Saturday, November 19, 2011

Slow News Day Volume 4

Slow News Day Volume 4

No...No....I won't go to your camps... I won't...zzzzz.....snort....mumble...mumble...
fascist evil...zzzzzzz....zzzzz.... social adsense can bite my nutsack....
...Assholes.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Africa To Be Divided Up Into Shirts and Skins....

A huge summit of white people convened thousands of miles from Africa to deliberate on the fate of the rich but troubled continent.

Said Harold Pink of Green Bay, who attended the conference, “I know nothing more than I see on the news. Lots of black natives with sharp sticks killing lots of black natives with sharp sticks. We hear tribe names like Zulu, Zimbabwe, and other z-type names, and apparently they don’t get along, so I suggested we divide them up into thousands of warring factions, give them different colored T-shirts, say like Zulu’s in green and gold, and then that way, the civilized world can begin to sort it out at home on their TV’s and take it from there.”

The conference felt it was a good suggestion, but the big problem was designing thousands of T-shirts that would be distinctive enough to tell one warring tribe from the other. Some would have to have polka dots, some would have to be plaid and still they need more identifying characteristics to set each warring faction apart.

Someone suggested one tribe could be skins, an idea they immediately adopted to save money. John Albino, of Ohio, a shoe salesman, suggested different styles of shoes, like one tribe could be in high-top sneakers, and another in say penny-loafers, or cowboy boots.

Then a Chicago Bulls fan who had wandered in by mistake looking for a men’s room, suggested they dye their hair bright colors like bulls player Dennis Rodman. This suggestion was immediately adopted because Dennis Rodman’s fluorescent green hair definitely stood out among other black skinned men.

Then they all got on the subject of sports and another good idea was adopted, to rename the tribes after professional football teams like the Broncos or the Saints.

“I think we made history today, said Bob from Milwaukee. “Once we can tell them apart, maybe then we can figure out why they’re so angry at each other, and who knows, maybe get them some guns.”

“What worries me,” said Beth Kranston of Texas, “is while all these tribes are warring, who’s feeding the elephants?”

A question they all pondered in silence.

I dreamt I lived in America....

Planet X to Serve Jalapeno Dip and Onion Rings at Bilderberg Orgy
By Ben Fullofit

The White and Black Dragon societies met over the weekend with the Charlie Chan Fan Club to discuss the need to pronounce L’s like L’s and not like R’s. Trirrion dorrars was arrot of money and mispronumnciation could resurt in a catastrophic misunderstanding between East and West.
Also on the agenda was Godzilla and the smog monster who were tying up traffic in Tokyo with their endless battle.
The Vatican who had just finished exchanging recipes for fresh baby with the Reptilian Queen of England were overheard discussing how tasty the baby au gratin was and how sushi baby was preferable to the Texas babyback baby.
When it came time to pick up the trillion dollar check the Pope’s head started spinning around in circles and the Queen flew off on a broom leaving the Davos forum to begrudgingly flip the bill.
Interpole met with outer pole and they went to a nearby strip club to watch sexy pole dancers who had been smuggled in from Poland. The Pole Pole dancers were hoping to intermarry with interpole and raise polite polish pole dancing interpole pollsters who took a survey on whether their tongues would stick to the North Pole and Santa said if he commented Mrs. Claus wouldn’t speak to him ever again.
China announced the new Hilton Hotel for Satanists was ready to begin taking in their evil guests but the TSA would need to gently caress their baggage.
Mr. X, who became Christian over the weekend and is now the born again King of Borneo sang born to be wild and born free and born in the usa at Karaoke night sponsored by the Bilderberg Tupperware committee. Daniele Dal Bosco sang, Born to Run.
The January 30th deadline was put off to January 29th 2050 so the red and green dragon societies could fill a hole someone had dug from Iowa to Tibet.
The Bush/Clinton Cabal surprised everyone by announcing they had the Rockefellers tied up in the basement of the Taj Majal and the jazz group Taj majal was guarding them and would poor syrup on them and tell hungry lumberjacks that they were pancakes if a trillion dollar third party post dated check wasn’t cashed by noon, central daylight savings time.
Planet X and it’s owner Mr. X were conspicuously absent from their Xmas pageant that they had rehearsed for all week. Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer was sacrificed for the Winter Solstice and the Pentagon served the ground up venison at its annual Christmas charity event where underprivileged teen-aged boys and girls were given sex with 4 star generals.
Major events will unfold as a result. Things are really heating up. Just ask any homeless man mumbling to themselves for confirmation on the secret societies that taught his dog to speak French.
Frankly I’m freaked out. They ground up Rudolph…does anyone know the implications of this if it’s foggy Christmas eve?

