Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Lessons Learned...

T'is Christmas again and what shall I say about it? Well this video, song I produced says it is all about "giving" and not receiving.... not exactly a news flash... but as I tried to make Christmas shopping a life lesson to my 5 year old son here, it sort of sticks in time as a reminder to me that I tried to instill ethics in my son that I know more than ever were being countered by a sick of soul media, whose messages were 24 and 7 not just bombarding him but bombarding his friends who relayed the behavior to him. There comes a time in life when somehow God or fate shakes us by the shoulders and says, "choose." Your choice is being selfish and materialistic and constantly pursuing a counterfeit version of happiness or to actually think about the messages that are there from what we have labeled angels or Jesus. We can argue their existence but we can't argue the messages, for I fail to see where any of the advice was a con job. Turn the other cheek, peace, love, honesty and especially make a higher power the center not one's self. Christianity says it is Jesus. Period. Well, I only have one thing to say about that. Make it a personal prayer and see how it feels. I  know personally when I use the name and pray sincerely that a certain peace assures me something or someone is really listening.

I too hear all the messages around me telling me it is all control freak bullcrap and fantasy, designed by our elite rulers to form a social engineering doctrine, and though one should have an open mind and willingness to hear all sides, one should never relinquish the possibility of being wrong... or right...or admit we don't know enough to come to any conclusion and to rule out what could be cheating one's self is just foolish. Below is the official myth and or fable of Christmas in song. I played it in one take, both the guitar and vocal and the second track harmonica in one take, the morning Kal left with his Mom for their Christmas up north. The harmonica part was truly inspired in my opinion. I had only been playing guitar a year and harmonica is an instrument dependent upon the key of the other instruments as to how it sounds. Though the sound has a hiss from ending up on a cassette tape and back to digital 14 years later, I am glad it survived even in an imperfect state. Though the story of Christmas survives in an imperfect state, we need to listen for the parts that are in harmony with goodness and decency, love and faith in humanity and something bigger and better and peaceful.

And then there is humor. To laugh at the human error and pain we are cursed with. It doesn't hurt to have fun in the face of our fear and doubt.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Read Reed

My father says I am worthless too... But I am not worried, socialism will take care of me....

The method has many variations, but can be briefly explained as follows: Conspirator 'C' notices some signs of a conflict or opposition of interests between 'A' and 'B'. He places his agents in both camps, losing no opportunity of creating division and confusion in both. The first result is the blurring of the issues which separate 'A' and 'B'. 'C' now achieves his success not from the victory of either 'A' or 'B, but as a third and secret consequence of an indeterminate struggle in which neither 'A' nor 'B' can ever hope to emerge the victor. This method is employed not only in the great political parties, like the Republican and Democratic in the United States of America, but in every imaginable area of activity - cultural, economic, political, scientific and even religious - the tools frequently employed being this century's rootless intellectuals and liberals.....

 Communism's "useful idiots", as Lenin called them.

 After the Second War I went to America as soon as I could (1949) and spent a year traveling the United States from coast to coast. I wanted to find out how American state policy and the power of the American war machine had been diverted to serve the ends of spreading Communism and leaving the Communist Empire a great step nearer to its goal of world dominion.

 I found out, and told the story of treachery in Part Two. Communist spies and agents were creeping out of the American edifice of state on all sides. The American Government, and the British and Canadian Governments, were riddled with these creatures. It was all coming out, now that "too late" had struck. Even the lunatic fringe of credulous and crapulous hangers -on could no longer pretend that no conspiracy existed. The list of proven traitors was as long as that of the dead in two wars on some small town or village war memorial. Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Maclean, Burgess, Philby, Nunn May, Pontecorvo, Klaus Fuchs, Fred Rose: this was only the start, and over the ensuing years, now that Judas was deemed an honourable man, they came to preen themselves at press conferences in Moscow, and with the smile of the villain even to boast of their deeds.

