Saturday, May 11, 2013

Britain's Police State

Webmaster note: The Tea pot keeps calling the kettle black and I think perhaps we need to once again review the door step of those who seek to make our home as clean as theirs. yeah right.  And I am also getting tired of wealthy men seeking funds that will serve themselves and telling us it's because they want to help us. Enough, I know I'm not that naive. Those of us who hold dinar bought it lawfully and whoever started this needs to finish it with a revalue of some increase, whether ten cents or a dollar. The money will pay taxes and get the economy going again. I am beginning to wonder exactly who is stopping what and why...


  1. I agree, Geno. There is no difference between Britain, the rest of the E.U. and the United States because we all have the same puppet masters. It's no comfort to think our political puppets don't steal as much or kill as many as yours.

    1. Exactly.... no it's a feeble old man and his low IQ sons keeping everyone from vast riches and jobs...

  2. The answer lies within Carrol Quigley´s book ´Tragedy and Hope. Powerful people on the one hand advance their self interests and on the other hand depending on the kind of individuals they are help the world from time to time, but entirely on their own terms.

    That is simply the way the world works as a result of basic social structure of the past and present. Some have no power whatsoever as they never have put their own interests first. Extremely kind (or just not smart), but the end result is that such individuals get pushed around during times like these. Utopias might appear wonderful, but people are not perfect and thus it is not even realistic to assume the best.

    Give people room and most cling to a-musement full time. They would not contribute anything to evolution in any way. No, there should be a solid educational system first. Excess without direction is humanitarian, but useless and will result in corruption in no time. After all, those who are not vigilant will quickly fall to human predators. Any system can be corrupted and every system will be corrupted without continuous vigilance.

    What you are looking at is inherent in human nature itself. The pointing of fingers at any specific country is therefore useless as this darker side of human nature will always rise up when too few understand and appreciate the true value of liberty.

    There is nothing that begets weakness and ignorance better than excess. It is thus not without reason that ignorance and weakness are most prevalent in those countries which have experienced the greatest excesses in recent times. Whilst those with excesses should technically have the greatest possibilities for development and advancement the irony is that difficulties and hardships are what truly can make people great.

    At the end of the day, the Dinar just was a currency like any other. A fiat currency even. There were no true fundamentals that warranted a massive increase in value. The back door dealings between syndicates are all that might make it possible and even then, I would not consider it more than a gamble. The only reason why I hold some myself (a truly minor position in comparison to my other holdings) are the words of Hodges. Had he said nothing I would not even have touched it with a thirty foot pole. Comparison with neighboring countries indicated that it might triple in value over time. Anything more is a bonus. Speculation about oil fields backing it is subject to ownership questions of those oil fields. Insiders might have such information, but nobody publicly gave any hint of real understanding of such matters. If the Dinar ever reaches the ridiculous values portrayed by some, then keep in mind that the rise in your holdings comes at the expense of purchasing power of others somewhere on the globe. There can be no truly legitimate reason for that rise in value and everyone knows it. Iraq has nothing the rest of the world does not have. The United States of America has some of the biggest oil fields in the world, all kept under wraps. Frankly oil is not nearly worth as much as perceived in the face of suppressed new forms of energy.

    So in short everyone here is here to a greater or lesser extent for their own rise in power. Being poor is no excuse or alibi for not having any capacity for evil. You only did not have the liberty to do as you might have wished. If anyone here ever acquires power, they still have to prove if they are truly as good as they pretend to be. Talking the talk is so easy, but walking the walking is much harder as you might find out.....

    1. Maybe I am naive.... I was told by our heroes to get in on this along with a wide range of colorful stories that in retrospect makes me wonder what is really going on...

    2. Geno,

      Tell us some of these wonderful "colorful stories".....


    3. why? it would be like gum...chew it and toss it.

  3. Geno - Like I've been saying.....and now we see it.
    I'm wondering what next week's excuse will be.

  4. Good morning John. Hope you are doing well. FYI I happen to be an architect and community planner. That is the reason I pointed you to Hershey, Pennesylvania of recent. Having studied various models always offers a fresh perspective in shaping our future. Copling this vocational activity with a Masters and Doctorate in "spiriutal geography," gives me yet another perspective. If viewed objectively, Architecture and community planning are indeed one of the most spritual things we can be involved with. There are well documented reasons that our societies continue to live "dysfunctionaly," on many levels.

