Monday, January 28, 2013

King of the World?

It's not that I can't get the sword out of the rock it's that I have a pubic hair caught in the bell guard...

The videos have been pulled.... wish I could find them.

I have to begin with the disclaimer, I have no idea if all this is true but I do find it fascinating.


  1. I will watch this a couple times

    I knew a lot of this and have written about it many times but all this video proof is helpful...


    Is it bullshit?

    Not completely...


    If we are looking at sophisticated scripted psyops we are looking at an amazing effort.... from the murals to the novels to the movies to the people co-mingling to the holy books, prophecies, symbols, and on and on...

    What scares me is IF we can put all this together what does it say?

    The antichrist isn't as good at being sneaky as the legend would have it?

    Or this is more of all the world's a stage and in which case...

    why would we be led to this?

    I have to believe there is indeed some huge surprises in the scripting of our world...

    I believe depopulation is a definite...

    But is it possible that this grandiose theater is the magicians slight of hand?

    You see I kept pointing to this because like the mountain...IT IS THERE...

    But now I am really concerned about what isn't there...

    If anyone has read the pdf file of the Battle of Dulce New Mexico about the under ground reptilian creatures... the genetic labs crossing people with insects and worse...

    like the movie with the Rock where they go underground to a lab that has had a breach... remember Hollywood tells us stuff indirectly...

    Is this all just part of an UNVEILING....

    the moment they end the show and take their bows?

  2. The clone idea is bogus because Wills looks just like Diana. If he were a clone, he would not share her genetics. An identical physical clone of Jesus would not look like Diana, Princess of Wales.

    That said... yeah, this ties a lot of things together. The subway beneath the palace in London -i have heard the same is true under the White House.... who knows? A major psy-op... by thieving inbreeds. Because you'd have to be fecking insane to want to do this in the world... to the world... to plot for so goddam long. But why Washington or the military has not pulled the plug on this...

    Some things i am sure of... there are no aliens and nuclear bombs do not exist.

  3. Regarding Dulce... If you are familiar with Bill Cooper's work, he came out detailing aliens in area 51 and all that but later on, he recanted all that alien stuff saying he now believed the government was involving their own people in psyop in order to make it seem more credible. Unlike Dallas GoldBug (hmmmm... note his bee logo?) i don't believe Bill Cooper is Jordan Maxwell. Look at that effing chin for freaks sake.

    There is much in this symbology business. It is a language all in itself.

  4. My feeling about the battle of dulce is that it is scripted... I don't believe the premise... however...

    I do believe the underground bases are doing genetic experimentation....

    I have seen some strange things with my own eyes which makes me wonder about shape shifting....

    I sincerely believe almost everything is possible....

    My problem is with how do we fix anything when the crazy stuff dwarfs the things that can be quantified like free fall speed of 3 buildings disintegrating in one day from absurd physics...

  5. Geno,

    As an individual it is hard to imagine that the killings, economic implosions, and constant world crisis' surrounding us daily could be scripted. Really..could you or I as an individual plan much further into time then next week and pull it off, let alone decades into the future. What if you had a couple trillion to play with? When Money talks, people listen.

    Money is not what makes me happy, rather it is what I need to pursue the activities that make me happy. On the other hand if I am a Windsor, I have more money than I could ever spend. These scoundrels have had everything at there beckon desire for so long that they have understanding, or skills to survive in a real world.They know nothing of earning something through contribution, rather they choose to amuse themselves with the suffering of others. We (individuals) plan for our future through hard work. They plan our future because they can. Only by happenstance they were born with a silver spoon up their nose. They are sick, and their lives are nothing but lies. Their ego's are fed with the death of innocent human life, rather than contributions to the betterment of society. Their existence is only because they were born into money. They could not provide, support, or fend for themselves if they had to...without money. They are worthless to society, and exist only because of the lies they spin. Time and again THEY act out the same old charade They are not creative. They are not compassionate. They do not know anything of love or human emotion. They are selfish in the worst way. They do as they are told because they can not think on their own. This is what separates humans from most all other beings on earth. Humans care, and have the ability to make decisions, rather than acting only on instinct. A good human makes good decisions for the good of mankind. They are destined to fail. Why? Because goodness prevails! Always has always will. This does not mean that evil will not show its ugly face from time to time (as is the case now), but without creativity, love and compassion there is little they really have. Certainly nothing I will ever want! At the end of the day they are nothing more than they were when they awoke. They are void of life. Day in, day out, forever through eternity.

    "As I walk through, this wicked world,
    searching for light in the darkness of insanity,
    I ask myself, Is all hope lost,
    is their only pain, suffering, and misery?
    And each time I feel like this inside
    there's just one thing I want to know..
    What's so funny about peace love and understanding?
    Whoaaaaaa ohhhhh
    What's so funny about piece love and understanding?

    As I walk on
    Through troubled times
    My spirit get's so downhearted sometimes
    So where are the strong
    and who are the trusted?
    and where is the harmony, sweet harmony,
    Cause each time I feel it slipping away, just makes me wanna cry...
    What's so funny about peace love and understanding? "Elvis Costello

  6. Here's some more about the movie... Jesus was never a real guy. The angels are symbols... not some cherub like beings with wings... that's impossible. What is an archangel? It is an arc and an angle. It is aspects of everything. Everything is either an arc or an angle. See how religion keeps us in a state of perpetual ignorance? This is how religion enslaves.

    We need to endeavor to understand the symbology. Whenever you have a reference to mag... as in Mary Magdalene, that alludes to magnetism and is allegory for the moon, a feminine aspect which exerts a magnetic force on earth... causes tides to surge, emotions, feminine, dark, mysterious.... yadda, yadda. The wife of Jesus, we can therefore see, would be, if Jesus is light... his opposite polarity, that which completes him, would be Magdalene.

  7. Geno,

    Every time the name Windsor comes up I go off. Of coarse they script the future. To what extent? They are a catalyst. They start a fight , they leave the bar, and return (after the fight) to collect all the poker chips that fell on the floor.

    "God save the queen...She's not a human being" Sex Pistols

  8. Phil, your point about trillions to plan and pay for the event is right on. Time for imbeciles everywhere to wake the fuck up.

  9. isn't it interesting all 4 of these links are now dead?