Wednesday, May 1, 2013

33rd Degree and The Magnum Opus....

Webmaster comment: Forget about a knee jerk reaction that this is New Age One World Order stuff... What it is is a lesson in the hidden knowledge the secret societies arrogantly hide and feel superior about.
He certainly isn't pulling this out of his cosmic bum.


  1. Good Morning MAYDAY - "WAKE THE EFF UP!"
    by Artist Taxi Driver(ATD)

    Last nights ATD Six O Cock broadcast was EPIC!!
    Where does he get the energy to do this 3 times per day?
    Singleness Of Purpose.

    EVERYTHING he says is wrong there, is also wrong here, John.
    I can just see you John, in your armchair grabbing the arm with tightening fingertips, as you listen to this genius dynamo of a man. And, finally John, you rip right through the covering of the chairs arms with your nails like knife through butter because he speaks the truth about NOW. I'd say Britain's banks aren't is such ripe shape, are they John? Been enough evidence here to support that, which may or may not be why you been a little quiet.

    Anyways......Is Reno still in limbo? What of our unearned soon to come windfall from Dinar RV scam?


    1. No, British Banks are NOT in good shape,agreed. which are?
      Yes,Reno is still in Limbo.
      How can we enforce YOUR countries obligation to exchange the Dinars? Drop the word Windfall, substitute speculation?
      What do you propose I do?

    2. Darylluke.
      What IF, as per past conduct, they just convert enough Special Interest cases to relaunch Iraq, exchanging the Big Accounts only, and cut the rest loose to fend for themselves? Did they ask you to gamble? Hope it doesn't play this way, but what if?
      Their conduct to date profiles as how?

    3. then they would break a federal judges decision ....not that it matters to them....but could open a legal battle.....

      just sayin....

      and this is a global reset....which certain parties are trying to you really think this all hangs on a few small dinar they must be hung out to dry...

      do you believe this would be fair John....whales get theirs and the little guy gets nothing...that would be proof of insider trading and the continuance of the status quo....that the wealth of the world only belongs to a chosen few and you only get a piece by invitation humanitarian would that be....

      and don't give me this BS about it being a gamble....I know that and took it willingly...but all dinar holders should be facing the same matter how many dinars one holds....

      i would lose complete faith in the "changing of the guard" would also lose my support totally....and would prove that all parties involved were there to line their own further their own agenda...

      don't tell me I am greedy either...I treat my employees better than anyone in the industry...never ask them to do anything i haven't done myself countless times...and give bonuses for extra effort that i benefit from....they know what i charge and costs....they know my profit....all is transparent.....the dinar i purchased is shared with no cost to them....cause if the RV was enough to pay off my debt I would be moving out of country cause my wife longs to go to her home country...the only reason we have not done it yet was due to debt and the fact that our combined income could not be replaced in her with me moving I wanted protection for my moving is based on the I purchased dinar for all of us.....I don't see this as you?.....

    4. Canauzzie
      I AM totally ON your side OK? I ONLY answered a what if question. You know what a bunch of treacherous Shysters they are. I hope you all get paid but we have no remit there.
      A lot is in play today on the GS. We are swamped so far. Can't say more. Good luck, truly, re the Dinars. I have raised these very issues today for you all.
      We have NO dinar remit OK. Our main remit is the GS issue with some select Client Only Dinars behind.
      Lets see if they meet the GS obligations first,then you all have hope. Good luck,everyone will be better off it they do. I know how many of you are in need.

    5. my hope and focus has always been the GS....their release is the most important thing to me personally....cause EVERYONE would benefit....

    6. No Canauzzie, they wont unless we are free to Program trade them. Otherwise the Cabal rule again and steal all again.
      More wars, more Petro scams and Hegemony, more Paraguayan estates and more stressed, starving humanity. Why, because THEY don't give a damn.

      WE control the entire alternative infrastructure.
      We owe no one anything. Equally we are not owned.
      We pay, we say. We invested and created it all.
      We will not be bribed or bought out or off.
      Quietly, in our time, our way, we will put back what is needed for our planet. A step at a time.
      But agreed, the GS are key.

