Thursday, April 19, 2018

Still Right About

Belle I appreciate the sentiment but I could not disagree more. In fact that sort of head in the clouds optimism makes me angry. “When you know your truth you can make it happen.”
The reality is a person has to accept at least part of a pre-packaged false dichotomy to even hope to make anything resembling a life that offers a paycheck, to happen. Most as in 99.9999% who collect a check have accepted the false dichotomy in part.
People in the military accept guys like Obama and Bush etc. to lead their toil sweat and blood into conflicts of great import. They don’t even get paid well to place their lives on the lines for such proven failures. And of course Obama and Bush are puppets to something hidden and sinister.
Take a guy like Jim Stone, he has to fight technical warfare daily to get donations to fight his good fight, and he is a man who understands this tech whereas guys like me just use stuff like youtube so I can put my videos on the control freak servers who have proven to promote their own agendas while censoring the agendas that threaten, and that brings me right back to the original point.
The so called truth videos, are all ready framed in a way that has passed the approval of the grand masters… Because they wallow in false premises to begin with.
Those that don’t, and actually get at the true source of all misery and illusion on Earth, get censored. Then when a person like me chooses to try and simply mix a political/social perspective with fantasy as I do with my infamous sock puppet videos, they censor me based on having a closer look at what I really believe in my real life.
I was blacklisted long ago and the only way I can make a living is to do my art, and ask for donations and I have no idea… whether I ever see much of what people try and offer me… Over the years I have seen blatant proof of my emails or other people’s emails never reaching their destination. I have seen proof in stats and analytics.
Here is huge proof youtube censors the shit out of what people see or say. They must get error messages or failed attempts to comment on my videos… why?
Why would a grown man with no shirt and a sock puppet on his hand not have hundreds of 13 year old boys all over the world commenting what a total loser dufus I am? lol. That to me is concrete proof. Everyone elses youtube videos have dozens of nasty mean spirited people telling them how much they blow chunks. Me, always crickets… 200 plus well produced controversial videos that should have a cacophony of chattering haters singing my insane philosophies to the universe. But no… crickets… and the stats.. forget it. And the like button? And the videos that plainly should have been viral. Nada. just a luke warm tepid response, an occasional shout out by an agent or friend.
Now let’s discuss real life, getting a job in the real world. What doesn’t serve the same sick borg and even if I could get a job with the same sick borg, a felony for marijuana and bad credit demotes my applications to the garbage pail. Then let’s discuss when I manage to fight my way back into a cab driving job or something of that nature. Suddenly my stalkers and harassers make sure that job falls apart. The stories I could tell you of police harassment and weird people getting in the cab who plainly were sent to me purposely. Creepy scary stuff.
Part of the stalking effort is to force a person to do something illegal to get by— so they can finally put you where they really want you. The very reason I took to attempting to make a buck off pot.
I have written 3 novels for sale on the internet, 12 screenplays (ripped off by piranhas in Hollywood) recorded vast amounts of music, commercial and educational video, and ultimately no matter how much I do or the traction I get is kicked out from under me by an organized rejection team out there who has two offers, well three… believe part of the prepackaged lie… join the world where we punish people for not walking in lockstep, or join team evil in some capacity, whether knowingly or unknowingly doing the bidding of that evil.
That brings me to this chat room, and others like it. I used to be just like the majority of so called truthers in that I attempted to spread the truth of the latest event reported on the internet and media, like school shootings and 911 and more… Then I finally realized that 911 and the shootings are designed for chaos and civil unrest and division… In fact almost everything is designed for division. Whatever the control borg ultimately is… It is really well organized and firmly in control.
I state unequivocally without reservation it is the Talmudic syndicate stemming from ancient Babylon and who knows who or what before that. But like Jim Stone who would agree with me, it is the very thought disease of this religion slash brainwashing cult that keeps them on top. He has a couple essays that spells it out perfectly.
When the flat earth thing came along I refused to look at it because it indeed seemed ludicrous, and I finally took a good look at it, and though I do not believe earth to be flat, I do now know many things I never knew before and make me wonder if there is something more to this insane asylum called Earth just as the hollow earth stuff intrigued me and left me wondering. At some point one chooses to be pro this or that or in between… Even the Paul McCartney thing is believable when examined closely and yet after looking at all of it, and seeing some strange inconsistencies I choose to believe same Paul McCartney just as I choose to believe round Earth, just as I choose to believe twin towers were brought down by pre=planted explosives, and just as I choose to believe the Talmudic mafia cannot completely erase their claw prints on every major con job sociological steering event in history with guys like Freud, Bernays and Tavistock mind rapists steering belief systems into a demonic set of parameters.
In other words, Belle, the very idea that if we “find our truth” that the rainbows and pots of gold will shine upon us is part of the divide and conquer boxes of prepackaged delusion that has no proof in the real world, just self help books like the promise and the secret and an organized technocratic control grid so advanced it can reward belief or punish belief… even nanotechnology in our breakfast cereal can re-program us now…
But I urge people to read Jim Stone’s essay because it shows, a people who choose to believe God wants Bill Gates to have what he has or he wouldn’t have it. Are the very bottom line of what’s wrong with this human experience. That belief system that has a prayer that excuses lying and breaking oaths to serve themselves and their collective at the expense of everyone else. Most religions preach being honest but that religion preaches do what serves a materialistic self serving bottom line first and to hell with the majority of humanity who is in our way, or simply there to do all the dirty work.
And lastly I do believe we have come a long way from total cluelessness to being warmer as to being played with like mice by a cat… But we still jump to all the same reflexive stimuli constantly to run off cliffs… I see it every damn time something new pops up before us like this stand off in oregon. It smells as rotten as all the others do to me, another event planned and not accidental and I do not have the energy to disseminate info or intel that suddenly appears on the internet as the real truth. We are divided and conquered until further notice cements reality for all time. To many, throughout history, that reality is cemented when military men put bullets in the back of the head and dump bodies in mass graves. Reality has no time for frivolity when a dark menace never sleeps and is self serving its dominance by each second that passes. And I honestly do not think this broken vase, splintered into millions of pieces can be glued back together to resemble a collective unity that serves everyone.
Ultimately it is impossible for everyone to “come together” because everyone is splintered beyond consensus…

