Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Costner of a Soul....

I am not a monster...No seriously, really, I am Kevin Costner, I'll show you when we get home.... I just need to do this for a sort of long weird convoluted reason....

and though this is as wacky as it gets I dare you to watch this and not see the physical correlations.... 

No shit Sherlock, of course Ed Chiarini is an agent.... the question is who is he working for?

Is he working for the very people he purports to be outing? The mixing of actors who were either conned into being useful idiots or are very well protected by the obvious, Jewish/ Zionist Mossad Syanism whose motto is by deception we shall do war.... the CIA's main failsafe position of plausible deniability....

Whose goals are to heap confusion over the guilty as sin to hide the real crimes, or to pass legislation against guns or enact the roundup of the goyim or?

And Ed.... is he working for them or is he working for the opposite.... A Christian Cowboy Texas Mafia German polarity to the “Jew” who feeds him his info for distribution....

Is it.... today we release truth.... truth we as intel agencies have sat on for decades until the time is or was right.... part of the globalist plan or part of a globalist resistance....

and tomorrow we release the absurd as part of our operating premise of plausible deniability.

Given these questions which are the motivations, shots off the bow as the Texas good ol boy Germans jockey for number one as the Mossad jockeys for number one.... number two power-- relinquishes power-- you see....

And what entity-- if any-- controls both? Jesuit? Maybe.... I tend to believe jesuit is jew suit that Judaism's power pre-dates Catholic and especially since the Luciferian Sabbatean Bankers became the bankers of the Jesuits but that argument really isn't the point here...

And we need to state a fact to keep forefront in our minds.... Jews are loyal to Jews first and Sayanim calls for them to act as a secret society to do whatever the Rabbi syndicate requests...

By deception we shall do war but we will indeed surgically kill anyone who is key to unseating our power in the number one seat....

Then of course we know the power of the Jews who have created this “Zionism” concept as a failsafe just in case domination goes south-- the world Jew can conveniently blame the extremist who they were against.... Always a failsafe... a patsy a strawman ready to take the fall....

And their control of media but also this Alex Jones/ Greenberg family/AIG... Mossad control of our fake government played by actors in a very small theatrical troupe....

So again, does Ed work for them or a resistance?

Blackmail of power players keep certain figureheads in place.... lookalikes? Clones (I'd rather dismiss the idea for now) or tremendous abilities with makeup and masks.... scripting.... again theater....all the world's a stage... all history a con....

As Ed states we think we know a certain actor but what it really is-- is the power controllers created that name as an industry and that look..... he is an “actor” from the word go.... in order to be given vast rewards he or she when asked, “How badly do you want this?” Naively answered, “I'll do anything.”

Well certain deals don't end.... once in you are in until you are dead.

And is Ed working alone?

Fuck no....

He can't possibly be doing all this alone....

So the question is who is he working for?

We know he is a 39 year old former Air Force vet who is pretty damn clever as an inventor and graphic artist who already has illustrated JFK books....

He has to be protected....

By whom? Is he protected by the Mossad or is he protected by those who resist the Mossad? A small group at the top that pushes all our buttons to keep us growling at the group that most closely threatens our immediate space....

Whether the Mexicans in the border states or the Arabs around Israel or The native Americans and the Hmong imports.... and then of course the foreign trained sleeper agents waiting go time.....

Why do I post Ed's work?

Because he is showing us dozens of mini 911s designed for the same reason 911 was designed.... for an endgame purpose.....multiple strategic end game goals....

If you don't get inside the game you will be outside the game and likely react the way they want you to react.... to take the bait of your own demise.... to participate in your own slavery....

Whether he is right 20% or 50% the numbers are purposeful and key to understanding the con game.....

Watch with an open mind.... see what is obvious or file away what isn't.... but get in the game by not reacting.... OBSERVE!


  1. Yeah... all that glitters is not [the] gold. Watch the game and OBSERVE. Very astute and timely Geno. We can see that he tells some truths - it is certainly not all truths and is also certainly not all of the truth and a bigger question, although i am grateful for the crumbs, is WHY?

    Here's what we think we know about Dallas Goldbug... shortened so i can publish it to this page that takes a max 4,096 characters.


    a.k.a. DallasGoldBug
    Mr. Chiarini, was born in Millington, Tennessee. At 7 days old he was flown back to Aston Pennsylvania, a small town, just south of Philadelphia, where he enjoyed his young adult years.

    At the age of 15 Mr. Chiarini was hired by author Robert Groden to illustrate his book High Treason. The book stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for 16 weeks; Oliver Stone later adapted the book into the movie JFK. By age 18, Ed had also illustrated Groden’s second book “The Killing of a President” and co-produced the documentary “JFK: The Case for Conspiracy” which was released domestically through Blockbuster Entertainment.