In the hollow of my heart in the shadow of my doubt
I softly wonder what the world is all about
in the corner of my eye I see a second coming
in the rhythm of my lifetime the beat is slowly drumming
bang bang bang goes the drum
bang bang bang goes the gun
at the depth of darkness I’m not a lonely singer
in the belfry of innocense my souls a dead ringer
in the coolness of the water my body senses numbing
breathing in the sounds an echo of the drumming
bang bang bang goes the drum
bang bang bang goes the gun
In the wake of our father I feel a certain ease
humbled by the gesture of a man upon his knees
in the strings of the universe the one’s worth strumming
are the dedicated few playing for the love of drumming
bang bang bang goes the drum
bang bang bang goes the gun
In the hour of the last I see a rain of tears
to wash away the remnants of a world so full of fear
in the symphony of forever I hear someone humming
to the tempo of the song a constant drumming…

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keeping it Wheel...

What is it?
I call it Television...

Change the channel....

JIM: Needs a laugh track or something...
BOB: I was thinking it needs Lucy or Sid Caesar
JIM: How about porn?

Oh Hi Jim... 
Hey Bob... Was wondering could you invent me something?
Sure what?
I don't know... something like a way to like turn myself into matter and transport myself instantaneously to another place like half way across the world...
Hmmmm...That sounds like a good idea but I need to finish up with this first...
Still working on that thing huh?
Seems like I'm on to something though....

I wore it as a life preserver and jumped in the lake and damn near drown...
I tried it as a planter in the living room... but seems I can do better...
Thought maybe it could be a donut to go with my coffee... too stale...chipped a tooth...

I blame Mom and Dad... they never believed in me... they said I would probably grow up to be a lousy inventor... they wanted me to be a Butcher...

My wife suggested a hat... I told her that was the dumbest idea yet and she left me...

I had this weird vision from the future though....

Then another vision....

and then another and another....

follow the yellow brick road to the Chisum trail? Never ask a mini mart woman cashier for directions... like asking an Indian call center for help with your cell phone...

Officer I swear to you it's the truth... If I don't get to The Jet Propulsion lab in 5 minutes an asteroid will fail to be diverted and the Earth will be destroyed... and I have to pee really bad....

I... I... think.... I have it... of course how could I be so dumb... How could TV precede the radio...It's a radio... listen....

Silent movies... that's what it is... silent movies... of course... Jeeze...

3000 BC... intelligent life... find it and destroy it... before it does something really really dumb...

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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Mind Front

What's with Geno? Nothing... He always pretends to be catatonic 
when it's his turn to do the dishes...

When my son was a Jr. in High School…he called me about 4pm about a project due the next day on the first world war….Kids…jeesh...  I took he and his study partner Manfred to quickly do a video project at the Veterans museum on World War One….

So we shot a video, recorded a rap song and edited it by bedtime for the next day. LOL.

Truthers wrestle with the idea of what the real intention of WARS were…

I post a moment of silence at the 4:15 point for all the vets who died in war because they died BELIEVING they were doing the right thing…

Whether they were lied to or not…

Many regret the loss of innocent life as a result of these lies but many THOUGHT they were doing the right thing…

I think if we are to bridge those who fight with those who question…this is key…in my humble non vet opinion who appreciates courage from all sides…

I hope this helps…


I produced the following movies with kids in schools in a couple afternoons. As you can see kids these days have a surprising knack for creative abstraction and sardonic humor. I guess growing up with Saturday Night Live and Mad TV helps them to make wiseguy a second language. Which was fun for me since I got to plug a couple social barbs into the mix.

This video is pretty abstract and in my opinion there are very strong political and social symbolism in it whether we meant to or not. Public schools are a battlefield in many ways. The elite doctrine is to mold children into a citizenry that repeats the official program rather than encouraging vast multi dimensional learning, discovery and analytical thinking. 

See Charlotte Iserbyt, for her work on the subject.

Continuing on the theme of indoctrination this Zombie movie makes some point regarding the treatment of schools in the black community.

Superhero placement agency to me shows the dashed dreams that results from filling children with unreal expectations about their opportunities beyond school.

This is sadly one of my favorites as it depicts the mental health of children. The information
they are asked to process should drive anyone insane let alone children...

This one obviously has the underlying theme of drugs, addiction, dealing drugs and perhaps what they are putting into foods these days to effect the body in ways most are unaware of. Other themes like cliques and popularity are explored.

This leftist leaning environmental video is punctuated by a brief editorial by me midway in that explains the hidden hook in the green movement. Of course everyone wants a clean environment but it's when the environment is used as a trojan horse for totalitarian draconian measures is what people have to wake up to.

If I can offer a suggestion on blog entries I would like people to tell stories about creative moments in school where you felt good or changed or enlightened by the experience. Plays, videos, music, art, writing... anything...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

2002 A Cyberspace Oddity


Washington- Most of us on the left suspected something. He never seemed quite human. The way he sits so erect. That wooden movement and complexion. That voice that never seems to inflect too high or low but maintains a level that is almost contrary to human emotion.

And yes, there is a hand up his ass controlling his mouth. George Will was created by an italian woodcraftsman named Gepetto who first gained notoriety when he carved a little liar named Pinnochio.