Monday, March 26, 2018

Zionist Treachery For Dummies

GK writes:​

Why does Israel get away with all war crimes and tyrannical despotic, false flag murder they blame on the wrong people? As they did on 911 in New York City.

Because ever since the central bankers funded Hitler they have used the holocaust as the excuse to leave Europe and declare Palestine their land. Their special safe place for Jewish gangsters and supremacy. The psychologies behind the holocaust allow for them to state that if they are not the aggressors that they are targeted irrationally by anti-semite Nazis, when in fact THEY WERE THE NAZIS. And still are. Keep reading.

How could the Jewish Rothschild central bankers have prevented the holocaust?

By not lending Hitler the money for World War 2. 


One might conclude this was a false flag effort by the central bankers to control all the middle eastern oil and therefore the world. Ya think?

Motivation of a one world globalist tyranny huh? Control energy.

Jerusalem has always been the planned site of the world capital where Talmudic doctrine and Noahide law is to bring about totalitarian enslavement and depopulation. KKK Founder and freemason Albert Pike was one clue to the plans of world domination, read Morals and Dogma.

Since everyone is too scared to say it-- I guess a fat old blogger on disability has to say it.

Anyone notice Iran is the last target and the war machines are revving their engines and finding reasons to hate Iran.

Amazing since there are many happy peaceful Jews with synagogues in Iran who object. But Rothschild and the British Yiddish blue blood inbred elites want to make sure the 4th best military in the world is too weak to deny the central bank dominance.

And what about you the average consumer and labor slave eating up the latest psyop-a-ganda  about World War 2 like the pseudo-snuff film Inglorious Bastards with Brad Pitt -- all the way back to John Wayne fighting Nazis at the Saturday matinee. 

Fake history by movie.Now we have fake news. What if lies were outlawed--what would governments do if they couldn't lie to us? I guess they aren't worried because they decide what is and isn't a lie. Even while insisting black is white.

So many lies in history, where to begin. How about the word Nazi.

AshkeNAZI. NOT the Nationalist Socialist Party false moniker. That was purposeful misdirection. A deliberate subversion of language at the time. 

The Germans called Nazis-- Nazis because they knew they were German AshkeNAZIm Jews who ran the banks and started the entire war. A splintered group of the Sabbatean Jacob Frankists-- The more splinter groups of Judaism, Christianity and Islam the harder it is for people to follow the huge con game of total control under a one world supreme Jagoff. Coming soon to Jerusalem. The Christian Zionists can't wait because they believe Jesus Christ slides into view like Tom Cruise in Risky business. In his tighty whities? More likely a white robe. Just a guess.

The local Germans also used the term "Kike" as a slur of Khazars because back then they knew of the Khazars that adapted Judaism and immigrated to Germany.  

The Talmudic converted Khazars were involved with the false lineage that began the blood rituals and phallic worship that permeate all cultures and religions as they spread out across the world subjugating everything and everyone.

Sub Jew gating?

Ever read Bryan Mark Riggs book on all the German Jewish soldiers who fought for Hitler? Winner of The William Colby military writers symposium?

Jewish Generals and Admirals even... 

But just because someone wrote an award winning book doesn't mean certain key facts weren't left out to re-write the history books as to explain away discrepancies. The  Zionist Jews were the victors so they keep tweaking the history books to deflect contradictions and there are many.

Could it be these naked starved German soldiers made a terrific photo opportunity to sell the psychology of the holocaust?