 This was the tale I told in Part Two, in 1950, and it was the end of my writing days. Reviewers unitedly abused the book and in effect it disappeared from circulation. However, a few copies must have remained in circulation, and their readers, as the years passed, checked on Part Two, found it accurate and suggested re-publication. To their efforts is due, in 1976, this "rediscovery" of it. It was true in 195I and is true now. Summing up all I had learned, I pictured America in the grip of "three servitude's".

The first of these is Zionism, to which all American Presidents in the last sixty years have kowtowed like Chinese peasants. No American politician dares challenge its supremacy, and this submission has obviously been achieved through what Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, called " the awful power of our purse". He is responsible for the metaphor of the upper and nether millstones between which the Christian nations are being crushed. The second servitude, I found, was the permeation of American public life at all its levels by Soviet Communism.

This process began in full force with the inauguration of President Roosevelt in 1932, and demonstrably it led to the warping of major courses of state policy. The two foreign ambitions. both deriving from the Jewish areas of Russia, obviously meet in the central ambition of a totalitarian World State, dominated by them. The third servitude was the grip of organised crime on American life, but that does not aspire to world rule, it is only important because of its corruption of political life at its foundations, as distinct from the higher citadels. DOUGLAS REED. Durban, March I976


Monday, November 26, 2012

Hook, Line and Blinker...

There is always a hook.... think about it... what is a worm doing way out here? 

Pretty Ticklish for a '98....

Headlines you might have missed…

1. Jimmy Carter To Mediate Hatfield/Mccoy.

2. Unpredictable California Falls Into Atlantic.

3. Exploratory Surgery Too Late To Save Lewis And Clark.

4. Braindead Show Signs Of Not Caring

5. Limp Wrists Aren’t A Gay Thing, But A Milk Thing.

6. Hercules Used Steroids.

7. Cats Musical Plays Chinatown, Disappears.

8. Really Tight Underwear Left Dinosaurs Sterile.

9. Marcel Marceau To Host Talk Show.

10. Each Born Again Christian To Equal One Aborted Fetus, Supreme Court Decides.

11. Loose Change In Sofa To Be Taxed

12. Bar Stools Leading Cause Of Alcoholism.

13. Sex Best Word To Have In Headline.

14. Global Warming Blamed On Fat People’s Thighs

15. Nutty Wankers Needed to Wank Nuts….


Disney executives announced Monday that the Magic Kingdom will be closed forever. “With all the big paper mache’ headed costumed characters and strange attractions like Mr. Toads wild ride and It’s A Small World…We suddenly had a moment of clarity. At a meeting of the board of Directors someone said, “What in Gods name are we doing? Are we on drugs or what?” The moment of clarity prompted us all to just go home and re-evaluate our lives.

So there I was,  her husband comes home early and my spacesuit is over the chair and she is naked...
I tried a Jedi Mind trick... I made him believe he had walked in on his mother and father...
Which almost worked until he realized he was reptilian and he hatched from an egg and never knew his parents... So I dove for my lazer gun and he whacked me with his tail...meanwhile she 
jumps on his back and one thing led to another and we had a threesome...


NEW YORK NEW YORK-In a discrimination suit settlement that awarded 99-pound Slighty White a job and an undisclosed amount of cash, Judge Menot ruled he had been unfairly ruled out for the job of bouncer at Studio 53.
“Because Slighty will get the crap kicked out of him on a nightly basis and doesn’t have a chance in hell of breaking up a fight is not reason enough to discriminate against his dream to be a bouncer.” Said his attorney U.R. Cashcow.

As it stands 99.9% of all bouncers in America are largely male, solid muscle and of the neckless persuasion

In Rocky XIII Rocky becomes heavy weight champion of The Villages in Florida
and wins the golden dentures for knocking out Muhammad Ali who thought they were golfing...


New York—Citizens in New York offered an independent report on the World Trade Center Disaster. The report read, “What da fuck ya think we’re stoopit?” 
Another report issued by the Government Bureau of Illusion or the GBI stated unequivocally that the accident could have been avoided and that blame lies at the foundation of the Twin Towers themselves. Apparently the buildings had been structured for just an event like this. The architecture had steel “duckbeams” that were designed to duck if ever airplanes found themselves flying way too low. “The Beams are rigid but bendy.” Said one expert who wished he’d said elastic. 

