Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Cheese Head Western...

I decided to make a full length film in 1996. I wanted to create a very simple script and the idea came to me, to do a western in the woods. The woods would allow me to shoot in any direction and not worry about sets or continuity or lighting inconsistencies. It would edit together fairly easily.

Secondly, I love westerns and wanted to be in one, and to have a calling card, a finished film to sell two other screenplay westerns I wrote.

The plot was simple, a deserter from The Civil War is waiting for his brother to arrive who is still in the war. Their cabin was burnt down by their enemies and the deserter only had a few provisions and a campfire.

A tornado hits a jail in town where the Constable is prostituting two women. The women run into the woods. The tornado was to be done with sound behind the opening credits, no big special effects.

The women run and run and eventually come across the deserter. Like something out of a man's fantasy one comes out of the woods and disrobes before the campfire light. The deserters mouth drops open and BAM.

The other woman clobbers him with a tree branch. They take his horse, clothes, food, guns and ride off.

The next day the deserter has nothing to wear but the pantaloons, He puts them on as the Contstable rides up looking for the women. They know each other and their families have been feuding for years. This comedic moment happens and the Constable rides off.

We follow the constable who eventually catches up to the women and apprehends them again, but on his way back, the deserter gets the drop on him.

The constable wakes up with nothing to wear but the pantaloons.

The idea was to do a funny, simple struggle between 4 characters or maybe 5... and that it was over a few basic props. One or two horses... a set or two of clothes, and guns.

While putting the script together I was doing a commercial job for an outfit that sold calibration equipment. One of the owners was a young man who did Civil War illustrations and re-enacting. He told me he could get me dozens of horses and men and guns...

This was a mistake to take him up on this offer although I would eventually make lemonade out of too many lemons... The script got much bigger than my original vision. I ended up in the Wisconsin Historical Society, museums and libraries researching Wisconsin during the Civil War.... This gave me some great political ideas to weave between the two feuding families.

The Foleys and the Hammonds.

I decided to make both families newspaper families, one Democratic and the other Republican. They are fighting over control and a town that is to be the site of a future railroad bridge. This is based on a real ghost town named Newport on the Wisconsin river that died when they didn't get the contract for the bridge.

I then found an old school friend who put up ten thousand dollars and I got to work. I bought period wardrobe, guns, booked horses and a campground and casted the  movie largely from friends at a bar.

Most of them were guys who had done local theater or comedy, and they were regulars at this bar. This way I could always find them for meetings, to hand out scripts and keep them excited about the project. I like working with the cosmos and serendipity.

When the weekend came for the first big shoot, I had cast the stable girls in the women parts. They were stunningly beautiful on camera. The black girl Jenn Austin I cast from a casting agent.

These two days at the campground would prove challenging for curveballs came from left field. The stable kept taking out stable rides so I kept losing my actresses and my horses and Jenn's job didn't give her the time off she said she had. So immediately I was looking at the script and trying to shoot around that mess with all the other men.

I was proud of how I managed to shoot 50 minutes of the movie in spite of the problems. My actors were pretty disgruntled but that was another lesson, keeping too big of a cast busy and confident. Had they all been being paid to be patient that would have been one thing but they were volunteers on a deferred payment plan of getting the movie in a film festival.

Back in Madison I began editing digital on an analogue system and that was a huge problem. We shot the Summer of 2000 and I simply did not have access to nonlinear editing equipment yet.

I asked a Civil War re-enactor for some ideas on getting another shoot together to finish many key scenes. Especially some big gun fights. The 1st Alabama saved my movie. Full attire, guns and horses in trailers were on my set sharp at 7AM and most my original actors showed too. One key actor didn't show which led me to have to rewrite the ending.

This day was fabulously fun, 20 men in the woods shooting guns off of horseback. A triumph thanks to this group of riders who work professionally in many period pieces. Without them my movie would have done a nose dive.

The editing room was an obsession. Eventually I got a nonlinear editing program and a computer. The learning curve and computers without the balls to handle everything kept crashing. I must have made 100 versions of the movie before I decided to shoot talking head additions and parody a History Channel type documentary with it. By now it was 2004 and luckily I could still find many of my regulars where I left them on bar stools.

All of this coupled with the idea that I had awoken as a truther by 2002 and realized that our history books were full of lies gave me the idea to incorporate the myth, legend, lies, propaganda, exaggeration, distortion, perspective and contradictions of history to the story.

Amazingly as if God were my collaborator I just found everything I needed when I needed it. The museum figures such as the lone deserter by a campfire? Jeese... Come on...How weird is that?

So if you watch this movie and realize that this subtle tongue in cheek western/mockumentary incorporated all these elements and has a beginning, middle and end, I think you should give me, the writer, producer, director, costumer, prop master, location scout, lead actor some major props for gittinherdone. I am very proud that I saw this through and for those willing to spend the full 76 minutes, I think you will find I thread the needle to make what could have been a cheesy fiasco into a pretty darn good little black comedy with some highly poignant moments and great twists and gunfights.

Gene Kalmes
Tom Patterson
Catfish Stephenson
Michael Dufer
Tom Sommer
Dennis Stalker
Jenn Austin
Kalmes "Kal" Fleming
Erin Hamilton
Brenda Hefty
Mark Groom
Laurie Groom
Amanda Groom
The 1st Alabama
The 25th Wisconsin
The 1st Brigade Band

It seems to me that if Hollywood wanted to find a writer/director that can take ten thousand dollars and pull off a period piece with dozens of actors and horses and towns from the 1860s. they might give me the proverbial break. I used to believe the American dream was rewarded for diligence, and perseverance.

Comment by eugenekalmes on July 8, 2012 @ 11:18 pm
Wow, I was looking for 2D art, this is film art! I enjoyed this, it is funny and well-done, and it looks like it was a big production.
We live in the Shenandoah Valley, VA, and the re-enactment footage sure looks like VA. You recruited some good horses to take all that gunfire! We have loads of Civil War re-enactor groups here in this area. My husband is a member of AFTRA-SAG and has done film “extra” work since mid 80s until the last movie he worked on was “Gods and Generals” which was a civil war movie filmed near Richmond, VA.
Did you receive any awards for this documentary?
Comment by eldondowns on July 9, 2012 @ 5:11 am
Eldon I think you may be the first one to watch the entire thing….
It was all shot in Wisconsin…
and I worked very hard on it… the trained horses were with the First Alabama and those guys saved my movie…. without them it would have been very weak….
they have worked in big movies like Gettysburg and others…
I am not sure whether I should tell you this because it will ruin it for the second person who watches the whole movie but….
The super secret twist is none of it actually happened…. I used real landmarks to fake it….
thus making the point a movie can fake any history…..
I will now send you a check…. how much you want for your time? ;)
Thanks a ton! Seriously….:)


  1. Pop some corn, crack a beer, roll some chronic and enjoy....

  2. Tue May 14, 2013 4:18AM GMT

    By Gordon Duff
    New information on the 2000 election, information now in the hands of top military officials in the US, conclusively proves that America’s government is in “free fall.””

    In 2000, a criminal conspiracy overthrew the government of the United States through violence, threats of violence and massive fraud.

    In light of what many believe to be the upcoming collapse, world war, economic meltdown, climate sabotage, global pandemics and radiation threats, key evidence has been brought forward.

    The oft spoken of New World Order is now much more than conspiracy or myth. The United States is now and has been little more than a colony, to be bled dry.

    It is now clearly recognized that this organization stands ready to destroy the last vestiges of human civilization in service of some indiscernible goal. Ascribing the term “reptilian” to these machinations is an insult to a viper.

