Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coming Soon... Freedom.

Daddy, can I get a nipple ring like Madonna if I put an upside down cross on it?

Okay the cynical Hollywood brainwashed who scoff at Kirk Cameron, Christianity and being proud of our country's founding principles can piss off, and it isn't about Christianity or Americanism, it is about the morality and the design to invoke an idea to protect all worship, rights, freedom and prosperity.... that has purposely and insidiously been destroyed by very clever demon minded pricks to inherit all power, turn cultures against one another, take our children away from our own ideas of what is right and raise them as bling minded sex addicts, drug addicts and cold hearted killers via video games, rob them of real education and self worth and opportunity of infinite possibility not having to get a "loan" on their future...

I respect that this guy saw the creepiness of Hollywood as a star and rejected it to raise a good family and that he understands morality has been shat upon by the satanic underground movements in the world, and set out to identify and put a new value on our ideology... I will go see his movie because I understand Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson and those who came here on a hunk of wood crossing a violent ocean to wilderness and snow and carved out an option.... Of course there are reasons it got mutated and twisted into things like slavery or the genocide of Indians.... The same demon minds then-- teaching their children's children to subvert decency for tyranny is still in play.... and it is knowing the difference--so as not to participate in it and see what our values were and still should be and what is a shiny fish hook...

The same ideas everyone in the world should fight their own oppressors for and why we need to see we need to turn our violent nature to the protectors of the innocent, and meek, and the values thereof... Right is right but wrong learned long ago to pose as right to get inside the gates of our very souls.... Know the difference and stop being so quick to snicker... Stand for something other than a laughtrack for satanism...


Friday, February 17, 2012

The Making of Madness

Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Yep.... I have arrived... I am definitely where I want to be... not there yet...

Oh I know it looks like self indulgence and narcissism. But unless you are born of the blood that is driven to create and entertain, be an artist then it certainly appears that way. Am I allowed to be proud of myself? Maybe not given that I don't feel any of this is actually me. My drive to not just entertain but incorporate messages I hope may help the world to find a better idea of itself,  really seems to be coming from somewhere else. Divine guidance? Aliens? Is there a team of CIA writers whispering into the chip planted in my ear?

Sort of kidding but not. How does one take credit for things that just come naturally? I don't take victory laps over my ability to walk, see or breathe. So in a sense I am apparently just doing... or being me, and that is a perpetual factory of creativity. 

The first screenplay I ever wrote was very Mel Brooksian. I probably would have been successful early on had I stayed that way. Because people really don't want to think or be preached to. They want to be entertained. Movies and books are mostly escapism. However, my father who I inherited my AIRPLANE humor from, my silly side, was also a contrary personality in that he did not like fictional books but rather non fiction. He would read bios and I also got that side from him.

It was my second screenplay I wrote in Paul Rubenstein's class at Columbia college where he really tried to get me to stop lapsing into farce and tell the story, let the humor come out of plausible characters and situations and not betray the story for a gag. 

So he gets the credit and blame for me not simply being an entertainer going for silly laughs but an entertainer who is now obsessed with combining what I believe to be humanity threatening problems of grand canyon proportions with humor, music, ummm... sillyness and thoughtfulness... entertainment that strives for higher goals and deeper meanings.

And it is because I am scared to death for our future. Once my eyes truly opened to the reality of evil after 911 my life was never the same. The big epiphany is when you realize the chaos or suffering in the world isn't simply greed or incompetence but because a ruling group WANTS IT THAT WAY. And that premise is very hard to believe. But that group has spiritual opposition fighting against them and that is largely why they keep being set back on their goals of complete domination.

These people worship darkness and murder people in sacrifice as part of a regular ritual. It includes the horrors of raping children and playing with black magick and conjuring up demons and entities from other dimensions. If we can allow ourselves to understand this bloodline has passed this psychopathy on generation after generation to their children....remember most abused people become abusers.... and when hundreds of years of certain beliefs, traditions and practices become embedded in character. Such things like believing in their superiority and right to inflict sadistic pain on the world becomes their very essence.

So once I understood the enemy I could better understand why I was given talents. Not to simply entertain but to try and communicate with those whose minds are closed to anything that defies their safe haven of guarded limited thought. As much as we want to not be bothered, if the house is on fire we cannot pretend it isn't. We have to collectively form a bucket brigade.

Which brings me to my Youtube series, The Making of Madness, a collection of humor, animation, philosophy, parody, music, a sort of poetic discourse of media, woven into a tapestry of ideas. All designed to inspire, and promote an awakening of one's own desire to learn and examine. Rethink tired old inaccurate belief patterns based in wrong teaching, thinking and escapism. Like children who section off the torment by building walls in their own brains.

I hope to make people laugh but I really want to spark research. Once someone starts using search engines one really discovers the avalanche of the unknown out there. Hundreds of years of millions of brilliant minds whose work was purposely buried by this small band of evil control freaks whose goal has been to enslave humankind and dumb them down to servant status at best.

I feel pretty satisfied with this offering. Sure it is flawed and imperfect. I lost the original footage to hard drives that went south. But the ideas are still here. There will be more to come because my compulsion is almost like my need to eat. It is a hunger to keep doing what I am doing. Like the man who gave us Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum. Imagine his compulsion? Or Michaelangelos?  I cannot compare my work or talent to them but I can compare my compulsion. At this second in time I actually feel somewhat satisfied for a change. Imperfections is one of my most important points in the entire project. Perfection is God and nature not humanity, humanity has distinct beauty in its imperfection, in its futile attempts to never fully achieve perfection, and why perfectionists are depriving themselves and the world by hording their talents like a dam holding back a mighty river.

Is a perfect piece of art really better than an imperfect one? Some of John Lennon's rawest recordings had a beauty and honesty way beyond the most produced Beatles record. John understood this. My dream was to make films that were also rock albums and though I failed to succeed as a known artist I still have succeeded in realizing this dream. In some respects it is much more satisfying to have total control.

The theme to look at in The Making of Madness is my questioning of religious dogma whether Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Satanist, Atheist Science, Sports or American Idol. Each a religion that seizes control of minds like dementia. So much so that the books written centuries ago seems to have ended all need to think any further. To question the books and the mornings spent with our religious leaders asking us to repeat and memorize dogma.

Why? Could it be to indoctrinate and initiate into a group think collective? And again.... why?

Monday, February 6, 2012

KHAZAR! -- Gesundheit!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snake Tail Again?