The nose that grew with fabrication almost destroyed the program in its infancy but was later fixed by switching to pine. Apparently Pine like the American public has no concept of lying and its consequences.

Soon the top secret program shot Gepetto in the head and hired a Japanese Robotics Lab to make better use of technology and its potential for lying to the public in a much more efficient manner maximizing the lie and minimizing the conscience.

But this barely begins to tell the tale of Washington spokes puppets. Ventriloquism was widely used in the 50’s and 60’s but in the late 70’s, Robots began to replace the spokes puppets.

Ted Koppel was the first Robotron to replace wooden dummies. You knew it already but finally confirmation. His voice could only come from an electronic synthesizer. And yes that is a toupee but it doesn’t cover a baldhead, it covers a circuit board. known to only a few as The “Teddy Bore” or the “Conservatron 1980”.

But Ted was just the beginning of the spokes puppet line of robots that eventually gave way to superior technology with the strength of a thousand men. The Attorney General Reno was one of the first of these and has been seen rearranging parked cars at the justice department by hand. The Reno had been slated as a line of Lesbian Robots that were to seize control of Florida and was programmed slightly more to the left to work with and enjoy giving and getting special massages from Hillary Clinton.

The Reno was partly responsible for the Waco disaster, because a chip planted in her mercy board had been accidentally installed from the mean spirited Republitrons, a conservatron line of propagandist robots that include the Coulter and the Gingrich.

Many in Washington always wondered why George Will never touched his meal at political luncheons but often saw a hand coming up from under the table.

That was George Stephanopoulos who originally came to Washington as a street mime and puppeteer before being drafted into a top-secret program to create inhuman spokes people who would play both sides of the fence distracting millions of Americans. Meanwhile behind the scenes, America was being dismantled piece by piece.

Koppel’s hair alone cost 6 billion dollars since it was designed to reprocess martinis into water proof and bullet proof hair guard…An acrylic like substance that helps to keep the circuit board dry.

In recent years the wooden George Will has been converted to alloy and revamped to free up George Stephanopoulos’s arm. The “Will” who can now walk on its own and is programmed to attack any sign of emotion from the people around him still has many bugs.

Stephanopoulos had to be trained at MIT to change George’s circuit board every 3 days and had to start lifting weights to be able to remove the 300-pound bulletproof hair guard. They plan to phase George Will out around the year 2060 but until then, they are confident that his hair will protect the circuit board for another 50 years.

By then The Republitron Cyborgs, which are designed to eat liberals and create petroleum by product that is 10 times more toxic then oil, will be firmly in place. The Slick Willie Charmatron 1992 is of course Bill Clinton who is the only one of it’s kind. Designed to charm the world. However, the system had a few bugs. They had hoped to create a robot that could have sex unlike the Bob Dole conservatrons of old but something went wrong.

The “Willie”, they hoped would be able to charm anyone, anybody and anything into the sack where his recorder would relay all pillow talk to the CIA. However, the learning chip, which is designed to make a robot or computer get smarter with each experience, got stuck in the hump mode. The Willie has reportedly bedded down everyone from Ann Coulter to Mikhail Gorbachev.

Coulter who was designed to hold a grudge felt spurned when The Willie wouldn’t leave the Hillary. Hillary is not a robot by the way and is believed to be a genetic experiment that combined the DNA of the modern woman with a rooster.


Okay, if the article was too much for your puritan sensibilities... definitely do not watch this video...


Has anyone ever done any reading on robotics and cloning? The science is certainly mind boggling. In the not so distant future I will return to this post an add some links about the subject. Things that will blow your circuits.

Next Tuesday At Noon

I am woman hear me roar... I don't need a man, I can 
swing my own club... bring home my own dinosaur meat...
 what's with the look?

by Gene Kalmes
Next Tuesday At Noon

Madison Wisconsin–The Women’s Auxiliary hosted their annual luncheon and political forum earlier this week. In past years the women usually drank too much to do anything more then get a gin game going after lunch but this year is was different. Moondust Howe a 49-year-old former graduate of UW who served 3 years for blowing up the Veterans Museum in 1972 approached the microphone and the room went silent.

Long gray hair and a hand made dress of hemp stylishly adorned with scarves and home made jewelry seemed the perfect accent to highlight what is sure to become histories most pivotal moment.

Jesus, evolve already you Neanderthal pig...

The speech has been recorded and sent around the Internet to women and women only. No man has heard the speech to date. Except for me.

I over heard my sister downloading it and frankly I am compelled to keep their secret and allow the plan to go off as scheduled next Tuesday at noon. However, because I am a man, I feel a certain degree of loyalty to my sex and I have decided to be a whistleblower albeit somewhat reluctantly. Here are Moondust Howe’s words:

“Men have been lying to us, enslaving, raping and murdering us and our children for centuries and we not only let them get away with it, but we get them coffee, copy their moronic memos and do most of the dangerous stuff with germ warfare. Where there is a general or a world leader plotting the New World Order there is a stupid bitch sitting quietly in the room scratching down his insane plans and then typing it up and then shredding it. Since we already run the world I come before you to make a suggestion…Why don’t we shoot the poor f’n bastards in the back of the head next Tuesday say about high noon.”