    Some Have Had “Enough”

    In recognition of the current state of emergency, leaders of America’s military and intelligence community loyal to constitutional authority have taken exception with the continuity of governmental and command authority.

    This is not a specific challenge to the Obama presidency but rather a clear recognition of the seizure of political authority in the US (and most other western nations) has ended all representative government.

    By this standard, all governmental actions of the United States since that time will be “null and void.” However, the dead will still be dead, the maimed and despondent, countless in number, may look for what solace they can.

    The old dialectic, “republic or democracy” is passé, much of the world exists under the slavery of a New World Order or is awaiting doom. Not all will pass into the darkness as sheep, as happened in America and her “allies.”

    “The People against the New World Order”

    Legally, George W. Bush was never the President of the United States, according to legal opinions now under broad acceptance with America’s top commanders.

    Authorities now cite the election of former Vice President Al Gore. The same authorities demand both the restoration of the Gore presidency and the impeachment of Gore for failure to assume office though legally elected.

    Records of Supreme Court deliberations during their bizarre move against the constitution in 2000 show that they were aware, not just of broad electronic vote rigging but that five court members were fully involved in a plot against the United States, knowingly complicit in a coup that involved broad threats of violence, blackmail and bribery on a massive scale.

    New information on the 2000 election, information now in the hands of top military officials in the US, conclusively proves that America’s government is in “free fall.”

    The evidence, leaked by top Pentagon commanders, tells a story now very easy to believe, a story of hate, of greed and, especially of brutal totalitarian intent.


    1. Background

      A group closely aligned with a “not so hidden” world government made up of financial criminals, oil and defense corporations, groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers and extremist groups that penetrated all western military and intelligence commands exercised a violent overthrow of the government of the United States.

      The operational planning group was the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), tasked with rigging the 2000 election, organizing the corporate media behind the coup.

      As some may remember, the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush as president, on a 5/4 vote on pure party lines. Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, in recent public revelations has “strongly hinted” at the court’s legal misconduct in 2000.

      Less publicly, secret deliberations, now in the hands of key leaders, penetrate the secrecy behind this critical time. The Supreme Court, led by a five-member cabal at the heart of the coup, knowingly abrogated state’s rights, separation of powers and equal protection provisions of the constitution to empower a criminal conspiracy intent on unleashing an American dictatorship on the world as a “super-cop.”

      As early as 1999, PNAC had announced the need for “a new Pearl Harbor” to condition the American people to accept a consolidation of totalitarian authority and a permanent state of warfare.

      The subsequent planning and execution of 9/11 was only one aspect of the broader plan; seizing the government, 9/11, suspending civil rights, rigging congressional districts, instill “true believers” in military and government and setting up a multi-national world government to manage a quasi-global slave state.

      Experts in nearly every field all agree on one thing, collapse is imminent.

      Correcting Course

      Restoration of constitutional authority, the basis of all “oaths of allegiance” for those serving with the authority of “the republic” requires the restoration of said republic and its last elected president. Thus, Albert Gore is the last legally elected president and must, by law, fulfill his term of office.

      Two branches of government are, technically, in rebellion against the United States.

      The Supreme Court of the United States has strayed, an understatement of Olympic proportions.

      Evidence of a conspiracy against the court to overthrow the government exists. Dissenting members of the court were subject to threats of violence against their persons and families as was President Gore.

      This has been confirmed.

      Subsequent acts of the court, the utter and absolute failure to uphold constitutional guarantees time and time again has been a travesty.

      It has been treasonous, from Citizen’s United to the congressional redistricting which denied “equal protection and representation” to over 100 million Americans.

      When the Supreme Court allowed suspension of habeas corpus, all semblance of representative government ended.

      When they allowed murder, kidnapping and torture, ending all “due process,” they became war criminals.

      The “Horrible House”

      The US House of Representatives is now a tyranny controlled entirely by minority party under the control of criminal elements. Nearly half the members of the “majority party” would lose their seats but for bizarre gerrymandered districts, some geographies of phantasmagorical mien.

      The 2012 Mob Ploy

      During the 2012 election, drug cartel kingpin Mitt Romney received over $1 billion in “contributions,” much from narcotics, human trafficking and gambling backers.

      Gambling boss, Sheldon Adelson spent $100 million, a number personal cited by President Obama.

    2. Prior to the election, documents were released by sources within the FBI and Mexican intelligence agencies revealing that Mitt Romney, working closely with the Castro government and former members of Soviet intelligence services, managed hundreds of secret “slush fund” offshore accounts for key government and military leaders.

      These accounts were funded through the generous contributions of the Mexican drug cartels and the CIA’s burgeoning narcotics operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      This relationship, which some believed began with Carlos Salinas and Mitt Romney at Harvard, actually began generations before. The Bush/Romney financial partnership, built, initially on profits from Nazi war industries, now dwarfs even the Rothschild cartel for “funds under management.”

      DHS, Neither “Home” Nor “Secure”

      The Department of Homeland Security is an Israeli controlled organization tasked by the New World Order to infect every aspect of American society in lieu of a declaration of full martial law.

      The Wanta, Reagan, Mitterand Protocols

      As things are now, only the “Wanta trillions” can save the United States from the grip of the New World “Dis-Order.”

      Keeping America ignorant of the truth about the “protocols” is vital to those who continue to bleed America dry.

      At one time, speaking of a “trillion dollars” was considered absurd. In recent years, despite obfuscation, psychological operations, disinformation, propaganda and simply corrupt news “Imagineering,” the public has learned that banks created “funny money,” amounting to what is now estimated to be $5 quadrillion dollars.

      That would be 5 million billion dollars or 5,000 trillion dollars.

      Don’t worry, none of it is real. We call this money “derivatives.” $10 trillion of the US national debt is money “invented” to keep foreign banks alive that got confused, they were no longer able to tell their real from their phony cash.

      They were considered “too big to fail.”

      The largest “poke” of real cash in the world is money accumulated by Ameritrust Corporation, solely controlled by Lee Wanta, former Reagan White House Intelligence Chief.

      A trading platform for world currencies, including and especially the Soviet ruble, eventually yielded a very real $27 trillion, of which nearly one third belonged to Wanta personally.

    3. The rest was to be used to finance the future of the United States as a debt free nation in perpetuity. That wouldn’t be allowed!

      The Wanta cash is real. Most of the $27 trillion has long been distributed to Bush cronies, the international banking cartel that overthrew the US government and put “little Bush” in the oval office, much to the dismay of the human race.

      Wanta sat in a Swiss dungeon as the Bush cartel plundered the birthright of the American people.

      However, well over $7 trillion has been located and legally assigned for payment to Lee Wanta. Al Gore knows. The Pentagon knows.

      The Bush family knows.

      Federal courts have ordered the Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve to remit the funds, now deposited with the International Monetary Fund.

      Military leaders in the United States are hesitant to continue “sitting on their hands” with Wanta’s offer on the table, a massive pay-down of the national debt and broad private financing of massive public works projects in the United States.

      The Ticking Clock

      There is a war within our own government and military. The forces that would ask President Obama to step down from office voluntarily on constitutional grounds are, oddly enough, closely aligned with Secretary of Defense Hagel and Chairman of the JCOS, General Martin Dempsey.

      They are, in fact, Obama supporters.

      Against them are the very real forces of darkness, that “vast conspiracy” spoken of so many years ago by First Lady Hillary Clinton.

      The “grand conspiracy,” the New World Order, is playing a new game, inventing wild conspiracies over Benghazi, a wild narrative of conjecture and fabrication intended to ensnare those who are stupid enough to accept “facts” from corporate controlled media.