Jessica Lang who had been in the fist of King Kong years before hanging off the side of the trade tower confirmed the report. “It is true…they should have and could have ducked yes…but that doesn’t mean they would have avoided the collision…From what I understand those airliners are pretty easy to fly… 


George Bush announced a 5-point plan because the Israeli star has 5 points. “4 more then the one under my golf cap.” He said showing off his math skills. The 5-point plan was to piss just about everyone off by bombing them for no good reason. “Oil, diamonds, gold, heroin, and cheap labor will contribute to our decision but right now we are looking at bombing Mexico because it is close, big hats make good targets, plenty of brown skinned people, and all those beans should contribute to a gas explosion that I’ll be able to see from my porch in Crawford.” The president glanced at one of the robosuits behind him and said, “Mexico is south right?”

The man who had no neck had visible difficulty in nodding but stomped twice on the wood floor to indicate ask Carl.” Bush went on to explain that any country that took naps in the afternoon deserved to be woke up kind of sudden like. The 5-point plan is as follows.

Launch untested bombs to test them.
Put fingers in ears.
Try not to drop the dog.
Pave the Rio Grande
Celebrate at Taco Bell.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bail! The Slaveship is Sinking!

I tell you what, if you purchase the deluxe service agreement with us today, I will give you an additional 10 percent off the price and these crazy rabid freaks I work for won't lop off my head... deal?

4 hours ago · Hurricane Sandy POWER OUTAGES: All these delays, inaction, and Governmental abandonment, and NOT ONE TV News broadcaster has chastised our black President for exercising racism against the predominantly white residents. Weird. In Katrina, Bush deployed the most Helicopters and Military machinery EVER USED in USA History, and Bush got crucified as a Racist. Obama plays golf thru Sandy's much wider devastation, and nobody throws the Race Card. Double Standards, anyone?

    • Geno Kalmes well as long as we are on the subject of certain groups getting away with murder with little to no accountability

      Below is a listing of the slave ships and the names of the Jewish owners of those ships.

      Name of Ship---Jewish Owners

      Abigail------------Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks
      Crown-------------Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson
      Nassau-------------Moses Levy
      Four Sisters--------Moses Levy
      Anne & Eliza------Justus Bosch and John Abrams
      Prudent Betty------Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix
      Hester----------------Mordecai and David Gomez
      Elizabeth ------------Mordecai and David Gomez
      Antigua--------------Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell
      Betsy -----------------Wm. De Woolf
      Polly-------------------James De Woolf
      White Horse----------Jan de Sweevts
      Expedition-----------John and Jacob Roosevelt
      Charlotte-------------Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks
      Caracoa---------------Moses and Sam Levy
      Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, 'Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America' Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.
      emove Preview
    • Shmil  Wake up from your slumber, huh. Go back to sleep, Geno.
    • Josee Listen to this...I was flipping through some radio stations last week and happened on a french one (cant rememebr the name or number...) where I heard a female caller to the radio host say "The holocaust is the best thing that happened to the world". Not kidding...I am SHOCKED and pissed all at once...and I am EXPECTING to hear the radio anouncer say..."lady are you mental" or something equally appropriate. INSTEAD he says "here in quebec you have freedom of speech except when it come to Jewish people because they will FIND YOU- tyhey don't fit into the culture of the country of Quebec. Really...dude. you moron. ..." I am not kidding.Even though I am a francophone Quebecer...I have NEVER in the WORLD met anyone as racist as a Nationalist Quebecer who has never left the boundaries of this province (which is abouty 75% as far as recent stats goes) the most RACIST culture I have ever encountered. |Wow...defining your identity through language...sheesh.
      2 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Geno Kalmes don't let facts get in the way of psychological domination through the censorship of someone like Dr. Tony Martin.... Inconvenient when hiding behind the cloak of champion of the underdog and purveyor of "tolerance"....
    • Edwin  What are you talking about? Obama made sure everyone was prepared ... In fact got a ringing endorsement from the Republican New Jersey Governor (a Tea Partier at that) for his disaster management skills. Please don't surf on your pre-determined beliefs when they are in such conflict with the facts. As for Bush, he wasn't ready, he fumbled the ball on Katerina, and he caught flak for his slow response.
    • Alec  @ Craig. Enough. Enough already. Maybe i'm in a crappy mood today, but i just don't have anymore patience for this nonsense. W was an incompetent half-wit who didn't win the election. O is not. i used to think that there were conspiracy theory people on all sides, but recently i've started to notice that they all end up pointing in the same direction. A constant barrage of paranoia. An ugly poisonous stew that pits 'normal' against 'other'. And some kind of fictitious Good Old Days and Old Values against a modern morass of... well, i'm not actually sure what we're guilty of. Enough.
    • Alec  What the hell is reverse racism? There is only racism.
    • Edwin  Amen Alec. This post is just bullshit.
    • Edwin  And enough with the anti-Semitism Geno. Grow up people and learn REAL history. Children.
    • Alec Okay Geno. Whoever the F. you are, stay away from me. Were we friends? Well, we're not friends. Go dig up your contextliess little factoids somewhere else.
    • Geno Kalmes oh the pain of truth and reality... Alec, I do not befriend people who can't handle facts... by the way Kalmes is an old world Jewish name, you see I deal in the complexities of the psychological control grid that keeps everyone in their place... why don't you watch the video and expand your narrow mind.
    • Geno Kalmes