The room stunned into silence came to see the revelation simultaneously and erupted with applause. They all synchronized their watches and pulled their guns out of their purses and started to clean them.

Moondust added, “We will keep the young handsome somewhat sensitive one’s for studding at Guantanamo Bay, men like Brad Pitt and Ashton what’s his name but the rest get a bullet in the back of the head.”

I don’t know where you are going to be next Tuesday gentleman but I’ll be wearing a dress and a wig and mourning the loss of all the good things men brought to the world–Well–Football. Other then that, get your affairs in order gents, because the New World Order is about to slip into something a little more comfortable...

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Christmas Conspiracy

NORTH POLE – A very frustrated Santa stuck his foot through a bass drum and punched his fist through a wall when his over-worked and over-wrought elves failed to produce virtual reality interactive video games, instead falling way short with wood they nailed to some spare tin and put wheels on.

“What’s this?!?” Santa exclaimed incredulously.

“The best we could do with our tools and materials.” Though frightened of Santa and his temper, the elves defended their work.

“This wooden tin thing with wheels isn’t even close,” Santa bellowed in disbelief.

“Let’s see you do better,” an elf cried from the back of the room. Santa eyed his helpers and fought back the urge to start throwing them around.

The Wiser Man...

“Look, I told you this was coming. You’ve had a full year to attend technical college. What did you do? Most of you spent the summer lying around and watching soap operas. I’m deeply disappointed in your initiative and ingenuity.”

“What did you do all summer fat man?” Another elf screamed.

Santa was irate, but he knew it was by far too late in the year to fire or kill any of the elves so he just turned, stormed out the room, and slammed the door, cursing profanely.

“Wow,” an elf commented.

“Wow is right, that seemed so real.” Another elf was really impressed.

“I call it ‘Santa goes ballistic’,” the elf said proudly of his invention.

“Should we show him?”

“No, let’s play a practical joke on him. Let’s tell him we can’t create virtual reality with wood and rubber mallets.”

“How do you think I got these images . . . I hid a video camera holograph video imager inside the wooden tin thing with wheels and caught the real Santa in action.”

“Say, can that thing simulate us working?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“I like the way you think.”

“We escape tonight; pass it on.”

Wrigley Field Blues...

Someone once sat down next to me at a bar looked at my hat and declared. “I hate the cubs!”

I said. “How can you hate the Cubs…that’s like hating a retarded kid…”

Skolnick said the Queen was a major shareholder of the Tribune company…Which explains why the cubs play like they’re playing cricket….

At one time because WGN was in 3rd world countries the cubs were the most loved team worldwide…misery loves company…

Let’s play two!!!!!

Oh the Wrigley stories I have….

7 years old I get a call from my Dad from work…

“Why aren’t you going to the Cub game?”

“I don’t know” was my 7 year old response.

So my parents make sure I get on one of 20 buses going down to Chicago for the Deerfield youth baseball league Cub outing…

Only the T ballers were too young…So I was down at Wrigley with lots of people I didn’t know…tried to keep an eye on one guy I sort of recognized…I think he was an 8th grader and kept trying to shake me…finally he did….

I spent 5th through 9th inning in the lost and found…Cubs lost to the mets 9 to 5 and 19 buses left without me…the 20th razzed the hell out of me when I was finally found….

Oh no you don't... Our son got his striking out genes from your side of the family...
Percentages dictate someone with a keen eye draw a walk in this critical situation...
Okay I admit... I took a called third strike when I married you but
I was on the rebound from a real man and looking for the opposite... Give me that bat and I'll gitterdone...

My parents mean well but retards shouldn’t breed…I think Hitler was right about that one….

Then there was the time Chuck Berry played after the game…My softball team with the help of a bus and a keg were a bit sauced….Tooty, my buddy said, “Let’s go dance on the dugout…”

I said, “Okay!”

Tooty and his girlfriend were intercepted by Andy Frain ushers I made it successfully…I did the chuck berry duck walk thingy all the way to the end of the dugout…turned it into an elvis thingy with some knee double jointed action….dropped to my knees and came up into a moonwalk….

Then I was dragged off to the appreciative cheers of thousands who were so inspired they stormed the field…

I sat in an office like a kid waiting to see the principle…I tried on a Andy Frain Pith Helmet and it fit perfectly….

My friend Tooty peaked around the corner and started laughing…

Mr. Wrigley the Principle came out of his office and dismissed me….I returned to the mess I created and we eventually got on the bus and ate the other half of the big sandwich. The End….

Ask me about the time I took my son and my nephews to the game and the girls in front of us kept lifting up their shirts…WRIGLEY RULES! Cubs suck yes but Wrigley Rules!!!!