Or who exactly were the Jews being killed in camps? The Jews the Zionists knew would try and stop them from their goals of the Zionist homeland? Well...of course... Keep reading.

For that answer you have to understand a huge divide between the Zionist Rabbis and The Rabbis who believed they were to be a wandering people and not have a homeland. This division is key to all the confusion and to who was "offed" in the camps.

BENJAMIN FREEDMAN A Jew who was in Woodrow Wilson's Cabinet...

Benjamin Freedman answering a question at a lecture in 1961:
Yes, ma’am. Well… I can answer that. First of all, your first premise is wrong. Your first premise that all the Jews are loyal to each other is wrong. Because, the Eastern European Jews outnumber all the rest by so many that they create the impression that they are the Jewish ‘race’; that they are the Jewish nation; that they are the Jewish people. . . and the Christians swallow it like a cream puff. (GK note: Christian Zionists following counterfeit doctrine)
But in 1844 the German rabbis called a conference of rabbis from all over the world for the purpose of abolishing the Kol Nidre from the Day of Atonement religious ceremony. In Brunswick, Germany, where that conference was held in 1844, there was almost a terrific riot. A civil war.

Kol Nidre Prayer:

"All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for in happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths."
The Eastern Europeans said, “What the hell. We should give up Kol Nidre? That gives us our grip on our people. We give them a franchise so they can tell the Christians, ‘Go to hell. We’ll make any deal you want’, but they don’t have to carry it out. That gives us our grip on our people”. So, they’re not so united, and if you knew the feeling that exists. . .


There was such a division between Rabbis over the Kol Nidre prayer at a conference in Brunswick Germany in 1844 that riots broke out. Some of the Rabbis found the prayer to be dishonest while others said it is how they had advantages in business over Goyim. No pledge honored if doing so hurts a Jew. Talmudic.

That was one huge division the other was Homeland versus No Homeland. Zionism versus wandering people.

This explains which Jews fought for Hitler. The Zionists. This explains who ran the camps and which Jews died in the camps. The Jews who were against the Homeland in Israel and following the Torah that said their God banished them to be a wandering people..

Get it?

So we have two scholars, Benjamin Freedman and  Bryan Mark Rigg who reveal the great divide between Jewish factions that is the true reason some Jews died in the camps... (not 6 million actually less than a million)  
Sort of blows this Hollywood self serving myth out of the water doesn't it?

 But no... You choose to repeat the lies of popularity rather than the truth that will stop the mass murderers from destroying the beautiful people of Iran. Because the vicious zionists who were at the root of 50 million deaths worldwide in World War 2 and continued their march to the modern day wars of the Middle east aren't through with their goal...

Rothschild banking dynasty that prints as much money as they want for every socially engineered event such as huge budget Hollywood war films, wants their one world capital in Jerusalem and their Noahide law.

Their comedy TV shows have made Islam and Christianity the butt of jokes and contempt while convincing the world their sage wise Rabbis are the quiet peaceful purveyors of peace and justice.

Shits about to hit the fan...

When in fact they are the secret agitators, saboteurs, and creators of all conflict. 

The manipulative false dialectics that result in the spoils for which they were designed.

Oh I know. It's the Jesuits and the Vatican. Ignatius Loyola was a crypto Marano Jew... A Sabbatean Jacob Frankist... A Jew suit. Just as the Pagan barbarian Turkish mongrel hordes of Khazaria were converted by Talmudic Rabbis to house an aggressive blood and sex cult religion. 

 All the Jewish sects and tribes save for a very few -- interbred with the power holders. Gog and Magog -- an ancient conspiracy spilling a blood trail back to Babylon. Not all the baddies drown in the flood. Apparently some were good swimmers.

I agree the worm looks delicious but there is a hook in it... It will rip into your lip and you will be pulled onto a boat and eaten later over a campfire... How do I know this? GK told me...

And guess what? Whether weaving throngs to Atheism or a brand new religion of new age amalgamation of what sounds spiritual, these player, hustler, con artist gypsies will win your soul and subservience directly or indirectly because you are gullible. And you want to be popular. God forbid someone call you an antisemite or racist for questioning what the real truth is.

Whether baby boomer gullible-- or millennials gullible--who believe their YouTube videos are saving the world... the lies are confusing but the truth can be traced and this article I am posting here today should jump start that process.

Hi, you ordered a solid oak cross from Jesus of Nazareth Carpentry?
Send me a check? Ahh Jeeze I sort of need the money now...

Unless being popular and watching millions more die so you can be among the popular is more important to you...You followed the school systems trail of crumbs. Repeat this for prosperity and popularity and a good grade. Stop with all that instinctual individualism and freewill... Be a good cow. Get a shitty job and pay your school loans, and sex, drugs and hiphop-- and fancy coffee drinks... Netflix has the entire 6 seasons. Binge until you drool.

