Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Something is Finally Happening...

Rudolph Giuliani Confirms PizzaGate, 9-11 False Flag?

December 20, 2016

Related:   Twitter shut him down. Isn't that proof enough? Here is the archived page.  Giuliani says he has been threatened.  Snopes, no doubt a CIA front, is saying this account was suspended because it was an imposter. It looks real to me. It still is the main account listed by google. They say he had no Twitter account. There is another started in August with 70K followers but no tweet since Dec 1.  It's possible this is an "official" Twitter feed while the suspended one was personal. It's also possible the suspended one was indeed a parody account. "There are about four of them out there that pretend to be me," RG told Chuck Todd in October.

But he didn't say, "I don't have a Twitter account."

But how does a "fake account" get 11,000 followers in nine months? Why would he tolerate it? What "Giuliani" says in his Statement is true. It's possible he was spurred by his rejection for Sec. of State. 

It's also possible that this is a "fake news" psy op. (A phoney RG reveals the truth and then the real RG denies he said it. Thus the real truth is discredited.)  My view is that the truth is never a hoax. I am concerned however that this Statement wasn't on his official Twitter account, the one with 70K followers.

I'd rather be thought gullible than risk discounting a genuine whistle blower. I believe man's higher nature does shine through and will triumph.



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    Official Statement - please read & share:
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  2. An old friend just called and asked, "Are you finally spilling the beans?" And I told him, "Yes, down to my last heartbeat."
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  3. Fox News just cancelled my scheduled appearance next week.
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  4. They can create any reality they want on TV. If you see "me" on TV denying these Tweets then you will know:
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  5. RudolphGiuliani Retweeted C Speng
    James Alefantis is a child rapist & child killer. They have murdered children. He is protected by W.H., CIA, DHS & media.
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    C Speng @speng_c
    @RudolphGiuliani @btfoooo #jimmyComet Instagram is so incriminating he went private/ "babies for sale "looked like to me/ Tiny coffins.....?
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    Foxes guard the hen-house at Amber Alert, DHS & child-trafficking units in government. They rape, sodomize, murder & cannibalize children.
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    Joanie Webster @JoanieWebster
    @RudolphGiuliani To say the number of missing children is high in VA is an understatement. Check the dates... Mostly 2014 and on.
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  7. Twitter just sent me this email asking me to delete my #PizzaGate posts. I will not be censored.
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  8. If you have any information on #PizzaGate, please send it to - we are privately investigating because FBI refuses to.
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    Our entire government is filled with criminals, child rapists & child killers. I am speaking out now. I may not be long for this world.
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    Ted Zeppelin @TedZeplin
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    Why would you expect a government of corrupt criminals & pedos to investigate themselves? This goes all the way to the W.H., CIA & DHS. ...
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    I have seen the bodies of raped and sodomized children, many kidnapped in Virginia. The cover-up goes to the top, highest levels in D.C. ...
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  12. I have been getting threats recently, and now that I am speaking out I just received two disturbing phone calls. I need your prayers.
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  13. We need to protect children. Anyone who calls #PizzaGate a "fake" story is likely a pedophile themselves, trying to deflect and cover it up.
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    Thank you! #PizzaGate
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    Happyshoes @elliottpatsy1
    @RudolphGiuliani You = Leadership. Thank you for all you have done and for the example you set.
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    CNN is nothing but pure propaganda & lies, and they have disrespected the victims of this terror event. The FCC needs to shut them down.
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    Alex Jones @RealAlexJones
    CNN Calls Act Of Terror "Truck Crash" Again - ... #infowars #LyingCNN
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  16. #PizzaGate is real. Washington D.C. is the center of world's biggest pedophile ring. Those trying to deflect and deny this story are pedos.
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  17. I encourage everyone watch this report from @Rambobiggs on #PizzaGate - this is VERY disturbing:
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  18. The N.Y. Times, WaPo & ABC News all just deleted the story about the Norwegian pedophile ring bust. WHY? #PizzaGate

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