I don't expect people will watch this entire video but it is a nice slice of life... people say "you only live once."  But that isn't true if you have a child, you get to experience life again through their eyes...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slow News Day Volume 3

I see you're up...HAHAHAHA... When you asked me to set the alarm I knew you would be expecting one of those sissy digital clocks....HAHAHAHA... not the old fashioned -- five alarm fire -- brass balls blaster... HAHAHAHA...that's what you get for being too drunk to drive home... HAHAHAHA...Feel free to toast a pop tart on your way out... HAHAHAHAHA.... 


Cave dwelling men from a humid rocky country declared war on America and pledged to blow up Condoleeza Rice. Which made them hungry for Condoleeza Rice a spicy Mediterranean dish prepared with chicken hearts and accented with curry, paprika, and baked on a rock in plain scorching daylight. After dinner they got on an airplane where they were welcomed into America, issued an alias, gun, box cutter and a map of well insured buildings. The immigration office and INS put their hands over their eyes and counted to ten yelling for them to, “GO!”  The cave dwelling men enrolled in flight school but told the flight school instructor they were only interested in serving coffee, tea, and nuts. Florida and Texas who figure prominently in all insane things issued a statement on Brown skin people. “Brown skin people must declare their intentions before taking a step in any direction. DNA samples will be appreciated and help with yard work.”

The Cave Dwelling men were last seen on public access on a show called 12 steps for terrorists…Step one admit you have a bomb. The cave dwelling men declared on the seldom watched channel that they would be blowing up something big, big, big…But were waiting for the CIA to tell them what, when and where. They also stated that an undisclosed harem of virgins would be waiting in a Swiss bank account after they blew up Condoleeza Rice. Which made them hungry for Condoleeza Rice again and “bomb something angry” that Dominoes didn’t have Condoleeza rice as a topping.

OREGON-Cult-- Children of the six-sided skinheaded pentagram Nazi's abducted Cult of the 12-dotheaded Satanic Comet hoppers. Experts say they are now twice as crazy.

5 letter word for prostitute...Obama...
4 letter word... What Americans and Gynecologists
are tired of looking at...Bush...
Magic Carpet Ride... Begins with an H... ends with a Y...
7 letters... 


NEW MEXICO- Vowing to somehow some way mess with time scientists gathered to discuss the possibilities of just really screwing the world up so bad that things would change second to second because people going back in time would destroy history as we know it and replace it with a sort of constant channel changing that would drive us as mad as them.

Okay, dialing in 540AM for more information...


"Yay." The crew screamed. "Aww" They moaned. Of all the darned luck cited as cause.


CNN Foreign correspondent Mike Smith who questions why he got this assignment found himself red faced as he interviewed a group of foreigners about something big but he wasn't quite sure what that big thing was. He tried to refer to a little pocket language dictionary but by the time he found the right page the big news was old news and the group of foreigners had to catch a bus full of goats.

Never go to a strip club in a Dairy state...


INTERNET-HOW SAFE IS IT FOR PERVERTS? A look at perpetual humping and our porn experts are going to count how many naked bodies are on the internet. For the first time we will have an accurate count of naked people. Presently we have counted 667 million but we still have the baltic states and Russia to go yet.

Divinity Students hit Daytona for week of abstinence: Special report from our Church Ladies on the beat, next week.


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I Admit I'm in Denial...

(Article first published in 2003)

Denial may exist in the accused but it is also the perfect weapon for the accuser. Reasons are said to be rationalizations when quite often they are reasons. If everything a person says is only a rationalization then that person is effectively stifled. The accuser has way too much power. They are judge jury an executioner. Therefore I protest in advance that my words will undoubtedly be labeled as denial, rationalization and justification. Having attempted that pre-emptive strike which no doubt will fall on deaf ears let me continue my reasoning…

People used to say "I may not agree with you but I'll fight for your right to say it."

It is very frightening but those days of sticking up for each other's constitutional rights are all but gone…The extremely wealthy have purchased our legislators, our press and almost all our means of mass media distribution. They are insidiously brainwashing us with globalist one world propaganda. We have been divided and conquered in so many ways we are confused, dizzy with lies, half-truths and besides we have no time to deal with it. Demands on our time leave us loopy when it comes to the facts. I suppose going to a city council meeting and not a bar could be a good start but damn I had a shitty day.

                                               Nice Big Screen TV... What's this movie? Shock and Awe?
                                               Is this Stallone? ... Holy crap we're bombing Iraq again?
                                               Shock and Awe? Jesus... Who is the Secretary of Defense? Jerry        Bruckheimer?     


It's not impossible to use in moderation and still care for people but those using in excess put too much weight on themselves and others as a result. It is like dominoes. When one leans too hard it takes the others with. An individual's dysfunction and the patterns that repeat themselves explain why history repeats itself.

The wealthy who run all aspects of the world are often greedy and as a result put too much weight on the rest of us. Greedy people are like crackheads. Associative math would conclude if 1% own 99% of the wealth and resources then the other 6 billion of us are fighting to survive and get a piece of the remaining 1%. That is why social classes exist and why the remaining 1% shrinks every time someone gets richer. This explains why the middle class now has to work two jobs per household to survive.