      I'm working on a video about how extreme mainstream media is including the trick
      s used when covering of key domestic issues like health care. But this video ...
    • Tom  A natural disaster of equivalent proportions in the form of an ice storm hit Quebec and it took our army and Hydro Quebec over a month to restore power to all citizens. Without a black man to blame we all just accepted our circumstances as an unavoidable result of the power of nature.

      How nice it would have been to have simply blamed it on race. 
    • Carl  Craig, you appear to have some very nasty and unpleasant face book friends
    • Geno Kalmes Craig didn't blame it on race... he was making the point of the double standard of how Bush was criticized.... I dislike democrats and republicans and Obama and Bush equally because I know it all dates back to the Frankfurt school of subversion and tavistock and other psychological warfare that creates division for the purpose of the elite controllers maintaining control... but I do have the ability to see what was meant by Craig.... but the emotional distortions of twisting his words is a typical tactic... see the Amy goodman video above...
    • Tom  I believe that is because they are mostly Americans.
    • Geno Kalmes so lets see I presented undeniable evidence of psychological manipulation but people refuse to actually look at the evidence and see the sincerity housed within because either it threatens the lie they benefit from or their brainwashing is programmed t...See More

      What is Antisemitism today, two generations after the Holocaust? In his continui...See More
    • Tom Bush had a Dad who headed the CIA. Nothing subversive there.
    • Geno Kalmes I have risked my life exposing Bush for what he is...
    • Tom  The myriad layers of power will continue to smother America and prevent the freedoms sought by the founding fathers from being enjoyed by the masses.
    • Geno Kalmes The borders of America do not contain or prevent the spread of the cancer that ate through the integrity of the world long before its inception... Your blaming of America is true in part but not in whole...therefore as much a perceived ISM as Craig's point or mine.... I seek to identify the parts that make up the engine of psychological tyranny but most just want to know where the gas pedal and steering wheel is and leave the repairs to the mechanics they spend 5 minutes voting into power every 4 years... How's that working out for you?
    • Tom  I am Canadian and am already concerned about Pierre Trudeau's genetic droppings becoming the next knee-jerk selection to lead the flotsam of the Liberal party to future greatness.
      Panicked desperation is one of the most entertaining of mammalian traits.
      5 minutes ago via mobile · Like

