Friday, May 17, 2013

A Thought Worth Thinking About...

Graham Hayward
9:01 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
I'm thinking out loud here. Hypothetically of course, are we the people a body? Are they a formerly, festering wound to our world body, and if so, this wound can't help but heal because that's natures way. Haven't the bad guys been using the fringes of science and the most brilliant minds to self serve? Haven’t they been poisoning and perpetuating that wound against all that nature is and provides?

In the end that is here now, they’ve found and are seeing that it’s not been nice to fool mother nature and her spawn, and there is no ‘good’ end to serving the body self. By nature, the earth and all inhabitants are one organism coming always from the inside out, a holographic signature of the ‘one’. How do you manipulate and control that, which by its very ‘nature’ dictates its own protection at all costs?

The controllers are finding now that it’s in fact of science and nature, impossible. They’re fighting a battle using technologies that have been born from the very entity they’re looking to control. They are attempting to use ‘serving’ technology as a means of control.

They’ve taken the discoveries of brilliant minds and bent them for self service and manipulation. The earth is a lenient entity, forgiving and healing by its very ‘nature’, there’s that word again.
We’ve all had cuts, bruises, and injuries to our physical bodies but the overall program is to heal. Healing and constant improving/evolution cannot be stopped no matter the manipulation through evil ends.

This thought may seem like wishful ‘hope’, but try and think of a time throughout all of history when in the end, after every chest beating empire had finished its brilliant, self proclaimed, ‘be all to end all‘ existence, what was left in the wake of all that noise?

Earth, and the people born from it. They have no chance, who could argue they do? Of course, they could and they do, as their time runs out.  

Maybe we should use a blog, another, or this one, doesn’t really matter, for a positive message. Not something ‘touchy feely’ but more in tune with where we’re heading.
Think about it Geno, John was pulling, or trying to, lead us into an abyss of apparent hopelessness and shame, something we’d feel only the guidance of he and his group could see us through.

He was full of negatives and wildly misleading information. He did it out of necessity. They do not want us to sit back and just be aware of the exponential healing that is taking place, they don’t want us to embrace it and announce it. They want us to display all the misdirection and negatives, the hopelessness etc...

All we have to do is polish the diamond that already exists, uncover it further and allow it to be seen. We should have it easy now, we’ve done all the heavy lifting, just let nature do what she does.


  1. I know John deflated the hell out of my spirit...sadly either his prompted cheering section or people without eyes could not see how it was the usual suspects trying to distance themselves from some of their own...

    1. mind you they will succeed in distancing themselves and throwing parties for themselves and some of the same old wil continue for a while longer but graham is right... The cat already was left home alone with the toilet paper roll on the floor...

  2. Just watching people as they slowly wake up to the fact that all governments are the same religion is, in and of itself, the mother of all religious experiences... the big O.

    I cannot say, at this point, if it is for good or evil...
    i had my odds on evil last week, this week i am less certain... the fire is purifying... the sands are shifting... the wave is cresting... (christing)... the music reaching a crescendo... there is correspondence in all.

    Time for the re re? Time for the ultimate re-valuation?

    :).................... wanda


  3. Children should not play with fire.

  4. Time for the re re? Time for the ultimate re-valuation?

    :).................... wanda
    Hey, that's pretty cool, I like it. That's exactly what's going on, and when you think about it, Wanda, the guys with their hands in the financial pots could give a flying eff about the rv of currency. Although I do believe that will occur soon.
    Their real, frightening concern, is the world's true trustees, currently waking and wiping the sleep from their eyes. That's real value, that's true currency.

  5. Thank you and, for the record, i agree with everything you say... our natural state is healthy... that says it all.

    It may not be apparent and we may not see it around us by and large, but that's where you just have to trust the process... something bigger than us is in play.

    1. Yes, you are right Wanda...and the "something bigger than us" has been in play for hundreds if not thousands of years, assuming different garbs along the way. Here's the latest spin I have found on the Obama thread:

      Why is the MSM suddenly interested in highlighting the Benghazi fiasco and turning en masse against Obama? Could it be his conditioning is breaking down; that more of the Malcolm X phenotype is finally asserting itself, besides the charisma and eloquence? Could it be the marionnette is no longer dancing to tune?

    2. That's not bigger than us... we are much bigger than that. That may be what has control of reality... that is what we witness is slipping... not marionettes not dancing to pulled strings, that can't happen... you may be given a show of punch punching judy, then one day judy kills punch... that doesn't mean it wasn't according to the script.

    3. Ah, that is why I put the expression in quotes, Wanda. And Vic, Graham, John, Geno, Saturnalia, canauzzie, Abby and many, many others are waking up to the real energy and strength within themselves and refusing to play along with the old paradigm which has debased humanity and kept it enslaved for so long. :)

    4. Valdi - energy and strength have nothing to do with it. It is that recently people have been coming forward and telling on these bastards of destruction.

  6. You are viewing a dance macabre in the theater of the absurd... and you think it is reality. You think somehow Obama will become, like Pinocchio, a real boy... that can't happen... you're in T.V. Land... step out of the box.