      While this dance continues, America is either being dragged into world war over Syria or, through failure to show leadership, will be supplanted throughout the Middle East and Central Asia by Russia and China.

      America is, it seems, addicted to its own lies.

      While the clock is ticking, maybe ticking away America’s final hours, will oaths be kept, will courage take hold, will bold and daring action confront the monster that has been feeding off so many of us for so long?


    4. ?????????????????????????????????


      This article basically insinuates Hillary was the one taking on the really evil ones?

      Give me a break...

    5. See... this is why I can't be a conduit for all these lairs and conspirators all with their version of bullshit to replace the other version... I am just a starving artist and I have only one option if I am to avoid relaying bullshit....

      Not to....

      We now rejoin Geno in Geno fantasy land...

      (I'm fantasy land?)

  3. Only 5 Dark Side Pricks Left Holding Up in Florida Mini Mart by Benjamin Fulford....

    Satan, Lucifer, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, George Bush Sr. and Hillary Clinton have taken a Florida mini mart hostage and are demanding people stop passing links around on the internet. Hostage negotiator Drake Bailey has borrowed Alex Jones's bull horn and the amplified sound of him spitting tobaccy, clearing his throat and sniffling is disgusting.

    "Hey evil men in the mini mart, time's a gittin old if'n you be so obliged come out witcher hands up and bring me one of dem der krispy kreme glazed double chocolate donuts and some redneck chaw and a redneck cherry slurpy and a 40 ounce Malt Ice and two powerball tickets for Wednesdays drawing... and the new issue of Jugs.... and a snickers.... and some TP....and a hot pocket.... don't fergit to flip it after 90 seconds in the micreywavey.... I'll pay ya when I git my crazy vet check at the end of dis here month."

    "Go fuck yourself Santa Clod and tell Wilcock his tight little bottom was the best I ever had." Bush Sr. screamed back. Lucifer, embarrassed hid his face behind the sun glass rack and Satan helped himself to an ice cream bar ordering the Hindu clerk to give the key to the bathroom....

    "I am sorry the bathroom is out of order" the Hindu clerk lied with a poker faced stare.

    Satan hissed, "You lying foreign bastard we here in America extend rest room hospitality as part of the service station obligation to the public."

    "Sorry the last man to use it did not flush." The Hindu explained.


    1. "You know damn well the last man to use it was the Pope and he apologized for the ungodly mess." protested Kolvenbach who had to pee really badly also.

      "Sorry, the sign says it is out of order and I cannot question the authority of a sign signed by the management." Replied the Hindu clerk.

      Satan reached into the Hindu's chest and tore out his heart and ate it. Kolvenbach reached behind the counter and grabbed the key. Hillary found a shotgun under the counter and loaded it. She kicked open the door and blew a headlight out of the state trooper car.

      "Goddamnit get me Bill!" She screamed.

      The phone rang at Bill Clinton's Harlem law office and Monica Lewinsky the paralegal answered. Clinton, Suckit and Swallow, may I help you?"

      "Put that sleazedick on the phone."

      Monica opened the door and saw an Afro below a desk and a smile on Bill's face."

      "It's the justice department." Monica whispered.

      Bill picked up the phone, "Bill's Summer Home, some are here, some are not..."

      "Listen Willie I need you to call Valerie Jarret and order a drone strike."

      Bill put his hand over the phone mouth piece and whispered to the afro under the desk. "Hey Erik you know where Valerie is?"

      Meanwhile back at the mini mart Drake had set a date for everyone to come out with their hands up.

      "Lucifer since you out rank the rest we need to set a date for ya'll to surrendy to the Broward County Militeee.... How's 4 weeks sound? "

      Lucifer who was scratching off scratch off tickets won two dollars. "Two effing dollars? I scratched off 60 tickets and won two effing dollars? What a freaking scam..."

      "Tell them to meet our demands.... I want a young school boy. Hillary wants two young lesbians and to talk to her clone. Satan wants to renegotiate his contract with Charlie Sheen and Lucifer says he wants Jerusalem."

      Drake who had been hearing voices all morning asked the voices to identify themselves and one of the voices answered, "I am former white hat and I am calling from the planet Hope where we have relocated 9000 children and we were wondering if you could play Santa at our Hope Christmas this year?"

      Drake replied, "You dirty bastard you step one foot in my head and I will shoot you in your former white ass."

      "Is that a no?" asked the former white hat voice in Drake's head.

      Drake looked at his pocket planner which was a napkin with mustard stains and notes and he said, "Sorry... I am busy with the winter solstice virgin sacrifice as the grand wizard master of the dagger..."

      Just then Obama drove up in a Uhaul packed with his crap. "Hey man can you give me some directions to the Hawaii interstate?"

      Nancy Pelosi peeked out from behind the oval office desk and whispered, "I am not who you think I am Drake I am a talking floor lamp."

      Drake answered, "no shit talking floor lamp don't you know I know a talking floor lamp when I sees one?"

  4. You can't make this stuff up! Oh wait, someone did.

  5. something that seems to make BIG logical sense....

    5-14-2013 Intel Guru TD In the past couple weeks various meetings in Europe and last week in the US have transpired concerning release of Chapter 7 and a international tradeable currency. The sticking point to agree upon is THE RATE. A RATE Number has been proposed by The US, IMF, etc. but Iraq has to give their FINAL stamp of approval. Evidently these parties are pushing for a high rate and Iraq prefers a lower rate about or much less than $1.00.
    Here's where it gets even more interesting (and controversial to our dinarians). Evidently WIFE IN THE KNOW is RIGHT! Iraq is adamant about an LOP at any high rate! And if you think that this can't be true then just look at recent history (during our financial crisis) where the rich got even richer and who cares about the rest of us. Point WITK brought up about governments & high rollers getting a high rate but the masses breaking even or just making a small gain is TRUE. As I say, just recent history shows us this is possible and most of us know it is a RIGGED game. So WITK got beat up last week ...but evidently all she was doing was passing on information. And for the record I do NOT know her! This sticking point is the reason for the delay when many intel providers thought things were settled. So where do we stand now?? The Iraq PTB rejected the higher number offered this weekend . They gave their counter (lower number) offer and if The US , IMF, etc. all accept it then we shall see the RV this week. I was NOT given the rate. But it's a LOW number is all I was told. If the US, IMF don't accept then the beat goes on, no RV this week and the chess match continues.

  6. Replies
    1. you know how it reads 00086? Drop the 3 zeroes and it becomes .86 cents

    2. The opinion of one of many in dinar land... I could provide with with several others... but bottom line is the LOP would not serve Iraq or [the PTB] at all...

      Enorrste's Reasons For No LOP Or RD Post at Dinar Alert Forum

      During the Conference call last night, I asked a question that no one has really had a good answer to. Here is that question..

      Economically, why would Iraq spend all that money or their reserves to RV there currency, when they could RD there currency and get a free ride to the top and pay nothing but printing new currency? What is the advantage, or disadvantages of both?

      One person said there would be no advantage to an RV, and a RD would serve them better when you put it that way.

      Then I asked Enorrste, he was nice enough to send me an email today with his opinion..here it is.

      As I stated last night an RV will not lower the reserves of the country of Iraq, just as the daily RV of the dollar on the open market has no affect on our reserves here. So your question is misstated, as if an RV would destroy reserves while a RD would not.

      This is just not the case. When we cash in our dinars will go to the UST and ADD to the reserves the US has. They will not go back to Iraq initially, and when they finally do they will go there to purchase oil (per contract made over 2 years ago with Iraq).

