Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adopt a Snake

This song was inspired by this revelation that
Aaron Russo imparted, that my failed family circle was in part linked to the divide and conquer tactics we all fell for funded by the Rockefellers-- at least in part. Nothing can compare to a solid family and yet in the 60s, 70s and 80s and beyond we were often looking for fulfillment in some sort of delusional fantasy given to us by the media.... a planned event to lure us away from family...


  1. My Country, Tis Of Us...

    So we know about the industrial revolution, we were taught about the mighty industrialists forging new technology and the tremendous expanse of the railroads, steel industries, media and its growth.
    The players/industrialists funded this release of technology that seemed all at once there. From horse and buggy to internal combustion engines and everything in between and after.

    Almost like magic, almost as though it were time for the second half of a massive game/movie/play, scripted timeline. It was time to roll out ideas and see what shape they took in the minds of creative beings. Why and how did men’s brains manifest such amazing technology in just a matter of a few short years?
    It was as though it was floated into the ether of the upper atmosphere and became pregnant worldwide and then the game’s architects waited to see where and when the embryos came forth. They anticipated brainstorms and waited to harness whatever they might have manifested. Brilliant, and beyond their wildest dreams this first designed harvest of the human mind.

    The creatives would need financing in their experimentation, because within the system created by the leaching architects, there would be no other avenue to pursue if it were not through the labyrinth of their control. And control of all new technologies, emerging and about to emerge, would be channeled through the arteries of a corrupt legal/control/grid stamped by paid agents called lawyers and judges. Patent and copyright offices would peruse all incoming applications and anything of merit to service the control mechanism would be approved and closely monitored. All other patents would be hoarded and suppressed, their owners, murdered or suicided.

    Part one

    1. Part two:

      When prototypes became worthy of a purpose, they would be purchased in a one time ‘buyout’ including patents and all rights to it. Most inventors would be happy with their new found wealth and go back to their garages/barns to unwittingly begin the process all over again. And so it would go, paid government lackeys holding public office began to see lucrative careers on the near horizon. They used public office to drive wealth from the consumers (as they were being groomed) into the coffers of the combine. The poisonous fractional banking and debt system was in full swing and always being honed.

      The media was being built into the overwhelming force of lies and disinformation that it is today. Manufacturing was fed into the model of designed obsolescence. The ‘throwaway‘ generations were beginning to take shape alongside Edward Bernay’s hypnotic ad campaigns and the age of modern advertising was just beginning to broil.

      “Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud.

      The new system of taxation was like taking candy from a baby, without the crying. The viperous bankers had easily planted their printing houses deep within the heart of a government comprised of spineless elected gophers. They dictated a new policy of poison and began to quickly inject it into a busy, honest, hardworking public.
      As with the new technology/distraction/control they harnessed their growing media machine, always with the intent of closing in on the minds of every man, woman, and child. Their goal from that very first model T that rolled out of Henry Ford’s plant in Detroit, was to control our lives from cradle to grave.

      They knew by controlling the new technology that was quickly emerging, they could easily manipulate our lives to their advantage. All the value we’d create for generations was siphoned back into their foundations of control. They conditioned us to properly hate other races and nations, to accept sending our children off to fight in wars that were designed by greedy cowards.
      They have always held all the plans, the keys to secrets, the ability to take innocence from children with the practiced precision of inbred psychopaths.

      They’ve harnessed and harvested the minds and lives of millions of brilliant human beings. They’re a subhuman race of low quality deviance that will be rooted out by the very ancestors of all their former victims.
      I imagine this scenario as clearly as they fomented a revolving generational jail sentence against the populations of the planet. All of it will fall away so much faster than it took them to build it behind our backs. Their sordid, sad, shallow existence won’t even register as a tic in all of time because a reign built upon total deception will never be recorded.

      They never existed except in our minds, a cheater’s romp, in the kingdoms of real kings.

    2. nice essay, remind me in June and I will feature it...

    3. I second that... and great picture by the way. It looks like you are peering into a box... like Godzilla looking into an apartment window.

    4. Well said Graham. It would be nice if a page from a history text were devoted to it.

      It's a brainstorm assessment on what many, myself included, have had lurking in the recesses of their minds but were either too lazy or incapable of penning.

      I'm often challenged in summarizing historical events while placing them in context as my "brainstorms" can best be described as scattered showers.

      I really appreciate it when things are crystallized for me as you have done so well here.


    5. Very well presented. Gives new deepth and breadth to mastermind. Throw out the fractals and collect them into a singularity as they develop and be sure to harvest most of the expended energies stored as currency and seize that labor from us the willing slave over threat of imprisonment.

