING, creating a CDFI to help distressed American cities and people. Doing, acting, putting back. Or do we,American style, just wire it to the Caribbean or Paraguay?
      Careful Darylluke, do my shoes have trackers fitted? (Lol)

    2. Sorry Daryl, but I don't look UP to anyone, and bloodlines are not something that really matters, and something that is not gained anyhow, by ones efforts.
      Totally insignificant. Instead, 'show me your fruit' and then I decide what I think of a person.
      Total honesty would be a trait I look for, for one.
      Arrogance is a big Minus.
      You will see it sooner or later. (Geno does. Its amazing what you can see from a parking lot, lol.)

    3. well I deserve more credit than that since the parking lot is 6 weeks old and I was asking the white hats the toughest questions beginning in November 2010... (I can prove it)

      I tried to help what was supposed to be posses mounting up and instead found it's men lining up... of course it will be painted as some sort of heroic rumble in the dirt but it's really a dirty tumble over turf... no one is concerned with higher principles, just higher gains and more power...

      But again I have to restate idealism is pointless in this world... we are supposed to trust who ever takes over the lead is going to be nicer to the peasants...

      gee thanks...

    4. Geno - I know from the beginning, as I read all the WH Reports, and I saw how they changed right on down to where lying excuses were made for not posting #48. Couldnt even be honest about that, but just sort of drifted away as their agenda changed.

    5. Paladin didn't deserve the blame and Tman should not have let him get it. Paladin was the worker, the investigator, it was not his decision to publish that was Tman's and others associated at higher levels.

      I had the 3 varying perspectives on the big picture and each other and everyone is human, entitled to moments of imperfection, frustrations, angers, disagreements... and clearly, if you sit a year waiting for something in Reno it proves that they don't have the power that we were led to believe they have... it was a matter of waiting their turn...and applying pressure where they could...

      If the public gets screwed you will hear a lot more from me...If I get screwed you will hear a lot more from me...

      But men of honor don't screw people right?

      But Abby the real world has nothing to do with justice.... it's putting pressure on the levers...

      I am more than happy to sing praises where praises are due... not shred and praise in some sort of alternate personality switch.... and when I praise you can trust I mean it...

  31. good points Vic, welcome back....

  32. i get it .....

    boots licked and polished ....shall i send them around in the limo.....

    1. You get what? Have you met the white hats personally and had private conversations with three of the main players for 3 years? I don't think so... But I have. If we lived in a world where true media and intelligence gets revealed so we can all make smart decisions that benefit all of us I would compile a huge report. But I won't do that because I live in a world where I can only report a fraction of what I learn... I won't betray the trust given just as a reporter doesn't report "off the record" comments...

      But I won't stand for the public 180 degree spins and contradictions and coupled with I know to be agendas that serve themselves first and show a mean spirited bigotry that the deaf dumb and blind can see.

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    1. yeah there you go the faces of "caring" about their fellow man...

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    3. Guys, YOU have 'got it'. Just like I have. If or when the super wealthy EVER help anyone, notice that its nickles and dimes, and laborious ditch digging jobs are in our future. THAT is what one can stand to gain from their comradship with John. HE will decide your worth, aint that a pip, lol.

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