      We alone have it all signed up, and 5 more majors want to join behind. But your right, it's a major key. Guess who are not happy campers? Today has been full of Cretins throwing hooks for a ride. All blown away. Their time is over. We can't satisfy everyone and we have to be selective. It's no free ride for lost causes. This time it will be protected and used wisely. Other parties can go set it all up themselves. What is stopping them? There's no shortage of State hands out already. Battles have started before it's even done.
      It will take a year to even get the new Project Priority platforms set up. We have so much still ahead. It will all be done behind closed doors to stop the Weevils creeping in. Our way with a Political block. Over a decade we can build what we want. Allow time Canauzzie. Huge issues are involved here. The nations have theirs. What's left is ours. A step at a time. We can't correct a century of abuse in a year.

    7. I'm curious if the shape of British Banks among many others, is a direct result of financial crimes such as this.
      $880 Trillion and Counting
      Posted by Adam English - Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

      "In 1984 a group of UK-based bankers and financiers saw the rise of interest rate swaps, foreign currency options, and forward rate agreements as a source of untapped potential profits. The only thing holding back greater gains was some sort of unifying standard. So they took it upon themselves to create a system where they self-reported the rate at which they are willing to lend to each other.

      The ability to skew results for personal profit existed from day one.

      It was only a matter of time before the cut-throat nature of international banking and the rise of global interbank funding created a system that gave them the ability to skew $500 trillion worth of transactions...

      The $380 trillion of manipulation now being uncovered came from an obscure monopoly created for a single company — ICAP Plc."


      “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” — Henry Ford

    8. Xplorer10.
      Sadly you may be part right. I would not rule it out and your right to question it.

    9. @Canauzzie,
      I am impressed... you get kudos for your employer investment in your employees. Have done similar things here as well.

      I appreciate your quest and desire above... my hat is off to you... and here is to getting your wife back home... because if she wins, then we all have possibly won.

      Thanks for the info throughout the day... hard to follow at work but check in from time to time.... you da bomb.

      Thanks for not closing the site today. You are much appreciated.

      Get Real

  2. this is where my belief structure comes from...though slightly different on the odd thing...have watched many videos of his....they are great....thanks for the posting of them Geno....

  3. Recognizing the inherent rights of humanity that precede any contracts authored by man while identifying the calculated deeds of would be tyrants who presume to rule others by some divine right, ostensibly to protect and preserve for the greater good.

    "The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose

    1. I will post this video tomorrow.... very strong and well done.

    2. The second one is powerful as well. "Message to the Voting Cattle" from his audio book the "Iron Web".

      Anyone who still clings to the notion of a political solution should take heed. He really destroys any pretense of positive change thru the electoral process and chastises those who call themselves "Christians".

      4 stars for each.

  4. Larkin Rose... that's my all time favorite video.

    Hay... it's going to be okay... really !! At least according to this guy, Brian Holtz, who apparently knows everything. Check this out, and scoot up to section 5.7 to find out how our little TYRANNY problem works out...

    1. My head nearly exploded reading the outline. Maybe I'll wait for the movie.

      Thanks for the link, I think. ,)

    2. BTW, 5.7 is a keeper...

      Does he offer any clues to mastering captchas?

    3. we will live forever and visit the milky way.... Ironically eating lots of milky ways will kill you.

    4. of course a guy named Brain/Brian knows everything....

    5. John will not agree or be amused by the "Brain's" forecast for the singularity.

      Don't ya just luv these know-it-alls?

      Discernment rules the day...

  5. :)........ is that rich or what?

  6. Man on the run. Perhaps 41 will allow him to park his ass in a hayloft at the Paraguayan hacienda farmhouse. Cya, wouldn't wanna bya...

    Former President George W. Bush has been forced to cancel a planned trip to Switzerland after human rights attorneys threatened to take legal action against him for sanctioning the use of torture.

  7. I think people would be surprised at the private exchanges John and I have.... couple times angry but mostly a sort of on going negotiation for compromise on/of his perceptions and mine...

    I have a definite vision of why this world is so screwed up and when I see some of the things he says or is involved in as part of the problem it makes it difficult to maintain a perfect environment for all of this which in itself is still a bit ludicrous in my mind....

    By posting things I feel are important... and accommodating posting what John feels is important and either using the comment section to agree or disagree and why and have all of you do the same it sort of makes it less ludicrous to me but the part that never makes much sense to me is what John gets out of it....

    I have to be careful to be true to my country as he does... and that is why I posted many things indicating Britain's role in the big mess.... and yet the devil is always in the details and my understanding of true freedom is a defiance of the big brotherish mechanisms swallowing us whole and all the other barbed hooks such as taxes and laws that people mistake subservience to as as being a good citizen....

    The Larkin video defines this quite well and will go up tomorrow....