    Having spent time in Dallas, while working on the Kennedy Assassination books, he decided to make it his home, and at age 20 moved to Texas.
    He got his start in the internet field while working as a web-designer on Mark Bunting’s (The Computer Man’s, TV show) With Corporate offices in Deep Ellumn, with the help of Mark Cuban’s (before the Yahoo buyout) became the FIRST web site to broadcast streaming audio and video transmissions of its daily news show to the internet. This marked the first site to accomplish this task beating by a week. Over the next few years he would work for several large corporations like Halliburton, LGC, Exxon Mobile, Savage Design, as Sr. Multimedia Developer, as Chief Creative Officer for, a Houston-based web development company, and as Creative Director for, also based in Houston.

  2. And part 2 (as this guy is very prolific... aren't 'they' all?)...

    Looking for a change of pace he temporally gave up the Corporate life and joined the Unites States Air Force, where he was trained as an Avionic Technician for the F-15 and F-22 raptor aircraft. Alter receiving his honorable and leaving the Air Force, Mr. Chiarini focused his talents on educating parents about the dangers that the web has to offer, empowering them with effective tools to monitor their children online. The success and positive changes that his friends and clients experienced using these tools was immediately evident. They convinced Ed to put these tools together to lecture other parents about what they can do to stand strong and aware for their families, and WellAwareNet was born.

    While still available for lectures, Ed spends his time researching alternative fuel sources, in particular Hydrogen and Oxygen produced from water electrolysis. Recently his research enabled him to Patent his electrode designs, which many researchers have called the “Holy Grail” of Oxy Hydrogen cells.

    “Multiple electrode stack and structure for the electrolysis of water”
    Patent Application # 20090139856
    Trademark Ser.# 77473944 TwisterHHO

    His creativity and passion for learning, combined with his extensive electronic and chemistry training, make for little free time, as he is constantly researching new technological developments. When he does find time to relax he enjoys his partner status in the community, and contributes articles to and to his blog The Conceptual Tyrannosaurus . Some of his more recent pieces on the topics of Wikileaks and the False Flag operations known as ChemTrails and the media participation and active cover up of the truth, have been featured on, an Alex Jones’ web site, The latest current event to get his attention is the Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Giffords.

    Google “DallasGoldBug”, or “Wikileaks Hoax” to read his articles.

    Ed currently lives in Dallas, having attended The University of the Arts in his hometown of Philadelphia. For the past 18 years he has worked with companies such as Landmark Graphics (a Halliburton Company),, Exxon Mobile,, Compaq IPaq, The Houstonian, Wildcat Golf Club, The Redstone Group, Disney, Ambrosi West Coast, Black Dot Group, Savage Design, and Neiman Marcus and many more.
    About Me:

    Investigative Journalist & Freethinker/ Inventor
    United States
    Chief Creative Officer – ESXengineering.comCreative Director – Ashford.comSr. Multimedia Developer – Savage Design
    GM, Neiman Marcus,, Landmark Graphics, Halliburton,,
    University of the Arts – Philadelphia, Chichester HS, The Christian Academy, CLEP U.S. Air Force Avionics

  3. Thanks Wanda, it certainly draws associations and while careful to not be a fool I also want to be careful to not shoot messengers unless they need shooting... Just as 911 was purposely a sloppy op designed to fractionalize and factionalize these mini ops have the same purpose...

    Is Ed working for the promises of grand funding of his inventions? Or is he outing a diabolical plan?

    And could one family be so stupid as to blatantly get caught without a grander purpose behind them? Perhaps they already got caught and now they are being asked to humiliate themselves towaard the goal of further obstruction of justice.... Pretty hard to know what is the grandest plan.... sure seems there has to be competing forces because otherwise this all should have been a cakewalk to one world order....

    They could have done it over night by force or bought us all off with a stimulus check and some food stamps... maybe throw in HBO for a year...


    1. How do I pay my $8 for the cafe?

    2. lol.... you need to drop it out of a helicopter over Tokyo.... the Japanese will see that it gets to Ben....

    3. actually drop it over a Benihanas in Scottsdale...

    4. Have noticed his postings on alt energy forums. His classic style of lambasting others suggests confidence but no self introspection. It is that lack of self examination that is a fatal flaw in his work. But to dismiss him is just as big a folly too. Perhaps all he does seek is a grant for his inventions. Hell of a way to get it.

  4. I am liking Chiarini more all the time but plainly this has to be a larger mind op.... this family the greenbergs and the pima county sheriffs association cannot be this dumb.... what is really going on to put 5000 photos out on the web that would be used against you?

    Are Jews so untouchable they know they will cry persecution in the end and win?

    1. The "Greenbergs" are not actors. They are people, who are upstanding members of their community. Ed Chiarini was trolling around for public pictures and found them. Don't you think if they were really part of a 3,000 year old illuminatie mind fuck - they would be more careful? Seriously people. WTF. And Jews don't think they are untouchable. How anti semetic of you.

    2. oh I don't accept that trick-- antisemitic... use it on someone it works on...

      Whats the word mean to you? do I have to like Jews even the many who have screwed me over? who Brag about their superiority over the goyim...?

      Ever read the Talmud?

      Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni
      "Anti-semitic", "its a trick we always use it"

      an honest Israeli Jew on Democracy now admits it is a trick and a tactic...

      Gotta love a Jew this honest and brave....