    John, I have found that "Wealth without wisdom kills all it touches." Personally, I do not intend to be on anyone's casuality list. I am hopeful that funds will be released soon, but that is tempered with a plan of action on multiple fronts as to what to do when the time comes. There is a big diffrence in Stewardhip and Ownership. We hope to steward wealth not spend it.

    I am very fortunate to have been "behind the ropes," with your team at times. In my case there is no need for you to disclose information that will place you or your family at risk, breach security protocls, or betray sources. It's not worth it John, reality will show itself soon enough.

    When the time comes, there are some other "models," I have studied beyond the Hershey Foundation. Its facinating to see how passion for some theology or idology can become the driving force in community development. Some examples I have studied include: Harriman, Tennessee (the city temporance built), Rugby, Tennessee (refuge for second born english citizens), The Assembly grounds, Monteagle, Tennessee (religious foundations), Watburg, Tennessee (refuge for Germans escaping the Zar), and the Homstead Community, Crossville, Tennessee (New Deal community under FDR).

    1. Thank you Neo. All noted. Once the GS are settled we will establish contact via mutual friends. The sick Tarot Trolls and Food Stamp Commies seen to be taking over the site and its validity becomes questionable. Sad misfits spewing vitriol is no place to wast time or discuss private agendas of help to society. Its fast becoming a Saddo's column of certifiable's.
      I think you do understand the validity of our agenda and compassion. No point debating with some of the deranged pond life who life seems to have sorted out already, found out and filtered out.

    2. Neo you publicly declared your desire to get in John's pocket.... A true Christian is honest with everyone beginning with one's self...

      John is the one cryptically in public berating me as well as blatantly tearing everyone new holes sometimes only hours after giving hope...

      And on a personal private exchange I grow rather weary of the mind games.

    3. Neo - In real plain words even YOU can are in here kissing John's ass for personal gain. Only a blind man cant see it.
      And you are NO Christian; please perish that misguided thought you have of your SELF.

      Geno, I agree. John should start his very own Blog and STOP trying to use YOUR's to spew his hatred and lies. Then all his YES-MEN can go over there and just kiss his royal ass.

    4. Nah that would be like if Fonzi left Happy Days....

  5. Rugby is most intersting to study. Rugby is an unincorporated community in Morgan and Scott counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Founded in 1880 by English author Thomas Hughes, Rugby was built as an experimental utopian colony. While Hughes's experiment largely failed, a small community lingered at Rugby throughout the 20th century. In the 1960s, residents, friends and descendants of Rugby began restoring the original design and layout of the community, preserving surviving structures and reconstructing others. Rugby's Victorian architecture and picturesque setting have since made it a popular tourist attraction. In 1972, Rugby's historic area was listed under the name Rugby Colony on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.[1]
    The Rugby experiment grew out of the social and economic conditions of Victorian England, where the practice of primogeniture and an economic depression had left many of the "second sons" of the English gentry jobless and idle. Hughes envisioned Rugby as a colony where England's second sons would have a chance to own land and be free of social and moral ills that plagued late-19th century English cities. The colony would reject Late Victorian materialism in favor of the Christian socialist ideals of equality and cooperation espoused in Hughes's Tom Brown's School Days.[2]

    From the outset, however, the colony was beset with problems, namely a typhoid epidemic in 1881, lawsuits over land titles, and a population unaccustomed to the hard manual labor required to extract crops from the poor soil of the Cumberland Plateau. By late 1887, most of the original colonists had either died or moved away from Rugby.[3] However, a few carried on into the 20th century and the village retained a small, continuous population.

    As a community planner, all of these approaches failed in most respects to understand the natural environments in which they were founded. Man was simply a "squatter," on the land not symboitic with it. There is an approach pioneered by Ian McHarg that approaches decision making diffrently. My "mapping," a locations natural features, decisons are made not based on the ego's of those involved but rather let the land speak for itself. Architecture is not based on the idolatry of the past, but is formed by organic shapes synergestic with any locaation. We can produce healthy food, transportation and engergy grids internal to a site. We no longer need massive coal fired or nuclear power plant to sustain life.

    Most important to any community is the need for a relational foundation. Any attempt to control a populaiton with idology or theology will ultimately fail over time. We need only study the history of community development to learn this lesson. Just wanted to share a few thughts with you about what the futue might hold. Happy to dialogue with you when the time comes. Cheers!

    1. You think maybe the TYPHOID outbreak was a clandestine hit on the premise? Isn't it amazing how every community that seeks to be sovereign suffers strange destruction?