      Second, an RD does not give Iraq a "free ride to the top". In fact, an RD gives Iraq no ride at all. They are left in exactly the same position that they are in now with an essentially worthless currency relative to their own underlying wealth.

      More to the point, an RD won't have the positive affect on imports that an RV will have. With an RV imports become dirt cheap, which means that investment will flow into Iraq like crazy. This is the real "free ride to the top." But it won't happen with an RD. Look at countries that have done an RD. Did anything dramatic change for those countries? No, it didn't. Only an RV will give lasting change to Iraq.

      There are no disadvantages to Iraq in raising the value of their currency. The advantages are enormous. The people will see their standard of living improve month to month as they are able to import more and more goods cheaply.

      The government will have ample funds to handle infrastructure projects. Other countries will jump on the bandwagon to get into Iraq to build hotels, amusement parks, archaeological sites like Babylon, agricultural projects, and, of course drilling oil.

      All of this will be a huge boon to the Iraqi economy and to the people of Iraq, who well see unemployment drop precipitously. With an RD none of these advantages will occur. Instead of paying 25000 dinars for a diner, the local will pay 25 dinars for his diner with an RD (lopping the zeros). That's it.

      With an RV the local Iraqi will pay 7 dinars for his diner (worth $25) and will have 24,993 dinars still in the BANK, worth $75,000.

      Finally, the GDP of Iraq will skyrocket, and the beneficiaries will be Iraqis, whose money have gained in value allowing them to invest in their own country. Just as every person in Saudi Arabia is wealthy, the same thing will happen in Iraq.

      Education will be free; no one will be hungry; everyone will have a home and a car and two TVs. The government will probably end up sending $5000 per year to each and every person out of oil profits (as in Yemen, Qatar, and the UAE).

      Airports will be built, shopping malls erected. Electricity will be everywhere, along with clean and ample water. Iraq will become self-sufficient in terms of agriculture (this is a stated goal of theirs).

      All of this is possible with a RAISE in the VALUE of the IQD. With a lop (RD) none of this would happen.

      Feel free to post this for me. I have a lot of work to do today.
      Take care,

    3. 86 cents, dropping the zeroes is far from a bad thing for anyone and almost likely they always knew that this would be the plan...

      But who knows...

      I believe certain powers have blocked RV to force GS... and that is the real battle...

      The white hats said Obama said the GS would never go through while he was President, he didn't say RV...

      I think it is obvious certain people who run the petro dollar system went into Iraq to perpetuate that system... and it was george Jr. who signed the order to allow us all to buy in.... I think they knew they needed to buy the loyalty of their soldiers...

      And frankly, it looks like certain people do not want us to know the facts in full...

      This is my theory and I could be wrong but it certainly makes sense when you consider how much Texas is driving the RV...

  7. Canauzzie I am not even going to publish the drop 0's from the 25000 because that is not what the lop is...

    1. It's not what is going to happen therefore I don't want the blog full of that speculation...

  8. they aren't dropping the 0s from the bills but from the buying rate...

    1. the value is the value, they lose nothing in Iraq... if it is a dollar here it returns valued at a dollar... no loss...

    2. Well, whatever the rate, I hope there's enough value to afford a piece of this...

      Release the hounds already...


  9. As most of us know, the IQD was at one time as high as 4.86.
    Now why should we think in pennies?
    This TK person is highly questionable. Where did he suddenly pop up from. Lets not forget about the Shills...and all the bullschitt, lol.

    1. Abby why do you post occasionally as gfoley?

    2. gfoley/Abby,

      TK (TerryK) has been around at least two years, that I know of. That is how long I have dinar. He is not thinking pennies now. His info people have been giving higher & higher rates actually these past 6 months. Two days ago said $12.86 -+.30. And, he was saying then $3-VND. Today he said he has been asked to say nothing. Said he was going to get a call tomorrow(Wed) and that call may be the announcement. He said the latest thing stopping it was bankers wanting to take like $1.50 of that rate right off the top, not a tax. But, bankers greed he stated.


    3. Geno - As I once said, I'm using somebody else's computer and at times I dont realize I didnt' sign in and theirs is up there. Thats all. Thats not my name at all.

      Daryl - I think there is another person I'm thinking of, it could be TD. Sorry. I know Terry's stuff and I didnt mean him.
      But actually his 12.68 is outrageous, don't you think?

    4. As I've said a couple times, I am using somebody else's computer.

    5. http://sirwhiteknight.blogspot.com/2013/05/sailing-away-from-tyranny.html

      Here you go Abby...

      In my opinion this is our answer not a Lord with a trading program finding us bridhe building jobs and deciding who is "scum"

  10. Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention.

    Adam Kokesh, a trojan horse "gun rights supporter" is doing what it takes at EXACTLY the right time to get guns banned once and for all.


  11. Due to difficulties I am experiencing with posting this at this time, I am just going to cut to the chase - Adam Kokesh is a Jew. Jews are FAMOUS for faking movements that produce the opposite of what they pretend to ask for. Jews want guns banned and taken out of non Jewish hands. It is as simple as that. Enter Kokesh - Many of you probably do not know that 31 out of a required 34 state governors are already on board for a constitutional convention which, if it is declared, can allow THEM to lawfully trash the ENTIRE constitution. If you want a gun ban, just throw the constitution away and replace it with something else, which a constitutional convention will lawfully allow and it will all be constitutional. It takes only a little gray matter to see that at this time the enemy is running our government, and that is the last time you would ever want a constitutional convention to occur, because it will allow the enemy to re write the whole thing. If you want to provide plausible grounds for trashing the second amendment just time an armed march on Washington DC to happen, right when that constitutional convention is in progress.
    I will do a much improved version of this report tomorrow now that I have thrown this thought into the collective concience, but for now I am under attack, including live edits of my work, air time deletes so I have to start from scratch, and multiple windows opening without being asked, enough to lock up the computer and I simply cannot do better than this.


    If you wanted to cause a band of brainless fools to kiss America goodbye, THAT would be a great way to do it.

    1. someone who will remain nameless for a while was saying what a great idea the Constitutional convention would be, when I protested I was shot down. I am starting to see some things a bit clearer these days.

    2. the above was from


  12. Jon Stewart’s Brilliant and Hilarious Commentary on the IRS Scandal
    by Michael Krieger

    While the video below is scathing and hilarious, it is much, much more than that. Jon Stewart is well aware that the IRS being caught targeting groups for political reasons represents a major turning point in the psyche of the nation. In the past, whenever anyone was targeted by the IRS the masses would generally assume that this person did something wrong. Not anymore. From this point forward, every politically active person critical of the government who is targeted by the IRS will no longer be assumed guilty by the public, rather they will be seen as the victim of a federal witch-hunt. With trust in the Federal government at a record low 29%, this is extremely significant and will only further erode whatever trust is still left.

    It is my view that the government is actually in full on collapse right in front of our eyes at the moment, and Jon Stewart understands that. Will anyone at the IRS be held accountable? Will people be jailed for this like a civilian who makes tax mistake might be? My favorite line in this clip is:


    1. Anything that comes from the Jewish owned cable channels that continually put out fake everything knows perfectly well what they are up to as does our Jewish run government... This is about stoking rage on the sides that are being drawn up as adversaries for the coming confrontations....

      It is disgusting there is no truth... Americans are not talked to like adults, they are emotionally abused with mind tricks... Jon Stewart though funny might as well be a traitor because no one delivers treasonous propaganda so well...

      If it's on TV it is well planned...

  13. AnonymousMay 11, 2013 at 9:14 AM
    Hi Geno,
    I am glad you did not quit the WH blog. Like many, I have been reading what “John” has to say and where his loyalty lies.