    But there is a power structure that really is the end justifies the means solidified in the world and John and I having an ethics quarrel over the trading program may well be besides the point....

    Those who gain any upper hand always feel that if they didn't do it, someone else would or will and their own integrity or sense of benevolence may indeed be a better choice than others and someone like me attempting to quantify everything in a equal equation may just be an exercise in futility and pointlessness because idealism does not rule this world.... control does....

    I have never fully trusted John because of our disagreements in perception but that doesn't mean he and I don't see something in one another that may work toward something better for everyone... Will he get his way in totality or me mine or any of you or America or britain or the Royals or China or Russia or even the elite? Do they dare keep pushing the masses, the sleeping giant?

    Personal principles are basically the individualism I have written about but it's like being in a lions cage and attempting to show the lion rubbing his belly is maybe something you could do in exchange for not being eaten...

    In other words, good luck with that...



    1. So what other choices to that are there, try not to get stuck in the lions cage.... go in there with a gun.... have a damn punctual meat supplier keep the lion fed while you co-habitate....

      and we have seen the videos of man and lion coming to like one so anything is possible but the reality is I am still outside the lion cage and wondering why I would even think about entering...

      Why does John even talk to me? How is it I have somehow gotten close enough to such powers to maybe help affect change? Is it because I take the time to do all this? well, I suppose but anyone can do this... it must be something in the way i do it.... and yet we all know I make mistakes... I have had quite a few squabbles over the years with these screen names and mostly all that is trying not to let someone dress me down as we all try and defend our dignity... So that is the part I worry about regarding my relationship to John.... In my quest to make points I feel are rather significant, have I dressed him down? Certainly i felt dressed down by him at times... But yet we somehow keep talking behind the scenes and that means we both want to achieve something from all this and not squander it....

      When I called this Sirwhiteknight I was merely doing a prototype to show him what could be done.... I was homeless in 5 days and needed a job... Well... some of my frustrations came when this became not a prototype but the actual effort and many things surfaced that had not been thought through by me like how the UK and America have always been struggling against one another and I knew enough to state in my first comment that this was an experiment that may not work.

      Making this Oldblognewtricks allowed the blog to be less british and more mine, an American... After all, I never got the salary I hoped for.... and when paid one listens to the boss.... but I don't have a boss and I am now about 50 days homeless winging this thing from free wifi spots...

      I don't do this for any of the promises of GS money or jobs or whatever although one always has to wrestle with the offers as to whether it is a sellout or a step up.... I like writing my own ticket and dinar RV allows me to do what I want to do without a boss... I want to write and direct my films, record my music, sell my books.... plus many other things... I don't want my message to be someone else's message...

      The day I said this is done May 1 John basically said he was done... for whatever reasons we are both still here and eventually I may ask someone to take it over... but this backdrop of books says it all... Strive to educate one's self and admit, you may not know everything.

    2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, can best be described by Clint Richardson's credo: expose “them” until they dispose of him.

      I see similar traits, attributes in you and Clint; and while most of these 'books' have covers that are too far apart for a lot of us, there is something, not yet defined and perhaps never to reveal itself, that is compelling both of you to follow the nuggets of leads where ever they may take you because you "know", in your heart of hearts, that it's what you were born to do.

      Don't look back, someone may be gaining on you...

    3. yes... "we"... don't know even a fraction.... John claims to be privy to the stuff none of us were allowed to know so he seems pretty confident in his full book shelf brain....

      But then we argue the things he says and are pretty sure we are right and it takes a life of poverty and struggle to know certain things the privileged don't seem to or want to understand....

      By the way Canauzzie I am very impressed with your intentions for your employees.... good show....

    4. it is the only way I can sleep at night and face myself in the mirror every morning....i do work very hard for what i have and sometimes struggle too because of the way i run my business...but fair is fair...and i owe it all to my dad...who was a exceptional man...excellent teacher i ever had or will is him who gave me a morale compass....i only hope one day i can be half the man he was....

      i made and built the business ...but he made me who i am...and inspires me to be the best father i can parents were married 65 years and loved each other just as much on the last day as they did the first...he is missed...

      sorry to be so sappy....but in a few days is their anniversary....and mom and i have been talking nightly leading up to it as we do every is very tough on her....

    5. Keep up the good work Geno and John, and of course the other intelligent and knowledgeable posters here as well. It gets very frustrating when one feels they can do little more than discuss issues on blogs. I'd love to be in a financial position to be able to help affect some real change.

