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Exercise Video for The Brain

Brain brain go away come again another day. Why have so many allowed their brains to become soft under exercised organic matter like the waistline lazily spreading out across the couch?  Children and their parents seem to be letting the apples fall so close to the tree that their brains share one common characteristic to the family tree... wood. Analytical thinking, solving problems, are no longer the purpose of a head, other than a place to put a hat, the ol' noggin seems to have limited purpose in this day and age. To listen to phone calls and music and abbreviate conversations like, "where u at?'

For parents who might want to help their children understand the importance of igniting all the cells and neurons and synapses as early as humanly possible, we at our production company have produced a video series on brain development. Here it is for free but if you like it, Donate $30.00 to my Paypal account and I will send you  the DVD to give it to your science teachers or school libraries and ask them to use the video in school curriculum. Give it as a gift for baby showers, any child's birthday, for any parent.

It is designed to be entertaining and stimulate the desire to learn, to recognize the critical windows of development. The video parodies the X Files, The CorteX Files will make you laugh and more importantly think, and be conscious of exercising your mind and making sure to teach your children to be thinkers and not followers.

Donate $30.00 to my PayPal account and I will send you a DVD of this video for your school library, or for home schoolers or science teachers.  Use

An Educational video for children, teens, adults, schools, libraries, home schoolers, 
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For a $30.00 donation I will send you a copy of The CorteX Files  on Brain Development for schools, home schoolers and libraries.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Want To Suck Your Blood...

Is it all just a bad movie? Unfortunately not....

Though sometimes I am serious and often invoke humor, the reality is the Khazar satanists (And not just them) really enjoy inflicting pain, feeding off the life force of innocent people, especially children…Vlad the Impaler, Dracula is of this bloodline…

and after witnessing history and how they have fomented and killed millions in war one must be very serious at times to say…man…. fire really does have to be met with fire… Stakes buried into a few already dead hearts to keep them dead...

I am mostly a peacenik but I was also the guy that got into scraps with the bullies on the playground…I do believe in courage in the face of our deepest fears…

Hopefully people understand that I kid but am also so serious that we save our world for our children…we allowed this to happen through pure gullibility and other transgressions in our responsibilities to futurekind…

I was awake but ill informed…I knew something was wrong I just didn’t know it trancended centuries in an incestuous orgy of bloodlines breeding psychotic offspring to carry the torch…

I am not a warrior physically due to injuries, but I am one spiritually and am not afraid to die…I do have a huge fear and that is loss of freedom…and I pretty much have rebelled against just about every rule and law that seemed to overstep it’s jurisdiction into what I perceived to be freedom…

That is why this Republic has a headstart on what is our forefathers had a headstart…

the more they squirm and attempt outrageous acts to fool us, the more we will know them…and our numbers will grow like the posse that has had enough….

My situation is a combination of self inflicted– mixed with having too big a mouth and extraordinary circumstances we all face…

Most think I am crazy and friends and family think I should just shut the hell up….however many have said to me you are too small for them to worry about and as true as that may be…I know certain info I attempted to pass on early on in 2002 was met with extreme resistance which resulted in a sort of stalking harassment and I can’t prove much of it other than to know where there is a lot of smoke there is fire somewhere….

Quite frankly, I think those who target children have the most to fear and they are the most pro active in their attempts to shut down anyone attempting to shine light…When I tried to pass out material on the Franklin Coverup and 911, suddenly I found myself facing a stealthful enemy who employed a tactic first developed by the Russian Stasis, secret police.

If I were a true investigative journalist I think they revealed themselves and I could find and reveal more about who they are and the institutions they run but I don't consider myself that, I consider myself an artist and entertainer.

The problem for me as an artist, once I realized this hidden world was in plain sight and people were oblivious to it, I could no longer paint pictures so to speak while ignoring this alternate universe of colors on the palette. Colors designed by evil but brilliant minds. So instead I do this, attempt to walk the line between that and something more hopeful and spiritual, something combining a love of goodness with humor, a love of life... and to attempt to try and bridge the burning gulfs purposely set ablaze by these dark architects of society.

I have since tried to find a balance between my love of creativity, freedom and NOT endangering myself to the extent I cannot reasonably protect myself…but when several creepy weird things happened to people close to me...I had to seriously wonder whether they chose to target them because they couldn’t get to me.

And the conundrum is, how does one stand down and allow evil to thrive because evil in its empty cowardice attacks your children to let you know they will do whatever they cold bloodedly need to do to maintain power.



Well it is that simple and not that simple since they don't fight fair.

The end justifying the means rarely works out…

Machiavellian technique has brought the world to these absurdist tragedies of human folly…The one thing I can say for certain is my heart has and almost always is in the right place…I really believed in the stories I learned in history class about Patrick henry and Nathan Hale and John Paul Jones and Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams…

The world may not understand how important our design is and was…that design has been hijacked by clever ruthless criminal organizations…

Many of us are so fooled we cannot understand our own principles….

And as the cleverness of subterfuge plays out as a whole and into individual lives, we all make mistakes based on that moment in time…like mutations…

The world is at a very important crossroad…I have always said, it isn’t so much the idea of a world government being a bad idea that it is the idea that the same psychotic control freaks continue to run it being the problem…

This would seemingly be off subject but what I want you to think about is the extraordinary amount of  unexplained phenomena you have numbed your own sensibilities to... You have heard of these things but you dismiss them however, if you took the time to look you would see that there is something that can't be ignored. The life you lead is like a pre school picture book compared to what the elite is really doing behind the scenes,

Mow yard, do laundry, go grocery shopping and wash car... yes master...What do I look like?
Kunta Kinte's body parts? Mow your own damn grass Frankendick...