    3. Israel - 'We Are Untouchable' By Tanya Hsu 8-5-6
      We are Israel. We are untouchable. No matter what we do the international community will not act against us. Oh, there will be talks at the United Nations but we know that the United States will intervene on our behalf. There will be Arab League discussions but we know that no state will take action against us. There will be mass protests and demonstrations; there will be activists and advocates begging for peace; there will be rallies and fundraisers to help the targets of our bombs. And we know that nothing will make a difference because we are Jews - we are victims of the Holocaust. We have suffered such that we have the right to make the rest of the world pay (even though organised Zionism officially declared war on Germany in 1933, long before Hitler's Final Solution). Because we are victims.

      Yes, we know that peoples all over the world have suffered worse crimes than ours, but they were not the Chosen People. We know that over 22 million Russians were killed under Stalin, 15 million Chinese killed by the Japanese, millions elsewhere in the world who suffer the same fate in the bloodiest 20th century. We know that Zionism is an athiest Marxist creation using Judaism as its weapon; that we were founded upon terrorism and our leaders became Israel's prime ministers and Nobel Peace Prize winners; that less than 10% of Jews worldwide supported the Zionist cause for decades until WWII. We know that the crimes committed by Hitler equally affected Communists, gypsies, the handicapped, and political prisoners.

      That does not matter - we are special. The rest of the world will not touch us because they are terrified of the label "anti-Semite". World leaders: terrified of this most glorious ad hominem even though we are mostly not Semitic peoples. Jews of Israel, the Sephardim Jews, were almost non existant when we arrived from Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary and elsewhere in the 20th century and demanded Arab land. They had spread out and moved on. We did not come from Yemen, Ethiopia or Iraq, but who cares? We are the victims and that is all that counts.

      Time and again we wonder at how far American gullibility will take us. We push it to the limits on cable television and get away with it repeatedly. We know that the majority of the world is aware we blatantly lie when we express our "deepest regrets" because "terrorists" were hiding in the villages we destroy. We even have the gall to pick the precise same targets as a decade ago, ignoring the cries of outrage from America and the West. We'll just repeat the mantra "a tragic mistake".

      Honestly, we, too, are rather surprised to see that America patiently sits back and buys our words each time. We have trained our diplomats well, not only in the art of deception to the media, but by using powerful strong arm behind the scenes tactics to mold the views of US Congressmen and women in our favour. We have worked on this for decades and it has been perfected for the one place it counts: our bank America. We rely upon those weapons; we need to create constant conflict so as to receive a perpetual $13 billion annual aid package from the US, including unsecured loans that we have never been, nor ever will be, required to pay back. We are living a dream: what we want is given to us on a silver patter because we are Jews, and we have the Holocaust.

      Tanya Cariina Hsu is a British Saudi-US Political Analyst. She lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    4. "Zionism is a political movement that arose in the latter part of the 1800's. Initially it referred to the effort of certain Jewish people to establish a Jewish nation in the land of Palestine. But that term has changed over the years. Today it applies to those who want to expand the borders of what was already established. It refers to those who think nothing of putting their own interests ahead of the interests of any nation in which they reside." Stranger Than Fiction by Dr. Albert D Pastore

      It is unfortunate that there are those who believe that all Jews are supporters of Zionism. The truth is that there are an increasing number of Jews who have spoken out and continue to speak out against this dangerous geo political movement. Included among them are John Sack, Alfred Lilienthal, Benjamin Freedman, Israel Shamir, Israel Shahack, Norman Finkelstein, Henry Makow, Ralph Schoenman, Lenni Brenner, Victor Ostrovsky, Henry Klein, Jack Bernstein and Gilad Atzmon. (to name a few) In addition, many other Jewish voices have risked loss of family, friends and jobs. And, they have suffered vicious attacks from groups like the "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL) which, despite its appealing name, specializes in slander and defamation.

      Dr.Albert D. Pastore quotes Jack Bernstein:

      "I am well aware of the tactics YOU, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts. If the person is gentile, you cry "you're anti-Semitic," which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions. But if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics:

      First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution. If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the person giving the information. If that doesn't work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn't been involved in sufficient scandal, you are adept at fabricating a scandal against the person or persons. If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks. But NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong. First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.
      Bernstein challenged the ADL to an open debate on television. Not surprisingly, the challenge was declined.

      The Nuturei Karta is a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refuse to recognize the existence of the "State of Israel" In their literature they write:

      "Zionist propagandists are always given to bullying tactics and censorship. It is very helpful in this regard to read former Congressman Findley's book, "They Dared to Speak Out". It is the sorry record of the immense resources that the Zionist lobby invested in destroying the careers of politicians all across the United States who had voiced some qualms about this nation's subservience to Israel.

      By a Jewish woman named By Judy Andreas

  5. I know, it's astounding...the arrogance. The Greenberg thing is immense - Chiarini has shown this Greenberg thing through and through, IMO. How did he know where to look? What about his affiliation with Halliburton? Why do they let him post?