      I can also relate to Geno's current plight having been through bankruptcy myself in the recent past, and now living on a paltry monthly disability as a result of an injury while in the logging business.

      I'm not quite homeless yet, but am no longer a homeowner. The IQD RV is basically my only shot (dream) at 'rising up from the ruins' to hopefully someday start anew and do some good in the world.

    6. Thanks Hugh.... Clint is the best.... I have thought I would like to work with him at some point... I'd also like to work with Jim Stone. But Clint is a compliment for sure. His output is amazing.

    7. also happy anniversary.... good parents are more normal than not... the brain effing culture convinces kids their parents aren't worthy of their love and respect and that is hard to traverse....

      But it is way cool to love Mom and Dad and give them some slack.... or in your case total admiration as deserved.

    8. Geno,

      Yes, I admit I don't know everything. I thought I knew a lot. Then, I found out more. Then, I found out I really didn't know much. I just know more than the sheeple addicted to the daily grind of making ends meet who trust MSM, doctors, policemen, judges & journalism. Many now are slowly waking up, because there are so many liars out there now, that they can't make all their lies line-up any more. That is all it take!! For the common man to say, "What? Wait a minute....".Then, it begins the search and they stumble onto the multi-layered, multi-dimensional ONION that needs peeling. Today, the more I learn, the more convinced I am that I DON'T KNOW SHIT!!

      John asked me, "What do you want me to do?". Well, I have already answered that. But, his mindset is firm that his diplomacy will win out in the end. I said this was pure insanity to expect different results.

      Yet, if John wants to know what he should do TO GET THE DESIRED OUTCOME, I would say, obviously, "DESTROY EVIL!". Hire triple the number of great hackers needed, and follow what you discovered already in the HIDDEN #48. You know where the stolen money is. Take it, and destroy them that way. You'd have to get it lined up so that it all gets drained near simultaneously. Hire triple the amount of needed security for that task. Pay everyone generously. Have a second group stand by, and after the first group has done their jobs, have a second team in with NEW security teams for those, and re-direct once again where the original located stolen monies were sent to a super secure central location. The only other solution is wet-works for all the ones stopping this. You will find that there are many groups out there which will beg to do that, so you should have more than enough to get it done that way.


    9. Daryl? And you said you dont know shit??

      Man, if these people really want to get anything done, really done, all they need to do is ASK some of US.
      What the hell is their proooooblem ! Hire some hackers and get on with it.

  8. I know. I know what I said. Case closed on Boston right? But this reportage is too insightful coming from a real investigative journalist not to share.

    The semi-official story coming out of Washington, and the Western media, is that the Tsarnaev brothers were “self-radicalized” loners, “losers,” as their uncle Ruslan put it, unconnected to any larger organization or terrorist network. The poor babies were so alienated by life in America – where they had been given refugee status, welfare payments, and, in Dzhokhar’s case, citizenship – that they suddenly decided to carry out a terrorist act in which three were killed and hundreds wounded.

    Move along, nothing to see here …

    There’s just one problem with this story: it’s unraveling.

  9. Psychiatry: The True Shadow Government ~ Tavistock Where Deception Is Taught.

    And now for the rest of the story:

  10. Beware 'amazing investment opportunity' in Iraqi dinars, experts say...

    Say it ain't so Joe...

    1. same people say the GS is not real and a conspiracy theory....

      all currencies across the globe are to revalue or not hear them talking about ya...

      thing is....what do you believe...

    2. I believe Broadzilla (the Nazi) is gonna whup my ass...

  11. glad the site is still up. Bravo Geno. Cheers everyone!

  12. Just as I stated a few months ago, I think 'they' will try to find a way to get RV for themselves and a way to leave us peons out of it. And even now I think that's what we are seeing. In fact it has been hinted here today by a couple of posters that some are or have already gotten paid.

    It is rather obvious too, that many are stymied by the button not already being pushed. And these people are IN the financial world, scratching their heads. So I'd say something is really rotten in Denmark.

    1. This is the stuff that annoys me.... no one has gotten paid and no one is being cut out.... why don't you wait to see before you make wild accusations...

  13. I'll tell you the conspiracy that is possible though...metals drop while legislators and such get vouchers... dinar gets greenlight.... they buy metals low because they are ready to go....metals sky rocket before general public can buy in at the low....

    Now that makes sense...

    1. no wonder they repealed insider trading right?