I love being creative, entertaining, making people laugh but I know something that is much more important and that is each and every one of us has individual power to put a better version of decency on a pedestal even when we are imperfect in so many ways…

and when large numbers of people choose to help third world nations eat…and condemn insanity such as depleted uranium that kills the victims and the people firing the weapons…what emerges is the idea that we truly are warring with the principles of good and evil…

I was inspired by movies, music, TV and yet I know how those very things have been used to both ends of the spectrum…good and evil….

My failure to be successful as in make a real living at it is also part of the anger that fuels me…opportunity should not be controlled or rationed out or used as a weapon just as food shouldn’t…

I was naive enough growing up to think talent would automatically be rewarded…what I saw instead was how many of my heroes actually lost much of their soul to gain what I once perceived to be the freedom to create….

Those in the truth movement who have dug deep into the truly shady crevices of fame and fortune know of this dance with the devil….and many, including me would rather have obscurity and poverty than to lose one’s soul for hollow accolades….

I am as flawed and human as most but I still have my soul and a desire to see decency win out in the end for humankind…and every individual has to ask themselves who are they really serving….

We live in interesting times…

A republic run right is run by the laws associated with the constitution, not a man…many people heard the idea growing up of our forefathers escaping, religious persecution…” Automatically assuming that meant Christians or Quakers…It also meant witches and other such that were hunted…anyone…freemasons…elite entities regarded as enemies to "their" vision of world domination.

One thing we all have to agree on is much of the power structure is controlled through blackmail. Men and women compromised…This is why the internet shot holes through the walls and let some light in and why they are now turning on one another and their true character is their undoing.

Imperfect beings created the system of check and balance to guard against imperfect beings…Corporate law, contract law, world banks and putting imbalance into the balance is what allowed a great system to be compromised then stolen…Most of us understand these concepts. The Executive branch was never meant to have such power, Congress was supposed to hold the majority.

When Bush Sr. said to that reporter, “If the American people knew what we have done, they would chase us down and hang us from lamp posts…”

When Clinton told a reporter about the Machiavellian Prince passage about the end justifying the means and gave a nod to Carrol Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope in his inauguration, I believe they were both attempting to out the bigger picture the best they could being that they were both compromised and fighting with those that had them compromised.

The New World Order Speech also seemed to be an attempt to hint at, “Yo dudes, you have no idea how scarey this shit really is.”

I believe it is EYES WIDE SHUT human sacrifice stuff at the top and everyone caught beneath it are really really scared…The ones dumb enough to let the 15 year old page spend the night learn just how quickly a mistake can slam the door of freedom on those other moments of trying to do something good inspite of one’s own character flaws, however despicable.

Therefore, that cabal is only part of the problem and perhaps one that so resented being blackmailed they attmpted some very audacious counter attacks to try and attempt a double reversal on ol’ Lucifer their jailer…

Egor return this video immediately... If he charges a late fee kill kim...

The elementary school I went to was largely Catholic. And I can honestly say between Deerfield which was more Catholic than not and the rival town Highland Park that was more Jewish than not, there was an understated grousing about one another but nothing hateful. Cultures, tribes, generally have their gripes but learn to get along.

There was however a difference I came to know more and more as life went on. Non Jews didn't dwell on whether they were liked or disliked but Jews did. This is indicative of an underlying psychology shared in Judaism. The idea that there is an irrational dislike for them. That they are and were persecuted and it made no sense to them as to why.

However, there are reasons why and the main reason is that this thinking process was encouraged for reasons very few understood let alone regular folks Jewish or otherwise who were just trying to live and let live on a daily basis.

On a more elite level, there were historical hidden truths, forbidden knowledge and secrets that engaged in psychologies designed to control the masses.

The Jews in particular became an integral part of a collective consciousness that allowed for a particular secret religion to thrive... That religion being LUCIFERIANISM.

John Todd states unequivocally that the Illuminati is not Zionist so
this in part is evidence on my own behalf that I am interested in facts and
presenting evidence that is concerned with the entire truth and not truths
designed to back theories, grudges or agendas...and it isn't to say John Todd 
is the final witness.

Luciferians perpetuate this idea in Jews that they are persecuted for no sensible reason. By instilling this ideology it becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy like the child who is abused becoming an abuser when what he really wants is to be liked. The abuser subconsciously manifests his defenses in offensive behavior while at the same time feeling like, "They made me do it."

Luciferianism/Satanism is the hidden hand behind racism, antisemitism, all agent provocateur-ism. By stirring up the crowd and pitting groups against one another, they stay hidden in the shadows where they engage in secret ceremony that bonds their members in silence. These rituals are bonded in human sacrifice.


When J Edgar Hoover stated "A Conspiracy too monstrous to conceive?"

What do you think he was referring to?

Let me explain as succinctly in one post as I can...

I agree my Jewish friends are victims but NOT in the way they think they are... It could have been any group of people but your group was CHOSEN... as a trojan horse...

I have made the analogy before of a Russian doll...a doll inside a doll inside a doll... A lie inside a lie inside a lie...

Note the last 4 letters of Ashkenazi Jew... This was the true origin of the word Nazi.  This tribe, The Khazars were PAGAN/Blood Ritualists who adapted Judaism as a cover. They would go on to hijack every power institution including Catholicism, invent Christian Zionism, Atheism, Science, Islam and especially BANKING.

Daddy if the Media is run by the Jews then wouldn't The History Channel 
depict the migration of the Khazars in a more favorable light? Or is there some sort of 
division going on within Judaism itself between the Talmud worshippers and the Torah worshippers?
and can we watch Full House after this?