      How do they know their soil didn't get laced with salt or something of that nature?

      In any case I see this as the idealism that has it's wheels punctured every time... by whom and what?

      As a Christian man I assume, certainly you understand organized evil exists and until we deal with that we will froever create ghost towns of good intentions...

      A friend told me a story about his nephew.... this will chill you to the bone...

      Apparently in this midwest states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minneapolis, Missouri, there is a sort of serial killing of young me n by drowning them...

      His nephew was drinking in Madison and as he walked along the lake he saw a crowd of masked people appear and start to try and herd him toward the lake... he ran and they chased....

      He fell down some stairs and got broken up badly and was in the hospital for months...

      apparently they didnt want to ritually drown a boy who was that messed up, probably for fear it would be hard to explain....

      That may have saved him....

      apparently after a young man is found drown a SMILEY FACE appears on a building in the area to give credit to their success...

      Now what this means is somehow this sort of organized evil is protected and this is just one example of it....

      How does goodness survive when something this wicked thrives for decades without accountability?

    2. Good points Geno, I appreciate your perspective. But I don't think the Typhoid was intentional. The area around Rugby is known as the "Barrens," very sandy soil that is hard to grow anything in. It is however inherently beautiful. You can Google it if you wish. Very "Park," like in it setting. There is a national park near by. Yes, I agree with you, its always a uphill battle trying to do something new.

    3. By the way, enjoy reading your blog posts. I am still laughing over the CNN reporters............what a hoot! Cheers!

    4. As an example of some of that evil, as reported by Kevin Annette (now nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize)

    5. Its apparent Neo is one of those 'reconstructionist xtians' who thinks Mans job is to fix this world for God.
      And that is never going to happen, much for the reasons Geno pointed out; as long as evil men are protected and not held accountable, nothing will really be 'reconstructed'. Like trying to repair a house where termites are lurking in dark places of the foundation.

  6. A wet nose perpective...

    "Considering the wide scope of it all across time, can tend to make one depressed if one has no concept of a pending resolution. However, this is all a movie and it's got a script, a plot, a beginning, a middle and an end. No one has ever accurately predicted all of the elements of the movie ahead of time. This is one of those mysterious laws of the cosmos, which implies that one cannot know what has not yet been. One often doesn't accurately know what has already been. The reason no one can accurately predict what has not yet been is because... 'the wheel's still in spin'. The future is not fixed. Certain things are predetermined but... not everything and the only place you will see the future is in the present, should you happen to reside there. A lot of people don't.

    Is there going to be a massive, earthshaking change of an event in the next ten days, two weeks, three weeks? I don't know. I do know that when the majority of the population is immersed in material culture that cataclysms are a given and it's not 'if', it's 'when'. I know that when humanity has hit an impasse of ignorance and appetite and is trapped in a bottleneck of bullshit that... change will be visited upon them Will Washington D.C. get hit by some kind of mammoth tidal wave? Good God, if only. If only Nature would only open the Earth and swallow D.C. And Israel too. We might well see a golden age come quickly into manifestation. One thing I am pretty sure of and wish I were not, is that a large number of people are in imminent danger of being recycled by one thing or another. What it finally turns out to be, we shall see in due course."

  7. From a few pages back.
    "Bin Laden sat for 10 years in Pakistan.Why are you still in Afghanistan where Poppy Production is now up 300% on YOUR watch? Because YOUR Agencies are Drug Trafficking for Profit and feeding Gzillions in State funds to Contractors to create Genocide under no rule of law!

    Our Political Leaders are hammered to drop the US links and to rebuild the Commonwealth. "
    This is a mixture of, CNN, school marm, and delusion. Holy crap! The shit flow has run under the bridge, dude. That fracking ship has sailed, the horse is dead, stop beating it.
    Stop with "the finger pointing" 'you', 'your' 'you guys'.
    I get it, your lips must hurt from blowing your own horn. Enough already, same shit, different day, blah, blah, Bin Laden, welfare, boo fucking hoo.

    The fish rots at the head and England is the head. Jolly old, inbred, reptilian, England and we, America, are its red headed bastard stepchild and so are many other 'colonized' abortions they've left in their wake.. Yup, that's us. Now, can we just move on from our muddy, auspicious beginnings?

    John, if that's your name. What's with the dangle of the carrot, then the punch to the gut? This is like the an online, convoluted history lesson, taught by a self righteous instructor who can't help a periodic keyboard 'beat down' .