  14. John is doing a smash up job approaching the world in his way, here there and everywhere... I know we all respect John, he is human even though he thinks we shouldn't

    PVG and Vic are coming back. Sorry I can be tough but it's sort of a bouncers attitude... Fake it til you break it...

    Kegger by the river....

  15. Geno,

    Something told me you had a big heart in there ... No tinman for you.

    Get real

    1. I hear a beat, how sweet...

    2. whoever told you that is a lying bastard....

    3. "whoever told you that is a lying bastard...."

      it's written all over your face Geno.....

    4. is it....or another climax , bang....privately....

      you tart...

    5. I do that even less than I brush my teeth...

  16. Geno, now you don't really know that nobody has been paid. In this world full of scammers and crooks?

    Anyhow, I'm not buying metals or anything else like it. Think about going to the store and trying to buy a gal. of milk with metals. Or a gal. of gasoline, lol.

    1. Vouchers... no one got paid... That would destroy everything.... they want the numbers to work for a while...

    2. Nothing at all wrong with having a few sacks of junk silver on hand, besides a good cache of barter essentials. I also learned how to make 'shine' back in the woods in my younger days....might just have to take that hobby up again one of these days.

      There will be a whole lot of people needing a stiff drink once the day of reckoning comes down hard on them.... from out of the blue.

  17. Geno,

    Thank you for all the insights into your thinking process & explaining things, so there is no doubt, but clarity.

    All these wonderful posts, day after day. It is a blessing and such a breath of fresh air to me! One single bright candle in a long never ending dark-tunnel.

    Yesterday was most difficult to endure. Random uncontrollable tears & crying jags.... End of my rope, and then some. Tonight, an unexpected gift came in to paypal. Won't get the car repaired, but it was SOMETHING, and will help for a couple weeks. Took the edge off my despair, or made it less deep. My wife is my rock and my anchor now. Without her, I'd have eaten a bullet some time ago.

    I am humbled to be welcome here. I thank you all for that. You are all so diverse a group, yet with many common similarities. Most seem to be suffering financially, just as I, so that helps to know, too. I am not alone, yet feel so alone. Too make so many mistakes in my life seen in hindsight that had I made exact opposite decisions I would have been wealthy now. Fell right into reactionism, fear of losing more, so ended those investments. Others, like the bitcoin thing at 10 cents was where I decided finally to just buy & put away, and wait no matter what. I was like 2 weeks away from making the purchase. Satanists took care of that one for me. Got fired on their holy blood sacrifice holiday, the Fall Equinox. Never saw it coming. Just BAM!! "You're out!" No recourse. Union gave ZERO support. Years earlier, I brought in dozens of new union members all alone. gratitude for you. Felt like I got kicked in the teeth right after the direct hit roundhouse knocked me on my ass! Seems idealists get that. The traitors get the juice. The deeper I've gone down the rabbit-hole them more horrific it got. Now Geno brings more "flashlight work" to reveal even more evil at every turn. I felt Fulford was nutz to say there were 1,000,000 satanists in the USA years ago. No way.NOT that many.Today, it seems he is right, and that may be an under-estimate.One rather nasty one just took over as CEO of the Chicago Corporation a few months after I moved out from there.

    That's all I got today. Just wanted to thank each and every one of you here for all your fine contributions here and helping me to feel so very welcome here.


    1. darylluke,

      Details aren't necessary to know that there are many parallels between what you have experienced, are going through and what others here are having to put up with. Know that you are not alone, your pleas do not go unnoticed.

      One of things that I do that seems to help on those darkest of days, is envelop myself in music. I just allow the vibrations to roll over me and it has a very calming or uplifting effect depending on the material. Also, I try to devote some time early in the morning just to quiet my mind; to eliminate all the internal conversations that, frankly, we all have with ourselves. Some call it meditation, others call it praying. No matter, the important thing is to flush the toxic jabber from your head a little bit each day.

      It can also be helpful to find a little humor wherever, whenever we can. It can also serve to remind ourselves that these "masters of the universe" and all the perceptions of reality they have created for us is pure folly. You and I know this. Well, let's recognize it, acknowledge it, let it go and then enjoy a laugh now and again at their tomfoolery as we await their comeuppance.

      Hang in there...

    2. Daryl - Well I for one really enjoy your postings and I hope you will continue to come and 'tell it like it really is'.

      Everyone is going to 'reap what they sow' just won't be soon enough to suit me, lol.