There have been tribes throughout history that worshipped what we can term the dark side...their rituals included blood sacrifice and orgies and conquest of men women and children... They were Sodomites, Cananites, Hittites, Mayans and Khazars to name some big ones... They wore out their welcome just about everywhere they went... they used murder and mind control to control populations... They were chased out of Asia... These people were very vicious warmongers...Huns, barbarians, Ghengis Kahn, very vicious phallic worshippers...Around 760AD they converted their tribe from various Pagan beliefs to Judaism. In the Kagan's mind this would serve his people better for infiltrating all walks of society.

Did they always take the form of Jews? NO! They took the form necessary to gain control of that particular region. Vlad the Impaler, DRACULA shows who he really is by his blood drinking...even though he made his bones as supposedly being a Christian with a Christan agenda.


This Discovery channel is a portrait of "Dracula" Vlad the Impaler... And just as we can be confused by the religious LABELS of Jewish, we can be confused by the label of CHRISTIANITY here...
We need to instead concentrate on the migration of bloodlines, as it pertains to geography and timelines.

REMEMBER the Khazars settled this area which would become Eastern Europe. 

From Wikipedia

Early life

The earliest known surviving depiction of Vlad III, a woodcut published in Nuremberg in 1488 on the title page of the pamphlet Die geschicht dracole waide.
Vlad was born in SighișoaraTransylvania, in the winter of 1431 to Vlad II Dracul, future voivode of Wallachia and son of the celebrated Voivode Mircea the Elder. His mother is believed to be the second wife of Vlad Dracul, Princess Cneajna of Moldavia, eldest daughter of Alexandru cel Bun.[6] He had two older half-brothers, Mircea IIand Vlad Călugărul, and a younger brother, Radu III the Fair.
In the year of his birth Vlad's father, known under the nickname Dracul, had traveled to Nuremberg where he had been vested into the Order of the Dragon. At the age of five, young Vlad was also initiated into the Order.[2]

Note: Wikipedia makes mistakes too and all research needs to be cross checked and fact checked with an eye on whose side of the story is being told. The saying, "History is written by the victor" is what many of us in truth research are rebelling against. If we don't get all sides of the story and demand accountability for war crimes past and present and all the deceptive tactics used to gain victory, we end up with what we have now.

1% rule with iron fist and lies.
99% divided and conquered and enslaved by reactionary emotionalism that keeps them fighting all the wrong enemies, falling for their enslaver's tricks.

I think the condom slipped off...

The Order of the Dragon (Latin Societas Draconistrarum) was a monarchical chivalric order for selected nobility,[1] founded in 1408 by SigismundKing of Hungary (r. 1387-1437) and later Holy Roman Emperor (r. 1433-1437). It was fashioned after the military orders of the crusades, requiring its initiates to defend the Cross and fight the enemies of Christianity, in particular the Ottoman Turks.
The Order flourished during the first half of the 15th century, primarily in Germany and Italy. After Sigismund's death in 1437 its importance declined in Western Europe, but after the Fall of Constantinople of 1453, it continued to play a role in HungaryWallachia and Serbia, which bore the brunt of the Ottoman incursions.

Never lose sight of words like snake, reptiles, dragons as they pertain to the snake in the Garden of Eden.
Is this based in myth?

The triune brain is a model of the evolution of the vertebrate forebrain and behavior proposed by the American physician and neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean. MacLean originally formulated his model in the 1960s and propounded it at length in his 1990 book The Triune Brain in Evolution.[1] The triune brain consists of the reptilian complex, the paleomammalian complex (limbic system), and the neomammalian complex (neocortex), viewed as structures sequentially added to the forebrain in the course of evolution.

The triune brain hypothesis became familiar to a broad popular audience through Carl Sagan's Pulitzer prize winning 1977 book The Dragons of Eden. Though embraced by some psychiatrists and at least one leading affective neuroscience researcher,[2] the model never won wide acceptance among comparative neurobiologists. Comparative evolutionary neuroanatomists currently regard its claims about brain evolution to be outdated.[3][4]

The reptilian complex

The reptilian complex, also known as the R-complex or "reptilian brain" was the name MacLean gave to the basal ganglia, structures derived from the floor of the forebrain during development. The term derives from the fact that comparative neuroanatomists once believed that the forebrains of reptiles and birds were dominated by these structures. MacLean contended that the reptilian complex was responsible for species typical instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays.

NOTE: I have no idea about the claim in the video of the origin of humankind, my purpose in showing that there is science of a reptilian connection in our brain is to show the hidden occult religions base much of their rituals in these ideas.

And by showing these hidden facts that are hidden in plain sight, I want you to understand my stance on Judaism/Zionism because it doesn't stem from some irrational dislike of Jews it stems from being NON-JEWISH as a human being and living in a world that uses Judaism as a cover for Luciferianism. When people lash out at me or anyone like me for attempting to unravel these lies and show that all the dots connect, that there is a beginning, middle and end... We are falsely victimized by a bullying psychology that some are murdered for, imprisoned for, blacklisted for or alienated from community by false whisper campaigns.

These tactics seek to protect the inner hidden Occult Core that runs the world by engaging in human sacrifice.

Link to further research on by Deception We Shall Do War...

Authors note: The Kalmes name hails from this area, Luxembourg, considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world. I can look at my physical characteristics and see that there is a great chance I am related to the Khazar bloodlines. This is speculation/theory... But all scientific research is based on a working hypothesis and one day I would like to find out if my DNA extends to these people. My nose, facial features and skin color would tend to lead me in this direction, especially knowing Kalmes was from Luxembourg.