We wish you a Merry Christmas...We wish you a Merry Christmas... We wish you a Merry Christmas... 
and a Happy New Year...!

The ruling class elite spends trillions trying to make us believe an illusion that benefits them. The illusion that anyone can get rich by being free to enjoy capitalistic enterprise. The truth is not everyone can get rich and eventually the finite number of opportunities will become zero opportunities. A pie can only be cut up so far.

But why do they need us to believe the illusion that we are all equal with equal opportunity? Sadly because they fear the masses. They think we want what they have. But we don't. We want serenity. They are the largest obstacles to those of us who want to lead a truly free life--free of their economic slavery that fuels their latest war. A war they profit from. How sick is that?

We need an amendment to the constitution that removes profit from war by redirecting the profit directly into social programs, schools and reduces the tax burden for the middle and lowers classes. By taking away profit from war we can be assured that a war will be fought only when it is truly necessary.

Sobering up means sobering up to reality…The first law of physics is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…This law of nature therefore demands balance…Capitalism by it's very nature of "greed is good" defies this law invoked by the greatest legislator of all…Earth…

Hey Mac this is a crowbar we don't serve scarecrows here...beat it!

Ask yourself why is the world so screwed up and how do I as an individual add to that big dysfunctional soup. Maybe I'm part of the reason it tastes so bad. Also ask yourself…Who do you think the powers that be think of first, you and I or themselves?

Balance is about fairness, give and take and that is where the crooked cronies have stolen all the power and therefore the leftover opportunity comes with their tentacles attached--if at all.

Having been born in 1960 I am the last of the baby boomers. My formative years were spent listening and twisting to Chubby Checker and the Beatles.

The cynicism of the '70s and beyond would clash with my idealistic spirit that was first fed by the optimistic generation that somehow evolved into the 60s.

Early on I was addicted to black and white movies and impersonated their unique voices. It was The Beatles however and particularly John Lennon who inspired me to try and use art to change the world.

As I grow older and cynicism gives way to even harsher reality I see how naïve this notion was for me, let alone a guy like John Lennon. The world needs that kind of lunacy now more than ever.


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flawed Humanity... Categorized...

Flawed Humanity... Categorized...

It occurred to me while showering, (my best ideas come either in the shower or as I open my eyes in the morning) that a grouping of ethical and moral behavior might help us understand who we are and what we face.

I'll get right into the idea and you will catch on.

GROUP ONE: This first group is the best of us, the type of people who got the manner and politeness memo and read it, approved of it and sent it back in. They also found the ethical teachings of their parents, guardians, Bibles, Holy Books, religions, teachers, Gurus, and mentors to be teachings worthy of embracing whole heartedly. They understood and lived by the Commandments. They do not lie or steal or kill or hurt anyone. They followed all the rules in school, and society, got jobs, paid their taxes, enjoyed all the games with rules and took those rules very seriously. They are not cheaters. They are not abusers of any vice. They don't swear. In general, we all know people like this, we wonder is there a hidden dark side... But presuming there isn't, this is group one for sake of categorizing humanity.

                                 I'm just a baby and yet I have more questions than the Rainman 
at the Fed...

GROUP TWO: Repeat all those nice things from group one but add the idea this group stretches their wings a little. Gambling is legal and fun, why not do a little gambling. Alcohol is legal and taken in moderation at weekend events or holiday parties, stuff might happen that wouldn't normally happen. Maybe they cheat on a spouse in an inebriated state or God forbid get a DUI. One DUI is devastating, any arrest is enough to send them back to God and counseling. They may be divorced. They might smoke cigarettes, maybe even pot, but in general they too are pretty darn decent people just trying to follow the rules of social structure. They might even sell pot small time to friends but if gets into larger volume they are in group 3. Also within this group we may have rebels who see certain laws as unjust and feel they have the right to break laws that aren't in their opinion, good laws. Many people feel that as free men and women that such things like an income tax is wrong because it defies our forefathers wishes and makes our labor subject to a ruling authority. This in their view is a law that they can morally and ethically skirt if they can get away with it, just not legally if they get caught.

It is called Chaos Theory and it wasn't a scientist who invented it -- it was
the Jewish mafia think tank headed up by one Knuckles Greenstein who said, "Let them eat whatever they want..."