      Hey - I actually found Part 5 of the Judge D.'s article:

    3. darylluke,
      Wow... amazing reflections of what you are going through and thank you for sharing. I hear your pain and appreciate the fact that you have someone like your wife who can help you through the despairing times. I know it is frustrating... Thank goodness for small miracles such as the unexpected gift with paypal...

      My belief with the dinarian community has been that when things are tough and frustrating, we can lean on each other to get through the process. We can hold each other up with the possibilities of hope.

      Hang in there.

      Get Real.

  18. Get Real, Abby, Hugh,

    Thank you much for your kind thoughts & sincere words.I'll say that Geno inspired me to express with his "MayDay Musings" posts.He sets the tone here, and I truly appreciate the HONOR to be here with him & ALL of you here to actively participate and share what we do.The calibre & integrity of all here is truly "top shelf" with high-grade moonshine thrown in for fun!! I used to have a wonderful sense of humor. That aspect of myself seems hidden since, well, 9-11 and all the subsequent insanity perpetrated upon the "useless eaters". My thinking was that once I really going down the rabbit hole for my search for answers, which was a deep thirst, that at some point I would be satisfied. All I have ended up with is a more questions and an ever growing unending quiet desperation down to my soul.Friendship, as displayed here has made the road bearable.


  19. This is wonderful, John. Absolutely wonderful. For years I had hoped that such topics would be discussable on an ordinary forum that was not specifically suited for that topic and here it finally is. All my posts on the hidden meanings behind Egyptian and Chaldean religions were moved to the ´dirty laundry´ section of the most popular CMKX board. Systematic censorship by Christians who allow no viewpoint other than their own. I could not even discuss Jesuit or Zionist power structures on most CMKX boards. Politics or religion is not allowed there, so frankly there is nothing to discuss there when such parties have a major responsibility in all that is wrong in the world. I only could hide the truth in plain sight as that was all I could get away with. Words were moved. Images were not as they were not understood such as the image of Thoth in Ibis form with a small figure of Ma´at (Truth) in front of him:

    Which means nothing other than: Find the Hidden Truth

    It might sound strange, but I find it almost a miracle that here it can be discussed and with excellent input from a broad variety of fronts. I almost started to believe that useful constructive dialogue had become impossible, but here is proof to the contrary. Excellent topic and excellent constructive dialogue.

    One thing I wish to contend is that this Universal Science and Religion is more than is here even indicated. More specifically: The Key to Life itself is contained within it. I will quote a part of a chapter from a book that I originally wrote for specifically one individual years ago. Due to the nature of the platform it cannot go into the most salient specifics. Here it is:

    1. John gets credit for many things but not this....

      Wanda posted it, I watched it and just as I love all maps... this map made immediate we featured it...

  20. ¨The Tree of Life

    The previous chapter touched allegorically upon the matter of life and death, but now it is the time to remove the veil under which it has laid hidden for so long. Citizens of the world rejoice at every word that signifies ‘life’ and yet are fearful of the very word ‘death’. It is shunned and ignored, yet it should not be. Life is merely the intelligent structuring of matter, while death is a decomposition of such intelligent structures. Life and death cannot exist without the other. The death of one thing is the life of another. Ignoring the facts of life can never lead to satisfactory answers. Why does it all happen?

    A war has been going on between religion and science during the last centuries. Both of them perceive themselves to be the only one who holds the correct answer to the question of life and death. Religion is content with the knowledge that God created everything that is and that whatever may happen is the will of God (including death). Humanity in its arrogance and pride has come up with the idea that it was so special that God decided to create mankind in his image. It has reserved a special place for itself, which it denies for all other forms of life. Other lifeforms have no soul and thus are damned for eternity when they perish, while all virtuous humans will go to heaven. Virtue should not be the result of a possible reward or punishment at the end of the rainbow. True virtue needs no motivational rewards. Religion further assumes that God would actually listen to the comparatively trivial problems of praying humans and grant them their wishes as if God was merely there to satisfy the wishes of mankind like the Djinn summoned from the lamp.

    Science on the other hand proclaims to offer the solution to all human inconveniences. Despite these bold claims science is no nearer to any knowledge of life and death than the religions. Science tells us that all life is the result of evolution. According to science all life is derived from a one celled organism. It appears to be plausible, but there is problem. Where does that one celled organism come from? There are scientists who generate data to prove that that one celled organism has come from Mars, but gentlemen, what does that prove? It does not bring us any closer to a properly formulated answer. Changing its origin to a remote location will still not prove how that cell came into existence. It might satisfy those who tire of the more difficult questions of life, but that is all. Many would gladly attempt to wave away this fact, but the problem remains as large as it was, despite the attempt to ‘make the problem smaller’ by means of the convergence of all life into a minute one celled organism.