So those who want to scream and accuse me of antisemitism are engaging in pre-programmed reactionary emotionalism when the only thing I am interested in is helping stop racism and culture clashes by outing the lies and liars who created these divisive reactions to pit people against each other. When people fight each other it allows a ruling entity to control the punishment, the refereeing on the conflict.

Also note that this geography, Eastern Europe is where Psychology/Psychiatry is born. Freud? The chronicling of the mind is a way to gain control over peoples brains. When one person or group declares themselves Doctors this gives them an advantage. This same psychology stretched to Universities and teachers. Those who control the instruction control the mindsets of the masses.

This also stretches to the media, film, TV, book publishing and Newspapers.

Are you starting to see the patterns yet?

By choosing Judaism as a vehicle to create a clan like mentality and indoctrinating each generation with a fear based psychology that says the world hates and persecutes Jews for no known rational reason and our only defense is to secretly work together to maintain solidarity, identify anyone who attempts to discuss our successes as a culture... We are vulnerable to Hitler type genocide.

And the reality is, the very roots of this programming is from the underground Luciferianism and bloodlines that not only gained control of banking but were related to Hitler.

A russian doll of deception, a doll inside a doll inside a doll. A lie inside a lie inside a lie.

For example a well hidden fact.

During World War II as many as 150,000 Jews or "partial Jews" (Mischlinge), served in the German armed forces, including decorated veterans and high ranking officers, even generals and admirals. Among them were Field Marshal Erhard Milch and Helmut Wilberg, one of the fathers of the blitzkrieg method of warfare that helped Hitler conquer most of Europe.

Now, once again... understand this... The Khazars were Luciferian based occult religionists that adapted Judaism... Not of the bloodline from Jerusalem... As Luciferian, they want to return to Jerusalem not because it is their Jewish homeland but because this is the prize in the battle between Jesus Christ and Lucifer. It doesn't matter what you believe in religion, I am stating as fact that ancient occult religions do believe this and that is why the Holy Books unholy or not, exist...

So by becoming wolves in sheeps clothing, wearing the costume of the lamb, these FALSE JEWS went about killing REAL JEWS in World War II and if you go down and listen to Bejamin Freedman, a Jewish man who was THERE... he says it was the Khazar Zionist bankers... The AshkeNAZI who funded Hitler and part of the prize was Jerusalem as a homeland. It is no coincidence that Israel was set up in 1947.

And to fully bring this home to you, the Rothchild banking family who are Khazarian blood, funded Hitler (All wars both sides) own the majority of Israel and have built the very temples said to be the place that Lucifer will take the throne.  Israel is to be where they will usher in the New World Order and this Masonic in design Supreme Court Building is where One World Law will dominate the Earth.

Note the Pyramid???????????

So you were TRICKED.

The Lutheran Germans weren't the Nazis... Even though they were tricked into fighting as Nazis... (Benjamin Freedman explains how and why they were tricked below) The true Nazis were the Ashkenazi...Khazar bloodline who is in actuality Luciferian. They engage in EYES WIDE SHUT blood ritual to bond in what we would term EVIL. They believe evil is good.

Among their many hidden in plain sight symbols includes a snake eating its own tail.

Through secret societies such Freemasonry and the KKK this Luciferian/Satanist agenda FOOLED EVERYONE. It made people believe lies as historical fact. See this passage below about a Grandmaster of the KKK who was a Colonel for the Confederacy during the Civil War said this in a letter and a book he wrote:

1871: An American General named, Albert Pike, who had been enticed into the Illuminati by Guissepe Mazzini, completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world, culminating into moving this great conspiracy into its final stage.

The first world war is to be fought for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia,as promised by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. The Tsar is to be replaced with communism which is to be used to attack religions, predominantly Christianity. The differences between the British and German empires are to be used to forment this war.

The second world war is to be used to forment the controversy between facism and political zionism with the slaughter of Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing hatred against the German people. This is designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschilds created) and increase the power of political zionism. This war is also designed to increase the power of communism to the level that it equalled that of united Christendom.

The third world war is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.

On August 15th of this year, Albert Pike writes a letter (now catalogued in the British Museum) to Guiseppe Mazzini in which he states the following,

"We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.
Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view.
A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

Pike, who having been elected as Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry's Southern Jurisdiction in 1859, was the most powerful Freemason in America. He would retain that post for 32 years until his death in 1891. He also published a book on the subject in 1872 entitled, "Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry," in which he candidly states the following,
"LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darknesss! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!"

The banking families depicted in this segment of an excellent documentary on banking are NOT JEWISH...THEY ARE NOT TRUE SEMITE BLOOD from the tribe of SHEM... Their lineage was Khazarian which practiced PAGAN BLOOD RITUAL...LUCIFERIANISM/SATANISM...

They pretended to be Jews to make people focus their anger on the Jews and not them. This is a strategy that worked for a long time.

Hitler was related to these families.


If you take over a persons life you get rid of the original... One can study this through a true hero Jewish man Benjamin Freedman...

and look at how they got hold of banking in the video THE MONEY MASTERS... It is imperative that JEWS whether of true semite blood or otherwise understand this Conspiracy of all conspiracies if we are to have a chance of saving humankind...

s long as Jews believe that their is an irrational hatred for Jews behind every word uttered in history about this-- it plays into the perfect alibi of all time designed by the Luciferians... To use Judaism as their fall guy... and the more Jews believe they are persecuted and that they have to be proactive in their best defense is an offense approach to life...the more the conflict escalates between everyone and the more the Luciferian banking families pick up the pieces while throwing all people, religions and cultures under the bus...