      • Geno Kalmes No one can understand why things are F'd up without a willingness to be an open minded juror... I was a leftist liberal for 42 years until I took the time to understand what the right wing was saying... And a ton of research beyond that I know that bot...See More
      • Josee friend when we all put our bullshit opinions down...and start helping each matter WHO we are - race, religion, even people with ridiculous political opinions :) This is much more effective and simpler than your attempt at contextualizing a reallllly non-intellectual subject. Try putting down your GAVEL mr juror...and help a brother out. That gavel can get PRETTY heavy. I can;t judge anyone...cept myself. You're not here in this life to develop opinions (i can make us feel really smart...I get it. But you're probably smart already!) Loose the the heart...ahhh...and have a nice weekend. ~peace~
      • Geno Kalmes Josee you are stuck in the quicksand... the quicksand is the word "opinion" this is not opinion.... this is fact cross checked by the most brilliant minds who went through the library of Congress, whose testimony was eye witness from the Woodrow Wilson cabinets and the signing of key treaties during the World Wars.... it is a disease to think we all have opinions.... opinions are meaningless and as I said the quicksand of ignorance.... Take the time to read or watch these links.... and you might actually awaken to the reality that is the parallel universe to this illusion...
      • Geno Kalmes

        The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to...See More
      • Geno Kalmes There is a tip of the pyramid... a top echelon to the heirarchy... but we have been brainwashed with the politically correct mediocrity of trying not to criticize anyone when criticism is the only way to returning to right and wrong not some sort of warm and fuzzy middle ground of delusional wishful thinking.... This man was an eyewitness.... he spells it out....

        Benjamin H. Freedman's excellent speech on how World War One and Two really star
        ted and why the U.S. was eventually drawn in. Saved from Google Video. Transc...
      • Alec  i'm disturbed by the strong emotional reaction i've been having. i wish that i hadn't opened my mouth in this conversation. i have to apologise to both Craig and Geno for the tone of my comments. Perhaps i shouldn't FB before my second coffee kicks in. i do understand that Craig isn't accusing O of racism, but making a comparison to how people judged W's reaction to Katrina. i think Mr. Rathie's camment about our own little disaster is quite apt. Meanwhile, i don't understand the purpose Geno's post listing the Jewish owners of ships that transported slaves. Are you suprised that there were Jewish entrpreneurs among the many businesspeople who engaged in what was a fairly common practise? Because it reads like Antisemitic disinformation. Meanwhile, i love america. i love American culture and the principles outlined in its founding documents. But the rhetoric of Left versus Right is laughable. There is no Left in America,. only Right and Righter. The endless fearmongering about 'Socialism' is just a tool to keep people in line and keep people divided and distracted.
        32 minutes ago · Like · 1
      • Josee  yeah 'cept Geno...I have a degree in political science. grew up in a political family...I've done my time with this crap. See what it did to poor Al? LOl I am not stuck in a time machine my friend...YOU are stuck in the ILLUSION of opinion. It's kinda like a big car for a guy with a that;s another conversation...:) my grandchildren are Jewish. I kick anti-semite ass :)
      • Josee  hey al...PLAYING TONIGHT?? I'm at woot with craig and a bunch of folks. exit 28 off the 40. You're my favourite bass player. come do a random act of music for the Cancer Wellness Center in Beaconsfield. :) Beer's on me. Will take your mind off all this deep shit. :)
      • Geno Kalmes  first off the point of the slaveship is the root (Roots) of the racism we are discussing... those who ran the slaveships still run the world... and if you watch the lecture by Dr. Martin he shows how that pyramid of power blames everyone but themselves for the "peculiar institution"... They instead used their control of people and wealth to gain more control of people and wealth and to take control of all educational branches to socially engineer themselves as this hidden power while creating the Hegelian dialectic of creating the problem...waiting for people to cry for a solution and then having the answer ready... The Patriot Act is one example... it was already to go wasn't it? 

        The Jewish thing is a key component to the grand con job.... There are true blood Jews and another group whose religion is the opposite of "good" who infiltrated Judaism to set the Jews up as the fall guys.... see all these links and you might begin to understand the con...