  21. The same is true for creation of the universe. Most scientists are content with the Big Bang Theory, but that still does not prove how all that is, was created. Such a model assumes that all was created out of a dense point of energy, but where that dense point of energy has come from or why it even was there remains an unanswerable question. Most learned men thus hold the belief that the basic material building blocks are static in the sense that they cannot be changed into another form, while these learned men very well know that this matter came into existence at a point in time. There is no reason to suppose that what has been done cannot be done again. It is well known that radioactive elements will fall apart into lighter elements. It is generally accepted by scientists that hydrogen turns into helium in the sun by nuclear fusion. Ironically mainstream science will not accept that other transmutations are possible. They will say: “It cannot be done! You are a fool to go against scientific foundations that are a hundred years old.” They have become so fond of their models of reality that they would discard reality for an artificial image of it instead of holding the truth in greater esteem. Some might fear the changes that a new perspective on reality will bring, since it could destroy the relevance of all the knowledge they hold in one swift moment. Others are blinded by their pride. If they cannot do it, then nobody can do it is the underlying assumption. Others who have no understanding of such matters rely upon the authority of these ‘experts’, not knowing that many of the greatest scientists such as Albert Einstein never had any official credentials that would have been accepted by these ‘authorities’.

    Nature possesses greater flexibility then most realize. A number of chemists have reported that humans, plants and animals routinely transmute mid-range elements as part of their ordinary daily metabolism. Louis Kervran for example noted in 1972 that in an experiment moulding crayfish were put into water that did not contain any calcium and yet they were able to create their calcium shell anyway. Kervran deprived hens of all the calcium in their living area in another experiment. The result was that the hens lay soft eggs, but when the hens were given potassium the eggs had a hard calcium shell once more. The French government did an experiment in 1959 in the Sahara Desert. The government wanted to know the nutritional requirements of petroleum workers under conditions of extreme heat. The intake of magnesium was considerably less then the excreted amount, but the petroleum workers kept excreting magnesium even though the natural supplies should have been long gone. It thus was discovered that the human body is able to create magnesium when there is a shortage of it. Many experiments of a similar nature were done. These reactions obey rules such as:

    Mg + O => Ca
    K + H => Ca
    Ca => Mg + O
    Ca => K + H

    Such transmutations are not accepted by mainstream science, since according to them such reactions would require much more energy. The rules of energy requirements for reactions should not be seen as unchangeable, since there is still the matter of efficiency. Enzymes for example are able to let reactions take place that would otherwise be impossible in vitro.

    Albert Einstein proved by means of his Relativity Theory (E = MC2) that energy and mass can be changed into each other. Considering this fact, it certainly cannot be that hard to believe that matter can also directly be changed into other matter.

  22. To perceive all matter as dead and yet perceive the cells that are composed of such dead matter as living is in conflict with logic. With such a perception of reality it is not strange that science cannot explain how that one celled organism has come into existence. The above mentioned arguments make the case that the dynamics of the universe are greater than commonly held in belief. More clearly expressed, life is more encompassing than believed.

    The two well beaten paths of religion and science are inadequate, but there is a third path that does not suffer from such shortcomings. Life should not be seen as exception in a lifeless universe. It should rather be seen as the one and only standard. Everything is living to a greater or lesser degree. It matters not what its size is. It might appear to be a trivial statement, but its implications are profound. Science has always been working against nature and yet it has still managed to add great value to society. Image what could possible if science worked together with Life instead of against it. With a proper understanding the very energies of Life can be harnessed before which Death is vanquished.