So... Is there a true awakening and revolution? 

Not as long as people still believe the world war 2 myths. And the people insisting the second revolution is here also insist we not question any of these lies. 

Because if Iran gets pummeled that was always part of the same plan. A plan that took a century or so and was scripted decades in advance.

If they get these people to kill those people-- then they can write self serving treaties. 

Or from their point of view, "if our race and religion is a closed society of special privilege then we can put our people in every position and make everyone else subservient docile slaves to us and they won't know it because they choose to believe our movies and because they got an A on their midterm exam by memorizing and repeating our simplified doctrine. 

By using simple good cop bad cop psychologies mixed with intimidation, blackmail, threat of incarceration we can create a tree of control 

Like the Senior Executive Services run by 500 overpaid, over indulged lawyers who will keep the shell game in place. Nothing confuses quite like lawyers and laws.

So I should plead guilty of something I didn't do to avoid prison time then go to prison and hope they let me out?

Now a genius will tell me how it isn't all Jews

Gee thanks slow witted one... What did you just read?

Summary... Blood ritualistic predators took over banking and converted their agents to any institutions that cemented control. Jews killed Jews, converted religions, funded all sides of war while fomenting that war. Indoctrinated sociopaths from all races and religions to join the party.

But who do we find the best jobs for first?

Family and friends?


The nepotism and collaboration of those in your families, churches, temples, neighborhoods and collectives that share the commonality of rituals will get the privileges, the need to know pecking order, the security clearances... The secret passwords.

And what if the most secretive privilege was corollary to shared human sacrifice and child rape fraternity. Along with earning step by step slivers of hidden knowledge that begins to explain the inexplicable? 

And what if the secret taught is that there is no God or Judgment after death but just the here and now. How many would adhere to virtue as its own reward and how many would choose to be like Alister Crowley and do as thou wilt.

If it feels good do it.

What if no one found virtuous behavior useful? It would probably make the perks of secret privilege mundane and pointless...

So... You still don't understand do you?

You want more links?

I can't possibly offer you my own conclusions of vast research and life experience? 

You need a link to someone else? 

Maybe a guy with a British accent or an impressive wall full of degrees or maybe someone who died and swears he met Jesus.

It couldn't possibly be a moderately affected by heavy metals artist whose ability to capture patterns on paper might actually see the outlines of the long con? 

I couldn't possibly recognize how German Jews really figured prominently in the psychological warfare that tricked us all. Freud, Bernays, Tavistock, The Frankfurt schools of subversion, the constant splintering of religions and which ones we are forbidden to confront. Which always manage to hold power and blame others.

Even going so far as recognizing the virtuous in their own tribe and doing away with them because they threatened the profits of the scam?

Is it really that confusing or should I start again?

Start again?

Okay... Everything is not equal. There is a hierarchy of evil. Some began the con thousands of years before the copycat cons. They got evil down bro. Like a religion and race and shit yo.

Then they created money, lending and banks.

Just be willing to accept responsibility for what your devious ancestors pulled off on the unsuspecting innocents and continue to do. Stop repeating the lies of your parents, teachers, Hollywood stars, anchormen, Priests and Rabbis.

When the world is advanced enough now through technology that we can all enjoy privilege.

And shake our heads at the convoluted mess they put us through.

One last educated prediction.

After America, and Israel and Iran start shooting missiles at each other, Israel will be destroyed.

Remember when I told you about the Homeland Zionist Jew vesus the Wandering Jew or World Jew?

The World Jew who thinks of themselves as the meek, will inherit the Earth and they are already in all the key clerical offices.



I left out the death cage match between Jesus and Satan but you already knew that.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Conning Forward...

"Conning Forward" by GK - 2.24.18

Entry Submitted by GK at 8:49 PM EST on February 24, 2018

If you were a tiny syndicate that ran the world yet had to live in the same world, you would have to create false fronts and facades Houses full of mirrors with extravagant light shows and smoke with dry ice fog. 

You would create as many collectives you could think of that would have hierarchys on a need to know basis. These collectives would be churches and countries and armies and agencies, fraternities, clubs, corporations and meaningless purpose designed to sound important. 

You would create contract law to over ride the golden rule and attitudes about wealth and opportunity that would accept a funnel system, pyramids and choke points. Because you were the eye of the storm each concentric circle rippling outward would protect and insulate the inner core.

These circles would include praetorian guard security. Privileged pirates and Mafia's. Courts, lawyers, laws and cops, robbers and juggling clowns.

You would buy up and racketeer all publishing from textbooks to newspapers and everything from the paperwork to the ink--- to who controlled the woodpulp and textiles.

You would seize all patents but make sure it looked like some other collective was fronting all these monopolies. To that end you would make that collective as obvious as possible giving them the biggest churches and the most flamboyant garb.