In my series I try and show this in an entertaining way even though it is as serious as a heart attack and very few understand how important this is to winning back peace, prosperity and truth as a human species. It isn't HATE that is the problem in the world...It is ANGER...people are angry because they are blaming all the wrong things for the plight of humanity... The Luciferians hiding behind all wolves in sheeps clothing...Not just Jews but false flag operations and mass shootings and quote unquote funded and trained extremist groups...

Please understand this... I know this because I unraveled this through extensive research and because I have a gift for connecting dots. I have no animosity against any culture but I do have anger and mine is sometimes misdirected also...

The Luciferians are behind everything NOT THE JEWS...Or the Catholics-- even though the Vatican was hijacked also...

The reason I chose Mel Gibson as a character is because his attempts to point this out led to taking him down...sure he helped them but one can't imagine the extreme tactics used when a person gets targeted...Mel was targeted and fell for some of the tricks...many of his movies attempted to show this...

So, in review at the top of the pyramid are enslavers of humanity through debt based banking and control of the money supply, gained hundreds of years ago... And at the top of 13 families that consist of Luciferian/Satan/Catholicism/Jesuit/Judaism/Zionist/Khazar/Ashekenai/Marano and a few orders/societies of similar distinction...And yes there are Christians and Athiests and Islamic people near the top also... But all wear the costuming of religion, science, commerce, government... and though by day to the general public this is their "poser" status... In secret ceremony they do not worship good deitys but quite the opposite. In order to enjoy vast wealth and privilege, one joins these rituals to bond and the phrase...


Is a real phrase used to cement their loyalty.

If we can agree on this much we have our starting point... who has more control...Judaism/Jesuit/Luciferian...etc. Only serves to divide and conquer and anger truth researchers... In the past I tried to get Jewish people to understand this migration because I believe they are CHOSEN not as special but as the vehicle to house a grand deception... By confusing and convincing the Jewish people that everyone else is out to get them...Luciferian/satanism/Jesuit/Even Atheism and Science... Hides behind this lie within a lie within a lie...

So my goal was to get the Jewish people to unravel the truth...and though that would ideally be the best bet...A second tactic is for us to just accept the group at the top is a combination of these power brokers and deceivers...

It is a collectivist group and they recruit the people they need, and use various tactics to control them... Some are blackmailed through sex and murder others are bought off, others are isolated in not understanding who they really work for...

Everyone else...the 99% which is the new popular term, if they hope to really have a revolution and change the circumstances we are enslaved in... They need to understand the collectivists and their methods...

All the alphabet agencies are controlled, all the militaries, science, media...EVERYTHING...

Those who know me know I had all the potential in the world to make it big. The problem is I failed the tests... I now recognize the tests were to bring me into the fold but I was seen as uncontrollable...a loose cannon... Likely to defy and betray the order... And now I recognize that they were probably right...Had they let me into the Hollywood order back when I was being taken out to lunch at Universal 1986...and a few other brushes with success... I would probably be dead by now... I might have been dumb enough to bite the apple out of a naive desire to become part of the power structure but my inherent nature would have soon seen it for what it was and rejected it. Once in, there is no out.

I can now look back on my life and identify people (No solid proof however) I believe were sent to bring me into the fold subtly. I believe I was "shining" as a talent and that talent can tread water in obscurity as it has for 50 years or it can be given greenlights based on compromise. Many of our household names made those compromises. Here is an example.

Also see BOHEMIAN GROVE Cremation of Care...This ceremony promotes many gay men to positions in newspapers and media because over the course of this festival the cameras are running and recording gay men with their pants down.

The Luciferian ceremony is also part of the crowning and there is evidence that a human being has been sacrificed at these ceremonies in the past, though now they are under greater scrutiny.

Note that Russert and Kubrick both died of heart attacks.

And to not over state my importance...

THEY look at anyone who shows talent in any field whether science, math, music, media...etc. And there are millions just like me who failed their tests (kept their souls in exchange for a lesser degree of success/perhaps failure in life) And we all know people like this... They may not have become the musical act that they deserved to be by virtue of extraordinary talent but perhaps found a decent life running a guitar store or being a music teacher or sadly, were destroyed by drugs and alcohol....

Often the talent that is launched to the top shows more of a willingness to comply than actual talent...Young men or women willing to exchange sex and are attractive can be managed by handlers who surround them with the best contracted musicians/writers/publicists...etc. And a mediocre talent is often preferable to an extraordinary talent.

In conclusion one must know it is an endless maze of lies inside of lies and this is just one post hoping to lead horses to water.

Blessed are the peacemakers right?

I have seen clearly how all our cultures and religions are being faced off so the demon worshippers can watch and inherit the Earth. I wanted to at least make an attempt to try and sound the alarm.

To hang some garlic, pocket a cross, drive a stake into the heart of some of the lies.

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Trust, Lust or Bust...

Before you watch this video note that one of my best friends and collaborators in music is Gay. My stance on homosexuality is that they should be allowed to marry, they should be left to live and love in peace but my problem is with it being taught to children in public school as a lifestyle choice. I have now noticed a trend on Television to make jokes about under age sex...there are lines for damn good reasons. When a child goes missing maybe you might want to think it through...

 I agree with many of the points in this video. If a person is gay by a biological factor they will know it soon enough and all the power to them to be free to pursue happiness and security. However when it is perpetuated as learned behavior it crosses the line. 

From now on Eve, the only snake you listen to is 
hiding behind my figleaf...

I would say the same holds true to heterosexual porn polluting the minds of the youth who will "learn" that sex is some sort of internet exhibitionist birthright rather than a sacred bonding between two people in love and wanting a family. In other words SEX gay or straight is losing any connection to love and privacy and for those who remember morality as it pertained to ladies and gentleman and family values, we see that once this ideology of choosing abstinence and monogamy is gone... It will not only be sad but devastating to societies. People want the right to engage in every sex act imaginable but they don't think other people have the right to choose to not have it in their schools or on their TV sets? That is wrong... People that allow the state to dictate such ethical choices to families are people who should ask themselves...who the hell do you think you are to decide what is right for my child?

