Saturday, January 14, 2012

Art Lies Here....


It just occurred to me... I am trying to create a non version of myself... a poetic... larger than life but abstract and not real version.... like an amusing story half close to real.... not held down by facts or reality just an idea... like if someone ever thought of me after I was gone the idea they were left with was..... like that blur in one's mind after exiting the art museum... you knew something was there and it somewhat mattered.... and unknowingly I stowed away in your sub conscious... I definitely don't want a chair in the living room.... I want to be that painting that pops in your mind at odd times...a reminder that we can capture moments but we can't keep them... we can influence moments but we can't control them... we can inspire but not matter so much we become a statue...
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    • Faith Hinde Wow :) amazing
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    • Geno Kalmes I see I lost a friend I wonder who...
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    • Geno Kalmes There are the people you meet in life, jobs, school, neighbors, bars, etc. then this new phenomena of the internet.... here your real friendships become intellectual.... whether you really click in thought... lead each other to ideas that we both know matter... many of the friends we know from life's path we are polite to and enjoy for that certain time spent but this virtual intellectual relationship is much better sex...especially when we know we will never meet nor even want to...and yet we feel it was honest, important and intimate...
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    • Geno Kalmes poetry is like an energy that surfs... words can box.... punch for rounds... leave one staggering and exhausted...words can slip an upper or a downer, sucker punch... leave one jarred, caught in between reflex, or they can make no difference at all... a sentence engineered to withstand jet planes crashing can be a sentence that stands for nothing and yet stands forever...
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    • Geno Kalmes poems are dumb
      they are real crumbs
      I don't think
      I should waste my ink
      on things like this
      that really stink
      so I used pencil
      geno age 9

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    • Geno Kalmes assignment was to write a poem.
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    • Geno Kalmes Nothing at all
      I used to want to draw
      Draw nice things
      But nice things didn’t exist
      So I became surrealistic
      But surrealism didn’t exist either
      So if I couldn’t draw a conclusion
      I drew nothing at all

      I used to want to laugh
      see humor in everything
      and it’s funny but nothing’s funny
      So if I can’t laugh at the world
      and if I can’t laugh with the world
      I won’t laugh at all...

      I used to want to help
      help those in need
      But everyone needed help
      So where was I to begin?
      I decided to begin with myself
      but I couldn’t be helped
      so I helped no one at all...

      I used to want to love
      love a person
      a person who loved me
      A love that went both ways
      But I didn’t love myself
      so I loved no one at all

      I used to want to write
      write about things
      things that were wrong
      But I wasn’t sure what was right
      So I wrote
      Nothing at all

      Geno age 18

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    • RSpect Rds Brilliant stuff man...really
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