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The Body Parts of Truth...

‎"History would be something extraordinary, if only it were true" ~Leo Tolstoy
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    • Geno Kalmes nice.... and yet how many people get the significance of the statement...?
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    • Ammy Goddessinthemaking Peace'nLove Good one !
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    • Guatalupe Holman Learning different levels of truth.... it makes History interesting, and now after archeaologists and historians have been spinning the beginning it comes to bear that we are older and were more advanced than taught....

      The history, real history, of public education is... telling

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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer 
      The concept of recorded history

      At school, you may remember being taught about previous human cultures, what they created, how they lived and in some cases how they may have thought.
      Depending on the culture in which we grew up and the skill of the teachers, we may have learned about great empires, wars, politics, religions and people of history. We may have studied the Bible, the history of the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks and maybe more recent contemporary cultures. Whether we were interested, or not during these lessons, you have probably never thought of the details in these historical texts as being anything other than fact.
      It may surprise you then to discover that the human process of documenting events as they happened is far from a disciplined science and in many cases, involves highly subjective and often dubious information.

      The politics of history

      The word "history" comes from the ancient Greek word historia which literally means story. The act of storytelling, has been a feature of human culture for tens of thousands of years.
      To immediately illustrate the difficulty in distinguishing "fact" from "story", a short summary of the history of "storytelling" is more than adequate. Story telling from written texts was a well established feature of ancient Sumerian culture (over 8000 years ago), Egyptian (over 6,000 years ago) well before the Greeks. However, we are taught it was the Greeks that appeared to have excelled in the act of documenting stories (history) and in large part founded the art, particularly during the golden period of Ancient Greece between 700BC and 100AD. Yet in Greece at that time, there still remained little distinction between what we would class as "fiction" and "non-fiction".
      It is only in recent times that history has been considered a "science" of sorts, with rules regarding the proper collection, analysis and documentation of "evidence". Yet, even today, historical works are still produced with poor data collection, analysis and documentation skills, yet considered by some as valid "factual" works.
      Most importantly, the provision of stories or "education" remains in the most part a strategic and tactical prize, something our ancestors well understood. Thus, a crucial component to protecting culture has always been that each new generation be "indoctrinated" into the specific cultural framework via an understanding of their culture's history. It is no wonder given the profound impact that stories have on new minds and their sense of place and their culture, the act of writing history has in large part been regulated by the ruling powers of various cultures throughout history.
      It is no coincidence then that the cultures most active in writing history have been those cultures that conquered other cultures and established vast empires, such as the Romans, the Greeks, and later the French, English and more recently, the Americans.
      What this means is that for the most part, what we see as factual works of history have often been a combination of calendar dates and propaganda- deliberately skewed to serve the purposes of the time.
      The result is that across the planet today, we have wildly varying views of "what actually happened" in the past, with various cultures violently defending their sense of history.
      In many ways, to then challenge historical works established in our culture is to challenge the very foundations of our culture- a traditionally perilous act. For most organized systems of managing people so effectively indoctrinate their young, that it is virtually impossible to convince the majority of ordinarily intelligent people that their sense of history is at best a guesstimate and at worst a deliberate manufacture of the events of the past.


      The massive gaps of knowledge and "hard data " about human history

      If you ever had the chance to breeze through the thousands of Bibliographic references of the US Library of Congress on say ancient Greece or Egypt, you would be excused for thinking that humanity pretty much knows most of what there is to know about these two cultures.
      Certainly, if you visited the British Museum or picked up one of the beautifully photographed books on ancient history from one of their bookshops- the words describing these cultures, their behaviour and mindset appear clear and unambiguous. So it may surprise you to hear that it is estimated fewer than 5% of all significant archeological sites on the planet have been properly excavated. In South America alone, the number of sites still to be fully researched is in the hundreds. In the middle east, a similar number exists.
      There are various reasons for this: governmental/religious in the case of governments sensitive about sites that continue to hold religious significance such as Jerusalem, environmental in the case of submerged ruins at the mouth of old river deltas on the northern side of the Adriatic Sea and economic- the cost of large scale excavations. Essentially, the science of archeology is expensive. It is also a science well structured and protective of what hard data it gleans.
      So while almost all history books describe particular history with an air of certainty, the facts are far from certain.
      19.2.3 How do we know what is "true" and what is "false"?
      The basic truth is that our understanding of previous events is at best sketchy. At worst, much of our history of early cultures is dotted with deliberate misrepresentation and occasionally outright fraud- as in the case of the Egyptologists claim that the Great Pyramid at Giza was ( a) built by Khufu (Cheops) and (b) its original intention was as a tomb.
      Neither claim stands up much scrutiny as the only piece of evidence claiming Khufu (Cheops) as the builder, a red-painted inscription mysteriously found between the giant granite slabs above the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid by Colonel Howard Vyse in 1835/36 contains obvious grammatical errors, sloppy lettering and symbols not used until 2000 years after the pyramid was supposedly built. The other piece of evidence often quoted is the claim by the 5th Century (BCE) Greek historian Heroditus that Khufu built the Great Pyramid, yet never stated the structure's purpose.
      In another example we find almost no time devoted to the Sumerian culture, even though (a) there is extensive artifacts of writing at least as significant in number, if not greater than Egypt (b) their culture pre-dates every other sophisticated ancient culture in the region (c) their technology and science was extremely advanced.
      19.2.4 The deliberate destruction and ignorance of thousands of fossils
      While some may find the argument of deliberate scientific cover ups and misleading information pertaining to ancient cultures difficult to believe, there is one overwhelming source of data that can no longer be ignored- the hundreds upon hundreds of documented discoveries of anatomically modern humans fossils, along with advanced tools and signs of organized settlement that pre-date accepted timeframes of human evolution by millions of years.
      So it is against this background of politics, misleading information and gaps that we attempt to make sense of human history since the creation of the species.
      The origin of the species-A general definition and timeframe for dating the appearance of modern humans
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    • Geno Kalmes 
      ‎20 people on the street witness an event but the official story is given by one guy. However the reporter interviews the other 19 and finds varying facts but the history is set in stone from the one guy. Imagine an event in your own family and your sisters version is the one taken as gospel. Now study Tolstoy and Russia and imagine the lies that surround Stalin murdering 60 million people mostly the intellectuals. Why did Hitler burn books? Why did Roosevelt say, "if it happens in politics you better believe it was planned."