You would create mythology and mystique muddled in whispers and legend. 

You wouldn't care that their fortress hid history in its loins and subterranean vaults just as long as you held the keys and plans for the future that no one knew but you. Only you could finance every dot in the mosaic because that was the only job that mattered centuries ago when you made sure the order of things protected your role 

Your job and your small family decided long ago that you decided.

To be the buck that stopped with you --all those concentric circles were contracted by you. 

You were the inventor of the dollar and interest compounded, ledgers and wallets, purses and poor houses. You are usury.

You designed and funded the clash of civilizations. You also employed trickery and con artistry, lies and fabulous actors and scriptwriters to stage each theatrical decade and century 

No matter who attempted to point at you...the eye on the pyramid, the eye of the hurricane --you had already written the program of the matrix. You could buy off the enemy with paper, hang them with fiber, lose them in indifferent crowds of chaos -- scratching for their own sliver of pie and calling it freedom to do so. 

You know freedom is subjective. Tighten screws and lock down doors, starve or deprive and the slightest allowance smells of the fresh breeze of an open window in contrast to the dark dungeon 

Yes you point to the Vatican, London, Washington DC and Jerusalem but the truth is your God banished you to wander. Of course you wander in the best palaces in the world. You have private planes and trains and no need for fame First Class everything. You invented the royal treatment.

You were around thousands of years before Catholicism and Christianity and Islam and Eastern religions. You were the first Mafia of the old testament when giants roamed the Earth and men lived for hundreds of years.

You invented language.

You began by organizing your organized crime of lending, convincing the first concentric circle to protect you so that you might create the successive ripples.

Paramount to this was inventing the psychologies to convince... Control... Convict... Conspire...contain...connive... Form your congressional constituents of conditions that constitute the con... The conscience is the con science...

You continue to convince because you invented the self serving lies that allow you to remain in control.

Your holy books proclaim you the chosen one. You say if God did not want you to have this role you would not have it.

Personally I will never concede that to you. Even if you continue after I am gone maybe this internet essay will convince people in the future to rip your mask off and convict you of impersonating decency.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Concern Fags

"A Fag in England is a Cigarette" by GK - 2.19.18

2/19/2018 09:59:00 PM

Entry Submitted by GK at 7:18 PM EST on February 19, 2018

Do you want to know what I like best about the Q-anon 8 channel boards?

I like... No... LOVE that they use the word "fag" the way a 5 star restaurant waiter uses the word "Sir."

For example if some whiney priss posts anything that invokes worry about people's feelings they are told to eff off concern fag.

Bottom line is they know the real world will not splinter into dust over words or feelings, skin colors or religious indignation and leave a desolate barren desert in the wake of a tolerance faggot's worry of words when the real world is using sticks and stones to rape children and drink their blood.

Word fags, liberal fags, tolerance fags, my sister's wife is a Jew fag are fools unsuffered in indifference in Qanon world. God bless these unfaggy fags for knowing the difference between real issues and faggedy issues designed to make people scared to death to voice their true objections to psychological mind rape developed by Freud fags at the Fagastock Institute in Fagland England where the fag never sets.

When asked about Bohemian Grove Nixon said it was the most faggedy thing he had ever seen. Probably the most unfaggedy quote any American ever made. Good on you Dick.

And speaking of dicks and fags...smoke'm if you got'em.

Get a Q people.
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"Word Cowards" by GK - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by GK at 5:44 PM EST on February 20, 2018

So you tried to hide your word cowardice. It almost worked but I discovered the weakness of your words weren't worth looking at months ago. I accidently saw them as I tried to pass through on my way to the next page

Words have been invisible prisons and cages since the first tyrants used them to lie about everything. To codify laws, rules, restraints and power over others.

My gay buddies who got married two years ago invited me to their house this weekend. We have spent many nights together since 1990. Funny thing is they are word fags too like you. Not like you would expect though. One is Christian and grew up in a traveling ministry. When he heard that song on the radio... What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us... Trying to find his way home...

He was aghast at the sacrilege. The same Bible that condemned men lying down with other men. The same Christian dichotomy of interpretations of gay marriage whether God would want it. The same Bible that uses words to try and sort through human morality.

If God and the Bible can't make a solid case with words and hate laws seek to punish thought and put piss poor judges of true character in positions of power...those who cannot see words are not the culprits but those who attempt to use them to control fellow speakers of words, just proves to me my words are true.

The word that they are nothing but ink to paint pictures with.

And yet some may call for the violent act of punishing fellow beings for using words to sort out hypocrisy, lies and insidious agenda.

Words are steam valves not weapons that slice flesh. Weak skinned shallow thinkers assign power that words don't deserve. Words are meant to negotiate the right to convey anger.

Those who created the anger fear words so they try and convince everyone that words are the problem and not the transgression and abuse of power.