    I think everyone here is well aware of our predicament, really, what's with the continued need to spew on a group in the choir? Why are you continuing to supposedly help a country you clearly despise? And, after all this time, how has no one in your brain-trust figured out a way to pay off a couple of Corsican hit men to start removing the bad elements and just send a simple message? This end around doesn't seem to be working.

    1. It's about to get quiet around here... watch....

    2. @Geno,

      What has happened now? You didn't get into another fight with John?

      @ darylluke - maybe you can enlighten me?

      I have been gone all day and return to find many skulking about... :)

      Get Real

    3. Hi Get Real,

      I believe Geno is stating that John will now stop contributing after the direct and hard talk/questions from Gil, specifically. I could be wrong, but that is how I see it. I have no insight other than that. I've actually wondered myself why John has not replied to a couple of my recent posts to him. Though, that could have been an oversight on his part, as this blog moves very fast, and I am almost daily losing track to try to go look for my own posts here.

      My eldest son is right at the bottom level of genius. He still cannot find a job. Makes me wonder if he has been black-listed somehow or somewhere just because he is my son. My younger son believe that. He never got a helping hand from anybody, because we don't know anybody with any "juice". I never socialized with any of my sons parents. Those kids are all working because of parents "connections" in Chicago.

      Where I worked for 25 years, there was a saying when another hourly pressman got a promotion to supervisor, or a supervisor got a manager job. That was, "It isn't who you know, it is who you blow." At that particular company that was 100% true. It was never qualifications about your education, or what you know, or how skilled you were at anything. It was all about who was "behind you", pushing you through to the promised land of a "promotion". Same rules apply now for all available jobs. Because, they all know up there in glass-ceiling land that there are 200 people waiting in line to take any new hire's job the very next day.
      This is the next stage unfolding of the slave-colony construct of the elite.

      The younger son had a decent job for 11 days at minimum wave. He had to eat shyte everyday, never allowed to sit, only combined 20min worth of "break" per shift(up to 12 hours), and NO LUNCH BREAK.

      WELCOME TO THE BRAVE NEW WORLD of society & economic planners!


    4. The end does not seem to be working? Neither , it seems do you, focused instead on naive socialist vitriol with deranged , unbalanced Tarot Queens. Pay your fine or do your time. Even then it seems the State will still be keeping you. Losers?

    5. Which part of my vitriol do you find naive John? Why don't you address your attacks of me to me instead of to Daryl? We can discuss them man to man... in a manner of speaking.

      If you can't even have an open and honest discourse with me, how are we to believe you are in all these hot sh*t negotiations with the "elite"? You know the elites hate, well everything and they hate a lot, so lets just say of all the things they hate, they hate women most of all. Just thought i'd point that out to you. You are being obvious.

    6. John how much actual opportunity exists in a world of extremely limited buying base to the billions that have to be able to sell or rent themselves to commerce?

      And as long as you pretend that isn't the problem while shoving billions away from the ebb and flow of opportunity, then you are the problem way more than the solution...

      You say if someone gives you 4.7 to trade you will provide jobs.

      I hereby I declare the same thing!


  8. Saturnalia,
    Thanks for taking the time to speak to this...

    Sometimes I feel like I am swimming upstream with much of what I read within this blog. I don't say this to disparage anyone, only to say that the information comes from many points of view and I am weeding through the words and emotions of individuals and trying to determine what, if any, has truth.

    There is much anger and passion spoken from many levels of intellect within these walls... So I understand we all feel, in some way, that we have been wronged... be it John with his frustration over the release of the GS to darylluke who has been wronged and wants satisfaction with an RV to Geno, who continues to wait down by the river... living life to its fullest yet waiting for better days ahead. We all wait for something to happen.

    Your words spoke to me – stating simply, it is who we are and what we are [as humans], emotionally struggling for our chance to rise up in power. I agree, how we choose to handle the benefits from the RV will tell the real truth of what is behind our moral fabric…

    I recognize that America has several large oil fields and know that it is by the suppression of these oil fields by some of the very powers that promoted the invasion into Iraq, that I might have an opportunity for the rise to greatness… at least that is my understanding of this. [I hated macro-economics.] I justify it in my mind with the idea that maybe I can do a better job with the distribution of the money for the greater good. I believe Xplorer10 made this very comment in another thread.

    Bottom line: thanks for your words… As usual, so eloquently spoken and I agree with much of what you said.