        My interview with Eustace Mullins at the 2005 Euro-American Conference in New Or...See More

      • Josee  oh fer goddsakes. Get over yourself. Do you actually think you can make anyone think diffferrently than what they believe?> You have NO POWER over anyone but YOURSELF. So,...back to my original "zany:" idea...take all this energy...go OUT tonight...and HELP SOMEONE. ANyone...just HELP.
      • Geno Kalmes well I will save my energy on you but I am helping people... would you like to see the emails I get thanking me?
      • Geno Kalmes

        A rare 1958 interview from the author of "Brave New World" Thank you for watching.
      • Geno Kalmes Josee your video shows the social engineering and manipulation of the elite to accomplish THEIR goals... my links explain why that is a psychological con game.... the difference is the size of the grand canyon, and no true CHANGE can take place without the foundation of truth that kicks the legs out of a card table holding up the lies...

        The One World Order is their goal and it is based on those fairy tales of heroes who were almost always manufactured for the purpose of furthering an agenda that was serving the elite plan.... 

        Globalism is here and that is just a fact but it's whether we allow the same psychos to run it in the future is the question.... If you don't know the facts of the crime how can you deliberate and make a proper verdict for the good of the future...

      If you watch defamation you might begin to see why the label antisemitism is a psychological control trick... and psychological warfare is first and foremost in all war... every ritual practiced in basic training is all about convincing the individual to submit his own mind because of an alleged enemy who will kill him -- in the case of the Jews it is a psychology to perpetuate the idea of persecution so that everyone else outside Judaism is a threat.... and this is how the Jews will be set up... If you watched the movie Eyes Wide Shut those are the people who secretly run the world and blood ritual is their religion... In order to turn every other race and religion against one another each group of people have had their closest in proximity neighbors villified as a threat... but the larger plan can be foiled if the Jews who are pivotal in the chess game realize that they are being set up by believing the perpetual persecution complex of everyone is out to get them and as a result engaging in the end justifies the means, best defense is an offense, it's us against the world isolationism.... It breeds resentment.... and those at the top know it.... 

      • John  Wow... to think my mention of slaveships would inspire such a "dialog". some of the vitriol would better held back for sure... But opinions... well, sorry Geno, but people will always have opinions, those are in fact yours you are expressing, and everyone is entitled to one... The truth is, the more educated and the more open to new ideas, the more one's opinion will be informed. ps, when i have a sec i will check the links you posted... i sense a good conversation could be had- you have clearly spent a great deal of effort informing yourself. @alec; reverse racism- a dated expression for sure, but reffering to the idea that black people who express "anti-white" sentiments exhibit the same racism as white folks. Within historical perspective this cannot be true. and pps, Alec you are exactly right (in my opinion) about American politics and fear mongering. Peace out, tout le monde...
      • Geno Kalmes the infiltration of this psychological warfare spread to every single major institution, including the Vatican, Christian churches, Athiest science, secret societies, colleges, and more.... but when the snake is designed to circle back and eat its own tail.... each culture assigned an evil twin to throw under the bus.... there needs to be an ultimate fall guy... so... those people in hoods and masks in eyes wide shut to actually have regular rituals like this each month in secrecy.... they need to blame someone and what happens when a belief system was designed for that end> All of our belief systems are designed by this hidden knowledge... and yes it is complex.
      • Geno Kalmes my point is knowledge isn't opinion...facts aren't opinions... an opinion pertains to whether you like a dress or art or a movie.... opinions don't pertain to FACTS.... you can disagree about facts but someone will be wrong and someone will be right... a Fact may be a lie repeated a billion times and therefore not really a fact.... take the missing link for example... the truth is it isn't one missing link but huge amounts of evolutionary skeletal fossils that would need to fill that void.... our educators get grants from the very foundations seeking to keep themselves on top and lying about almost everything is key to their end.... and your political science degree is a degree in memorizing and repeating official lies Josee...