Dumb weak people offend me because they make up the clueless majority that seeks to hand power to people like Hillary Clinton who has used words for deceiving her entire life.

Trump, Qanon are attempting to use words to inspire action against lies.

Do I know for certain they aren't serving a new set of lies?

No I don't

Without fear I just used words to convey uncertainty

Am I certain concern fags are dangerous to the truth?


Monday, February 12, 2018

Q Cartoons For The Cause...

Daddy, while we sit here watching gay Full House reruns Q and the Q anons are engaged in a civil war for the very heart, mind and soul of our country... if that isn't embarrassing enough we still have a DVD player...

I call it television.... Some day we will get all our lies from it...

I am writing you a prescription for Q-itoll... It will help you be less self absorbed and more involved in your own liberation... The fact that you see big rats everywhere should be helpful to the Q-itoll research study at the Institute for American Involvement in Future Justice... Take 2 every time Q drops...  Side effects include giving a damn...

Officer the reason I pulled you over is to ask you what you are doing about Mika Brzezinski's insidious control of the airwaves... or Chris Wallace? Nepotism as it pertains to brainwashing the American populace is every bit as important as doing 70 in a 55... not that I have ever done that... well I had to just this one time to catch up to you but this is an emergency... I work for Q... Should I talk slower?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Famefag From Outerspace...

Request permission to fly to Earth and assist Q and the 
Qanons in deciphering the Q map and making memes?

Don't worry Q... The cavalry reinforcements are on their way...

Future proves past... 

                                                                                                                                              Hope there is room for one more autist?

Once around the moon to look for cabal operatives...

Ask yourself, who is trying to start a WAR?

They told me I was a famefag and should lurk more...

The Brain of Q...The Heart of Q... The Courage of Q...

Listen cornholefag... Stick your straw back in your pants... Q needs all hands on deck...

I could while away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers,
Consulting with the rain;
And my head I'd be a scratchin'
While my thoughts are busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain.
I'd unravel ev'ry riddle for my
In trouble or in pain
With the thoughts that you'll be thinkin'
You could be another Lincoln
If you only had a brain.
Oh, I, could tell you why
The oceans near the shore
I could think of things I'd never
Thunk before,
And then I'd sit down and think some more.
I would not be just a muffin',
My head all full of stuffin',
My heart all full of pain;
And perhaps I'd deserve you and be
Even worthy even you
If I only had a brain.

I'm sorry, my mind is with Q and my fellow anons... If you oil my left knee I will get off you, run to my laptop and see if there are any Q drops... 

When a man's an empty kettle he should be on his mettle,
And yet I'm torn apart.
Just because I'm presumin' that I could be kind-a-human,
If I only had a heart
I'd be tender - I'd be gentle and awful sentimental
Regarding love and art.
I'd be friends with the sparrows ... and the boys who shoots the arrows
If I only had a heart.
Picture me - a balcony. Above a voice sings low.
Wherefore art thou, Romeo?
Tin Man
I hear a beat....How sweet.
Just to register emotion, jealousy - devotion,
And really feel the part.
I could stay young and chipper and I'd lock it with a zipper, If I only had a heart.

Don't be such a pussyfag... screw the yellow brick road, follow the Q-map...

Yeh, it's sad, believe me, Missy
When you're born to be a sissy
Without the vim and verve
But I could change my habits
Never more be scared of rabbits
If I only had the nerve
I'm afraid there's no denying
I'm just an awful dandy-lion
A fate I don't deserve
But I could show my prowess
Be a lion, not a mouse
If I only had the nerve

Oh I'd be in my stride
A king down to the core
Oh I roar the way I never roared before
And then I'd rrwuff
And roar some more
I would show the dinosaurus
Who's king around the forus
A king they's better serve
And with my regal beezer
I could be another Caesar
If I only had the nerve
I'd be brave as a blizzard
I'd be gentle as a lizard
I'd be clever as a gizzard
If the Wizard is a Wizard who will serve?
Then I'm sure to get a brain
A heart, a home, the nerve

Oh Oh Oh I Hate Youuuuuuuuuuu....

(I suppose I should explain This dude on a blog was obsessed with me, wouldn't stop talking about me, so in this post I insinuated his intense faggotry towards me...)