    Delmar De Forest Bryant says the following in “Light of Life or the Mastery of Death”:
    “Scientists who have studied into this problem of life most deeply have not been able to find any valid reason for death. Johannes Müller, the eminent physiologist, shows that in living, organic substance there exists no scientific reason for dying. The substance of which the body is composed is demonstrably imperishable.” The work of Alexis Carrel supports this. Carrel kept a chickenheart beating for twenty-eight years in a saline solution (that was constantly refreshed), while the maximum age a chicken can reach is fourteen years old. The experiment was stopped at that point, since Carrel noticed no degeneration and thus felt no need to continue the experiment. This supports the theory that cells can sustain themselves indefinitely. Leonard Hayflick disagrees and notes that differentiated cells can only undergo a limited number of divisions before dying (which is called the Hayflick limit). Bacteria, stem cells and cells of certain animals do nevertheless not suffer from this Hayflick limit.
    De Forest Bryant continues: “The forces which combine those substances, and maintain them in an organic state are equally indestructible. Then what is it that dies?
    The natural organic process consists simply in the construction and reconstruction of living cells, from an everlasting and inexhaustible supply of substance. Finally, for some unknown reason, the forces cease to act normally, and death ensues. This has occured so universally and so persistently that the mind has naturally come to regard it as inevitable, but the time has now arrived in the evolution of the race when death is to be regarded as an abnormality, and means are to be sought and found to prolong human life at will far beyond the present limits, and eventually to any desired extent.

  23. Professor Metchnikow, though an earnest student of this subject, was unable to push his investigations far enough to reach the vital point, or secret, or life manifestation, and succumbed to the general fate of mankind. The theories, however, which he has left us, are most interesting, and very suggestive of the truth.
    Metchnikow attributed senile degradation and death to the invasion of certain microbes, to which he gave the name of “phagocytes”. He says: “Human senescence is the result of a slow but chronic poisoning of the organism, such poisons, if not completely destroyed or eliminated, weaken the tissues, the functions of which become altered or enfeebled so that, amongst other changes, there is a deposition of fatty matter. The phagocytes resist the influence of invading poisons better than any of the other cells of the body and sometimes are stimulated by them. These parasites invade the higher organs and gradually absorb the cellular substance of which they are composed.”
    But, after all his experiments, Metchnikow makes this admission: “The bodies of men and higher animals are possessed of a complex mechanism which resists the harmful action of the bacteria and their poisons: they may bring little harm to an organism that has a high power of destruction or neutralization of the toxins.”

    How can such a high power of destruction or neutralization of toxins be acquired? This power is not inherent in humans, so therefore it must be acquired from without.¨

    1. - End of the quotation of a part of a chapter of my book

  24. Proper analysis of life (and thus seed) allows mankind to locate the true root of all that is. More so it allows for man to assist nature in creation itself in the image of the creation of the universe. This is not the common co-creation everyone is familiar with.


    Listen to the the expressions.... make up and wig.... Ray Ramano...everyone loves raymond....

    sometimes Chiarini is so wrong but I see this one... big time....

  26. Dearest Geno,

    I watched the first half of that vid....very interesting information from a very smart well read man....what he said so far in a nut shell is that God created both good and evil and that the choice is does any of this have to do with any sort of monetary system?

    In my low pay grade understanding of things its kind of like this: government at any time can change the rules of the game....and weather fiat or metals based matters not....its like we borrow money to our self and pay our selves interest than say that there is no money left for pensions and such...yet what is interest upon a debt?

    It is a click upon a mouse upon a keyboard somewhere and it is a great game...yet the game is real when we have a war based economy that can see peace yet the society at large can not handle the realities of such peace should it break out.....

    And men like John deal in realities as I did in my former life as a guy that got things done for the feds....I was useful for them and yet it was time for me to move on as it were and yes I do understand these things....

    Money is not the issue but a proper spirituality as I would see things....yet my ability to communicate such realities is limited....

    War is a methodology for control since the general population can not control themselves and so in watching the first video I see nothing wrong with other than a mans honest search for truth....and that truth is that we are god or that god is within all or that god created evil or that maybe since god gave us free will we choose the path to evil and a related theory is that we can also choose the path towards is not duality but one.....that seems to be the purpose even though co-opted by the societies....

    As usual dear Geno you present really heavy duty things to keep people occupied....yet life in itself is the best occupation....and a peaceful and prosperous life even with little money is something that I hold dear....

    Good work....


    1. Who said everything here is about money? but thanks... This site is about things people should know... whatever they are...

    2. Since you once worked for the 'fed' then how can you sit here and talk about living on little money, when your 'pension' is larger than most people earn, IF they are able to earn anything at all.

      No we are far from being god, but many think they are or act like they are; must be because they can't stand who they really are.

      Its quite established that there IS good and evil in this world. This is the very WAR that is raging as we speak. Bad evil people vs. those of us that think and do what is good and harms no one. Isnt this pretty obvious?

  27. Dear Abby,

    Money talks and bullshit walks as they say....

    I believe that talking to an angry person like you would not be productive....