Although this video doesn't mention the purposely funded social engineering I think it does an excellent job of explaining the purposeful splintering of the family by the Lucis Trust, a Rockefeller funded foundation that Nick Rockefeller confessed funded divide and conquer tactics to split up families. I as a comedian and cartoonist certainly want the right to laugh about all things, for humor helps find the absurdity or irrationality in many things, but billionaires who fund con jobs to further insidious goals need to be called out.

The "Lucifer" trust isn't a cutsie caustic dig, but a factual horror-- an ugly truth that the naive and unsuspecting masses are oblivious to. The TV Set --Set being a name for the devil...has numbed everyone to the perverse. The lines aren't even blurred anymore, they are non- existent. The Onion once had a headline, Gay Pride Sets Gay Rights Back 80 Years. Much truth in jest as the fortune cookie says.

There used to be right and wrong, manners, politeness, decency, family values... Now flaunting one's desire to have anal sex in a city street is considered a right. Jesus people, you have been brainwashed by Set.

Aaron Russo produced the movies, Trading Places with Eddy Murphy and The Rose with Bette Midler. Before he died he left a major work for the decent people of Earth, Freedom to facism available for free on Youtube, watch it.

This video is a song I wrote and performed inspired by the devil Rockefeller who dared gloat about the promotion of hedonistic desires in television and culture to help their One World Order gain control over the family.

Foolishly when I was a young man and father, I allowed my Playboyism to ruin my relationships and especially one that I regret to this day. Not that I want to repair it. That cannot happen. It is long over and long destroyed.  A family unit isn't a time machine one can return to. You get one opportunity to be loving and loyal and dedicated for the 20 years necessary to raise a strong minded mentally healthy stable child and for those young people that think twenty years is a long time , it is and it isn't. It is over in a flash.

Sorry, you are out voted, we are watching the Raquel Welch film festival...
this Referee is the best thing that ever happened to

I was never married so I never took a vow that I violated. And I even tried to be honest and tell my girlfriend I wanted to see other people but I was torn. I wanted the best of all worlds. Modern culture tempted me to get mine while I could.

Don't fall for flash and glamour and cheap adrenalin rushes, find someone who deserves your full adoration and enter into that contract with all the heartbeats that will tick by in your time together. Listen to each other's hearts quite literally while laying in bed. Listen to your child's heartbeat. It is the second hand of a clock. If those beats don't matter to you than you have no concept of time or the life that briefly captures it. I blew it and I blame Playboy and Hustler and porn and Feminism and the party culture that made me think I was missing out on all the parties when what I was missing out on were heartbeats. Each tick solidifying real love and trust. A soundtrack for what really matters.

A chick flick with an action title... that is just
wrong... If the box office weren't closed I'd demand my money back...
You tricked me didn't you? You knew it didn't you?
More nose blowing and sniffing and eye dabbing in that theater than
an allergy clinic... You owe me sex...

Too late for me but not for the new younger generations. Find someone to love and dedicate yourself loyally to that love. Everything else is Satanic devious betrayal sucking the energy off of lives ruined. Don't let it.

Young Ladies need to be ladies again. Young men think the porn on the internet is normal. You need to demand higher standards for yourself and for anyone who wants to be with you. You are not a recepticle for men to get off in or on. You are an amazing gift from God who will bring forth more gifts from God. Would you want your daughters to be treated as whores? Time to reclaim decency.

Okay you are pregnant and these aren't tears of joy... these are tears of terror...
we're both unemployed and we both know I am a cheating selfish
cad... and Hallmark doesn't make a coffee cup for World's Greatest Cad...

Of course we live in a world where everything goes. My jokes and cartoons reflect the satanic world we are apart of. My comedy is sometimes brutal in its honesty and raw caustic cutting sarcastic viciousness... But there is a time and place for choice.

We can choose when to be ladies and gentleman and when to take a walk on the wild side. When we are young we are too inexperienced to understand the lifelong consequences of selling our souls. That is why the Luciferian's target youth. They are vampires who feed on the energy.

Demand respect first from the person in the mirror and then from others.

If I let you take two...everyone will want two... 

I know some people will view my work as hypocritical but I see people in this age as products of lies. Therefore we are the lies and the first step is to recognize what the truth is. I attack the lies in the world and in myself with biting humor. We are duality no doubt but that other side of us is supposed to be reaching for a level of a divine nature, not wallowing in base, crass cheap rewards of bodily function...

Once in a while but not as compulsive obsession that robs us of the true essence of love and life. There is a vast difference between lust and love. A vast difference in indulging our lust and enshrining love. To love others we have to love ourselves and to do that we need to like ourselves first. Betraying the person in the mirror leads to not trusting the person in the mirror and not liking them and eventually leaving ourselves incapable of love and perhaps undeserving.

Ask yourself for more.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whose Job is it?

Whose Job Is it to Do the Right Thing?

This Blog Entry is a selection of articles I wrote after 911 leading up to the Wars. This blast from my past archives depict my mindset at the time. I was still a leftist liberal but oddly enough, 911 and The Bush administration led me to research 'what the fuck' on the internet. It was only then I began to understand that the left and right were like a tag team in professional wrestling. They were the good cop/bad cop psychology leading the American public down a path of land mines.

My best silo in a field painting ever! 