    6. Thank you everyone, I'm humbled as every one of your comments struck an individual chord in me.

      Funny, I almost didn't post this as I thought it "singing to the choir" then I figured where else could I post it? It really was just a stream of frustrated brainstorming as Hugh stated. A purge of anger.
      It must be the heat here in the northeast.

  2. Cute kid!

    Nice song G. It evokes genuine melancholy; the sadness is palpable.

    Damn it; where the hell are the kids when you really need a hug?

    1. Thanks, it's interesting, I will write and record a song usually in one 10 hour day and in this case I forgot all about it and stumbled across it in the archives and had a listen and thought...damn this is a good song.... so I tried to create a video with a limited resource of my laptop cam and that part is embarrassing, my forlorn closeup... but it's sort of playing the part of a guy in a camper looking back on what could have been as close to bliss and perfection a life could get....

      My mistakes happened before my son was born and it was simply because I was 25 and she 29 and whereas she was divorced and wanting to have a baby I was still pretty wild and wanting to sample everything I could, and though one side of me knew she could be special, there was no way I was ready yet and the timing simply blew it... It wasn't until he was probably two about 5 years later that I began to want to be a "family" but by then we had had awful fights about my playboyism and partying and the damage could not be undone... we never married but I moved to Wisconsin to play a role...pick up from day care, have on the weekends, teach baseball, participate in events like teaching him how to properly shake a hand and look a man in the eye, and other lessons I believe to be important.

      High School things just went south, he seemed to choose an identity that would piss us both off in a distict manner, a urban brawling gangsta tattooed rap hip hop get in trouble identity... which was very much what MTV and such were presenting as the in thing...

      He got in a lot of trouble but simultaneously did some extraordinary things like choose to spend 2 summers in the conservation corps and his first year out of school learning at a chain saw school to work as a forest fire fighter and the next year, he fought forest fire in Alaska and California...but when he returned he always ended up running with gangstas and getting in trouble, brutal brawls where I literally had to get him to emergency rooms and one night brought him back with CPR in my hallway.

      He's been through the court system, is on probation, and in school... and now has a daughter...yes I am a Grandpa... and since he is not with her the cycle begins anew as he will know how hard it was for me watching mostly from outside a locked door...

      I used to say.... the only difference in this societal perception of whether a person is seen as a loser or respected is money... because I have had millions of dollars talked over my screenplays and various projects to come close but not close enough... so instead I am a loser starving artist instead of a success... and I always felt it was unfair that I wasn't judged by my body of work but my struggle with money.... when someone spends 100 hours a week creating speculative projects that is a lot of time I wasn't making money but society demanded I stop all that and trade my time for 8 dollars an hour wasting who I was in some bullcrap job... Something inside of me knew my work had value and was more important...

      So.... now I illustrate the very points that created this mess so many broken families are trying to endure...

      And I have hardly scratched the surface...

    2. I must be-- John says so... so does Tman... you should see what he just wrote to me...

    3. Consider the source... and share with the class.

    4. One contemporary, similar story of millions in this world that are 'effed to one degree or another when forced to sacrifice a dream in lieu of an illusion.

      There is no purpose to or benefit from self-flagellation.

      "I've seen the needle and the damage done"...

    5. I am trying to illustrate the mechanisms of beating people down and not stating I believe it to be true... If people's perceptions or insults bothered me I would have conformed long ago for an insincere pat on the head...

      I am proud of my work and really look forward to creating with a budget to experience directing professionals in collaboration of a vision...

      and No I don't believe myself to be a loser... I am a warrior crawling around in the muck until my tour of duty is over....

    6. Awesome, heartfelt lyrics and music, Geno. We'll never know how much an influence the manipulators had on us all. We need to try it again the way it was meant to be, humans just caring for one another.

    7. What you said Graham. You should see the one where he is drawing Christmas stories about baby Jesus in the manger... that's a tear jerker. Whatever comes Geno, know you were probably the best father a boy... or girl could have. You can take that from a girl with a stolen childhood.

  3. For funzies....

    From whale to -another one that had me going for a while. Set-up maximum. Circus Exploitus. In the reel world, people believe this sh&t... they can't tell science from science fiction... oy vey !!!!!

    Geno, you should, in all seriousness, send this along to Anonymous John and T-man... tell them you are worried about the archons taking over the world.

  4. Jeezess Kristo... i didn't mean to kill the comments... and don't worry, i never really grew up... i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now.

  5. Geno - Well, we'd love to see what 'he just wrote to you'.
    Spill it.

    1. I'm with Abby on that one... i want to hear it too.

      Pleeeeeeeeze Geno. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

    2. The hats taught me well, never release the good stuff...