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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer Excellent point Geno... for more info on that check out this documentary:
      A film by Juri Lina, author of the brilliant “Under the Sign of Scorpio”. Nearly...See More
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    • Ammy Goddessinthemaking Peace'nLove Technically speaking, most history we are given by society is misleading & turns out to be false. It becomes only in our defense that we begin to question everything else & realize that it may ALL be false. Of course, this leaves you in a philosophical standpoint. Logically speaking, find more truth when we determine our reality, which mirrors history, as false until proven true, rather than true until proven false.
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    • Geno Kalmes 
      here's a thought that just came to me and some will understand but many won't. First you have to understand that 150,000 Jews fought with the Germans in World War II and there were officers and even a General. Then you have to understand the difference between true semite blood jews and the Khazar who adapted Judaism to hide their Luciferian belief. That group created Zionism and the connection to Frankfurt Rothschild and Sabbatean jews...note the derivative Sabateur?

      Now consider the creed, "History is written by the victors."

      What a joke inside a joke that if that creed is true we keep getting Oscar winning movies and best selling books after another and another about the Holocaust. Who are these victors writing this history? I will contend the false zionist Jew who won Israel in the wars, were part of a sect of false Jew known as AshekeNAZIm... see the word NAZI and their plan to kill real Jews in the war went splendidly to use that as a cover of sympathy.

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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer 
      Ammy you are spot on!

      Which is why there is truly only one solution to this convoluted, corrupted, insane situation we are faced with... and that is to discover within you the truth that is you.

      All other things (our choices, behaviors, actions, emotions etc) are the natural congruent outgrowth of that discovery.

      History is recorded perfectly alright, its just not in the traditional library but in the library of our knowing, our conscious our dna, our chi, akashic records etc.


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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer Geno Kalmes, brother, you really ought to be engaged with our discussions at UCADIA : htttp://

      "Sabbatean jews" how many others do you know that are keen on this?
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    • Geno Kalmes I'll jump in thanks. Looks good what I saw so far.
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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer The Ash Ke Nazi's are the Knights of the Flame or the Illuminated ones or the Illuminati...
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    • Geno Kalmes 
      Right, the tip of the pyramid is Luciferian, the whole design of a one world religion coming under the umbrella of the Pope seeks to water down their biggest contenders Islam and Christianity and usher in so many new age versions of Gods that the end result is what Lucifer is stated in Biblical texts to have sought, God as man and not a God at all.

      I find the concept of believing in one decent good God is just a healthy psychology for a person to NOT put himself as the center of the universe, to play God in science or take lives by his own rationalizations.

      The fact that the whole God versus the devil concept exists with volumes of writing on the subject for thousands of years is to say, large groups of powerful collectives believe it even if you don't... so those engaging in blood sacrifice effect your life directly whether god or the devil exist.

      Which yes, I agree in individual thought, and mine is a personal choice to pray to a good God and ask him or her or it to help me through this crazy life and that my actions on Earth matter, and that who am I to harm others? To try hard not to.

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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer Right. The idea that man is somehow separate from the whole, and can be greater than the whole, is definitely the crux.

      We are not fighting each other, we are fighting ideas. And the battle ground of ideas is where?

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    • Geno Kalmes spiritual...
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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer Well it could be spiritual, but ideas (be they true or false) live in our minds... which we have been trained to hand over to the outside world. We create models in our minds based on those true or false ideas of the way we perceive things to be, and then act on those models.