GROUP THREE: Mind you some things I say may be true of any of the groups but the category is to put forth a generalization to purposely illustrate a sliding scale of moral decadence as one relaxed moral may or may not lead to another, depending on individuality but the illustrations are a stereotype to conjure up an image of our society as we cross back and forth between a moral code and the freedom to take occasional walks on the wild side -- to let down our hair so to speak. Having put that disclaimer forth, GROUP THREE is slightly darker, they may be all those things above but they have a more relaxed moral code in that they may go to strip clubs, or maybe a prostitute, or use heavier drugs like cocaine or ecstasy. Partying is a big part of life, rock or rap concerts where the F word and the devil horned sign is part of the drill. Women might go home with men from time to time or properly buzzed lift up their shirts at Mardi Gras and enjoy the exhibitionist festivities. They gamble more, play more, maybe have two DUIs and a couple divorces and child support issues. But given this slightly wilder side they too try hard to still not end up in jail for heavy excess of their freer lifestyles. They can be hypocrites too...dishonest... dipping into the church treasury for personal reasons. Every once in a while they might take something they know they shouldn't have. Theft even to a drug dealer or drug user can still be seen as reprehensible so ethics and morality can be predicated on severity and repetition as to its degree. Frequent offenders of this sliding scale tilts toward group 4. They may have joined secret societies to further their personal ambitions. Many of their decisions are predicated on their bank accounts and not what is right.

You know that phone call that wakes you up in the middle of the night?
Sorry to wake you up but listen carefully...

GROUP FOUR: Group four is the beginning of crossing over the line from flawed human being to the dark side. They consume sex, drugs and rock n roll in excess but beyond that they break laws a lot easier. There are many ways someone can be immoral from using expense reports to pad their personal income to engaging in twisted fetish. Group Four sees finance as me first and if no one sees it or misses it, no harm no foul. They engage in the vices from the other groups but they walk on even darker sides of experimentation. They may pay a 16 year old girl for prostitution or engage in swaps or orgies. Their businesses or corporations may have favored contracts or insider trading knowledge. They have no problem profiting off of wars or highly questionable products like drugs that pharmaceutical companies never should have passed. They will steal an election because the end justifies the means to their side, their needs, their collective. The secret societies or orders may slowly be asking more of them for their own causes.  The point is not all of these things but crimes of this nature as a way of life. There are many ways to become this person, a heroine addict can be the person as his only goal is to steal for another fix. A heroine addict might even be part of a kidnap ring to support their habit. How or what they do to get in this group isn't a science it is just a general grouping of the degree that takes us deeper into the depths of ethical violations that are consciously planned to control the planet and their collective as the superior collective. This is where morality isn't arbitrary anymore but a premeditated act which is what Group Five is.

I suppose as chick flicks go this wasn't the worst I've seen.... I kind
of liked the part when the villain chick had that girly man with the gun
to his head then the heroine says, "Go ahead Bitch, make my
time of the month..."

GROUP FIVE: Group 5 has gone deeper into the rabbit hole. They suddenly found themselves a victim of their own corruption. By showing corruption and creating dirt on themselves they are now part of a darker collective that needs people like them to protect the corrupt structure. Therefore they are invited into ceremonies and rituals that really make them eye witnesses to murder and other damning crimes. Once in there is no out. They may try to get out but it is too late. They may be called on to do some things that will be a horrifying embarrassing sacrifice for the darkest Group. Take a figurative bullet for the favors that got them there. Favors they didn't understand would have to be paid back. For instance, a political candidate may have to be hung in public for sexual harassment or sex with minors or the opposite sex in order to distract the public from more damning news coming against group 6.  Rituals stretch from the poor to the rich as each strata of society is systematically compromised purposely as a tool to control. Groups one through five can be of any social class because they their ethical compromise is part of a trickle down from Group six.

I just had an epiphany sitting here in class... what if everything they have been teaching us is a lie designed to empower them and dumb us down? That might explain why I chose you as a boyfriend....

GROUP SIX:  This group is comprised mostly of the elite because they have the power to choose good over evil but choose evil. They may have belonged to this group by birth or made their way there by displaying sociopathic and psychotic behavior that is useful to this group. They engage in blood ritual. They literally have to murder people by their own hands to be part of this small elite. Those who do not show the ability to manage their psychopathy in a loyalist setting will simply be thrown away, put in prison or killed. But the rare immoral sociopaths that understands the small group owns the world by being ruthless and cold blooded and are loyal to this concept, uses scientifically proven tactics to indoctrinate the people necessary to control the world with iron fist. Lies are the rule.

Everything is a lie within a lie within a lie. Fooling groups one through Four is imperative. Making those groups believe that the world is an arbitrary random accidental unpredictable chain of cause and effect reactions is part of keeping people down and playing their naive part in the big picture. Even Group one who prides themselves on their morality is probably more important to Group six's success because their naive, Pollyanna view of humanity allows the wolves to thrive. Their tax dollars gladly paid don't go to wonderful causes but to fund the Psychotic killers in charge. This groups trades in lives, modern day sex slaves, children, rape, organ harvesting and the worst of the worst... Truly
sick vampires. And of course we need to include serial killers in this group regardless of status because they are psychotic killers but when one studies these elite families, one finds that serial killers are often of these elite bloodlines and the psychosis is a science this group tries to propagate on every level by putting satanic messages out to the public that makes murder an option like any other option. People grow up to believe being a serial killer is actually a choice one makes like deciding to become a Doctor or an actor. To be clear the elite are at the tip of the pyramid and other hugely wealthy individuals are not necessarily of this group. Many can be in Groups 1 through 5 as individualism has exceptions to every rule.