    They still believe that they have the weapons to destroy us. I have a client that I've never met in person--she's a young female going through divorce. I've gotten the impression that she is attractive, and has a friend who is attractive and a self-proclaimed gold-digger. Well, this client told me that she went with her friend to NY (I think) and her friend is dating this mega-wealthy corporate exec who does business with the Rockefellers. They had dinner at an elite dinner club with Jay Rockefeller. She was astounded at how arrogant and open they were about their agenda. They did not even care that people knew...because they said that it was impossible to get ahead of their game. She was flown back to Phoenix on this guy's corporate jet and he discussed the cabal openly. He was amused that she knew things and recognized a masonic symbol on something of his.

    They are playing cat and mouse and feel that they have the mice cornered. Of course, they are arrogant and I really don't think those at the top are paying that much attention to us. They leave that to other low-level lackies.

    p.s. I have to say that there are many SNL sketches that I have loved over the years, but I have always known that they are illuminist. Never thought that they were doing acting parts for major news fabrications, have to say! But, Tina Fey has always seemed to control quite a bit of what goes on there.

    Pride goes before a FALL...let's hope they fall hard, and soon.

    1. People this powerful never fall.he must be one of them working for their cointel cartel. They will never be caught. Do not send a dime to this man he is well compensated or the promise of his inventions coming to fruition keeps him going.

    2. It's pretty obvious none of you intelligent people on this blog have bothered to research even the most basic information of how and why ed got the photos. He's hardly secretive about it. Then, the endless ranting and raving about a Jewish family. The Greenbergs and their extended families are only pretending to be Jewish. If you spent even 15 minutes with Ed's material you you would know they are Germans , brought over here within Operation Paperclip. Yes, these Rockefeller controlled people are not Jewish. In the big picture you are ranting about an irrelevant point. Sadly, no one here will actually look at the work. Why should you when it's so much easier scream about how illogical it all is?

    3. I have written endlessly about the false Jew, the AsheKeNAZI who adapted Judaism and were the Frankfurt germany school of subversion bankers who funded World War II, I have posted many videos and articles on the subject and I know all about operation paperclip.

      The Hollywood owners are largely AshekeNAZI but they attend synagogue and recite the Kol Nidre... And I have thousands of words here trying to explain to everyone what is going on in reality but since 1 in a thousand have a clue one cannot re-explain history every single time the word Jew is front and center in a debate.... Part of the design and one the Jews themselves benefit from since the word itself is forbidden fruit. Pretty handy to hide behind when ever criticized.

  6. Like this statement:

    Why do I post Ed's work?

    Because he is showing us dozens of mini 911s designed for the same reason 911 was designed.... for an endgame purpose.....multiple strategic end game goals....

    1. I fail to see that... please show your work.

    2. Oh... thanks for pointing that out. Makes sense now!

  7. They have been studying us a long time. They know us better than we know ourselves. Consider the smile. We are en-trained from infancy to smile and to illicit smiles. Something in the word ill-icit wants to send me down another dark path... but i'll re-sist... i will re-perisist.

    In the animal kingdom, show your teeth to a cheetah, bear or wolf, for example, and you have just become lunch... unless you are armed for an assault. I just did a search of this: public figures showing us their teeth is a threat... and one of the results came up with this: -even though the word teeth or smile is not in it anywhere. (your search engine and browser configuration may vary from mine) So, are they trying to tell us something?

    Humans are guiled from day one... it is key grab us early. Okay... i get that. I guess i wonder what is the intent when they give us, pretty sure they give us, those with a different message, who are not smiling? Its stepping out of one box [prison] into a smaller one [we are narrowing our scope, mayhaps]. Does it make us easier to pick off? I think it a valid question... i do not know the answer... i do not know anything... and i do not trust the answers... i miss trust.

  8. I would put trust on a missing poster and Ed would show us trust is played by a greenberg... yes I mistrust... miss trust also... hell of an ending for humanity... paranoid in our homes watching fake news on cable and eating chips and dip we bought at Aldis with our monthly food stamps...

    1. Yep... that is about the size of it...
      ...................and it is bread and circuses.

      It is the hyper-cube - the inescapable prison of your mind.


    note the greenberg name

  10. Facinating debate. I do believe he is an agent but for who,what faction of the elites I do no know. To argue with him is futile he is well versed at counterthrust. But the point you make about the families leaving thousands of pictures in a web album says they were providing a ready made viral starter kit for him to find these multigenerational badguys is all too convienint. Why would you leave thousands of photos outthere to be outed and let one man spoil your plans for global hegemony if there was not some underlying reason. It seems all to odd that they would let this exposure continue without a greater purpose. And just what is the end game? And why does he offer no solutions and implore for donations? i'm confussed.

    1. something is odd for sure and it is possible someone was doing similar work, enter Ed to detour. Going back to Sir Francis Bacon/Shakespeare and the plays that became a very powerful means of propaganda along with the revised King James Bible, it seems all the world is a stage got its guild card..... and never stopped pretending to run the world. Now as they close in on the prize they want to take a bow. Or so it would seem.

    2. That's intriguing... not the part of someone else going to do it anyhow... it was only a matter of time till someone noticed all the co-incidences... i refer to the wanting to take a bow thing.