      Take back your mind and you take back your power.

      excerpted from a Work in Progress by Aaron Hudlemeyer 11/30/10   ...
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    • Geno Kalmes 
      A Christian would say I am still putting myself before Jesus Christ by not using the name Jesus and following the doctrine. I would argue that how do you know what name I use in my private prayer and that scriptures have been tampered with by the very Luciferian sects. I would however have faith in the idea, "The word of God" cannot be changed and that is some obvious ideas... The golden rule being top of the list... all the passages that encourage honesty and non violence and compassion. The Bible has hundreds of pages yet Jes su's word could probably be summed up in far less.

      I would have to agree though there is a side of me whose doubt about all the lies instilled has me not wanting to be fooled... But I go back to private prayer. Prayers get answered when you ask for the right things and not the wrong.

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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer ABSOLUTELY, Geno! I could not agree more. True private, intentional prayer produces amazing effects :)

      And I would just add that a true "Christian" will hold the words of Yashua the Christ to be above all others... however that in itself is a rarity as most who claim to be "Christian" hardly know Yashua at all.

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    • Geno Kalmes Our minds are astounding and we have them for some reason and exploring the limitation biologically, 5% and environmentally.... mind bullies... thought crime... we certainly should try and see things from every perspective.

      I was a leftist liberal for 42 years until certain things woke me up to what was right and wrong about the box I was in. Thank God to shed those chains.

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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer Right on man! I wavered back and forth on the fence for many years, left leaning tendencies of over compassion coupled with conservative fiscal ideas and trying to balance them before I realized that the fulcrum I was using to create the balance was an illusion LOL.
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    • Geno Kalmes good thread...Can I paste this on my blog? If no that is cool...
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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer Feel free brother... I've actually read your blog its very good. Thank you
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    • Geno Kalmes I'll just use our discussion so others don't have to worry. Thanks.
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    • Geno Kalmes others in this thread...
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    • Geno Kalmes 
      Yes, what you said about over compassion... that is the parable, "Teach a man to fish" way better than food stamps and welfare checks... allow a man a job of his talents not some slavery robot cog...

      And if we had not had our Constitution usurped by the Luciferians and their mafias, we would recognize that freedom of speech and to bare arms, and privacy and the Bill of Rights and jury trial and all of the original intents were to protect the individual with all the compassion in the world...

      But instead they created this false good cop bad cop psychology of welfare good, big government good, Greedy Republican bad, thus creating the boxes we mistake for freedom... though it is dumbfounding to think anyone could make such a blind acceptance of something that seems pretty obvious now... for 42 years though everything the right said was evil... my team had the D on their chest because I saw them as what I was led to believe... for the little guy when in fact they are part of the same team... left and right arms of the beast.

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    • Geno Kalmes 
      biggest crime is when they incorporated the country and made citizens subjects of contract law... every time you agree with an "official" you make an oral agreement... when you sign your name under one of their contracts... You signed a contract of their terms... All of this is a sort of trick because no one informs us of what Natural law dictates as a choice... otherwise we would choose natural law every time and lawyers would be broke.

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    • Aaron Hudlemeyer 
      Geno , you are correct about the crime, but the illusion was created long before the 14th amendment...

      The country was erected upon the foundation of fraud, regardless of the Constitution. We were created as a Slave Nation under the crow...See More

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    • Geno Kalmes 
      No one is a saint but the founders tried hard to create a check and balance system not because they trusted each other but because they didn't... that is why it is the greatest system thus far ravaged with insidious loopholes that allowed it to be taken down. I understand every President was of the same elite bloodlines and Illuminati was there every step of the way but I will argue vehemently against throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If you have a child that is constantly up to no ggod you cannot create a better child by telling them that. You have to find the good and emphasize it. If you tell Americans their ideals were shit from the beginning you just open up the wound for the infection to consume a body that no longer cares about fighting the disease. Exactly what the illuminati designed. For the exact same reasons I listed above about believing in a good God believing in a good myth can let us rally around ideals and not wallow in the con...

      Yesterday at 4:57pm · 

    • Aaron Hudlemeyer It's not the ideals that were shit, but the people behind the ideals. The point here is foundation... not structure.

      The foundation and corner stone is what allowed for the usurpation of the ideals.

      You will get no argument from me about the values and intentions of the system only that it was built upon a sandy foundation.

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    • Geno Kalmes 
      we could make this dialogue lengthy for sure and honestly, aside from wanting to protect the good parts of the American myth and do everything I can from letting the Luciferians get what they have conned the world into... I always say it isn't the idea of a world government that is bad, it is the idea that the same psychos continue to run it...

      I also see such a failure of men and women as politicans to do as their oath and promises were that I cannot stomach to watch this contemptuous freak show any longer and swear that I could come up with a system that eliminated government and politicians alltogether...

      But... another day I shall elaborate on those ideas...;)

      Yesterday at 6:55pm · 

    • Aaron Hudlemeyer This is absolutely exactly what ucadia and one-heaven has done. It has created that system and is perfecting it. Complete with a new global financial system and all... it is the most complete alternative model in existence at this point in time.

      I would love to engage further in your ideas brother, you're sharper then most.

      Yesterday at 6:56pm ·  ·  1

    • Krysta Bell You guys are brilliant... Ammy too!! =)
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