    Get Real

    1. It is NOT Saturnali'a business HOW anyone handles the Rv, IF it ever shows up. He is not our 'daddy' and we are all adults and don't need HIM to tell us how to handle anything.

    2. Some times we need to allow for different personalities to express themselves without chasing them up a

      Some people do not have a bark baked into them like me, you and Wanda and a few others...

      I too have a distaste for what I call a Kumbaya or PollyAnna world view or style of expression but some people are really sincerely that way therefore they deserve the right to exist in this yard also...

      Don't make me call in the blog whisperer...

      Now there is a skit waiting to happen...

  9. Geno,

    I was only able to tolerate the first 3:07min of this youtube about UK.

    A COMPLETE police state, already there, right now. The visuals and the music create the Orwellian Nightmare atmosphere to bring the point home to viewers. I imagine if John watched this, he, too is very depressed after viewing.


    Are you demanding a 50% cut of all police in your police-state there now, or ever? Has it been brought to the House Of Lords as something that needs to be adressed & remedied? Or, was it them who gave authorization for same? We have been seeing this here, and when the public is made aware of it, like in Arizona, then EVERY SINGLE CAMERAS, John was decommissioned & removed. You did state we needed to cut 50% of public workers here, and policemen are public workers. We'd gladly endorse a 90% cut of the military budget here, too! Ron Paul had the plan to close ALL non-US bases worldwide. Paying interest on our debt here is ludicrous, because the Federal Reserve owes us, and the debt is a complete fraud perpetrated by them.


    You sort your problems out there first, before throwing stones, please. We'll sort it out here, for ourselves. But, we only get a fighting chance to do that here with GS/RV releases. You yourself know that "Money talks, and bullshoot walks!". It takes money to form PAC's and pay lobbyists. It will start there, at the grass-roots level of support coming from regular people who prospered from a successful GS/RV. A $1.00 IQD and a 20cent VND is not a "fighting chance" for us here!!

    I was very happy & extremely pleased when that planned dirty boob attack was stopped that was planned for your Olympics. So MANY innocent British people would have been slaughtered!!


    1. Our cameras make a huge contribution to reducing crime, alerting us as to drug dealers in the areas, illegals or tracking terrorist suspects. We are sorting our problems and removing crap off the streets. The rest of us have no trouble with them as peaceful citizens. Nothing to hide. It reduces Police time and costs as we identify and address crime. Now a few in the Senate and Congress?

    2. What crap... for that to be true, they'd have to install them in under the desks and tables and in every toilet and closet in parliament.

      Let's don't be so NAIVE as to assume you don't know where the graft is coming from... you are being obvious again.

  10. Are the stars in your eyes merely the reflections of puckered star-fish?

    What's with all the hero worship on site? The obvious prostration of yourselves before a mere illusion of power is embarrassing to witness.

    You know who you are... it's rather obvious.

  11. I live in a suburb of around 20,000. We've had little to no crime, just a few house breakins at rare times. But suddenly we got a new mayor and suddenly a lot more cops and police cars. NOW those cops deliberately go around TRYING to find somebody to nab for little unimportant things.
    This is a waste of money and unneeded. So that made me decide to definitely move out of this previously nice community, which is about 98% white.
    And driving past the mayors court, you should see who is piling in there for little traffic stuff - ALL bedraggled white 20-somethings who cant afford even the court costs on their measly wages.
    And cameras everywhere are an invasion of privacy. They are not for catching real criminals; they are for all of US; spying on us.
    And as IF drug dealers, are dealing out under cameras, Lol. Dealing the very drugs that the Cabal bastards are left to bring in to this country.
    Folks, if all hell breaks loose, the first thing you wanna shoot at is those cameras.
    Sorry but those cameras are meant for ticketing YOU if you go thru a red light...NOT for 'catching drug dealers'.
    The drug dealers are the medical industry.

    1. Heard that... and add to that absurdity by having the citizens who are subject to that backing up their ippressirs and copping to how we all can't be trusted... we all steal, kill, lie.

      Need we wonder where they get such ideas? But that is besides the point... they need to be corrected as vitriolic as necessary to shock them sensible at this point... tell them point blank what they are allowing and they are enslaving you by default. Baby spoon feeding them is failing.

    2. We've all heard of how communities and cities are short of money and had to cut back. THEN suddenly some communities have gotten a sudden influx of money...while they say their tax base has dropped due to unemployment and thus less tax dollars coming in.
      Something is fishy here. And many secrets IMO.
      Big windfalls happening.