                                         I'm Detective GoodCopski with the Thought police
                                         and this is Detective Badcopowitz... We will need to
                                         confiscate this painting of a silo in a field...
                                         looks like an aroused sun bather to us...  If it isn't why
                                         are we so aroused? The Art Czar will hang this over his
                                         bed and issue a report...We weren't here...

One chasing the other back into the awaiting claws of the other every 8 years in a perpetual loop of never ever learn, never ever wise up. The true definition of insanity, the same game, expecting different results. The same game I see most of my friends and family still watching like a tennis game in purgatory.

If you remember, people like Sean Penn and Tim Robbins stuck their heads up and got driven back down by the sledge hammer occupation of the Bush press. Scott Ritter the Iraq weapons inspector was crying foul... That there were no weapons of mass destruction. A controversy the Bush/ Cheney gang were all too glad to have replace the questions, what the fuck happened on 911? What were you guys up to...?

The article, the first one I wrote and sent to Jim Kirwan went viral over night. Jim who writes for Rense sent it to every major newspaper in the world. I saw the list of addresses when he sent it back to me and my Adam's apple gulped.

I was now officially on the radar. It wouldn't be too long later, over the coming weeks that the Homeland Security Secret Police units would start to mess with me. Back then, truthing was pretty new and people were being stalked and harassed the second they made a peep. Fortunately people just kept popping up and crying foul until there were too many truthers to threaten.

Here is the article exactly as written in 2002/2003.


By Gene Kalmes

The Democrats are cowards and their cowardly slimy slithering political games caused thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq. Never mind the murdering premeditated acts of fraud, treason and worse by the slithering Republicans. Every anti-Bush person in America knew the true story before and after his 16 words of deceit. How is it the Democrats hang onto this pathetic excuse that they never would have voted to go to war had they not thought that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.


They knew it and they quietly let Bush have the rope he needed to hang himself. Even though it would cost thousands of lives across the sea in a desert cursed to be born over oil. Yes the Republicans are the lowest form of filth but the Democrats are accomplices to these murders. They should have shouted foul the morning after the speech. They all knew about the forgeries. And if they didn’t, they should have and even if for some reason they were kept ignorant there were a million other good reasons to vote against the war. The biggest reason being killing people is wrong. Therefore caution is always the better part of valor. Especially when every non politician in America knew the Texas OilBushes wanted the oil, revenge and global positioning in their already announced 20 year road map to peace through warring with the axis of evil…Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria and anybody fool enough to try and stop them.

There was plenty of read between the lines evidence to vote against the war but the Democrats wanted to look tough. Tough is standing up against the bully, not looking the other way out of one eye while he beats the crap out of a smaller kid.

Americans are by and large good people who sometimes get whipped into frenzy by the lies of their leaders. However, if the people weren’t so busy slaving to meet interest rates and taxes on the endless treadmill they would have the time to stop and investigate their leaders. Instead they foolishly believe the men and women they voted into office will use their 9 to 5 salary to look at evidence and act accordingly.

The press whose 9 to 5 job is to point out lies and deceit has blood on their hands too. So what if the Bush administration got their colleagues fired or run off the road into trees or poisoned. Clearly we live in a world where one has to be willing to die for what is right because the rules of the game are blackmail and murder. And if you’re too cowardly to take a bullet for justice, fairness, equality, peace, love, understanding and what in God’s name is right…Then give your jobs up to guys like Scott Ritter. Poor guy actually believes in all that what is right crap…Imagine.

Hell the next time we are considering bombing a bunch of innocent goat herders someone should stop, take a deep breath and call Sean Penn or Tim Robbins. Their job is making movies, which are 16-hour days. They could see the lies even though they were surrounded by the Paparazzi with flashbulbs popping in their eyes.

And as an unemployed American it is my job to use this time wisely. I’m investigating my leaders using search engines on the Internet. It is all here. Every puss filled pimple…every cancerous sore…Hold on I have to vomit again…I’m back, where was I…Oh yeah…Google…whose job is it to do the right thing?


The left and the right are both wrong and both right.
by Gene Kalmes

I used to be a leftie for sure. But my take on it was that the right side was all a bunch of wealthy bigoted pious thieves who were essentially control freaks who loathed the poor. Then I stumbled across and started reading everything and following links. I have now come to see many things from the right. However, I still believe the ruling elite hides behind the bullying “get a job” mentality in order to justify their piracy.

Who can argue Republicans have run the military industrial complex for the most part and that they have both squandered money (misplacing it in pockets) and using their might to shake down countries across the globe? Who can argue that the right has more corporate support then the left? Nameless faceless corporations get away with crimes that affect millions and yet some poor dumb scapegoat goes to white shirt jail.

What I did come to realize about the left was that they were lead down cul-de-sacs like retarded children. When the young gay man was murdered in Montana the government got what they wanted, hate legislation, thus eroding our constitutional right to freedom to think and feel, like and dislike. The right wing senators that said we already have laws on the books for murder were right.

I used to think that organizations such as the KKK should be stopped but the old adage of slippery slopes is oh so true. So I have come to see that both sides are involved in reactionary falsehoods and we need to simplify what the issues are in order to keep ourselves from grabbing the hook and being pulled into the boat. My theory is called, “sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt me.”

The line between words and violence is a fine one but that is definitely where the line should remain. Words whether they seek to make peace or war should remain words and be regarded as a pressure valve, a way of blowing off steam. Violence on the other hand is unacceptable. That is why the hate crimes already had a law that covered murder and assault. But no, my fellow leftists, which include family members and friends, seem to think that they are more righteous and that the right is wrong. I see that now.