    On one hand he is a “humanitarian”, and on the other, he pledges to serve and protect the Queen who is the same bloodline of the Bush family.

    He is very much against the welfare bunch and wants to help through community developments or bringing back the production industries in the US, but he is ever so elusive about the currency revaluation even though he wants the global rebalancing to take place. The only way for this to happen is to restore the value of the exotic currencies while recreating the Dollars and Euros. You have been saying that there has to be the capital to fund those currencies which is the GS. Without the funding of the GS, there can be no revaluation. But isn’t it the Rothschild who is behind strengthen China to counter the US Hegemony so they can continue to pull the international strings behind China? Rothschild lost the edge behind Rockefeller bunch, and they are just trying to regain their powerbase?

    There is a lot “John” says, yet what he does not say is 10 times more.
    I know the revaluation will have to take place regardless of what “John” says or not because the currency manipulation is the only game Rothschild is able to play to the central power base.
    Parasites are parasites because they are not able to survive on their own merits.

    I just know “John” works with those people to bring the “change”, but the only change will be that the US and EU nations will be impoverished in order for them to amass fortunes.

    So the question would be how long those of us are holding the IQD or VND can stay afloat.

    AnonymousMay 11, 2013 at 9:29 AM
    I would also add that the reason why the brits did not join EU was because this was the game plan from so many decades ago. I remember “John” saying the Brits are like “sneaky Mexicans”.

    If it quacks like a duck……if “John” is truly humanitarian, he needs to shut up already and DO. Otherwise, he has no credibility with me, not anymore.

    AnonymousMay 11, 2013 at 10:05 AM
    I also think the reason why “John” dwells so much on issues like humanity and the need to repair DNA flaws is because he is the blue blood, so his commitment is for those in breeders like Mad Charles. Stop fucking within families to produce crazy kids. Mad Diana was also Rothschild. Nai @BF blog said Diana was from “Spencer”. Yea right. Nai is an amateur journalist wannabe. She needs to dig deeper than her brainwashed self.

  14. The only ways us peons are going to make it is to understand the perpetual games these elite sociopaths engage in and learn how to ride the waves they HAVE TO PRODUCE. Therein lies the fate of IQD and VND.

    What we are going through at this time it the period of “shake out” to get rid of the weak hands who are speculating on these currencies. "John" will know what the fuck I am talking about.
    The game never changes as long as the Brits are allowed to control the world.

    AnonymousMay 11, 2013 at 10:25 AM
    I think it was “Hugh” who quoted Nietzsche how we have to learn to overcome ourselves. I have always known this without knowing Nietzsche said the same thing.
    Either we overcome ourselves or the Brits = the mad Rothschild will continue to rule our lives. Never mind China and Russia. They are just smokescreens.


    AnonymousMay 11, 2013 at 7:52 PM
    “John” uses words to manipulate our minds, not to communicate. This is why it is very difficult to understand what the fuck he is saying; he is actually saying nothing.
    The Brits used this same “educational system” to the Indians while they were colonized. His way of “education” is to disempower those who are at the receiving end. The good thing is that the Indians are one of the most educated people in the world today because they decoded the Brits’ methodologies to dehumanize. There is a school in India for engineers, and I think the name of the school is the Indian Institute of Technology, kind of like MIT except they are a lot smarter than the students at MIT.
    The problem with India and other BRICS nations is that the Rothschild is grabbing them by their balls.
    “John” wants Americans with merits to leave the US, and I think it is because he/Rothschild wants the value to go to near zero so that they can buy America back for next to nothing.
    If anyone is interested in evolution, this is the best opportunity for the US to create the nation that values each person’s merits. Then, we will be able to create the true “melting pot”. Not all African Americans and Mexicans are hopeless idiots.
    “John” said in 10 years, 55% of US will be Black and Mexicans. What is wrong with that? I thought he was an all-inclusive humanitarian.
    Keep “John” talking more, so he will reveal the truth about himself that even he was not aware of.


  15. AnonymousMay 11, 2013 at 8:08 PM
    Yes, “John” is just another sociopath. And he does not have any other gigs but the currency manipulation, just like Soros. This is why he HATES those of us who hold the exotic currencies. And because we are holding the actual money that does not expire unlike options or futures contract, “John” et al will have to wait until their economy collapses, well almost. They know if the US tanks, so will they. This is the reason why he is so angry, to be mixed with the Goyim.
    Just keep the sociopath talking because he cannot help himself. He got no other gigs going even though he may be sitting on his billions. Who the fuck cares? I don’t give a shit.
    “GenoMay 11, 2013 at 7:30 PM
    When you don't seem to have the empathetic capability to truly know how desperate some of us are and expect us to respond well to being told our only hope is happening and then not likely happening, every other day-- just feels like some sort of perverse psychotic torture... then to act hurt...
    what? what did I say I only try for you all... give my time to give you all hope even though we in the elite all agree you are pathetic and better off dead.... but you you all caused babies to die by being...well...you...all of you... baby killing American welfare bunnies trying to get rich on dinar... I only want what is best for you....baby killing blood money seeking welfare bunny unsophisticated american walmart trash.... I am working hard for you.... Why can't you see my magical trading program only wants to make jobs for you all? “


    AnonymousMay 12, 2013 at 7:25 AM
    “John” must be related to Michael Chertoff.
    “johnMay 12, 2013 at 1:32 AM
    Our cameras make a huge contribution to reducing crime, alerting us as to drug dealers in the areas, illegals or tracking terrorist suspects. We are sorting our problems and removing crap off the streets. The rest of us have no trouble with them as peaceful citizens. Nothing to hide. It reduces Police time and costs as we identify and address crime. Now a few in the Senate and Congress?”
    “John” wants the people to lose hope; he is playing cruel mental game so they/we will give up.
    That cruelty is going right back to him/them even though he must be thinking he is above the law of physics. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
    Do not give up, do not give in.
    “John” mentioned the never ending quantitative easing Ben Bernanke is planning in October. He said if it does not happen within the next month, nothing will happen by October.
    They want to shake out the weak hands. People need to find means to hold on.
    Don’t give up.
    If the US tanks, so will they. They are not going to let that happen.


    AnonymousMay 12, 2013 at 2:33 PM
    Why is “John” so concerned about the genetic diseases?
    Although William appears to be free of any genetic diseases, he could be a dormant carrier that was passed down from his parents whose bloodline are those of Rothschild.
    To make the matter even worse, the unborn fetus Katherine is carrying has high probability of genetic diseases that are more apparent. Katherine, after all, is another Rothschild.
    If they cannot find the cure for the disease, will the child have untimely death like that of its grandmother, Diana?
    If this hypotheses plays out, William not only lost the right to have his mother but also his child.
    Do you think these people are capable of having empathy towards Goyim?
    It is highly doubtful.
    Well, my monologue needs to end now. A black car appears to be following me.


    GenoMay 14, 2013 at 4:32 PM
    seriously about the black car or just joking?

    I have been on to all of it pretty much all along... but knowing what to do about it has been my problem...

    There is much I want to reveal but the time will need to be right... if at all...

  16. Anonymous posted this at my other blog... If John wants to respond I will approve his comments.

    1. I'm still curious as to how John found the time to compose some of his massive posts. You don't sit down to exert that type of energy without expecting some kind of a desired payoff.
      There are expected bars and algorithms that have to be met and just as the sight of chemtrails are disheartening, so is 'bad news' and 'finish lines' that repeatedly appear only as mirages.

      Only John knows his agenda, but I know for sure he's not laying awake at night worrying about whether or not the future of the collective is fair and equitable. His delusion about England and its revisionist's history inspires dry heaves as I hover over the already full spittoon.