    1. Wanda, I don't believe Obama will become everything he appeared to be in his early campaigns, the man who captivated the minds of many Americans in 2008 (and the minds of many non-Americans). I do believe we haven't seen the real Obama yet but a marketing presentation of a man who has been groomed and programmed for the post. Cracks have appeared in that presentation and I am curious about what lies beneath.

    2. Valdi... i get that. My comment is from last night, a few minutes after the other one i posted. I am not pointing comments at you... only the, as yet, unenlightened.

      There were cracks in Obama's persona when he was first running for president, i didn't vote for him and given his past i had few doubts he meant anything he said. I tried to tell people, but they were under that spell of two party politics and we would get McCain if we didn't vote for McAbel.

      I think a healthy sign of human evolution would be if no one showed up to the press conferences and no on was waiting for Fox News and the like to finally start telling the truth. And if people put their pastors out to pasture... when they do things like the following:

      I went to the food bank the other night... yes, i am poor... now that money divorced me (LOL, but it's true). The "minister" gave a little informal sermon saying Abraham did some knuckle-headed stuff without going into detail but when the lord told him to do something... he was right on it... WITHOUT QUESTIONING. That's more than scary to me. I said to my son after the bowed heads in prayer and amens... well if the lord tells me to do something wrong, i'm going to stick my finger in his eye, loud enough for most to hear. My son appreciated it and maybe one other person... but to most, i had just grown horns out of my head.

      So, as a reality check, we got miles to go... but that is where we need to go... throw off all the control systems... ignore them to death. We can't overlook all the times they did lie just because they seem to be telling the truth now.

  7. Yes, of course! You are both right, Wanda and Graham; the real revalue is humanity's true sense of self! Revalue of spirit and soul. The true currency is hope. Take away hope, and it's all for not; hopelessness is humanity's bankruptcy. Belief in science is belief that nature has a way of healing itself; our true revalue comes from within; once that occurs individually, the rest will grow collectively- perhaps we are witnessing the metamorphis of that.

    1. Up until this time (last 100 years) in all of human history, humans have been their own worst enemies. You can splice that statement a hundred different ways according to the history that's been told/lied to us.


      You cannot take away from the fact that the nucleus (earth) of this reality, whatever reality that may be (earth) has, without fail, been the pinnacle of stability.

      We (humans), our existence as a species probably would not register a 'blip' in all geologic time. Earth: 4.5 billion years-old, dinosaurs existed for around 185 million years. Modern man, without getting into where exactly we came from (smile) 200 thousand years.

      In our time here, peaceful, natural coexistence has been consistently manipulated, segregated, cleansed, etc, etc... Not only are we still here as a species, but we're thriving in the midst of one of the worst eras of our history, at the hands of 'our own'!

      I admittedly don't know the thought process behind the need for humans to control others and make it their life's goals and ambitions. But clearly it's not working and it's gone against all the rules of natural order. How many times have we kicked an anthill over only to see it rebuilt hours later as though nothing happened?

      With all the technology the supposed controllers have stolen to maintain their feeble reign, they stand no chance against ants.
      Their need for cowardly secrecy has never been more evident than during the last 100 years. The march of the human juggernaut/evolution is relentless and how can that be argued? They need weapons to try and contain/suppress/exterminate. They control all media, food, drugs, social engineering, and the list goes on.

      It's over, it's a matter of belief in the wizard and the wizard(s) are only a creation, a monster under our beds in a reality of their making/building. What a sweet unfolding of something that never had a chance. All their stealthy engineering has brought them to this time in history, an entire existence that is counterfeit/fiat to all that was, is, and ever will be.

      Lofty, hopeful commentary? Let's see if they can prove nature's wrong.

    2. It is lofty... but it is pregnant with hope. It is the only hope we have... hope in ourselves as part of nature. That which controls us thinks it is outside of nature... it is anti-nature. The true creator will have seen that coming... did see it coming. I think there is something to the procession of the ages.

      I can break all of the commandments of the male creator god in less than a half an hour... it is impossible to break even one law of THAT WITCH CREATED ALL.

      Television is idolatry... a try at idleness... and it damages in all directions. They may think they are in control, but that which damages us, damages them... and that is why they can't sustain this... and they have taken it too far.

      Be the satan... praise lucifer. Satan = change... Lucifer = the sun... and none of them are in the physical re-all... they are allegory, like the bible stories. Seek the deeper meanings. All glory to O.

  8. So the “sneaky Mexican” went back to the old WH’s site with the “prostitutes” with him, and this was to be expected.

    “John” wants to serve the Monarch while being the liaison for the peons. Can he serve two masters?

    It is the people who give value to their currencies, not the other way around, but the elites have done nothing but to destroy the potentials in us.

    The wise thing for us to do is to observe as the event unfolds so that we will see the elites’ true intentions.

    Power comes with responsibilities, and thus far, they have failed their obligations to the Earth inhabitants.