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911 Facts Not Lies

This just in from Jim Stone....

Is it not frightening all these agencies and branches of armed forces seem to be in a covert war against each other?

May 30 2013

FED GETS THE MESSAGE: Mexico "Just said no" to Drugs

For the first of the resurrected "lost" articles I hunted down my favorite

This topic has been extensively whitewashed on all media outlets. What is here is the entire truth, with updates to address the lies used to cover this up

Fast and furious? The CIA was BUSTED using a U.S. embassy vehicle to run guns into Mexico, and the not so corrupt Mexican Federal Police caught them and did not agree.
Here is the original, full, and unadulterated truth -


Two CIA agents, accompanied by a Mexican Navy Captain and a drug lord guide who were "officially" supposed to be on their way to a Navy base for training, were noticed by the Mexican Federal Police when they made a turn off the paved road and into the Mexican back country with an armor plated 4 wheel drive Range Rover, provided by the U.S. embassy in Mexico City.
Due to the suspicious nature of exiting a paved road with such a vehicle, the Mexican Federal Police tailed them in their 4 wheel drive Ford pickup, that was identical to the ones in this photo, and manned in exactly the same way:
After a 10 mile trek off the road, the CIA agents met their drug lord counterparts and made a deal which involved an exchange of weapons for cash. It was never reported how the Federal Police dealt with the Mexican side of the equation, but they obviously were more interested in the U.S. embassy vehicle, approached it after the deal was complete, and drew their weapons to force it to stop in CLEARLY OBVIOUS MEXICAN FEDERALI UNIFORMS, OUT IN THE WIDE OPEN, WHICH CANNOT BE MISTAKEN FOR ANYTHING ELSE.
Knowing they had little to fear in their armor plated diplomatic range rover, the CIA agents, drug lord guide and Navy officer figured they would run for it rather than stop. And in the back country, the range rover really did beat the Ford. But it could not outrun a radio, and as soon as it got back up on a paved road, there was a full compliment of Mexican Federal Police there waiting for them, and they shot the range rover until it failed to function, armor plating be damned.

Despite how the range rover looks in the photos, the bullets never fully penetrated and none of the occupants were hurt (in the initial reports.) Subsequent white washes say the CIA agents were injured, to get a hospital lie started, to provide plausible cover against the punch line in this story, which is -
From the safety of the range rover, which the Mexican police were unable to shoot through, the 4 bastards in the Range Rover called the Navy to send forces to rescue them. Once the Navy arrived, they drove off the Mexican Federal Police, rescued our 4 drug lord heroes, and took them to the Navy base in Acapulco where they sucked pinacoladas for about 17 hours and then flew out of Mexico via the Acapulco airport with new identities on fake passports issued by the US consulate section in Acapulco. And if you hear anything different, it's a b.s. whitewash, the version here was from press releases happening within an hour of it starting and as it was happening.
Whitewashes include "the police were in a private vehicle" and therefore were not recognized as such, and "there were six people in the Range Rover, thus leaving no room for guns", and "the CIA agents were hospitalized with injuries" to cover for the fact they flew out on fake passports in less than a day, and many more, including "the federalis started shooting at the range rover while it was on the toll road and they only left the toll road to avoid the gunfire" and other lies via the various outlets, but the bottom line is that it happened exactly as stated above, ACCORDING TO EVEN CNN (at first).
The Mexican Federal Police were subsequently punished (at least officially, but I doubt it) for getting in the way of business. But from what I have seen here, the Mexican government is actually serious about shutting this kind of activity down. The CIA will probably be more careful to avoid sticky situations after this.
And in closing, if anyone doubts my faithfully recorded version of these events, I ask them to please query their brains with this:

What were two CIA agents doing with a U.S. embassy vehicle 10 miles out in the Mexican back country, while "officially" on the way to a Navy base for training? . . . . . . . . THINK.


  1. "some might accuse you of Bush derangement syndrome..."

    Did you effing hear that?

    That piece of anchor filth introducing that piece of Orwellian thought crime weaponry to the mass asses....

    1. On an up note... there's a guy been staying at our place a couple weeks... pretty sure he, by now, thinks i am racist... because the media told him so. I asked him to listen to the above video and said... anyone can do anything for 14 minutes. He listened and said, so Isreal did 9-11? Hint... the video references Mossad quite a lot, good thing i told him just the day before the Mossad is the Israeli CIA.

      That's what i've been saying... it has nothing to do with racism... if the Mexicans did it, i would be saying that... i say it because it's true... i say it for no other reason.