    2. well Graham, it isn't just John who is the question mark from my perspective... It's pretty much everyone I have gotten to know since I joined Fulford...

      One may be able to conclude from my absurdist articles that I express the absurd frustration to the best of my ability in humor, because what sane option is left?

      I can't possibly bring liars and con games to justice because who can run a trial when everyone seems to be involved in the crime...

      There is no way I will perpetuate this absurdity for any of the players by allowing myself to be used as some sort of conduit in this insanity, so I will post some more of my work that reflects my mirror of what I have seen since I began to slowly awaken.... People may get it now, or not... I don't care....

      The one's who lined up to smooch closer to the smell of money turned me off the most, and I have had to wrestle with myslef whether to join the corruption but that sort of selling out isn't in me...

      I hope I get paid for my dinar and I can live quietly somewhere...

    3. Geno,

      Thanks for posting those anonymous comments from your other blog.

      Hope John posts some replies.
      And, our/his stated, "....watch TUESDAY MAY 14th..." has come and gone, and he still has not shown up here. The way everybody here has been talking about John, may be possible John is actually the Hold-Up? Did he even comment that the St. Germaine Trusts & Omega Trusts were real or not? I don't remember....There seems to be a back-up plan in place to do the RV via Royal Bank Of Canada, which John has mentioned before, but not in this context.

      It feels so weird to have to wait a day to see my posts....But, I fully understand that you don't want to "manage a fight club".


    4. Geno,

      I'm with you, too. I just want to get paid for my currency so I can go live quietly somewhere, too.


    5. I want to add the "why" of the turned off by the smooch... The evidence played out over these pages in John's own words... More of the same with a self declaration of "but I'm better than Bush"

      And all the sycophants got on their knees hoping to position themselves.

    6. John replies to anonymous. (paragraphs are mine)

      Not hard to see the source of that lot. Usual, unbalanced, attention seeking dysfunctional vitriol. Who wishes to communicate daily with that? Truly, horrible.

      People like Neo,Saturnalia, Get Real, Darylluke, Nigel, PVG and others clearly empathize with the reality of our objectives.

      The all too often, unemployed, or simply paranoid delusional, appear focused to create needless discord or hype various irrelevancies. All too often lacking any perspective of the Global Big Picture and emerging realities. Worse, those creating and contributing nothing, seek collectively to determine which asset creators to strip first. Make and contribute nothing, but take all? How long will that society last? Some Utopia. With powers of zero, simply delusional.

      Most of the rant was lacking in fact or harmonious awareness of our worldwide partnerships true objectives.

      Such as the development of Foundations, to place in perpetuity the special tiered income streams safe from profiteering, and focused on serving the needs of communities and distressed persons to assist where possible in regions at a time. Banking supporting nations.

      Our combined group is multi national and multi racial. Total commitment is embodied within our operating constitution.

      Yes, we do have a Global one world objective, but NOT New World Order as portrayed for Elites, but one where resources can be used to enhance the lives of humanity, animals, ecology and the environment. As embodied clearly in all of our contracts. We see ourselves as all people of one world. Our group is in accord.


    7. With partners incorporating regions such as China, Malaysia,Australia, Africa, Europe, the UK, Canada and the US, we have a balanced range of opinions and perspectives.
      But each, are already successful practicing parties with established track records and a solid base of operations. People able to talk the talk on their own money.
      We all understand the stresses of Darylluke, and so many more genuine, unfortunate cases.
      As we see the potential for parties such as Neo and others to assist in due time with Architectural support behind regional developments. He, as with Get Real, seems to have accessed our GS team, involved in turn with our nation building group, and to be aware of our true, humanitarian commitment to key development realities. Also the inclusiveness, respect and bonding of the key parties. Reality.

      So much good is planned behind our endeavors. Not to waste time responding to never ending loose cannons attention seeking. In any balanced meritocracy, after one session of according due respect of a hearing, responses all too often merit no further time. We have, with respect, real issues to address daily.
      Are we a source of good? Absolutely. Responding to never ending sycophantic attention seeking malcontents denigrates needs of deserving cases.

      Clearly, there is no accord for either the Dinars or GS as of yet, so into another week. The Private Jets lined up for the named parties meeting on the yacht off the Carolina Coast this week are the principal Gang of 12, seeing the game is almost up, attempting to circumvent yet again the release of the GS or Dinars, as that removes their abilities to continue the rabid Derivatives Fiat Scam.

      As the net closes, time is needed on core realities. Real issues. Hopefully, the respect of a response will indicate to the worthy causes they are not forgotten, and that this IS a Global encounter among TPTB which will shape our Century and being. Note Jeb was dispatched to represent their Crime Family interests, not the idiot son. But, with Buffet, Gates, Soros and the Zionist Tribes, it's all about money. Yours! So much is going on now behind the scenes as the very focus of our objectives is now in active debate at levels and that needs our intense attention.

    8. seems closing the gates on all those bad guys is imperative before your syndicate is found out too John.

      But you are Robin M. Hood right? Machiavelli being the middle name?

    9. Africa To Be Divided Up Into Shirts and Skins....

      A huge summit of white people convened thousands of miles from Africa to deliberate on the fate of the rich but troubled continent.

      Said Harold Pink of Green Bay, who attended the conference, “I know nothing more than I see on the news. Lots of black natives with sharp sticks killing lots of black natives with sharp sticks. We hear tribe names like Zulu, Zimbabwe, and other z-type names, and apparently they don’t get along, so I suggested we divide them up into thousands of warring factions, give them different colored T-shirts, say like Zulu’s in green and gold, and then that way, the civilized world can begin to sort it out at home on their TV’s and take it from there.”

      The conference felt it was a good suggestion, but the big problem was designing thousands of T-shirts that would be distinctive enough to tell one warring tribe from the other. Some would have to have polka dots, some would have to be plaid and still they need more identifying characteristics to set each warring faction apart.

      Someone suggested one tribe could be skins, an idea they immediately adopted to save money. John Albino, of Ohio, a shoe salesman, suggested different styles of shoes, like one tribe could be in high-top sneakers, and another in say penny-loafers, or cowboy boots.

      Then a Chicago Bulls fan who had wandered in by mistake looking for a men’s room, suggested they dye their hair bright colors like bulls player Dennis Rodman. This suggestion was immediately adopted because Dennis Rodman’s fluorescent green hair definitely stood out among other black skinned men.

      Then they all got on the subject of sports and another good idea was adopted, to rename the tribes after professional football teams like the Broncos or the Saints.

      “I think we made history today, said Bob from Milwaukee. “Once we can tell them apart, maybe then we can figure out why they’re so angry at each other, and who knows, maybe get them some guns...or maybe... a football”

      All their eyes lit up.

      “What worries me,” said Beth Kranston of Texas, “is while all these tribes are warring, who’s feeding the elephants?”

      A question they all pondered in silence.

  17. Dearest Geno,

    Now I have an open beer while driving on the internet....I am quite sure that drinking and driving on the internet is a crime....or should be a crime and shit I bet my evangelical church folks will vote to make it a crime....

    It is like what duff said about the 2000 election....the high court had no jurisdiction yet ruled anyway...and they bribed and murdered there way into power....

    And....what to do now....tell the truth? Maybe....or another scam since the victors of war write history.....

    And since our highest court is in on the treachery and the house that can write impeachment is controlled by Zionists what court that has any constitutional authority can rule and enforce the laws of the land?

    I will tell you what motivates bureaucrats and that is pensions...and if this goes bad they will not get that pension so now with the shit storm about to hit the fan that might lead to some positive change....