Caleb when you finally go to sleep after a long night of making words out of other words and sitting in the middle of the blog like a room mate on a couch who never frickin’ moves over for anyone else to sit down and spends all his time watching Sex in the City reruns and declaring “SNAP” when Jessica Parker tells Mr. Big off….
After a night of obsessing over Geno on the blog until your poodle hair is matted with sweat and your cheeks are red with fury and you lay down next to your girlfriend who is really lesbian and doesn’t mind that you haven’t had sex in 9 years…. and you slip your hand under the covers into the front of your thong and try and find your dick, and you try not to fantasize about Geno but you just can’t help it… You get angrier and angrier and rougher and rougher and start mumbling dirty words…
“Geno you bitch how you like that, who’s the C word now bitch huh huh???!”
And your girlfriend wakes up glances over, rolls over again mumbling, “Jesus Christ if you don’t get over your Geno obsession I am leaving you for Richard Simmons so I might have a chance of sex once awhile….”
And you cause sparks to fly from your wool blanket almost as if your thing in your thong was a tiny little Zeus and you pant like a poodle and moan like a teenage girl getting a bikini wax for a Justin Beiber concert —- shooting yourself in the face while breaking a glass with a high pitched Ella Fitzgerald shriek….
Do you hate yourself as much as I do?
And then do you eat some ice cream and return to the blog to make angry words out of other angry words and email your little troll friends to back you up?
Comment by eugenekalmes on July 22, 2012 @ 6:42 am

Understanding Trump and Friends...

Geno K note: This arrived via email and I thought it worth publishing. I did not write it.


I had a conversation with a few friends "in the know" last week, and would like to share some of what they told me about the Trump administration and beyond. (self.The_Donald)

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I was asked to repost this. This is some intel from friends and associates in the know. Take or leave what you want. There are breadcrumbs available for those who are looking. This is just a write up for the time being. This might be almost entirely new info for some and old news to others, but some was shocking to me.

There is a faction within the intelligence agencies and great deal of personnel in the military who have filled Trump and company in on the inner workings of the deep state. The deep state is only one faction of a large, international criminal cabal whose overarching goal is a one world system of government with the purpose of owning the entirety of the Earth's capital and the ability to influence citizens of all countries to do that which is convenient for them.

They have been operating beyond just the scope of government. The entertainment industry, the sports industries, the news media, the tech companies, the advertising industries, and within organized religions (this is not to condemn religion itself, but the high degree of corruption at the top of many religious systems).

Estimations of those involved range from two to ten million worldwide, with varying degrees of access to information. The band of useful idiots goes even further.

They are coordinating and using MKUltra (and beyond) related techniques to condition, brainwash, and program people on a mass scale to accept that which inches them towards their ultimate agenda.

Some of these higher ups have dual roles in the public eye and inner circles and they are sometimes counter-intuitive. For example, someone may appear to be merely an A-list actor or talk show host but have a significant amount of influence and/or authority on the inside. Another may appear to be a high-ranking politician to the public, but may have very little authority on the inside. Establishment puppets are a very real thing. Meanwhile, some people who appear to be puppets are actually perpetrators.

Trump has been privy to this world due to his prominence in business. He did not know the extent of it, but he was aware of the general conspiracy. He has refused to play ball with them in a significant way, but he has cooperated to some degree throughout his life.

During Trump's first flirtation with running for president, he was courted many times by this cabal and rejected them. He was subsequently squashed. He regrouped for the 2016 election by tapping the right people and came up with a strategy to win the election by bypassing the machine and going directly to the people.

He was fully aware going into the campaign that his character would be assassinated. He planned, spoke, and behaved accordingly. I've been told he intentionally leaked the Billy Bush tape himself, but I haven't figured out to what end. Some have suggested he was looking for rats within his own inner circle.

Anyway, as Trump's popularity grew and it became obvious on the inside that he had a substantial chance at winning the election, the cabal coordinated to "activate" the programming. Things like the women's march, just for example, were held deliberately for them to monitor how many people they had who were loyal to the Cabal and willing to mobilize.

Although they had high numbers, they were still far less than they were expecting, and Trump's popularity was far more than they anticipated.

Trump is genuine. He is a pragmatist, though. His goal is to destroy this cabal completely, to undo the damage they have done to America, and to restructure the country around the constitution with an honest election system so that future administrations can expand upon his ground work into new levels of prosperity and peace in this country. Because he is working around a massive and influential criminal group, he is under constant scrutiny by them as they attempt to play defense and counter-strike. This means he cannot always be transparent and 100% honest. He is doing what is necessary, but not always what the best optics are.

For example, much of the mini-feud between him and Jeff Sessions is theater so there cannot be certainty as to whether or not Sessions is doing his job in relation to draining the proverbial swamp. I am told they are building RICO charges that include big names across all fields of notoriety. Even, in some cases, places you wouldn't expect. Authors, chefs, reality TV stars, pop culture scientists.

Quick note: there is controlled opposition out there, however there are very few open Trump supporters who are controlled opposition. Despite all the craziness, I am told Alex Jones is legit. He is eccentric, he embellishes for effect, he will occasionally act in self interest for ratings or merch sales, but he is actually in direct opposition to the cabal and reasonably well connected to people in the Trump camp and the "greenlight" factions of the intelligence agencies.

They also infiltrate a lot of "people's" movements in an effort to rile support up. Their goal is destabilization, so they are in-discriminant. I am told they are behind both antifa and public nazi rallies, with useful idiots getting swept up along the way.