  2. That's just awesome the way they drag the big ole truth right out into the open under the glaring light of day and then 'lie' all over it.
    Terror Cimbricus
    The root of the word terrorism is taken from a Latin term that literally means "to frighten". It became part of the phrase "terror cimbricus", which was used by ancient Romans in 105BC to describe the panic that ensued as they prepared for an attack by a fierce warrior tribe. Many years later that fact was taken into account during the bloody reign of Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution.

    Terror is a feeling of intense and overwhelming fear, and that is exactly what Robespierre brought to the people of France. Following the execution of Louis XVI, Robespierre was made the de facto leader of the French government. He was a member of the Jacobins political party, and used his new found power to attack his political enemies, the Girondins. Thousands of people were executed at Robespierre's request, and it became one of the bloodiest times in French history. Most of the victims were beheaded using the Guillotine, which was often referred to by the title "The National Razor". Any opposition to the power of the Jacobins was immediately squashed, and people lived in fear of retribution.

    This period of time was referred to as the Reign of Terror, largely in homage to "terror cimbricus". After nearly a year, the Terror came to an end and Robespierre was overthrown and executed. When it was over, people started to use the word terrorist to describe a person who abuses power through the threat of force. A journalist in the United Kingdom wrote about the Reign of Terror in The Times newspaper, and created the word terrorism as a way to describe the actions of Robespierre. The word became so popular it was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary three years later.

    Today the term terrorism has basically the same meaning, although it has become better defined over the years. Whatever the definition becomes, it will still be used to describe intentional acts of violence that are designed to harm or kill citizens in order to intimidate others.

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  4. The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra!

    1. Columbia and Julliard, eat your friggin pompous hearts out!

  5. Wow Graham that video deserves it's own page....

  6. I just added the latest Jim Stone to this page....

    make sure you send folks to him and as always great work deserves support so if you can he needs it.

    And this supposedly is the definition of white hats and black hats.... black hats with some sort of drug and gun running for profit and then white hats who... well... are shiny squeaky clean knights of justice and order who would never place profit over justice for all... gack....

  7. A couple more facts/leads on cancer cures and a proposed reason they are blacklisted by the kings of commerce.

    "In 1931, Otto H. Warburg won the Nobel Peace Prize for a breakthrough understanding in cancer cells. Dr. Tulio Simoncini of Italy, using information discovered by Warburg as well as his own research, had an active practice curing cancer . . . until he was demonized in the press, disbarred from the Italian Medical Order and, eventually, served three years in prison doing the very thing Big Pharma claims to be trying to do – curing cancer."

    more here ...

    1. Hey... that's an awesome find... i have a post on my website about those symbols, of which the rod of Aesclapius is very evil... check it out... it is not a choice of life or death any more... the choice is if you choose to go in an ambulance, you choose death. My sister in law just experienced death by ambulance, so this is personal and it is real.

      Scroll to near the bottom of the page...

      I will need to add your link... thanks.

  8. Is there an "Archon" scam being peddled to the rainbow lolli-pop licking herd?

    How many kingdoms do you think there are? Animal, Plant and ....? So if Plants and Animals are both Eurkaryotes where the heck did we get the eff'd-up idea these are the kingdoms.

    From an NLP pairing perspective Archae pairs to "Archon".

    Archae breaks into at least two major branches:
    Euryarchaeaota & Crenachaeota

    This by the way has already been proven to be the essence of max quality food production, shelf lives of 4+ months for tomatoes and so much more!!

    This little gem is from some of the research I was doing while in Vienna the last couple of weeks while I was absent from each available means electronic medium of pseudo-connects and fully connected to natural world for much of the time.

    So the tree of life does not come anywhere close to the circle of life so cherished by Freymauer types of Vienna in the 18th and 19th century. Nor does do the Darwinian Religion's straight lines bring us closer to understanding the curved creative forces of life.

    BTW, I have studied and analyzed several 'evolutionary concepts' the only one that even reached the level of being a hypothesis and maybe could prove to be a theory too, punctuated equilibrium, early proponent Stephen J Gould - we do not know because other than Darwinian postulation is black-balled in the mainstream.

  9. Interesting Tim... a power outage prevented me from posting today... just had power re-stored about thirty minutes ago.

    Could you expound more on your theorem? I found this:

  10. And this:

    1. It appears that Archaebacteria is not recognized or even identified as a stand alone kingdom?