      Any mystery story i've ever watched or read, the perp always lays out the plot to you... just before he pulls the trigger.

    3. Just saw something talk of4 family names behind the scenes... aldobrandini which I heard before but one was Brakespear... Which is probably quite a clue to Sir Francis Bacon and England's role.... The Sun never sets you know....

  11. It is almost impossible at times to fathom his work. Yes I do believe someone is protecting him for I sincerely believe it would have ended at giffords. Was he given all the pima county info? I think he was. Can one man do all that he does without help? Again no. and yet even the mildest criticism envokes a harsh rebuke. And yet as you state tell me anyone who sees the sandusky video cant help but think hes right!! As a ordinary person I do find it impossible to deal with the scope of lies that we live under. And although I do not want to kill the messanger he does raise many red flags. Maybe too many imho.

  12. I agree entirely with all your points... I think self preservation is housed within plausible deniability... get one right, get one wayyy wrong....

  13. As you said the sayanim could have done it all with a few more phony okc bombings/9/11/dirty bombs/antrax.oh and a few more housing bubbles stimulus bullshit doritos and the odd terrorist under the bed crap. Instead we get an endless stream of really bad over the hill actors pretending to be missing children and fake cereal killers. Geez.

    1. well this is why I think we are dealing with human con men and not "aliens" and other such theory..... and why such theory is all of this.... smoke and mirrors.... because the human con men/families are feeling the villagers with the torches getting closer and closer to their castle of truth they are throwing out more distraction, more mirrors, more disguises.... so in theory this is good news.... we are dealing with scared fuckers not all powerful reptilian creatures zipping around in space and time.... and the days I get those brief epiphanies that make me ask how is it I know the names of twits like Drake and Fulford and Wilcock and Former White Hat and 99% of the country doesn't are the days I get really scared because am I helping or hurting truth by knowing this extremist bullshit which is every bit as much bullshit as Obama or Romney or CNN or MSNBC or FOX or "voting."

      And the few of us who really try to ride this bucking bronco of disinfo to the end, are really of no concern because the other 99% are stuck in their own private matrix...

      So are the few controlling weasels really all that scared or concerned?

      If so it is pure paranoia derived from guilty conscience and psychotic worry....

      Now let's entertain the notion something like Dulce New Mexico is really staffed by Greys and Dracos and other Galactic freaks and our government really did make a deal with them.... mmmmmm....maybe the pyramid makes some sort of sense.... but for there to be this much confusion in place of order it would mean their has to be some sort of opposition that creates the need for factions colliding and trading secrets and assassinations.... still seems a bit on the overly written side of embellishment and tall tale....

      Now what about the Biblical suggestions of evil and the Talmudic/ sorcerers and the chosen one's wanting total order....a slave society of a few of them and the healthy young sexy breeders and laborors.... to me that makes more sense....

      Does this order derive their goals or strength from something under ground as is suggested by many historical accounts chiseled into caves and parchment?

      Quite possible since ignoring the consistent tales would be like ignoring that your wife is not sleeping with the mailman when you keep finding the neighbors mail littered around the bed....

      I truly believe they are trying to drive the masses to violence before they can enact the next part of the plan but they can't go too far or they may lose control....

      And on a personal note I consider my own life, my child, my family, my friends and what may be another 20 years or so before I am officially old and hobbling and it begs the questions of.... comfort versus turmoil....

      Given the decision that we need turmoil, anarchy and chaos before we can undo this organized evil how does one manage such a task and be assured that the next generation will find ways to make things better and not worse?

      Too much thinking for today....

  14. I guess the point needs to be made about Costner/Sandusky is Costner didn't play this guy his entire decades of coaching.... he was probably asked to play him once or twice as part of the recent coverup.... on a Hollywood soundstage and they probably chose him because of a similar head shape and maybe.... just maybe Costner owes favors to the syndicate or maybe got compromised himself by a young actress...

    and of course this may not be Costner at all...

  15. Wanda wrote me with her research, hopefully she can post some of it....

  16. But if he did not play sandusky for decades then it blows alot of theories about this out the window. I can buy the premise that they asked kevin to play/film parts of this psyop but it does not answer the question of the OFFICIAL sandusky working the sidelines for many years.his claims that these people do not exist as we know you and I exist falls apart in the case of coach sandusky cause I am old enough to have seen penn state games from the early 70s and clearly remembering him on the field.i think we sometimes can be fooled by people like ed who revel in releasing enough truth with enough bs to be mezmerized by his overall body of work. It is too me the sign of a con man.imho.

    1. well the motivation is pure speculation.... so if sandusky is a real person who really molested boys it is almost a certainty pedophiles who get away with this for decades are protected by circles of powerful pedophiles as is the case of the Franklin coverup.... and a DA investigating this died.... so my speculation/theory would be they used Costner for a few portrayals while they got the real guy out of country....

      And I do not stand by this at all since I know next to nothing about the true history of this man or case.... but speculation and or theory can be many hypothesis... which can be destroying the idea of any gathering of investigators of these elite ped rings.... Look at the McBride Martin Case.... they have said the children made that all up....