I used to perform standup comedy when the ugliness of politically correct thinking first raised its busy body head. Suddenly jokes had to be prescreened to see if they might offend. Right away I started arguing with my sister that humor needed to be able to go anywhere--to say the worst to disarm a situation thus pointing out the absurdity. I argued with my roommate in Madison Wisconsin. I got disapproving moans from Madison audiences whose heads darted about seeing if it was okay to laugh or not.


I used to be anti-gun but now I am not. I still don’t own one but I wish I did. I wish I had a fortress with a moat and alligators and my own air force but alas I’m going to have to pray for some sort of divine intervention when it hits the fan. I mean what can you do? Shooting a federal agent will get you dead faster then you can say I want to see a search warrant. The reason I want a gun is so I can shoot a freaking bird when I’m running around the woods in survival mode. When after a dirty bomb has closed the grocery stores and put Martial law into effect. When activists are considered traitors and sent into camps.

The thing that will make this nightmare scenario happen sooner then later is the right and left refuse to hear what each other are saying. If both sides would attempt to see the validity of the other guy’s points they can learn as I have. It comes down to individualism and the golden rule. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. That is not a proclamation for revenge that is the line in the sand between a person’s personal space. I’ll stay out of your business if you stay out of mine. I won’t tell you what to think if you don’t tell me what to think.

If what another person does drives you crazy, take a deep breath and find constructive ways of helping yourself to deal with it. Education is the best approach. Read everything from all sides. Chances are you will see things differently by the time you have finished. God knows my fellow lefties need to read more. Their willingness to believe the big lie may be greater then the rights anger about it. The right however is so caught up in their inability to articulate their rage that they just end up as sounding like narrow-minded greedy God-fearing Nazis. That is what the left sees.

Whereas the right really means, “Quit telling me who to like and what to like and what to believe and quit raising my taxes so you can sit around swilling granola…” The left says, “How about a little empathy for the people who are born in squalor due to a system that has already monopolized all wealth and opportunity.”

Instead they end up arguing over gay marriage and abortion and other symptoms called issues of the bigger Cancer. The source of the cancer is that the robber barons own 99% of the wealth and have tricked the rest of us into fighting so no one notices. But many do notice now. Yet we keep on fighting over the same stupid besides the point issues.

Let’s take gay marriage. Christ, who the freak cares if two people sign a piece of paper and cohabitate. They are entitled to lock themselves into a cage like any other couple. Should they raise kids and adopt? Well I see many children eating garbage and being recruited into guerilla warfare in the jungle…you tell me which is worse then children being sold into pornography? There are plenty of social mechanisms in place to make any gay couple aware that they are being scrutinized by neighbors, teachers and everyone else so it is fairly likely they will attempt to raise that child with an awareness that the world around them is predominantly heterosexual. Let them get married and adopt and save the kids living in filth.

Now is being gay wrong in God’s eyes? That is God’s business, not yours Mr. Churchgoer. It says it in the bible…God says he will handle it. He doesn’t need you. After all, he’s God and he works in mysterious ways and chances are there is some sort of reason. Perhaps a test for busy bodies.

Science argues whether being gay is inborn or learned. It is both. The hypothalamus is bigger in men’s brains. Chromosomally there are differences too. So try and think of a gay person as being handicapped in some way. They can’t help it. Leave them alone. If you want to hang a shingle that says Jesus saves Homos and invite them into your program—go ahead but wait for them to find your ad in the yellow pages. People need to arrive at decisions based on choices given through an abundance of information. It is then up to them to decide what is the right thing to do.

The learned behavior usually stems from being molested at an early age and that is where society and all the symptoms of the larger cancer cause 12 year old runaways to turn tricks in the street and for perverts to be set free while locking up marijuana smokers. If you are to hate anyone, hate the bastards who make absurd laws like that. Legislators that vote themselves life long salaries but roll back food stamps.

Say the word individualism over and over until you get it. It comes down to an individual doing what is right not for themselves but for everyone. When there are those who abuse power and send mercenaries to murder activists in the night and fund radio stations that distort and confuse, they are the true villains. History repeats itself the way a crack head repeats bad habits. The cycle can only be broken by balance. A pie cannot feed a couple thousand kings and a crumb be thrown to the billions on the fringe without the billions fighting tooth and claw for that crumb. Free enterprise could exist and work well if those at the top didn’t make the rules up as they go along to benefit themselves.

Let’s talk abortion now. I see both sides clearly. I understand pro-lifers. I hate to see people kill insects let alone a fetus. (Although certain insects seem to ask for it.) Since the right wants the left to quit telling them what to think then they have to get their noses into constructive methods of reducing abortion. I see nothing wrong with ad campaigns and programs that try and sway a young mother to have the baby. In fact had I had such education when I was young I may have been more responsible as a young adult male and not been party to 2 abortions in my 15 years of sleeping around like a stray dog. For that matter had there been some family values in society and less “hump everything that moves” I might have grown up not thinking it was cool to put notches on my bed post.

I always knew something was wrong. I knew I was being lied to but until I started reading perspectives all over the Internet from all sides, I never pieced it all together. If it isn’t a conspiracy then why won’t they allow these issues to be debated in a true equitable fashion? People need information and not just from the so-called left or right. I thank God for the Internet. Even though I think we are on the brink of a third World War and a fascist totalitarian state which will destroy life’s pleasure and perhaps kill millions if not billions, I will go more peacefully knowing there won’t be a confused look on my face.

The answer is this. It is the shit rolls downhill theory. Quit fighting with the people next to you and follow the strings up over your head. The puppet master is the one making you dance. Watch him. Argue with him. If you can get your hands on a pair of scissors cut the strings and start thinking for yourself. After all, it’s kind of nice having control of both your left hand and right hand isn’t it?

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