We all have some blood on our hands...

SUMMATION: On a personal level I can look back on my life and see my breaches of ethics or morality. Drug usage, cheating on girlfriends, some dishonest moments to benefit myself mostly caused by desperation. The system is a harsh treadmill and once people slip behind in school loans, credit cards, missed rent payments, suddenly no one will issue credit or rent an apartment and desperation leads to more desperation. However, many of us who find ourselves in desperate situations also have an inherent morality we keep striving to maintain or get back to, to make amends to those we hurt and to make restitution. Sociopaths have no such sense of guilt and will never seek to right a wrong. Personally, every little thing I have done wrong haunts my mind and I have slowly been working toward amends. Part of it has been not coveting what others have. I get by on very little and desire very little. This blog is a thrill to me to be able to share my talents and ideas with the world and make a few dollars when people buy my books or click on these ads. Seems pretty fair to me. I provide a service, a skill, a talent and the mass populace rewards me by simply visiting my worldwide storefront.

I feel of anything I can do for humanity this is one of the best, outside of  being a Doctor or a nurse or caring for the homeless or the starving. I don't think being a politician is the answer because the system is part of the grouping above, built on blood and clay. By being what I am and attempting to educate people to the con game we live and breathe, I think this is the ultimate answer. If people understand that we are all participants knowingly or unknowingly and wake up to the ideas that our world leaders engage in blood ritual as a strange bonding religion, then we can identify that drugs, alcohol, prostitution, pornography, gambling all fund the groups that enslave us. The wars that we are told are unavoidable-- are wars designed by Group 6 to further capture every inch of this world and humanity. Then we can stop supporting their whores in office and their propaganda on television. Knowledge is power. Once people stop wallowing in the quicksand of their own gullibility and self defeating vices and participatory roles in this dirty rotten system, the sooner things will change for the better.

Movies, TV and magazines tell us to cherish false idols and empty shrines, when what matters is decency, kindness, fairness, empathy and compassion and working toward a system that identifies the socios and the psychos and takes their claws off the control mechanisms...only then can we create a world where the darkness doesn't claim our babies in war, prisons or victims to drugs and violence.

So what you see on my blog is 40 years of unraveling a riddle, always suspecting something was wrong and sometimes being part of the problem and not the solution. It is those times when I made the mistake of allowing the end to justify the means that I played on the wrong team for a moment and it immediately had some horrifying repercussions. Those ideas are slated for a film I am working on. But having experienced some of the GROUP 3 activity I saw how the ground opens up and tries to swallow you whole and it may not be you who falls in but someone close to you.

I will leave that idea cryptic for now but end with an example. We often hear that marijuana never caused a death and that it is harmless. Yes the drug itself could work wonders in medicines, foods, textiles, oxidation and the economy. The problem is however, with the black market value. By making it illegal, it gives it great value. And this is where theft and violence and death occur, so therefore it isn't harmless. It is guilty by association to the profits of the black market.

In an upcoming film I entered the world of marijuana growing in Northern California and I quickly saw the harsher reality behind the loving hippies growing pot on a mountain. The fantasy of being just a plant and the reality of it being a money tree is a strong irony to be told. On a personal level, since I made some money, not much but a couple thousand dollars and that cash in hand led to a casino, which led to winning, which led to an adrenaline addiction and a gambling addiction which led to falling further down the rabbit hole. For example, although we all lie at times some of us try very hard not to lie. I tried to always deal in fact and truths with people in my life. The second I was winning and losing thousands gambling the second my lies became more plentiful. How does one explain they lost their rent money at a casino?

I have to take responsibility for myself and my actions. I have or at least I am trying to. I first have to identify the landmines out in the world to avoid them and identify my own weaknesses to recognize what leads to what. I then have to honor my strengths and find a way to best utilize them to build a boat that will float and not sink. That is what I am doing by bringing my skills here, my ability to coordinate cartoons, music, comedy, video and words-- with the lessons life is teaching me. Which makes me a journalist. Every experience is a story worth telling and hopefully one that will help people to not make the same mistake.

Some who are intrigued by my misadventures are welcome to live vicariously through my experiences and possibly learn valuable insights into their own life or this world. My perspective I feel is fairly unique although none of us are islands. We are influenced by what we see and hear and experience.

John Lennon launched an advertising campaign for peace using his talents and celebrity. It was very effective. I do not have celebrity and in some respects I am thankful for that, but I do know I have a gift to make people laugh and think. It is with that self awareness I seek to lead horses to water. Many times in my life someone helped me make a vital connection. A "hey yeah" moment. I hope to do the same for others.

I sense we are at a pivotal crossroad for humanity and GROUP SIX needs to be identified and GROUP FIVE needs to be given amnesty for their testimony. And the rest of us have to own our roles in this mess. We are all sinners knowingly or unknowingly. We are all accomplices and we are all missing parts to the solution. Time for us to identify the problem and our role in it.


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