      They said Gunderson was the satanist covering it up.... but why would he stop the demolition of the day care center and say there was proof the kids were telling the truth...

      The point is something ain't right and there is no way Ed Chiarini is 100% wrong so whatever the percentage is it is the people's duty when our leaders are plainly corrupt to try and get to the bottom of what appears to be rotting stench...

    2. The main reason Chiarini's work is posted on my blog is because it is trying to slap people in the face to say something ain't right.... ask themselves what the hell is going on..... I don't know....

      It is very possible that everything from Bohemian Grove to 911 is some sort of demented theater for some sort of end result....

  17. The stunning accusations, dated August 27, reveal a startling story by the claimant as having been visited at home by police chief Dan Oates and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers where they forced the unnamed individual to testify as a fake victim of the shootings, under the threat of being arrested for prostitution and escort services and charity fraud, for the purposes of garnering an easy conviction against alleged shooter James Holmes. But not before being shot by the police chief in “non-life-threatening areas” of the body, according to the motion, to appear as having been shot by James Holmes himself. The motion also claims that it is likely some of the victims in the theater were merely paid actors working on behalf of the conspirators and wants multiple individuals involved in the situation to take polygraph tests to prove their innocence.

    1. Geno ed would argue that since actors were used in these child abuse scandals including costner/sandusky that there was no scandal. The whole thing was a scam. Costner was not covering for nobody. HE WAS/Is sandusky. Same thing with franklin and bohemian grove.none of this ever took place. This is where I part company with his work. His rationalization that the world is not as bad a place as you might think cause everything assassinations/school shootings/child sex scandals? Missing kids/actor based reality is not as bad as the REAL EVENTS themselves. Sorry but I think thats cockeyed logic imho. So everything being fake is better than being real. Wtf??

    2. I agree, I am even more scared at the psycho nature of faking this than if it were real.... it makes the world even worse in my mind.

    3. You bet. Eds version of the MATRIX is way more scarier than if these events were real. Which makes me feel long as actors are willing to do this it aint gonna end. And not a single one of them will ever spill the

    4. The Protocols say we will use force and make believe, and the Mossad motto is "by deception we shall do war" so apparently they have convinced themselves they aren't the scumbags they truthfully are.

  18. On the way to work I listened to a radio show surveillance and the NSA. I don't know how reliable the information is. It aired on public radio and the end of the video ( ) supports "Occupy." So I also don't know if or what the ulterior agendas are. Yet it was pretty interesting. Check out the part about wanting to install surveillance cameras on school buses and the expected programing and conformity of of children whom believe they are being watched: about 4 min into the video.

    Anyhow my thought on my way in to work was: What if the reason or partial reason the information being provided by WelllAware, Ed and the likes is currently being made available to create suspicion, the for positive proof of identity and justify the use of of surveillance technology ( ex. facial recognition) that provides that positive identification?

    1. Probably, you are thinking like them and sadly we have to.... if we can wrestle our world back from the psychos we have to figure out how to undo what is part good idea and part rape of freedom.....

      Prison is a concept we all turn our backs to.... I spent 3 days in jail and learned my lesson.... need we torture and destroy people like this? of course not....

    2. No, we don't need to do that. We need to disappear that from our collective consciousness. There is a an iou in consciousness... insight/the void/you... 3, 4, 5... 3+4+5= 12 - 1+2=3... it comes back to the trinity.

      A true trinity is thoughts/emotions/actions... a trinity in balance is when your thought are in alignment with your emotions, that leads to right action in world... balance.

      3 = the trinity
      4 = the elements
      5 = man

      iou also means gratitude... I owe you. So, there is gratitude in consciousness. Be aware of that. Strive to be insightful. Endeavor to truly C.

      Ed shows us truth... see what is true in what he shows us, Ed does not show only truth, it is for you to discern the difference. Do not disregards what you can C... disregard that which you can't see, but, revisit it and your perception may change. Change is the only constant.

    3. Attacking Sandusky is, in essence, doing nothing, because Sandusky does not exist.

      So, go after Costner for playing that role, go after the ones who paid him to do that. Go after the cops, the judge, they system that is perpetuating this fraud and go after pedophelia… and i believe that all along the chain of that fraud you will find the pedophiles directing the show.

      And that is something that will bear fruit because what that farce is is fraud… and that is still against the law… and if they are using real judges and cops, we need that cleaned out too.

  19. Actors don’t own their own names… they are merely personas. It only makes sense that the ones operating in the shadows would enlist actors to play their parts because when the heat does finally come down, and it will… they walk amongst us and no one is ever the wiser.

    Do you personally know someone who knows Sandusky? Even people at that college don’t. They say “Well he worked there… so explain that.”, yet… no one actually experienced him. Be careful where you place your attention... where they place your attention.

    They always kill these personae off (real or imagined) or throw them in prison and throw away the key... they have served their purpose. What they intend to do by giving us these "monsters" among us to make us believe this is the “nature” of humanity, but the truth is anything but… it is their ugliness we witness. Let’s get a look beyond the veil to see who the real degenerates are.