However, if the Trump administration were to take down the entire Cabal at once at the present time, it would appear as a hostile take-over. You have to remember that a large portion of the world has been quite literally brainwashed through the media and education systems.

So, Trump's administration strategy is two-fold at the present time. The first is de-programming the masses. This means infiltrating and politicizing every field of influence that has been used as part of the propaganda machine. This includes things like polarizing people over the national anthem kneeling phenomenon with an effort to wake people up who are distracted, incite them to frustration so they are more likely to speak what they actually believe so as to help wake up their friends/neighbors/co-workers/family themselves, and to force the people who are part of the deception and those who have been brainwashed by them into defending indefensible and reprehensible ideas and people.

He is actually attempting to push the left even further so as to create cognitive dissonance in people who are good-natured and reasonable but misguided. This pushes some even further left, and wakes others up to the truth. Lather, rinse, repeat. The left gets smaller and more sinister, while his supporters grow.

Once you look for this, you can not unsee it. He is doing this in every sphere. Late night TV, news media, sports industry, etc. He is manipulating the way they manipulate peoplein order to force them to go too far for decent and logical people, at which time the "spell" begins breaking. To those who still buy it, the cannibalization of that side pushes people further away.

Second, the Trump administration is priming the public for The Happening. The timing of Harvey Weinstein's takedown was purposeful, and I'm told, influenced heavily by the actions of Steve Bannon. The purpose is to take down someone who is enough of a public figure that people will start understanding that deviant and immoral sexual behavior is a problem of those in recognizable and influential circles, but isn't so beloved as to cause mass civil unrest.

It had the desired effect of causing a chain reaction, which will continue, of discussing the issue of this in larger hollywood. Harvey Weinstein is also politically connected, which begins priming the public for these people to possibly be connected to criminal behavior. It is largely subconscious for most people, but it is helping people transition their understanding without creating despair and unrest on a catastrophic scale.

The same thing is happening with local and state politicians being taken down on similar charges.

As many of you are aware, child sex trafficking is very prominent in these circles for reasons too dark to go into at the present time. A lot of people are expressing concern about this being allowed to continue while there is apparently inaction. I can say that many of the collection rings are being completely rolled up so that new children cannot be abducted or trafficked. Many other rings have been busted, to minimal or no media coverage, liberating at this point thousands of children/minors from these rings.

Additionally, this movement is not undetected by the cabal. Many people are flipping, fleeing, or simply distancing themselves. I'm told some celebrity deaths over the last 8 months are a charade for high profile people going into protection from the cabal and others are possible assassinations of those who are no longer compliant. Keep an eye on this in the future.

There is no possible way to discern a timeline on this. The Trump administration and the intelligence agencies are operating around people in their own ranks, and as such are not telegraphing very much. I have been told that Trump has delivered coded messages publicly, though, and that if we keep an eye on that, there are some that we may be able to discern ourselves. They are not intended for us, though.

Also, much of when The Happening can happen depends upon the risk of destabilizing the country. We should be encouraged to hold our ground and speak the truth, and not give up the cultural zeitgeist to the left for fear of losing friends and the like. Make reasoned arguments. Cite sources. Encourage the use of primary sources. Walk people through questions into logical contradictions in their own thinking. Help these people, don't hate them.

When the tides really begin turning, the information about how far the corruption and misinformation goes can truly start to be released on a large scale, and the mass arrests can actually occur. The Trump circles are doing a great job at infiltrating people's spheres of awareness and waking people up, but we can accelerate our things on a local and personal level.

Something to keep in mind: this is a long running con. There is much that we hold to be true that simply isn't, but has been made up for sinister reasons. Be open to changing your worldview a bit as we move forward. I have heard things that sound insane, but come from trusted sources, including but not limited to: Global warming being completely fabricated by purposeful mishandling of data, certain viruses and diseases being released to humanity purposefully (AIDS, specifically cited), cures for many, many, many types of cancers existing with successful trials but that have been suppressed, studies that have been suppressed demonstrating psychic phenomena (including mass scale memetics influencing reality, something they have used to their own benefit in secret), extraordinarily advanced technology being kept hidden from the public, and more.

It is also worth noting that it is documented that people within the highest ranks of this cabal participate in occult practices, often in worship and sacrifice to judeo-Christian demons they believe genuinely exist and offer power. Many believe themselves to be in direct service of a literal Satan, and direct opposition to the literal Jesus Christ.

Whether or not what they believe is a reality is something you have to work out for yourself. But I thought it worth mentioning.

If there's any interest, I'll answer a few questions. But this is mostly just an info dump after an interesting weekend of conversation for those who are interested. I don't intend on demonstrating this to skeptics, although there are most definitely breadcrumbs and hard evidence floating around out there for those who are interested.

Take or leave what you will.