    Maybe? Don't know...however said system just wants to impress you with how tough that they are and that their victory is sure.....and that is a joke to me and they just want to suck ya dry to take the fight out of you....

    Well Geno, you are correct in wanting a private peaceful life somewhere and I hope you get it....however, your pen might be your route to such a private life somewhere.....

    Breaking the current system is not the answer but freeing it is the answer with down the road getting rid of it altogether....


    1. Yes and Gore would have shoved breathing tax through and been a trillionaire by now, blood drinking freak.

  18. G7 Sets Policy for Global Tax Regime

    "Osborne: G7 agree to target tax evasion and avoidance ... George Osborne co-chaired the two-day meeting in ... The G7 group of industrialised nations have agreed that there must be collective action against tax evasion and avoidance, the UK's finance minister has said. Chancellor George Osborne said after the talks that it was "incredibly important" that firms and individuals paid the tax they owed. The members agreed on more policy issues than had been assumed, he added. The G7 comprises the US, Germany, the UK, Japan, Italy, France and Canada."


  19. I wanted to like John, but just when I’d begin to get interested in his reports, he’d switch to his hateful rhetoric and almost seem to be unable to get out of his own way for having to carry all us “useless eaters” on his back.

    And yes, Geno, you’re right, it wasn’t just John and from my post you’d think I were taking aim at just him. I wrestled with the thinking that he really “cared” about the struggles of the everyday man. He goes on naming bloggers by their “handles”, comical to me, and I wonder how that will read years from now. You refereed to him as, Robin Hood, in his own mind, and that was dead on.

    He was the resident “agent in play” here so, yes, I unfairly singled him out. He seemed to me to make it his endeavor to steer the collective of this blog and as many ‘eyeballs’ and their owners to his omnipresent hauntings behind the machine.

    I don’t now doubt that he’s in the thick of it, but it became obvious here, and elsewhere, that these guys have a new, desperate agenda. You’ve shed some light on it and clearly he’s using the spoon where the knife would work. He’s using a backhoe where a shovel is all that’s necessary. There seems to be, now, a much more concerted effort at deception in all areas of media. Anything that prevents the collective (I hate that word) all concerned, aware human beings, from focusing on the simplicity of the deception.

    All we really have to do is let the orchestra play on until they run out of tunes/lies and they’re almost through/threw/thrown.
    It’s reminding me of understanding the simplicity of a magician’s tricks for having seen them so often and having been mesmerized for so many performances through the years.

    The lights are on now, the men with the brooms are shuffling down the aisles, and the magician is pleading with a dwindling, impatient audience: “Wait, wait, watch this one, you’ve never seen this one before, just sit down for one more!”

    The popcorn and candy out in the lobby is waiting for us and they know it now, the magicians can’t keep us from it anymore. But even the treasure/sweets out there won’t be the ‘end all’ for us, the common kings/trustees of the planet. The future is in what WE agree to do with it. The gold/silver/money etc.. Is only a bridge and the bridge operators/controllers/agents/magicians, are terrified that we’re beginning to understand this. The ‘real’ gold/future, is right where they’ll never be able to touch it. Behind the eyes of the movers and shakers, us, the value they’ve been so successful at harnessing for all these generations. All else is just a shell game/distraction from the ease of escape from parasites and their minions.

    1. It was more fun when it was a free for all...lol...

      Note how my absurdist rants still apply to this as it applied to to other things when I wrote them.

      I want to ask your opinion about something Graham.


    2. Franz Anton Mesmer, in an excerpt from his book "Between God and Devil", is not the least bit demure when he exposes the mindset of the elite and their intelligentsia minions when he says the following:

      One of the tragedies of man is that he continually makes it necessary to discover again what was already known for many years past. In keeping with the peculiar notion that "if science doesn't know it, then it doesn't exist," the diligent archaeologist dredges up the information that the Indian of the Western hemisphere was "in fact" a fine engineer, artist, mathematician; while the professor of medical science is now telling us that Indians and other "primitives" did "in fact" practice a "practical" medical therapy. These discoveries, however, are only discoveries to cultured man; the primitive knew them already.

      What is this gross assumption that the cultured intelligentsia---the writers and artists, the scientific establishment---are alone the arbiters and beacons of man's achievement? Just who do they think they are, these solons who rule upon what is "reality," what is "truth" and what is not? Who are they to demand from others a "license" to think, refusing ideas or data from sources outside the Academy of Boldface Initials?

      It is fashionable to label certain historical periods, to speak of the Medieval Age, the Age of Reason, the Modern Age. And so, ours in particular may be termed the "Age of Explanation." Everything must be explained, otherwise it does not exist. But we are apt to forget that life is given, it is never really "explained." And the effort to bring everything into the realm of the "known"---which is so manifest in our time---is the death knell to true knowledge. As Charles Fort maintained: ". . . every stout and determined materialist, arguing his rejection of the unseeable and the untouchable, lives in a phantom-existence, from which he would fade away were it not for his support by invisibles. . . the heat of his body . . . his own unseeable thoughts, by which he argues against the existence of the invisible."

      For an open mind, or at least partially honest, a reading of history must evoke if not a sense of awe at man's arrant criminality, then at least a feeling of despair for those rare beings who attempted to let the air of reality into the aseptic chambers of historical-scientific sleep.

      Great teachers and religious leaders have appeared throughout history to reassert what has already been known, to begin again the effort to help man raise himself out of his hypnotic sleep to a more real reality.

      At the same time there have been secular persons who---through art, letters, medicine, science---have made a similar attempt. Lacking---at least overtly---the support of the divine, these individuals often brought rich contributions to mankind, but as a rule at a fearful price. Often their payment was in the form of the stake, the cell, banishment or the courts of man's law, or worse, at least psychologically, acceptance of what was inessential at the expense of the essential. For it is acceptable to be in the vanguard of man and his story, as long as one stays in sight of the main body. Woe to him who goes too far ahead of the parade. It is all very well to have "a great mind" (according to whom?), to think better and more than one's fellows---one in fact becomes the recipient of honors---but to think differently, in a different way, to see, really to see in a wholly new, not better way, is not only lonely, it is perilous. History, even accepted history written by the victors, is punctuated with the names of those who were refused membership in the human race because of "heresy." In this respect, Mesmer was certainly not alone.

    3. Excellent insight/points throughout Graham.

    4. Note:

      The comment following Mesmer's excerpt belongs to Saman Mohammadi


  20. AnonymousMay 14, 2013 at 8:14 PM

    No kidding about the black car. I was oblivious until it was brought to my attention by a person who lives in the same building where I currently live. It was one thing to be a slave, but it was another to enslave others. So I never ever wanted to be “somebody” simply because how would I live with myself? I realize 99.99999% of the population has no problem doing that which they do not want done to them as if they were in control of the roulette.

    The game is rigged if the same party keeps winning constantly, but if we apply the law of physics, the party that had been winning in the past centuries is going to lose big time one of these days.

    I take nothing for granted. The price we pay for our dear life is ever so great.. I just wish the “prostitutes” who are selling out get it one of these days. Sooner than later for everybody's sake.

    1. Delete

      AnonymousMay 15, 2013 at 6:41 AM
      Thanks for posting “John’s” comment at the blog. There is a real disconnect, and that party that is disconnected is “John” and his fellow elites. I am amazed that he even MADE the time to respond my trivial monologue.

      Do you get that he always makes a point by how he is superior than all the rest? That is not the mark of a true leadership. It is the mark of dehumanization.
      He/they can have all the money and clout; I want nothing to do with him/them.