  20. How many years could people not work it out that “if” they got taken up by some aliens and got an anal probe – they were not aliens from outer space.

    Just exactly who’s m.o. is the anal probe? It is about degradation, always. In the same context... just exactly who's m.o. is casting humanity into a dark light?

    It's a game to them... a sick and twisted game... and that is revealed to you, you can learn to spot it.

    This was just pointed out to me, and it makes perfect sense...

    Take Natalie Holloway. The guy Vandersloot (sp?) is played by the same guy who plays JackAss (how appropriate). How do we know this story is false? Natalie got HAULED AWAY. Natalie Holloway... get it?

    Up is down in the world they project to us. Gee, we are supposed to fear Lucifer. Lucifer, to my recollection never killed, tortured or maimed anyone. What does he do? he tempts..... oooooh, that's horrible... he makes people think. Jehova, on the other hand, a jealous, schizophrenic, pedophillic, murdering, raping, pillaging sociopath that everyone is forced to adore under threat of eternal damnation, tells us we should fear Lucifer, the morning sun, the light of day... and we do.

    Now i can understand why a false male creator God would hate Lucifer because he doesn't want people to think things through, but why do we buy it? Why do we continue to buy it in this day and age?

    1. No offense meant by this or judgment, I just like to know what a person believes to participate in debate with them.... and I can honestly say I don't have the answers to everything and as I stated before... I end up trying to lead the conned away from the con using another con until one can say....okay.... that was a con too and now that you feel stupid and raped...don't you want to help me figure out the real truth? So.... I use the term Luciferian because the eyes wide shut money printers who do (supposedly) blood sacrifice as ritual.... are the tip of the pyramid who designed all the levels of deceipt.... I am pretty convinced the Luciferians are the kings of deception.... regardless of your interpretations or commitment to what you believe are the facts of a word or a term or a historical definition of Sun?son God and all that..... do you define some sort of allegiance to Luciferianism or Wiccan or Pagan? I allow people their interests (beliefs are sort of stupid since something is either factual or not) as long as that interest doesn't include a plot or lie to hurt people.... and that can be justifying a paycheck by being a troll for the Pentagon or a Prison Guard who cannot see how sick his job is.... so you seem to want to defend Luciferianism and I maintain they or he or she or it is a deceiver..... and sure I will grant you Jesus might be myth..... but all these lies we are fed are fraud and the symptoms are people committing suicide and homicide and robbery and going insane so these lies should be punished harshly.....

    2. I do not defend Luciferianism, as we know of it... as the dark sorcerers who control the media sell it to us. True Luciferians don't buy the evil Lucifer story... not in the least. Lucifer is the light bringer, the morning sun. The dark aspect is the work of black magicians obscuring truth and making us afraid of the sun... and we do see this, think sun-screen... think how nearly every American is deficient in Vitamin D. The way you are looking at it is apples/oranges to what i am speaking of.

      I merely evince that biblically, Lucifer has only tempted. Name one incident where Lucifer killed, maimed, tortured or stole from anyone? I'll bet you can't. The world is upside down. Jehova is the demon, is my point. That should be evident... yet...

      And i do respect your questioning that... but do you see what i mean? Why does Lucifer get the bad rap and Jehova the glory?

    3. I would say that since everything has been a lie then I think Jehova or Jesus could easily be also and the magic tricks of turning water into wine, walking on water, etc. could be sorcerer stuff... magician stuff... everything some Christians say is the true evil.... and though I have made this point before...isn't it interesting that everything is a death cult... Jews with their religion of the holocaust, Christians with a man tortured and nailed to a cross, Muhammad in battle, and probably on and on....

    4. They couldn't sell the story if it were a complete lie... eliminating the heretics, who were the true martyrs and saints who suffered and died horribly for trying to keep the truth alive, was part of it... the rest slowly overtook consensus consciousness. And here we are today... believing in grimm fairy tales.

      Jesus Christ, whether myth or man, represents the highest ideal humanity can aspire to. Why should it matter whether he actually walked the earth or not? It doesn't seem to affect sales that Satan Claws is not real... (is real... israel?)

      All the parables Jesus spoke of can be related to natural law... no exceptions. Walk on water? How about this... the earth is 3/4ths water, our bodies contain 3/4ths water... We all walk on water, literally.

      Water is a trinity... it is the only element that is a gas, solid and liquid and might be what carries and connects all co-created beings consciousness (not just humans, that's blatantly inane) throughout the ether(net). Water, water everywhere. Life is not possible without water.

      When two become one, then you can move mountains... self explanatory in one way... in another sense, when the two hemispheres of the brain are united, when you are no longer conflicted, you can navigate your world better and be more of a force in your world... your third eye opens, and that too is a real deal.

      Third eye is a physical reality, not a meta-physical one. Even if you are not physically aware of your third eye, as in you cannot feel it spinning and throbbing, it still works, more than likely... you know it does if you can sense things before they happen on occasion and if you get intuitive insights... i think that covers most everyone.

      The parables are much less puzzling when viewed in natural law terms. There is truth, it is knowable. You don't need to join a masonic lodge and serve evil to find it... in fact that is the last place you will find it.

