Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watching You Watching Me Watching You...

Okay we left off last week, you were seeing huge rats everywhere... wildly accusing fellow bloggers of being big fat rotten insidious government agents collecting a paycheck to spread disinformation, lies, propaganda and turn people against each other.... and you feel guilty about using ALL CAPS TO SHOUT AT GRANNY1908... YOU CALLED HER A GRAY HAIRED HITLERITE AND HER FASCIST WRINKLY ASS SHOULD BE SENT TO A FEMA CAMP! Then she played hurt and all the other bloggers turned against you forcing you to change your gravatar to a puppy in a dog house... When really you want to kill everyone on the blog... I can help you get a gun by the way...


As you all know I get angry fairly often and apologize fairly often. The main problem is what we term trolls… some seem to fit the function when maybe they aren’t. Which might even be more aggravating. So when I perceive something to be sniping, an attempt to derail the important truths that are distinct and finite with an abstract painting of every color and thought in the world, from angry clashes to another level of Goblin…I get frustrated by feeling mind humped. Silence sometimes plays as much of a role when certain things should demand some sort of voice or opinion.

What a horrible nightmare... I dreamt the internet was designed to drive people nuts...
That it is a psychological matrix of contradictions proven to
solicit adverse reactions so that an Orwellian 
Authoritarian Totalitarian Domination of the individual
could be justified by using people's own words against them... 
Holy crap I have to delete everything, buy a Big Screen and order ESPN before
it's too late...  And uh... turn off my 24 hour cam... Hi... and um...bye...

When I started here in November 2010…I was operating from extreme fear facing some major events in my personal life...I had to stand back and decide who the hell I was— going into the future.

 When I scroll through this other blog I sometimes find great links or insights that are helpful to my approach to truthing. When something bothers me it is usually best to not say anything and when I see something I feel really needs addressing I am sorry if it hurts or insults people who are probably just nice regular people and nothing more.

THRIVE the documentary by an heir to Procter and Gamble for example agitates me for many reasons... I would welcome this guy if he said, “first I am using 35 million for us to take ships out and remove the plastic Island my company helped create, and then we are not taking Pentagon contracts, discontinuing Flouride in toothpaste, and stopping animal testing.” But he wants to jump to star trekkian save the world…. F him.

I supported the White hats because it made sense and was what real people could accomplish with tenacity and a plan with a result that takes the money out of the hands doing most of the damage. They would tell you I nag the hell out of them over taking it to the next level constantly reminding them of 911 or the dark behaviors of a certain sect. I also ask about the RV a lot because I am broke ass. Plus my family is losing 2 homes and my son and my brother need some serious assistance. Plus I need a guitar

I believe I have the big con job pretty well figured out, from timeline and migration and who is seemingly running the dark show. And after 42 years of blaming the right I finally saw how the left is even more insidious playing the good cop. Sure the right displays buffoonery and greed and warmongering but that is purposeful so we run into the arms of the left who have planned the STATE controlling every aspect of one’s life…. and if you can’t see they run the media and the messages housed within the brainwashing than either you work for them or you truly don’t get the big picture yet. And I get aggravated in having to explain the same essay all over again whether here or elsewhere on the net.

Enough said on that, I am neither left nor right but when the right stands up for the second amendment when the left doesn’t, at least they understand we need those guns or we will have butch hair cutted Kagans and Janet Napolitanos crawling up our asses. And this is a mutation of the left, this white man hating heterosexual hating Christian hating gun hating Constitution hating misunderstanding of the country that gave you that power to begin with.

If people don’t know how corrupt and perverse the courts are who throw people in prison, they really have no clue at all.


Yellow cab? Let me finish my drink... 

Without reading any feedback I figured I would head off the clamor. Christian heterosexual white men have certainly done their part to screw stuff up badly, and yet how many died believing in the idea of America whether lied to or not…. but we have all been fooled and led to this tinderbox by well orchestrated manipulation and my sentence is all about this last chapter….

It is our turn to be hated and if you think for a second that won’t turn into a bloodbath no matter how your religion, skin color or sexual preference is, then you are going to react as set up to react….

Each culture carefully set upon each other for chaos… and of course we all bleed red and that should be the end of it…. The golden rule, but this behemoth insidious government and plan is licking its lips…

Every time I see people show the contempt against Islam it upsets me greatly for the same reason it upsets me about Christians… They are victims of agent provocateuring… and when people don’t understand where it is designed to lead… Jerusalem and the Temple of the Mount, the stone of scone….

…and if people never read the PNAC, project for the new american century and the 100 year war planned for Israel, Rothschild and the middle east and the destruction of America and the Constitution… again, you either work for them or do not get the big picture, the well seeded plan that has been coming to this for centuries…

People are entitled to their rage but not entitled to venting it in all the wrong places, carrying out the exact design of the devil worshippers.

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  1. This is really good! I love the ExtraNormal figures weaved in it. Very funny and still a good autobiographical character study of the "Sock Puppet" man...