      “Not hard to see the source of that lot. Usual, unbalanced, attention seeking dysfunctional vitriol. Who wishes to communicate daily with that? Truly, horrible.

      People like Neo,Saturnalia, Get Real, Darylluke, Nigel, PVG and others clearly empathize with the reality of our objectives.

      The all too often, unemployed, or simply paranoid delusional, appear focused to create needless discord or hype various irrelevancies. All too often lacking any perspective of the Global Big Picture and emerging realities. Worse, those creating and contributing nothing, seek collectively to determine which asset creators to strip first. Make and contribute nothing, but take all? How long will that society last? Some Utopia. With powers of zero, simply delusional. Continued at……”


    2. "all too often the unemployed..."

      Jesus, no shit Sherlock.... Can't see why the unemployed might have a problem with the system...

      While you are making your extermination list and checking it twice is this criteria number 7 or 8?

      "Needless discord"

      Coming in and saying nasty things to a 70 something Christian lady...

      "hype various irrelevancies" What like England's role in everything and that England now owns a magical trading program?

  21. Hugh, Timbo, Abby, Daryl, Graham, maybe some others, I hope you can contribute some stuff here regularly, stuff of substance... perspective ob stuff...

    for example let's discuss this Duff article... how can he slyly go long winded to making Hillary the heroine in the end?


    Likely slick willie is whispering in his ear...

    1. Geno - I will see what I can come up with, when I have a little more time to digest some of these things.
      Meanwhile I'm glad to see some of the others finally see what John's agenda was.

    2. well I am not making an accusation of anything... I just see the program trading and the elitist thinking as a problem and was turned off by anyone who didn't see how big a problem it is... as far as agenda, I just think it was PR that was the goal and once I came to see what the big picture entailed the more it betrayed what I think is right... as far as I'm concerned if I have a house party and people start shooting heroine I will open the door... and highly suggest we don't share the same values...

      And there is no way someone who is poor and homeless can be judged by a billionaire or those who are trying to get into his pockets... imagine a pastor ignoring the contempt for Jesus because he wants funding...wow...

  22. A big reason I am all alone on so much of this very few people seem to notice and comment on important distinctions...

    If Jim Stone is right then John is wrong about Syria...or vice versa...

    This is a significant story... nukes? 20000 dead not 53... Israel doing what it wants...

    The elite and the media covering for them...

    Or is Jim a slick psyop... "Can't get messages out! mayday mayday!"

    Seems if we don't care or pretend to care these poor people being genocidally vanished might as well be us and will be us...

    Anonymous mentioned the NOT SAID as 10 times more important....


    1. I have to constantly go back to what's true and what isn't. How can we tell? A story is a story is a story, I wasn't there and I'm assuming neither were these guys. Who's feeding them and what's their agenda?
      Yeah, "NOT SAID" is pretty damned important and Gordon Duff never resonated with me and sometimes I wonder about Jim Stone making sure his CAPS lock is on when it's something scary important.

  23. something people need to snap out of.... That we have two choices, Bush's or John... We have other choices... trying manning up... wising up... what do you think our founders were trying to do?

    1. The founding fathers were not wising up...


      On April 30, 1789, when the sun was at its zenith and all eyes and ears were focused on the President Elect, George Washington took an oral oath to become Masonic Dictator and Commander in Chief of the United States. Secretly implanted in the Constitution of September 17, 1787, this oath, when whispered by Washington, right hand raised and his left hand resting on a Masonic Bible, bound the States to Masonic law, while leaving Washington and the Masons free to build a government based on their Masonic beliefs.

      the rest here:

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. they weren't all in on that con Wanda or else they would not have created checks and balances... I will buy the Illuminati or whomever tricked everyone but there were hundreds of smart men who thought they carved out a government that could survive treachery... and many were hunted down and murdered...

    4. “Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof,” all that remained for the Masons was a switch from an oath “to support this Constitution” to one supporting Masonic beliefs.

      Got that? Obviously they used trickery because many were thinking they created something quite different otherwise they wouldn't have needed trickery...right?

    5. They had a long range plan... they have a history of taking their time... constantly plotting, gaining an inch a time. The constitution failed, right? The oath of office is oral, right? Law is spoken first, right... right, at least according to the video you posted on Sailing Away To Tyranny.

    6. Wanda - There is much 'revisionist history' out there.
      Can't believe everything people come up with. And don't forget too, that Shills are not something that is new.

    7. Well... then i'm done. I got nothing... the Founding Fathers, who were masons, were square guys. My mistake. Must be some other reason we're in this mess...

    8. All religions are the same government.
      All governments are the same religion.


      The deletion (above) was just a comment that posted twice...


  24. It's really too bad that Lysander Spooner had not been born a generation or two sooner as our most principled and singular "founder", Jefferson, could have used a brilliant ally.

    Who knows, his presence may have turned the tide for the anti-federalists and may even have persuaded them to declare the wholly inadequate Constitution D.O.A..

  25. Don't forget your 40% discount shoppers...

    "...outside forces are at play, concerns “from afar” best described in a fictional context.

    H. G. Wells described it best in his science fiction novel, War of the Worlds.

    “No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter…

    It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days…Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. And early in the twentieth century came the great disillusionment.”


  26. The Daily Bell has said on many occasions that the old order no longer stands, or at least not nearly so erectly as in the recent past. The verities, what they call dominant social themes, that have been peddled with such great success for the past century, are increasingly questioned. People are scared but they often recognize their manipulation.

    "The Internet was the product of DARPA. DARPA is a military research organization. The reason the Internet was invented in the late 1960s was because of the threat of nuclear war. The military wanted a communication system that would withstand multiple nuclear attacks. It had to be decentralized. So, they invented the Internet to provide this decentralized communication system. But what grew out of that project is vastly beyond anything that anybody could have conceived in the late 1960s. The whole world is being restructured by that project.

    This is why I really do not pay a lot of attention to the Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission. Ultimately, they are going to lose, just as their British equivalents and predecessors lost, 1914-1945. The digital genie is out of the bottle. His great gift to mankind is that he keeps selling his services at ever-lower prices. He serves ever-more people by cutting prices. Nobody can get him back in the bottle."


  27. Are we to go the way of the Neanderthals? The more primitive but stronger Cro-Magnons survived as us. Left unchecked, what are the odds of the GM babies rendering us obsolete?

    There are too many cooks working with dirty utensils in this singularity kitchen.

    Tis a recipe for disaster...


  28. Why have the federal files on the 1963 JFK assassination still secret in 2013? I know, ridiculous premise. My bad...

    The late comedian and social critic Bill Hicks on the JFK assassination. Though ostensibly comedy, it’s intense.


    1. jesus tell me that isn't alex jones....

    2. I thought LBJ sealed the files for 50 years. Whadya know, this is year is 50 years later....I guess they thought all the usual suspects would all be dead, so it would not matter to open the files after 50 years.


    3. http://www.blogger.com/

      time for you to start a blog... build it and they will come...

    4. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash;

      or at least a reasonable facsimile.

  29. me, a blog? nobody of substance would come, just trolls would...

    1. keep it as you instruct me to do and ask John to contribute...

  30. I don't know if these are "cooked" numbers, but they conclude that Iraqi Dinar CAN indeed support $4.80 per Dinar exchange rate with what they have NOW, not taking into account their oil output is on a fast track to increase another 30% over the next 3 years.at that point they will be NUMBER ONE producer of oil, and Vietnam is purported to be NUMBER TWO producer with what they have identified already exists there in untapped oil reserves.Plus, Iraq heads OPEC right now.



    1. Private message. No, move on... Tv shows get canceled...