    5. we walk on water.... great point.


    His parents are credited with founding a charity, the Brownson House Youth Recreation Center. I found this historic archive dedicated to the founding of this charitable house, which does exist... but the Sandusky name does not come up, not even once. You have to be a student or approved journalist(?) to access the archive, but the titles are quite extensive and revealing...

    1. You are wrong he does exist. I found pics of sandusky in the mid 1960s. And costner is twelve yrs younger than him. If you do your homework there is info on him from trinity high school. Keep in mind records kept back then would not catalog all items pertaining to non public figures. Sandusky did not become a public figure until he became def coordinator at penn state. Do your homework.

    2. I stated several times I think if it is Costner he played him once or twice recently not over time which is ludicrous... Bucketslogg doesn't believe he exists and I have a lot more to do with my time than study up on a child rapist's football career.... This is all part of the same twisted psyop of a great unveiling coming soon when all the practical jokes they have played on humanity will be revealed so we can realize how fucking stupid we's coming soon....

      Why? Well it began with Shakespeare/Sir Francis Bacon and The King James Bible and all the worlds a stage... Jesuit...jew suit....luciferian... Illuminati.... mind fuck for some demented reason.... But every spook I ever met was well versed in practical jokes.... it's part of their strange religion.... laughing in front and behind your back.... it empowers them to get away with theft since they feel you are too stupid to see what is right in front of your face....

      By the way I am pretty damn sure Brad Pitt is playing Benicio Del Toro...

    3. Yes brad is benicio del toro but,costner aint sandusky. This penn state scandal was set up by dottie sandusky and ann cappelletti,mother of 1973 heisman trophy winner john cappelletti for an insurance scam rip off of psu. Google the search items john/mike cappelletti linked to 9/11. Their construction firm demolished the wtc. ann/dottie set this whole farce up.
      john faked a home invasion of his calif. Home for insurance scam. Cappellettis and bushes are cousins.

    4. I contend that the evidence presented of ear biometrics and shape of head and other similarities show that Costner may very well have played him at least once for a psyop reason, and never once have I stated he played him more than twice in recent months, nor do I have any idea whether Sandusky is a fabrication beyond the recent story, it seems you are missing the point of Chiarini's work.... he is not 100% wrong so where he proves actors in any major event he has proven fraud that stop the world in its tracks... No one move a muscle until we get to the bottom of this..... but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....since some of it is wrong forget about all of it.... and Who and why is Ed.... his history alone suggests we should consider he isn't just an artist or a patriot but someone chosen to launch these cannon balls off the ships bow.... and by whom and why and whose bow and why and what about the pedophile rings.... why do they always get away? well, they seem to share the elite power to cover for each others sickness...

    5. Ah wait a second. Thats not what he contends. He claims costner was/is sandusky always. Which completely blows his theory out of the water.and you assume that he does not photoshop his work. And I find that when often pressed for more details he becomes arrogant and beligerant. If he really wanted to explain how lets say actor kevin costner could have been coach jerry sandusky in the 35 yrs he was associated with penn state when there is a 12 yr age difference. And isnt it odd he chose kevin costner the star of the jfk film based on the books he worked on with groden. A film that was funded by israeli gangsters and mossad operatives.just a little too obvious.

    6. Kevin Costner is inside the guy wearing makeup for the picture... ONCE...I don't base my belief on what Chiarini says.... I base it on my belief the picture looks just like Costner in makeup.... and my contention is he was used to play him once as a psyop and I stated this over and over again and suggested Chiarini was working for Mossad the very people he was outing in the Greenbergs as part of a disinfo what I wrote before putting words in my mouth.

    7. I am not putting words in your mouth. And yes I did read your preamble stating you think he is an agent. what I contend is that you are not using logic here. You fail to address the ludicris asertions that ed chiarini makes. He looks like him in make up?? The same guy who wore that makeup all those weekends during penn state football games/practices/bowl games/recruiting trips. You fail to even address the deliciously ironic twist ed puts on this by naming costner the star of jfk based in the groden books I believe this is ed's delusional fantasy being played out in this ''exposure''. Has it occured to you that as a youth ed may have been associated with the second mile club? Isnt it odd that ed never mentions anything of his parents only his grandparents m.frank troxell/evelyn troxell. Could it be possible that eds grandpa who was a freemason and groden who may have been a cia operative working the jfk assassination disinfo circut had great influence on him as a youth?btw the cia is well known to have run pedo rings for the most powerfull people on the planet. You ask people to consider all things absurd. I ask you to consider this and the info I have provided about the cappellettis.

    8. Your Capaletti stuff is intriguing and where there is smoke and Italians and Jews and Masons there is fire... lol...

  22. Cappelletti family linked to 9/11 - sandusky farce. Dottie/ ann capp set up this farce. Secret societies at psu lions paw/skull and bones/ parma nous behind this scam not what dgb claims. Yes it is afake scandal but not costner/sandusky. Dottie had an affair with psu star jimmy cefalo at 1983 sugar bowl. Its there on google if you know what to look for. Google dottie sandusky/ann cappelletti/jerry sandusky.